Fix The Battery Level Indicator For HD2 Running Windows Phone 7

Many HD2 users who have installed Windows Phone 7 on their device have been complaining about the battery indicator not showing them the correct battery level. This can be quite an annoyance, as you can't predict when your phone will run out of battery while you are out and about. Fortunately, we now have a fix for this problem. Read on for details.Read More

Find And Perform Action On Duplicate Files With DuplicateFinder

We have covered many duplicate finders before where most of them find and delete duplicates. After all, this is what most users want to do. One can, however, do a lot more with duplicates files, such as, moving or copying them to an external drive or performing an operation using a 3rd party tool. Bytessence DuplicateFinder is a duplicate finder which provides such options to users. According to the developer, it uses optimized detection algorithms and supports Unicode file name support, with the choice to define filters for scanning file directories. Duplicate files after identification, can be deleted, copied, moved or passed as a parameter to external programs.Read More

Araneae – Minimalist Web Development Tool With Code Elements Handler

Many web application developers seek one simple tool which can provide all the necessary features to create, edit and manage code along with best code handling capabilities. Araneae is an exemplary web development tool on said regard. While it can boost up script creation process, you can write and organize markup languages code, including, HTML, XML, and XHTML. Since web application developers have to keep ever-evolving CSS organized during the web development phase, it lets user manage CSS stylesheets in simple yet intuitive manner with options to quickly set color, insert comment, change font settings, and insert Images. Furthermore, support for JavaScripts, PHP, Ruby scripts with all the variations are also available.Read More

File Bucket Creates Virtual Container Of Files & Folders To Perform Operations

In many instances we need to collect files and folders from various locations to perform copy, move, delete, etc operations. If you want to copy some files and folders which are located in different directories to a single location, it becomes difficult to collect them all in one place. Most people would make a new folder on the desktop and move all files and folders to this folder before performing an operation. File Bucket is a portable application which makes collecting files and folders easy for performing operations in bulk. It creates a virtual container which holds the source paths of defined files and folders, therefore, collecting items doesn’t change the original locations of files and folders. Being a multi-purpose tool, it allows user to copy, move, delete, and create shortcuts of listed files and folders in a snap.Read More

Briss – Crop PDFs To Fit eBook Readers For Easier Readability

Briss is an exceptionally useful open source application to crop PDF documents so that you can view them easily on your small eBook readers. You can draw shapes on the document to cut out specific part of it whilst separating odd pages from even ones. It will particularly be useful for those who need to remove inappropriate headers/footers, bloated margins and page number areas, etc. It offers multi-level view of document, i.e it overlays each page over another to maintain uniformity in terms of size and shape of cropped area. Pages with odds numbers are listed on left while even pages are shown at the other end. Since both even and odd pages in PDF document are aligned differently, it enable users to slice them as per their document size dimensions. Moreover, before loading PDF document, pages can be excluded to crop only specific pages.Read More

Add Security Layers Over Your Laptop With LapSec

It is always recommended to make your portable devices as secure as they can be. No matter which type of mobile device you’re using, there is always a need of having an efficient security application which can instantly protect it from data theft and other general vulnerabilities. Take laptops for an instance, security concerns should be addressed right from the outset to ensure that nobody will ever break in and exploit administrative privileges. LapSec is a security application, developed especially for laptop owners to add security layers for keeping the system always safe from any kind of exploitations. The provided security measures are based upon diverse protection scales, including, disposing off pagefile before system shuts down, activating screen saver after defined time, removing autorun in USB and local drives, enabling password in recovery mode, disabling administrator account, and checking user password complexity. Furthermore, it also allows user to cipher My Documents folder to protect classified projects and information whilst option to encrypt user-defined directories is also available.Read More

How To Install Stock Gingerbread Launcher On Android Devices Running CyanogenMod 7

The stock launcher that comes with Android 2.2 is hardware accelerated, so it is faster than LauncherPro or the ADW Launcher. If you have CyanogenMod 7 installed but need a stock Android launcher, Frank’s CM7 Stock Gingerbread Mod is what you need. This Mod should be installed after installing CyanogenMod 7 ROM and Google Apps for CyanogenMod 7. Instructions can be found below after the jump.Read More

Reeder Is One Of The Best Google Reader Apps For Mac

Reeder is a free RSS reader for Mac which is somewhat quite akin to previously reviewed Espresso Reader in terms of both usage pattern and features. The developer has kept configurations to bare minimum in order to set it up quickly. The main interface is laid wide across the screen with two panels for navigating through subscribed feeds and articles from selected website while main interface shows the complete story. Being a simple RSS reader, it takes nothing more than to sign-in with Google Reader credentials to populate the feeds list. With Reeder, one can switch between multiple accounts, change default reading behaviors and gestures, customize syncing options, and configure integrated services including, Twitter, Instapaper, Google Mobilizer, and so on.Read More

How To Root LG Optimus V [Virgin Mobile]

Its been a few days since LG Optimus V came to Virgin Mobile and it has already been rooted.  This guide explains the steps required for rooting the LG Optimus V phone, thus allowing you install apps (requiring root access) and custom ROMs. All thanks goes to XDA Developer forum member sublimewulf. The LG Optimus V comes with Google Android 2.2 Froyo. If you want to install custom ROMs, then you will need root access for installation.Read More

Snooze Your Email Schedules Gmail Email Reminders In Chrome

Snooze Your Email is a Google Chrome extension that allows snoozing emails to be reminded of at a later time as a desktop notification. This is a better way of keeping track of important emails rather than marking them as unread and facing the chance of forgetting about them, in case you have several emails to deal with. This extension adds a snooze button to your Gmail which can be used to set a reminder according to a specified time or date for the email.Read More

Automatically Clear Chrome History With AutoClear

Using computers from public locations and shared network is undeniably a security threat that can compromise online accounts. A lot of information can be extracted from browser history and cookies. AutoClear is a Google Chrome extension that automatically clears all browser data whenever Chrome starts. This eliminates the need to manually clear history, cookies, saved passwords, etc periodically.Read More

Bare FTP Is Simple Minimalist FTP Client For Ubuntu Linux

Bare FTP is a Linux based FTP client that is much similar yet quite simple to the widely used Filezilla client. In fact it contains a lot of characteristics of the Firefox extension known as FireFTP. Bare FTP is a fast, effective and easy to use application to help you transfer files to or from an FTP server. It supports FTP, FTPS and SSH (also known as SFTP).Read More

Install CyanogenMod 7 Nightly ROM On HTC Hero

HTC Hero has just joined the list of Android devices we have been featuring CyanogenMod 7 Nightly builds for here lately. A version for the Hero has just been released and we are bringing it to you to install to your phone, with complete installation instructions and download link coming right after the jump.Read More

How To Permanently Root HTC EVO Shift 4G

HTC EVO Shift 4G is the slide-out keyboard variant of one of the most popular 4G handsets till date – the HTC EVO 4G, and while temporarily rooting this Android device has been possible in the past, achieving permanent root on it has just been made possible. If you want to gain permanent root access on your HTC EVO Shift 4G, read on for the complete guide.Read More Gets Desktop And Android App For Quick File Sharing

Last year, Aatif reviewed an impeccable web application called, which takes a very fresh approach to the concept of sharing photos with family and friends., at that time, let anyone upload and share images via drag & drop while allowing others to view, share and upload on the website without having to sign up for an account. Recently project developer updated us about some freshly-baked additions. Out of all the improvements it now has to offer, its desktop utility for Windows, Mac, and Linux is the most significant. To top that, Android users can also download an app from the market.Talking about the new features, you can now share anything including music, images, videos, and documents, while image galleries can be organized and maintained as well. You can add description to photo gallery, caption images, and have one dedicated gallery URL for quick access. In this post, we will be bringing desktop app for Windows into limelight.Read More

aReader Is Fast XPS Viewer That Makes Reading Easier

XPS is an XML-based Page Specification format originally developed by Microsoft. You can find XPS viewer in Windows Vista and Windows 7 which can quickly render XPS documents, allowing you to read contained content. Since native XPS Viewer lacks many essential features for improving reading experience, there is dire need of have an application which can deal with XPS document in a better way. We have previously covered XPS Annotator that can be primarily used to convert XPS document into images. aReader is an open source XPS viewer which has been developed to emphasize on improving user’s readability.Read More

Leo Helps Beginners Learn Facebook, Firefox, iTunes and MS Office

Leo is an application that guides users who are new to MS Office, Firefox, Facebook and iTunes. It functions in two modes, the Guide Me and Do it mode. A task can selected to perform (e.g. importing bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox) by searching it out and selecting it in Leo and run it in either of the two mode. In the Do it mode the application/website automatically opens and areas are highlighted to perform the task. On the contrary, the Guide Me mode opens the app and shows a demo to perform the task.Read More