Get Notifications For High CPU Usage Of Windows Processes With ResLoad Notifier

Bringing up Windows Task Manager to check which application is using more CPU or main memory resources is, arguably, quite laborious. Many applications which require third-party compilers or even  Microsoft .Net framework libraries can hog your system resources down, causing user to wait until memory and CPU comes back to normal state. You might have noticed exorbitant memory and CPU usage, especially, with those utilities which need either JRE (Java Runtime Environment) or Adobe Air compiler to run. In such situations, one can only realize that CPU resources are being used more than normal by noticing lags and other erratic system behaviors.If you’re looking for an extremely simple tool which can assist you in dealing with such situations, ResLoad Notifier might just be what you need. It is an open source app solely developed to define CPU usage threshold for all the running threads, including both user and system initiated ones, to check which application/thread/syndicated processes are using more than specified amount of CPU.Read More

Listen To Incoming SMS On Your Android Phone

Suppose a situation where you’re driving on a busy road, waiting for an important SMS but you know you can’t view it when it is received because you’d be breaking the law if you did. If you’re an Android user, there are a number of apps that remedy this day-to-day problem, a few of which are briefly reviewed after the break.Read More

Overclock HTC Inspire 4G / Desire HD To 1.8Ghz On CyanogenMod 7

The HTC Desire HD and the HTC Inspire 4G have been pushed even further with an unbelievable 1.8Ghz overclock achieved on the CyanogenMod 7 Custom ROM. XDA-Developers forum member DOAlaboratories has just released a modified kernel of CM7 for the Desire HD and the Inspire 4G. Not only does it allow you achieve 1.8Ghz on your device, it also drops the minimum clock to 122Mhz allowing your device to save ample battery juice.

Set Tab Bar Vertically And Organize Tabs In Groups With Vertical Tabs [Firefox 4]

Managing a lot of opened tabs is always a headache, especially when you are doing a research work which requires sifting through multiple windows to gather information. Vertical Tabs is an extension for Firefox 4 which organizes opened tabs into multiple defined groups and saves a lot of vertical space by moving the tab bar to left side of the window. Primarily, it’s designed to get more vertical space, but since it’s an ability to place opened tabs into groups, you can easily navigate through tabs which belong to one specific group.Read More

drag2up – Upload Files To Multiple File Sharing Services From Firefox & Chrome

Out of staggering number of content sharing websites, one has to find the best service which should be used for sharing text, image, videos, and other types of files. drag2up is an extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox which makes sharing content with others over the web utterly simple. It supports all major content sharing websites, such as, img.ur, pastebin, droplr,, CloudApp, hotfile, twitgoo, flickr, twitpic, and importantly Dropbox with many others to quickly upload and share files. From all these services, you will have to pick 3 for sharing images, text, and binary host file. Services can be switched back & forth anytime by simply dragging them into selected content sharing services list. Furthermore, it supports a wide range of URL shortners, including,,,, voizle,, etc., to shorten the URL of uploaded file on the fly. Read More

Remind Me Later Quickly Adds Events From Mac Desktop To iCal

Many users love to use Mac native calendar application - iCal to list down all the up coming events, meetings, and scheduled appointments. iCal offers almost all the basic level of to-do list management controls but one has to launch it every time to add new events at specific date and time. Remind Me Later is a small desktop application which works from menu bar and can be controlled by user-defined hotkey for adding events at required date and time. It is developed to add events quickly by simply writing the name of event followed by today / tomorrow in iCal event lists. You can also mention whole date in standard format along with time to insert the event at required month's date. The most interesting part is that it can extract the correct event date / time along with title from written sentence. If you for instance write grab report from john in 2 hours, it would add an event in iCal by title Grab report from john in today’s event list at exactly after 2 hour time slot.Read More

How To Convert .Rpm File To Deb File In Linux

There are several types of installation files for Ubuntu, and unfortunately many of them are not easy to install. Although a huge problem of finding and installing software is resolved by the Ubuntu software center, there are times when a good software is not available from there. The best file type to install download and install is the .deb file as DEB files are the default installation files for Ubuntu. DEB file can also be easily opened and installed via the Ubuntu Software Center which eliminates the need to use the Terminal. Nonetheless, some software are only available as a .rpm (Red-Hat Package Manager) file. Since .rpm is an alien format for the Ubuntu desktop, therefore there can be compatibility issues when installing a file from the .rpm package. In this post we will tell you how to convert a .rpm file to a .deb file to overcome this problem.Read More

View Webpage In Horizontal Frames With Split Screen Onclick [Chrome]

A while back we covered Split Screen Onclick which is a Chrome extension that splits the screen vertically into multiple segments. The developer was requested by many users to come up with an extension that can do the same horizontally. Therefore, the developer of the former extension has now created Horizontal Split Screen OnClick, which splits the screen in multiple segments horizontally within the Chrome browser. The advantage of splitting the screen horizontally in two or more chunks can help users to watch a video from a blog and read the article side by side. Likewise, users can view various parts of the same webpage simultaneously, e.g. content at the top and bottom of the page.Read More

How To Install Multiple APKs On Your Android Device

Let’s face it, not all the applications that are dug up by Android fanatics, available in the Android market. It can be frustrating when you have a load of these apps on your PC, and want to install them on your Android device. You could always copy them onto the device and install them one by one through a file explorer, or you could use Auto APK Installer, created by XDA-Developers forum member Stickman89.Read More

jstest-gtk Is A Joystick Testing And Configuration Tool For Linux

Joysticks are an essential part of gaming consoles and are also preferred over a keyboard or mouse by gamers. Many joysticks can have compatibility issues that can cause functionality problems. As we already know that many developers have been exploring different ways to manipulate the use of joysticks. An example is Nintendo’s Wiimote. Recently we covered WiiCan which allows using the Wiimote with a Linux based app. This time we have jstest-gtk which is an open source software for Linux users that provides a list of attached joysticks, and displays  available options for buttons and axis. It provides a dead-simple way to remap axis and buttons and to calibrate your joystick.Read More

How To Set An Image As Windows Media Player 12 Library Background

Windows Media Player 12, despite its excellent features, provides very few customization options. The only changes that you can make to its visual appearance are perhaps the available Media Player skins. WMP12 Library Background Changer is a portable application that allows changing library background images of Windows Media Player 12. An earlier version of this application was released some time back which merely allowed switching between 5 different backgrounds. However, in the newly released version, you can make any image as your Media Player’s library background.Read More

Mirror Your HTC EVO 4G Screen At 720p On An HDTV With FullHDMI

Use the HTC EVO’s HDMI port to the fullest! Now you can mirror you EVO’s screen onto your HDTV with the help of an application called, FullHDMI. Record videos for office presentations on the go and impress your boss with an out of the pocket multimedia presentation. No more carrying around videos or pictures in a laptop or a portable HDD. With FullHDMI, you can now mirror your EVO’s screen at 720p onto your HDTV.Read More

Overclock Motorola Xoom Honeycomb Tablet To 1.5Ghz

We have confirmation of the Motorola Xoom using the Tegra 2 chip, being overclocked to a staggering 1.5Ghz. This has really beefed up the two Cortex A9 chips and made it a force to be reckoned with. This has been made possible thanks to XDA-Developers forum member coolbho3000 who has made a few mods to the kernel of the Xoom. To unleash your Xoom’s potential, read on.

Install Custom Rom On Non-Rooted Motorola Atrix 4G

Motorola Atrix 4G has just received it’s first custom ROM! Yes, that’s right XDA-Developers forum member designgears has just released what is termed as a basic custom ROM for the Atrix 4G. The developer has created this ROM in a way that would allow it to be flashed to a non rooted Atrix 4G and where possible, a rooted Atrix 4G. For more information and installation, read on!

Bring 720p Video Recording And Tap To Focus On HTC HD2 WP7 With SHCameraApp

Have an HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 7? Fed up of having to set the camera resolution to 720p every time to record a video? A simple solution to this problem has surfaced, that should fix this issue for all of us. SHCameraApp is an app developed by XDA-Developers forum member Sergey_H that comes to the rescue for this solution and what's more - it does more then just save your camera settings. To learn more about the features of this app and how to set 720p video recording as default on your HTC HD2 running WP7, read on after the break.Read More

Install ROM Add-On For Advent Vega to Get Extra Features

Advent Vega got a couple of official firmware updates and the latest is v1.09 which brings Flash support, fullscreen notifications and its own touch calibration tool to the tablet. What we have for you here, is a collective installation of the latest Android firmware and the below mentioned custom addons, which are not available in the stock firmware. To learn more about it or install it to your tablet, read on after the break.Read More

Change Android Dock Style With HeLauncher

A new home app for Android has made it’s way into the marketplace. The app called HeLauncher is an attempt by the developer to keep things simple and productive. Device manufacturers tend to customize the home app for their devices to give a different feel to the user while standing out from the competition. HeLauncher is an attempt to throw that notion by the manufacturers right out the window by bringing together the proprietary home apps from various manufactures under one roof for you to choose the preferred one on the go. However there are a few other custom docks for you to choose as well. If you want change, read on!Read More

How To Use Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet With Photoshop

If you’re a graphic design enthusiast with a steady hand, willing to spend a reasonable amount of dough to expand upon your skill set, pen tablets are the way to go. Wacom’s Bamboo series of graphics tablets are quite popular with designers all around the world. This article walks you through the installation of a Wacom Bamboo Craft Pen and Touch Tablet and using it to the full in Photoshop.We’ll proceed assuming that you’re here because you’re new to pen tablets and want a detailed but easy installation and usage walkthrough.Read More

Run Heavy 3D Benchmark Test To Check Your GPU Performance

Since GPU plays a vital role in giving best gaming experience on PCs, gamers show their utmost concern about the type and strength of GPU installed in their systems. If you’re looking for the best GPU available in the market, do check out for best GPU benchmark score before buying. GPU benchmarking tools come particularly useful, when you need to put your GPU through different kind of tests to check a diverse range of abilities, such as, glass shadowing, pixel shading, 3D object models clarity and so on. Out of many attributes which users look for in their GPUs, the ability to display object shadows is considered to be the most suitable yardstick to check GPU strength.Soft Shadows Banchmark is a GPU benchmarking tool which tests your installed graphic unit for displaying quality shadow effects in 3D environment. While it can be, generally, used to quickly test installed GPU in any system, its main focus is on pixel processing unit (pixel pipelines). It creates a 3D environment, rendering 5 objects with 3 dynamic light effects while calculating animation FPS, so users can compare the results with other high-end GPUs available.Read More

xAct Is Feature-Rich Audio Toolkit For Mac

Want a tool which can handle a wide range of audio file formats to perform encoding and decoding operations with all the variations involved? xAct might be the best toolkit you could pick up. It an opensource, multi-purpose tool for Mac which presents a simple GUI for popular Unix-based applications including, Shorten, shntool, monkey’s audio compressor, flac, cdda2wav while using the powers of LAME, AtomicParsley, TagLib and mp4v2. If you’ve been using 3 separate applications on your Mac to encode & decode, merge/split, and to tag audio files, you should try out xAct, since it can fulfill your audio files manipulation needs under one window.Read More