Prevent Your Ubuntu System From Accidental Shutdown/Reboot

Well, if you are  a command line geek then you  have probably often entered the wrong commands many times, some of which could lead to accidental shutdown/restart. Molly-Guard is a command line script which prevents you from accidentally shutting down or rebooting your Ubuntu system. Read More

How To Remove Embed View In Word 2010

One of our readers asked us that how to remove the embed code view in Word 2010, and restore the default view, and edit the Excel sheet in word? Screenshot below further explains his problem. If you’re facing the very same problem, here is a brief solution. Read More

SIW – Advanced Windows System Information Tool

SIW(System Information for Windows) is a free tool that will display the most detailed information of your system, both software and hardware. Back last year we reviewed Speccy, a system information tool targeted towards both basic and normal-level users. SIW on the other hand is targeted towards advanced and power users. Read More

Quickly Show Drop-Down Data List (Auto-Complete Filler) In Excel 2010

The Auto-complete filler assists user in quickly filling out the cells’ values. Since in a record a row keeps more or less same kind of data,  you can pull down previously entered values quickly by using auto-complete list feature to quickly fill the data. To instantly show the filter list/drop-down list over cell, select the cell and use Alt+Down key to bring up filter list to select data from. Read More

Outlook 2010: Auto Archive Email Messages

The Outlook inbox grows in size with every passing day as a user receives hundreds of emails daily, thus causing Outlook to operate sluggishly. The Auto Archive feature of Outlook lets you remove or move old email messages, so that the inbox remains neat and smaller in size. Read More