How To Answer Or Mute Call By Shaking Your Android Device

In a meeting? Not able to attend the call? Tired of it ringing again and again! How about simply shaking your phone and it goes silent! The world of smart phones is just awesome and there is a way to serve this purpose as well. Shake2MuteCall is a simple and great application for Android to solve this problem. Read More

Timeline Of Android Phones Released To Date [Infographic]

This week we are back with another infographic. It is a simple timeline showing all Android phones released to date (as of 22/09/2010) by every manufacturer. The versions listed for Android devices are the ones with which they were launched. We are still polishing out our infographics skills so let us know if we missed anything. Enjoy! Read More

How To Tell If The Image Is Fake Or Original? Use Image Error Level Analyzer

Many a times we come across images where we are stuck into thinking if it is original or photoshopped (fake). Image Error Level Analyzer or simply ELA, is a free web service which helps you in determining if the photo is real or not. So how does it work? Neal Krawetz (Ph.D) explains it nicely:
Error level analysis (ELA) works by intentionally resaving the image at a known error rate, such as 95%, and then computing the difference between the images. If there is virtually no change, then the cell has reached its local minima for error at that quality level. However, if there is a large amount of change, then the pixels are not at their local minima and are effectively original.
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DemocraKey Provides Internet Security For Anonymous Web Surfing And More

DemocraKey is one of the most useful suite for privacy and security advocates, sadly not many people know about it. If you want both security and anonymity while browsing the web, give this portable privacy suite a shot. It includes a variety of different open source tools for performing tasks from secure browsing and virus scanning to encryption and anonymous email sending. Read More

IP Webcam – Turn Your Android Phone Into Live Spy Webcam

Thinking of turning your Android phone into a network camera? Yes, it is possible. Ip Webcam can turn your phone camera into a webcam and do tweaks like image quality, image size, and set login & password to secure it. On the top of all these features, no special player is required, you can preview video on famous browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. The tool is multi-platform supported, and can be used in combination with several third-party desktop apps, such as The KM Player, VLC Player and Skype etc. What's even better is that it doesn't even require you to be connected to the internet in order to avail the surveillance feature, since it can work absolutely fine over the home network, too. Read More

Display GMail Unread Email Counts By Labels On Android Home Screen

Are you a Gmail user on Android? Looking for a way to quickly view all the unread emails by labels on the home screen of your Android phone? There has been no official release from Google as of yet that lets you do this, but a simple widget called GmailWidget+ is out on the Android Market to serve this very purpose. What it basically does is to display all the unread Gmail counts by labels and gives you instant access to directly launch the particular labels in the Gmail app by tapping on them, right from your Android home screen. Read on for more details, screenshots and download link. Read More

How To Lock/Wipe Your Android Phone If Lost Or Stolen

Lost your Android Phone? Worried about all the data and information you have in it? Well, finally there is a easy solution for it. Norton Symantec recently released a beta version of Norton Security for Android Devices, available in the Market Place. Its free for now, quick to install and easy to use. With this smart app you can remotely lock or wipe your phone completely, if lost or stolen. Ergo, both respective features of the app can come in handy in various situations that a typical modern smartphone user is confronted with these days. Read More

DVD Movies Database Software EMDB

If you are a movie buff who wants to track and manage your movies in a systematic way than EMDB is a perfect option for you. It is portable and gives you the option to edit movie information or import them from IMDB (Internet Movie Database) website. It is more graphical movies database manager than our previously reviewed My Disc Collection. Read More

Navigate Worldwide Using Google Maps Directions [App Mod Guide]

Want to use your Android phone as your GPS device and get directions on it as you travel, but hate the fact that the feature isn't available outside the US, and you don't live in the US? You can now use Google Maps to navigate anywhere in the world on your Android phone, thanks to a free, modified version of the Google Maps app - Brut Google Maps. Want to learn more about this hacked app and the features it offers? Can't wait to get it up and running on your Android device? Read on for all the details and the installation instructions.   Read More

How To Annotate Your Emails, Documents, And Files With GumNotes

GumNotes is a brilliant application to add notes to files, websites, documents, contacts, Outlook emails, and more. Notes can be added from the main interface, and when done, they will pop up as notifications from the system tray every time you open that file, contacts, websites, and so on. It is a great way to remind yourself and get things done, also it is far better than previously reviewed File Notes. Read More

How To: Copy/Export And Backup iPhone Contacts To SIM Card Using SIManager

Although iPhone is a wonderful Smartphone but there are some glitches and shortfalls that only jailbreaking can achieve. One of this small yet noticeable issue is inability of an iPhone to export contacts to your SIM card. There is an “Import Contacts To Sim Card” Tab in settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars Tab that lets you copy all SIM contacts to phone’s memory but not vice versa. In case you want to copy your iPhone contacts to your phone’s SIM card then you can use SIManger App available in Cydia. SIManager is a useful utility for jailbroken iPhones that allows users to copy contacts to/From SIM card, organize contacts and add new contacts with ease.

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