Give Empty Tabs In Chrome A Desktop Look With All Options In One Place

Cognition Desktop is a Google Chrome Extension that replaces the empty Chrome tabs with a theme to give it a "desktop" look and essential buttons for quick access of browser options. When mixed with the Cognition Application Framework it can be used as a front-end to the browser through AJAX/CGI. However, when in the standalone format, it acts as a New Tab replacement intended for quick access to Google Chrome features.Read More

Install MIUI ROM on HTC Desire Z / T-Mobile G2

Good news HTC Desire Z / T-Mobile G2 owners – MIUI ROM is now available for your device and you can install it now to give your Android phone a complete user interface makeover. The ROM is available for download and you can install it to your Android device right away. Read on for feature list, download link and installation instructions.

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M3U Dropper Creates Music Playlist From HTML Links Or Local Files

Want to create a playlist quickly with simple drag & drop? M3U Dropper can do that. It creates a playlist in M3U format, which is widely used format for saving music playlist and is supported by every popular audio and media player out there. With M3U Dropper, you can quickly create and modify playlists. Aside from dropping music files directly from local directories, playlists can be created from HTML links as well. You can also import previously saved playlist to make suitable alterations and remove duplicate files.Read More

NeembuUploader Uploads File To Multiple File Hosting Services In One Go

NeembuUploader is small open source Java-based application to upload file to multiple file hosting services in one go.  It supports 6 widely used file hosting services, including, Easy-Share, FileDropper, FileDude, HotFile, and UploadMB. Since these services don’t necessarily require users to sign up for an account to upload or download data, non-registered users can make use of NeembuUploader to quickly share data over the web. The application is built to be simple, you just have to drag & drop the file to begin uploading to multiple servers simultaneously. Furthermore, the application provides all the essential information about the uploaded files, it can open recently uploaded files, manage accounts, open only selected file upload for verification, and show uploaded and deleted URL addresses.Read More

BOOTICE – Modify, Backup, And Restore Master Boot Record & Partition Boot Record

BOOTICE is a portable utility developed for power users who need to either modify or backup and restore MBR (Master Boot Record) and PBR (Partition Boot Record) of  local drives or removable media including external hard drives, USB drives, etc. For those who don’t have clue of these boot records, MBR is generally referred to as first sector (size : 512 bytes) of any partitioned drive whereas volume or partition boot record holds code to initiate booting and is invoked by MBR.
Warning for beginners: It is not advisable to fiddle around with master boot record or with volume boot record, as it can change system booting process and can leave your PC unbootable. We will recommend that you use BOOTICE with removable media and not with auxiliary storage disks.
Coming back to features, it lets you backup MBR of selected drives (primary or external) and enables you to create disk images (IMG & IMA format), fill up disk space with random data, manage partitions while allowing you to edit Boot Configuration Data (BCD file) to tweak with system booting process.Read More

Customize Gmail Interface, Change Appearance, Links And Options With Gmail Minimalist

Gmail Minimalist is a brilliant Google Chrome extension which can change Gmail UI in every possible way. Be it main header that might be annoying you, button colors or font, Google bar which you wish to change, navigation controls that are to be re-positioned or footer that needs to be customized, Gmail Minimalist lets you tailor every bit of Gmail interface. If Gmail is your primary mailbox, you can deal with your favorite mail client as per your likings. Being efficient and quick in customizing Gmail options, it allows you to replace links and logo with customized ones. You can for instance load defined image instead of Google Mail logo, replace links seen at top with those you frequently visit, hide ads, search tools, chat feature and do much more.Read More

Disable History For Certain Websites In Chrome With History Site Blocker

History Site Blocker is a Google Chrome extension that disables saving history for ucertain websites. This can be particularly useful if you do not want users to see which website you have visited recently. For example, if you login to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) webpage and forget to logout from your account, it might be accessible by someone else who uses your system which will log him/her in automatically. Although, Chrome does have a default incognito option to browse without leaving history traces, most users want to browse the web normally and just want specific websites to be excluded from History.Read More

AcetoneISO – Create, Mount, Convert, Encrypt/Decrypt And Burn CD/DVD Images In Ubuntu

AcetoneISO is a freeware for Linux to create, mount, rip, extract, convert, burn, encrypt and decrypt (WinRAR protected) DVD and CD images. It supports MDF, NRG, BIN, NRG and ISO formats. Acetone ISO provides the option to create disk image from both files and folders. Other than being an excellent disk image management tool, it contains unique features which include the option to download videos from YouTube and Metcafe.Read More

Internet Security Controller Restricts Time Spent By Your Employees And Family On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc

Internet Security Controller is an excellent tool for restricting the time spent by people on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Bebo, YouTube, etc on a specified computer (e.g. employees in an office or children at home). It is protected by a master password which can be used to adjust settings. It provides precise day, date and time options to customize access settings.Read More

SendGenie – Email Files To Your Contacts From Desktop via Drag & Drop

SendGenie is a desktop application for Windows and Mac users to quickly email images, videos, documents or any other kind of file(s) to anyone via drag & drop. With SendGenie, there is no complex procedure involved in uploading files and sending content. Just add an email address and drag –> drop the files in the SendGenie interface to instantly email them to selected recipient.Read More

Edit Pictures With Layers And Effects Using RealWorld Paint.COM

A while back we reviewed, SunlitGreen PhotoEdit, which is an advanced image editing tool. RealWorld Paint.COM is a more easy to use image editing tool (also available as portable version) which provides editing functionality in layers, along with the utility to assign effects to each layer. Its drawing tools and image filters are able to perform gamma-aware blending and color gradient interpolation, which by default produces correct colors for the image. It is also compatible with a number of Photoshop plugins. RealWorld Paint.COM is not just for basic photo editing but can also be used to create raster images.Read More

Grabilla – Take, Upload, And Share Screenshots / Screencasts In One Go

Grabilla offers one-click solution for taking screenshots and recording screencasts. The application is developed to let users quickly share screenshots and screencasts over the web without much hassle involved. As far as configurations are concerned, the developer has kept them to bare minimum with a miniscule interface to toggle video mode (screencast mode) On/Off. By default, it takes screenshots and upload them to its native server without requiring user to configure any type of settings. Unlike other screenshot sharing tools which copies shareable link to Windows clipboard to let user paste link in browser or any other application, it uploads screenshot quickly to server and then open the link in default browser as soon as screen area gets captured. Recording and sharing screencasts is a cinch, all that is required is to enable the Video mode and specify screen area.Read More

XnConvert – Apply Effects And Convert Image File Formats

XnConvert is a portable application designed by developers of famous XnView Shell Extension – which brings XnView image editing capabilities in Windows context menu. XnConvert provides image editing tools to let user change, edit, and apply effects over images without putting much effort. Unlike other image editing tools, the application is backed by many pre-defined actions for applying Image, Map and Filter related effects over selected images. Compared with XnView Shell Extension, it encompasses a great deal of interesting effects and options which are bundled into respective action categories. Furthermore, it not only enables user to apply effects but let them change Output formats as well. While you can change the output file naming convention, image type can also be specified to always convert those images over which you’ve applied effects for better image quality result.Read More