Make Scrolling Easier When Reading Long Articles In Chrome

It happens quite so often that we have to scroll all the way to the bottom when we come across a long (really long) article. Sometimes while scrolling, we lose focus on the last read sentence. Reading off the screen is difficult for some people to begin with, and it becomes harder when you can’t manage to control the tiny scroll bar at the right-side of browser window.Teleprompter is an extension for Google Chrome which brings automated scrolling up and down the page in order to make users read long articles easily. It comes with pre-defined hotkey combinations to enable slower scroll, faster scroll, toggle automated scroll and on-screen widget display On/Off. Apart from using hotkeys, you can just double-click the page to start automated scrolling.Read More

Quickly Enable And Disable Extensions From Address Bar In Chrome

Many a times we require disabling certain useful extensions as they cause conflicts with regularly visited websites. This can be done from Settings –> Tools –> Extensions in Chrome. However, it can be quite a laborious task to periodically enable and disable extensions from the extension management page. Quick Enable and Quick Disable are two Chrome extensions that allow instantly enabling or disabling of extension from the address bar. For example, to enable an extension (e.g. croppr), type “enable cropper” in the address bar and hit Enter.Read More

Blogilo Is A Windows Live Writer Style Blogging Client For Ubuntu Linux

Blogging clients provide authors the utility to easily write posts and add media content before publishing them on their blogs. One of the most widely used blogging client for Windows based operating systems is Windows Live Writer. Blogilo (formerly known as Bilbo) is a Linux based blogging client with many features similar to Windows Live Writer. For instance, it allows adding multiple blogging accounts to publish content online, support for fetching recent blog entries, allows saving posts as local entries, etc. Some of the other features include, a full featured WYSIWYG editor and HTML editor, support for uploading media files to a blog, support for adding images to post from your system, internal audio spell check, post preview in native theme style, support for Creating/Modifying/Deleting post, drafts and scheduling posts.Read More

How To Get Windows 7 Style Wallpaper Rotation In Ubuntu Linux

One of the many interesting features of Windows 7 is the ability to periodically rotate desktop wallpapers. Unfortunately, no such default option is available in Ubuntu. However, you can benefit from Windows 7 style wallpaper rotation with the help of Desktop Drapes. It is a Linux based application for Gnome desktop environment that allows adding custom wallpapers, which can be rotated after a set time frame.Read More

FatRat Is An Advanced Download Manager For Linux, Supports HTTP(S), FTP, Torrent, And More

Recently we reviewed the GNOME based minimalist download manager Steadyflow, which supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SMB. If you are looking for a more advanced download manager for Linux, then FatRat might just be what you are looking for. It is an open source download manager written in C++ and built on top of the Trolltech Qt 4 library. Some of the main features include Segmented HTTP(S) / FTP downloads, FTP uploads, support for SOCKS 5 and HTTP proxies, RSS feed support, BitTorrent support (including torrent creating, DHT, UPnP, encryption), uploads, ink verification and folder extraction, MD4/MD5/SHA1 hash computing, and much more.Read More

Windows Server DNS 2003 / 2008 Monitoring Management Pack

DNS (Domain Name System or Service or Server), translates domain names into IP addresses. As alphabetical domain names are easier to remember as compared to IP addresses, therefore, the human brain is far likely to remember a word or phrase such as instead of an IP address. The Internet however, is based on IP addresses. Every time you use a domain name, a DNS service must translate the name into the corresponding IP address. For example when you type, DNS translates it in relation to DNS saves us from the impossible task of remembering hundreds of thousands of IP addresses. Microsoft recently released Windows Server DNS 2003/2008/2008 R2 Monitoring Management Pack. This management Pack (as the name implies), monitors DNS infrastructure health, availability and performance on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 32-bit and Windows Server 2008 R2.Read More

Backup And Edit System & User Environment Variables With Rapid Environment Editor

Some development kits, debuggers, and runtime environments require users to manually set environment variables prior to compiling dependent applications properly. The environment variable refer to dynamic named values which defines how the processes of one specific application will behave on your system. Generally, environment variables are categorized into two groups – User and System variables. Rapid Environment Editor (REE) is a portable and multi-lingual application which offers an advance way to edit both registered System and User environment variables.It was mainly developed to quickly access all the set variables in a tree-like structure in order to browse through them and to find the one which requires modification. Apart from allowing editing, you can directly add paths and delete them without having to open Windows native environment variable editor. Furthermore, it can add new directories, convert path from long to short and vice versa, change variable types, and re-arrange the path order.Read More

How To Root Motorola Xoom

Xoom - Motorola’s flagship tablet running Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system - has been rooted! Just a day back, we covered how to unlock the bootloader for Motorola Xoom and now we bring you the eagerly awaited rooting of this powerhouse of a tablet, thanks to Koush who brought us the invaluable ClockworkMod Recovery and ROM Manager. Let’s rub our hands together in excitement and get on with rooting this device! Read More

How To Unlock Motorola Xoom Bootloader For Flashing Recovery & ROMs

After months of worries on whether the Motorola Xoom will ship with a locked bootloader or an encrypted one, we finally have the confirmation from Motorola that is is merely locked, enabling us to unlock it very easily and flash a custom recovery and ROMs to it. If you’re a lucky owner of this powerful Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, read on for our guide on how to unlock its bootloader.Read More

How To Boost Up The Performance Of Advent Vega

If your Advent Vega is losing a little bit on performance and you want it to feel smoother between animations and during Android games, you can do so now by optimizing your Tegra drivers for the V1.08 firmware used by your tablet. Read on for our complete guide on how to do this. Read More

Install Android Revolution 4G ROM on HTC Inspire 4G

While many custom Android ROMs have been cooked for the HTC Inspire 4G including some ports from the HTC Desire HD, one of the most popular ROMs currently available for the device is the Android Revolution 4G. The Revo 4G offers a a lot smoother use in terms of scrolling, swiping between sense screens and a much nicer feel to it. Read on for full feature list and tutorial on how to install this ROM.Read More

How To Enable WiFi 802.11 N Support On HTC Evo 4G

While the HTC Evo 4G comes with a WiFi chip that supported Wireless N protocol, these were disabled in Android 2.1 Éclair by default - an issue fixed with Froyo but if you are still running Eclair on your phone, it is now possible to enable WiFi N support for . The idea is to pull Wi-Fi driver from the device and push them back in after modification. If you want to enjoy more throughput on your device, read on for our tutorial on how to enable it. Read More

Install HTC Incredible S ROM On HTC EVO 4G

If you want one of the cool new Android phones HTC just released with the latest version of HTC Sense but are stuck with your HTC EVO 4G, fret not as the ROM from the new HTC Incredible S has been successfully ported to the EVO 4G, thanks to XDA-Developers forum members myn and incubus26jc and you can install this ROM on your EVO 4G by following this guide.Read More

Catalog, Sort, And Organize Your Book Collection In Mac With Book Hunter

Book Hunter is an all-in-one book catalog manager for Mac which makes managing book libraries a lot easier for you.  Since we all come across a situation where we forget the complete title of the book or author’s name, and after involving much effort in remembering the names, we end up recollecting everything about the book but the book title. If you’ve faced difficulty in remembering the name of book or author in the past, it wont happen again with Book Hunter, as it integrates online book resources to pull out complete information of the book by entering only a part of publisher, author or book name. It also contains a loan management system within the book information form to quickly trace out the borrowers. It collects multiple libraries to separate different genres. Read More

Migrate From IPv4 To IPv6 With Bitcricket IP Subnet Calculator

The advent of Internet Protocol version 6, IPv6, which is the next-generation Internet Protocol version as the successor to IPv4 has made IP address related calculations more elaborate than before. Although IPv4 is still in dominant use, it is inevitable for system and network administrators to gear up for working with the more complex IPv6. Bitcricket IP Subnet Calculator is a handy utility for Windows and Mac users for easy IPv4 and IPv6 related calculations. These include identifying the subnet, class I.D, CIDR and IPv6 related information. It also helps in migrating from IPv4 to IPv6. According to the developer, "the Bitcricket subnet calculator is the first to support IPv6".Read More

YouTube Video Preview Shows Multiple Rotating Thumbnails In Chrome

There are many websites that display multiple rotating thumbnails of videos, except for the world's largest video sharing site - YouTube. Showing multiple rotating thumbnails (clips) is actually quite useful since it shows more about the video than a single thumbnail. YouTube Video Preview is a Chrome extension that enables getting a video preview by hovering the mouse over the thumbnail of any video on a YouTube page (e.g. search result). This also makes it easy to identify fake videos by viewing more clips within the thumbnail of the video.Read More