Co-Create, Save And Assign Projects Online With Gravity

Ever wanted help when writing a story, making a presentation, editing articles and hiring someone miles away for the development of a project? Now you can make simple and agile projects on the go and invite people to work with you on your project by using Gravity web app. You can now can create, save and assign projects, which makes it easy to allows collaboration between developers, to hire someone miles away and to monitor the progress of a venture in real time while it is functional.Read More

Create Countdowns For Most Important Tasks With Free Countdown Timer

Free Countdown Timer is a light-weight application which is developed to remind users about important tasks which they will start in near future. Compounded with basic tasks-editing options, it offers a list of alarms which can be set with each defined task/event with an on-screen notifier to let you know about next listed event. Be it birthdays, meetings, or project tasks for which you wan to start countdown for,  just enter the required details to streamline them through it. Free Countdown Timer can also be used to increase productivity by setting a target and meeting it before the countdown timer counts to zero.Read More

Extend Element Functions Of iFrame In HTML With FrameExt

FrameExt is an add-on for Firefox to control embedded iframes in a web page. If you haven’t heard about iframe (Inline Frame) before, it is a simple HTML element which is being widely used to define or single out a section present in HTML file. Anyone can either enclose one complete HTML file in an iframe or define a new content for each iframe. Since it is commonly used to place an external HTML file in a web page with defined height and width, you may want to tweak certain attributes. FrameExt not only allows you to change frame size but also lets you adjust iframe size to fit its content, merge iframe content with the page’s content, bookmark frame, and change iFrame URL.Read More

How To Make Portable VirtualBox 4.0 For Windows

If you've been using VirtualBox as your primary virtualization tool, you must have heard about the latest iteration – Version 4.0 which hosts many new features in a revamped UI. Sadly, you wont find portable VirtualBox 4 version over at Today, we have a simple trick that requires you to download Portable Virtualbox v3.2.12, which you can use to make VirtualBox v4.0 portable.Read More

Automatically Batch Rename Movie Titles With SimpleMovieRenamer

Downloaded movies torrents do have some weird titles, sometimes you get to see strange characters along with tracker source, ripper nicks, codecs names, etc. Changing name of each movie file/folder is undoubtedly a laborious task, as each folder and file has to be renamed. SimpleMovieRenamer is an open source application developed to automatically change the movie folder/file name without having to mess up with titles manually. It’s an ability to get the suggested movie name from two famous online resources – Allocine and MovieDB.Read More

Add Movable Buttons To Firefox 4 With Firefox 4 UI Fixer

Firefox 4 UI Fixer is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to add movable buttons to the Firefox 4 browser toolbar and a new tab option in the context menu. This extension modifies the Firefox toolbar in such a way that a movable menu button is added on the Bookmark Toolbar that shows elaborate Firefox options within a single-click drop down menu.Read More

Comemories – Let Your Friends Add Photos To Create Group Album

We come across so many instances when we are simply unable to catch enough of the cherished moments in our cameras at a party, picnic, wedding, etc. Some very nice pictures are taken by our friends while we have some good ones that they wish to acquire. Making a unified album with different pictures from the same event isn't easy when several people have different good snaps stored separately. Comemories is a web application that allows users to save their pictures to the Comemories website and allows anyone with the link to add more pictures to the photo album. This makes it easier for everyone in the group to add the best parts of a cherished memory together. Like weaving a net of the best moments of life with the help of your friends and family.Read More

NewsSquares Is Stylish RSS Google Reader Web App For Chrome

NewsSquares is a Google Chrome web app that allows you to read blogs and news subscriptions in a stylish interface. You can view updates for all your subscribed blogs/news articles, scroll them around, add new subscriptions and enlarge any content that you wish to read within a single window from all your subscribed sources in Google Reader.Read More

Hide Scrollbar In Chrome For Better Visibility With No Chrome

No Chrome is a Google Chrome extension that hides the scroll bar to enhance the visibility of your browser to make it easier for you to view more of the webpage and less of the browser interface. This can make viewing easy on small screens such as the ones present for netbook and small monitors. If you are using netbook as your primary device on the go, you will find this extension extremely helpful. It can also hide the scrollbar from fullscreen mode (F11 key).Read More

Customize Web Page Size And View Options With NoSquint

NoSquint is a Mozilla Firefox extension that has even more enhanced features than Zoom Page (an extension that can set different zoom levels which was reviewed a few months back). NoSquint extension brings a few vibrant options, such as, to set custom zoom levels, add buttons to the browser for adjusting page size, custom text color options for webpages, the utility to disable images and much more.Read More

Install Official Android 2.2.1 FroYo Update On Vodafone HTC Magic

Vodafone Spain has recently released the official Android 2.2.1 FroYo update for the HTC Magic (myTouch 3G) and XDA-Developers forum member airadier has built a custom ROM based on that official release, making it available for the masses to install. So if you own an HTC Magic and are still stuck with an older version of Android, read on after the break.Read More

Analyze Code File Changes Visually And Merge Them With KDiff3

Earlier, we have covered two file and folder differencing and merging tools, namely, WinMerge and Diffuse. Both tools provide a lot of different ways to let user easily compare, find differences and then merge files and folders. The latter, however, is better for comparing and merging programming language codes. kDiff3 is another useful utility which belongs to the same category whose workability is based on differentiating changes visually in line-by-line structure. With kDiff3, you can easily open multiple files for comparison purposes, edit content of multiple files on the fly or simply let it merge the changes into single file without putting too much effort. The application is intended to do enormous comparisons among specified text files whilst directories can also be compared and merged easily.Read More

Find IP Location And Host Name With IP Locator

IP Locator is a straightforward desktop utility which is developed to easily track IP-specific information, including, name of IP location, exact location (with latitude and longitude values), and host (owner) name. The application also integrates Google Maps to view the IP location. Apart from this, IP Locator includes an option to retrieve IP related information from whois server while allowing user to check ISP of the defined IP address.Read More

Use NumPad Keys To Position Application Windows With WinNumpad Positioner

We have previously reviewed TicClick – a Windows AeroSnap supported application which lets user easily adjust active application windows to different sides of the screen, it offers 9 positions in total with a small on-screen position adjuster to select the position of the window. Nonetheless, the only downside of TicClick is that it doesn’t offer hotkey combinations for adjusting windows, therefore users have to bring up its adjuster and then select the position. WinNumpad Positioner offers what TicClick doesn’t – simple hotkey combinations to adjust windows quickly. As it name implies, it enables user to dock window at any side through Numpad keys combinations. All the Numpad keys are mapped with the screen positions. You can for instance press Win + 5 to bring active window to center of the screen, using 7 instead 5 will dock the window at upper-left corner.Read More

LMMS – Advance Multimedia Studio To Create And Edit Music Sequences

Although we have covered staggering number of lofty music creators in past, to name a few, Jalmus, Forte Free, Mixxx, and Aviary’s Music Creator, they are devoid of features to create and mix one complete music track. Today, we are bringing a professional music creator called LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) into limelight. It is an impeccable multimedia studio which offers a huge set of song editing features, enabling music professionals to create a required musical piece with hundreds of customizable instruments, amateur musicians to brush up on their music editing skills whilst assisting music buffs in limbo between amateurs and pros throughout the whole process of creating and editing different beats effects, drums sequences, instrument sounds, etc., with a long list of pre-included samples.Read More

How To Install A ROM Or App From Zip File To Android Device From Recovery

We have been covering a lot of Android ROMs and applications here at AddictiveTips and the installation procedure of most of those ROMs is the same. That’s why we decided to write a dedicated guide on how to flash any ROM or app from a zip file to your Android device using recovery. In this guide, we will be covering the entire flashing procedure, along with links to resources for rooting your device and making and restoring backups.Read More

How To Identify DirectX Issues On Your PC

Having DirectX related problems can cause a number of issues on your PC. It can be anything from being unable to run Aero on Windows 7 to run time errors. In this post we will tell you how to identify your DirectX related problems and what can be some possible solutions. Particularly, regarding your display card drivers.Read More