Chandler: Organize Notes, Todos, and Events From Calendar

Even in the digital era, organizing various aspects of your life is never easy. In fact, truth be told, it's become more difficult now than it was before, thanks to the extra piles of data that you need to arrange, be it notes, task or shopping lists, or your calendar. For people fumbling between software for personal information management, here’s the dealmaker! With Chandler, you get almost everything that you desired from a PIM software, and then some. Combining your calendar, to-do list, meeting schedules, emails, ability to sync with webcal and ICAL calendars, this software offers a one-stop solution to all your info management needs. Read More

GreatNews: Desktop RSS Client For Full Page Viewing

With the multitude of free RSS readers available, both desktop clients and web-based, it is hard to find one that stands out of the crowd. Yet GreatNews accomplishes this feat by offering a unique feature set, powerful syndication, support for wide variety of RSS formats, easy viewing and much more. To add more value, it is even portable. Read More

Easy Way To Add Applications To Windows 7 Context Menu

With the start menu organization that began with Windows Vista, it can be a little irritating to start a program where you have to first click All Programs, then scroll down the list to find some software that begins with a late alphabet. While Windows 7 is a great OS, it follows the same pattern, effecting the efficiency and ease-of-use for users. To make life even simpler, Your Menu comes into play. Read More

Easy Web Screenshots In Google Chrome With Browser Extension

Every now and then we may want to share some webpage that we are viewing with the rest of the world. It can be a cool website, or something you want to point out in a page, or anything else, for that matter. While you may use the Windows 7 snipping tool or the Print Screen function of Windows OS, first saving the image, then editing it, saving it again and then having a usable image can be frustrating. Luckily, someone heard this problem and thought to come up with a solution by the name of Google Chrome extension Explain and Send Screenshots. Read More

Fill Access 2010 Report’s Controls With Background Color

Access 2010 has a lot of tools to make your report look in a way you want. Along with Design, Layout and control Arrangements, you have options to customize the look of report by filling in with colors and apply effects. To fill control box with background color, open the report in layout view and navigate to Format tab, select the control box and under Font group, from background options, select a suitable color. Read More

Access 2010: Remove Margins On Report

By default, Access 2010 automatically set margins and show them on reports, however, if you are done setting up margins, you can easily disable them from Reports Layout and Design view modes. Let’s see how to disable showing margins on reports. Read More

Syncless: The Best Free File Sync Software

Syncless is a work of beauty combined with superb functionality. This opensource tool is one of its kind in synchronization, using a method that is both simple and brilliant, i.e., tagging. What happens with normal sync tools is that you have to set up folder pairs, create jobs etc, whereas with Syncless, you can put as many folders as you like under one tag, and let the software handle the rest. Read More

Set Up Single Inbox Folder For All Accounts In Outlook 2010

Undoubtedly, Outlook 2010 stands out when it comes to managing multiple email accounts, but it does not present any direct way to create a single Inbox folder, containing all mails from different email accounts. For example, if you want to view emails received from all configured email accounts including Yahoo Mai, Gmail, Hotmail etc., you cannot set a single folder for receiving or mirroring emails received in each email account. Fortunately, the Rules feature has the ability to set up a single folder for receiving mails from different email accounts. It allows you to set up a generic Inbox folder for receiving all mails in one folder. Thus, you don't need to check each account for new emails manually since all emails will be collected in a single folder. In this post, we will create a simple rule that will direct all received emails to the specified folder. Read More

Insert Captions & Cross-References In Word 2010

While getting your head on a colossal document, it becomes a dire need to caption images and inserting cross-references for faster accessibility to the desired portion of document. Word 2010 includes an easy way to insert image captions and to mark out headings bookmarks, footnotes for referencing. It could be very handy for huge document when you need to view specified portion instantly. Read More

Outlook 2010 Send/Receive Overview

Configuring Outlook with multiple POP3 or IMAP accounts is dead-easy and very beneficial when it comes to handling multiple accounts. At backend the main thread starts syncing every item with multiple accounts in Send/Receive process. Upon launching Outlook 2010 you will notice the send/receive process automatically starts up, carrying out all the updates and syncing by sending and receiving items. In this post we will try to explore each functionality it provides to send and receive items. Read More

Create Conditional Formatting Rule In Excel 2010

Excel 2010 has various predefined conditional formatting styles and rules which enable users to apply styles, formatting and rules instantly on the specified data cells but sometimes it becomes frantic need to apply formatting and style over spreadsheets. For this Excel 2010 has an option to create a new conditional formatting rule which eventually abets users to mark out data cells in desired way. Read More

Excel 2010: Add Standard Phone & Social Security Numbers (SSNs)

Excel 2010 allow users to add specific type of data into cells. Inserting phone numbers in Excel spreadsheet has always been a problem since it does not consider zero as value and cannot change it into standardized form automatically but it has a special build-in functionality which lets you add phone numbers & Social Security Numbers into standardized format. Read More

Easy Way To Close Explorer Windows On Netbooks

Here is a little portable tool that can come in handy for netbook users especially. Explorer Folder Window Closer has one purpose; let the user choose which open explorer windows to close with one click. This would be really useful when you are working with several open explorer windows, and netbooks can really benefit from it due to their smaller screen sizes, which makes manual management cumbersome and frustrating. Read More

Fix Windows 7 Slow Copy [File Transfer]

NiceCopier is a small opensource tool that installs as a shell extension and replaces the default Windows Explorer Copy/Move function. It adds several useful features like pause, resume, calculation of best copy speeds, etc. The interface looks more like a file downloader with accurate description of both file transfer speed and data. A perfect tool to fix up the unaccurate and slow Windows 7 file copy operation. Even though we use it to replace Windows 7 file copy, it can be used with previous versions of the OS as well, and especially with netbooks running Windows 7. Read More

Fix iTunes MP3 Album Art Problem

iTunes is a great music player but one of the main problems associated with it is the inability to read album art embedded in MP3 files. This is because iTunes does not follow the ID3 Tag standards as defined at, and hence could not read the tag information in most MP3 files. To get around this, ID3 Album Art Fixer offers embedding the images right into the file itself. Read More

How To Fix Firefox Slow Startup Problem

If you’re a regular user of Mozilla Firefox browser and facing very long startup times (some users reporting over 3 minutes of startup times), chances are that there is something wrong. This issue is even more pronounced with users working with Firefox 3, and no matter what operating system you are using, there is an easy fix that you can try. However, it's not necessary that this method will work for you, as a new profile, while it will refresh whatever is bugging your browser bad, is by no means a guaranteed solution. Still, since it doesn't cost anything, we consider it worth a shot anyway for any user who's annoyed by slow start up times for their favorite browser. Read More