Excel 2010: Categorizing Numeric & Text Data

Excel 2010 provides a list of functions that lets you categorize the value types in the spreadsheet. You can use a wide range of built-in function or create custom formulas to categorize your data set into different group to perform further complex operations. Using ISTEXT, ISNUMBER and ISNONTEXT functions, you can easily make categories of data types (text or numeric), and perform more operations over two logical values TRUE or FALSE, as these functions yield TRUE or FALSE against the specified values. These functions take a single argument, which can either be the location of cell where data is residing or direct values. The above mentioned function help users identify the type of data from a large data set. For instance, if you want to apply some formulas on only numeric values in a data set, use ISNUMBER function to quickly check the cell location of all numeric values, and then apply the required formulas or functions over them. In this post, we will categorize numeric and text data of a simple data set. Read More

Share Excel 2010 Workbook With Windows 7 Homegroup

Excel 2010 provides an extremely useful feature that enables users on network to share and access spreadsheet. Through worksheet sharing, you can take input from other users as well, and let them do analysis and point-out any mistakes you might have done. Excel 2010 enables user to share and access spreadsheets in very convenient way, you just need to enable sharing for the Excel file or place it in network location and other users can view and make changes to it simultaneously while you are working on the spreadsheet. Apart from simple sharing, it also lets you apply required constraints and rules over the spreadsheet. Read More

Excel 2010: DCOUNT Function

Excel provides a very simple way to pull out data from databases to perform desired functions over it. It also provides list of functions which can be used exclusively for databases, you just need to create a database or simple table and let Excel know to consider it as one complete database, define some criteria to pull out specified entries. Excel DCOUNT function lets you to count the occurrence of specified data if the criteria is met. Read More

Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.3 Via Userland Exploit

Got a third-gen iPhone 3GS on iOS 3.1.3 and can't wait to jailbreak it? We've got a treat for you! Yesterday, famous iPhone hacker Comex uploaded a video on YouTube showing an untethered jailbreak of a 3rd generation iPod Touch running OS 3.1.3. Not only does the video meet all the guidelines of a good jailbreak video as set by the iPhone Dev Team, but it also got the approval of MuscleNerd as being legitimate. Check out the video after the break. Read More

Get Free Voice-Based GPS Navigation On iPhone 3G & 3GS

Free voice-based turn-by-turn navigation solution has been a hallmark for Android devices, with the wonderful Google Maps software. Nokia also followed suit, announcing a similar offer for its smartphones. Now iPhone users can also jump on the bandwagon with the latest release of AOL’s MapQuest 4 Mobile. Yes, the software now offers basic voice guidance and off-route assistance warnings. Read More

View All Versions Of .NET Framework Installed On Your System

This is a small tip to help users in finding out which version of .NET Framework is installed on their system, complete with service pack information. DNVC is an opensource tool that displays such information and is not something that will come handy on daily basis. It can be saved in the Emergency Utilities folder in case you need to find out the .NET Framework your system is running in the near future. Read More

Easiest Way To Download Picasa Album In One Click

There are plenty of Picasa web album downloaders, just like Flick downloaders. We have  covered them in the past and have no reason to review more such tools. Picasa Web Album Downloader, however, is a minimalist tool for those who need an easy, lightweight, and fast alternative. Read More

iPhone HD – Specs And Jailbreak Possibilities

Rumors pertaining to the next iPhone model have been afloat for a while, but for the first time a credible media source such as the Wall Street Journal has had its say in the matter, and affirmed that Apple is indeed working on a new device, most likely dubbed iPhone HD, for this summer. What’s more, we may finally see a break in AT&T’s monopoly over the iPhone market, with WSJ mentioning that Apple is “working on another model for US mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless." As the speculation goes, the Verizon device would probably be a CDMA-based one, instead of the traditional GSM technology. Read More

Outlook 2010: Empty Auto-Complete List

Outlook 2010 suggests user with an input while filling out form or entering email address, subject, etc. All such information is extracted from Auto-Complete list. If at some point of time you need to empty Auto-Complete list, you can remove it with a single click. Read More

Word 2010 Lock Document

Word 2010 provide numerous ways of protecting document from any unauthenticated source like; Restrict editing, encrypting document etc. But the most easiest way out there is to lock down the content of the document with a single click. In this post we will be using one of the Excel locking feature which is also available in Word to lock the content temporarily and unlock it back again. Read More

WindowsWhere Opens Windows 7 Explorer Where You Left Off

Windows 7 cannot remember the last location of the windows explorer, which is quite annoying considering Windows XP did just fine. “See, Windows 7 (and Vista as well, apparently) like to forget where you left your explorer windows, so that new explorer windows end up wherever the last window was, instead of where that particular window was last.”, says the developer behind WindowsWhere, which is a nifty little app making sure that explorer windows stay where you left them. Read More

Excel 2010: INFO Function

Excel  INFO function is used for showing different kind of information in the spreadsheet. This function encapsulates different commands that shows; Path of directory, Active Worksheets, Origin of first cell, OS version, Recalculation mode, Current Excel Version, and Operating Environment. On writing this function it will automatically shows the list from which you can choose the specific argument to place in, according to the situation. Read More

Excel 2010: SUMSQ function

Excel SUMSQ is very useful function when you need to return the sum of squares of the specified values in spreadsheet, rather than going for manual evaluation. It would be more useful by providing it with location of cells as function arguments where the data is residing, but you can directly put in values as argument to get them evaluated. Read More

Create Drive Letter For Any Local Folder On Your Hard Disk

Most users have their folders organized in local drives which can sometime result in an important frequently accessed folder get located deep down the hierarchy. What easier way to access this folder than to mount it as a virtual a drive? There are other situations where one might needs to create a drive of a local folder, like simulating a certain environment or want to create a virtual CD drive.

Read More

Monitor Network Shared Files

Windows 7 makes it easier to share files over network. All you need to do is to move the files over to the Public folder and it will be shared with everyone connected over the network, but how would you know which user has accessed your shared files and when? Read More