How To Root Verizon HTC Thunderbolt On Mac OS X

Previously we covered a detailed guide on rooting the HTC Thunderbolt, but that was for Windows. Mac users can finally relax because this guide will take you step by step on rooting your Thunderbolt on a Mac OS X. But before we move on, we’d like to thank XDA-Developers forum member, jcase for countless hours spent on researching this method up for Mac users and IISiDeK1CKII for compiling it in an easy step by step . To root your Thunderbolt, read on!Read More

QuickSync – Drag & Drop Folder Synchronisation For Quick Backup

If you’re looking for a smart synchronization utility having miniscule interface with not too many configurations to set up, an application having file drag & drop support with a blend of synchronization scheduling facility to automate the process, you need to have a look at open source QuickSync. It uses smart name detection technique to sync files when some of them are missing or moved from original location. Contrasting to other sync apps, it allows you to decide how you want to deal with file synchronization related conflict  - whether to overwrite existing files or not. File synchronization is easy. You just have to select the time interval or date & time to set up scheduled synchronization and data backup. So what makes it special? The following options: Ask before overwrite, Interval Sync, Date Sync, Binary Match and Backup.Read More

MyEventViewer Is Minimalist Alternative To Windows Event Viewer

The Windows Event Viewer allows monitoring important system events such as errors and executed processes. It maintains regular logs about program, security, and system events which can be used to gather information about hardware and software problems and security issues. Normally one has to access it either from My Computer –> Manage (via right click context menu) or from Administrative Tools in the Start menu. The Windows Event Viewer can be a bit convoluted and fragmented for comparing information, making it difficult to compare multiple system logs side by side.MyEventViewer is a portable alternative to the standard Windows event viewer which allows viewing multiple event logs in a single list. It also provides event descriptions and allows saving multiple items to HTML, Text and XML file formats.You can also copy and paste them into Excel sheets.Read More

Track Loading Speed Of Websites With Speed Monitor

Speed Monitor is a portable application for tracking the loading speed of multiple websites over a period time. It has an adjustable check interval and averages from the last 10, 100, and 1000 tries. It provides graphical representations of the loading speed which can be quite helpful for webmasters who might wish to check the loading speed of their websites and compare it with competitors. Such information can provide valuable market research that can be imperative for SWOT (strengths,  weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of a business. A company’s research and development or business intelligence division, often requires such data for business analytical purposes.Read More

Draw CAD Designs In Windows, Linux And Mac With LibreCAD

Computer Aided Design (CAD), is the use of computer technology for simulation, designing and documentation of construction, engineering and manufacturing related models. LibreCAD is a 2D CAD software for Ubuntu Linux which allows creating plans for building interiors, schemas, mechanical parts and diagrams. Some of the main features include, button/text overlap toolbar area, restores and saves dockstate, layer modeling, dynamic drawing tools, selection of inter selected entities and much more. LibreCAD has been re-structured and ported to qt4 and works natively cross platform between Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based operating systems.Read More

Find My Server Wizard Locates And Connects With Windows Home Servers

Microsoft often releases small tools that can help Windows users perform numerous tasks with convenience. In the wake of its new Windows Home Server 2011 and Small Business Server 2011 release, Microsoft has launched a new tool called Windows Server Solutions Find My Server Wizard. Its is designed for Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Small Business Server 2011 and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2. Find My Server Wizard is meant to easily connect client operating system with Windows servers by redirecting the user to the appropriate connector software via the web browser. This helps in easily connecting the client system with the appropriate Windows Server without going through the elaborate connectivity procedure. The wizard is simple to use and basically does the main server identification part for the user and reduces the installation of the connector software to a snap.Read More

Create Animations From Images With DP Animation Maker

DP Animation Maker is a simple software that converts common images into moving animations. You can transform a simple PNG, JPG, BMP etc into an AV, GIF and an EXE file with excellent graphical effects. It contains many built in options to add effects like  rain, lightning, falling leaves, etc to make your still images into dynamic graphics. You can then save the graphic in GIF or AVI format. These can later be added to a website or can be used as a profile picture on a social networking website.Read More

Advanced Disk Defragmentation And Cleanup With MyDefragPowerGUI

MyDefragPowerGUI is a portable GUI based tool that provides additional options for easy defragmentation and disk cleanup of Windows based operating systems. Other than performing the normal tasks of manually or automatically defragmenting system partitions, it cleans additional directories such as the Prefetch folder, allows defragmenting all partitions simultaneously, provides detailed information about system partitions/hard disk in a graphical user interface, allows setting defragmentation speed, provides trace erasing options and works with RAM disks/external drives. It supports U3 devices and can automatically update its GUI interface without the need of user intervention. With MyDefragPowerGUI you can quickly and efficiently cleanup and defragment your hard drive for better performance.Read More

Ping Multiple Servers And Plot Ping Info On Graph With WinPing

Windows native network command - Ping is used to get information regarding the status of server and current response time. Since manually recording server uptime and response time is beyond possible, many network administrators look out for simple network ping utility to check both uptime and response time for connected clients, member servers, and main servers to keep all of them under observation. WinPing is a portable application which pings specified websites and plots the ping data on graph, so you can visually analyze the response time over the period of time. It provides a slew of options to configure ping loops, so that the web servers can be consistently checked for server down time. The inherent Auto-Save option will save you from multiple lines of ping information whilst allowing you to review ping information data values and analyze the ping information in real time on the graph.Read More

CheckDiskGUI Is GUI For Windows Chkdsk Utility

 Do you you want to check local disk drives for basic file structure, bad file records and other common disk errors in Windows? Unfortunately, the native check disk utility to scan drives for errors and issues is not user friendly. You can launch disk check utility from Windows Start Search or Run window by typing chkdsk, which runs in Command Line environment. CheckDiskGUI is a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows chkdsk utility which allows you to easily select drives, scan them, and analyze disk issues report. Just like Disk Check utility for Windows XP and earlier versions, it presents simple Fix and Fix and Recover options to deal with disk related issues. You can alternatively choose to only scan the disk without recovering data and performing other data loss fixes.Read More

Join Downloaded Files And Split File To Upload With Data Glue [Mac]

Data Glue is a simple file joining application for Mac written to merge files downloaded from RapidShare, MegaUpload and like. Since download file parts, usually, come with 001, 002…, file extensions, it is programmed to automatically detect these formats, so you can quickly glue them back. It can also split large file into defined number of chunks in order to upload them to online file sharing platforms without encountering any upload limit issues. If the downloaded file is a compressed archive, it features an option to quickly extract archive file after joining all the parts together.Read More

Amazon Cloud Player For Web & Android Streams Music From Your Cloud Drive

No matter how larger a capacity your Android's overall storage has, if you are a die-hard music fan, you will probably never be able to contain the entire music collection on just a SD card. Maybe you do not need to spend too heavily on a large capacity SD card, or worry about getting your device's limited space consumed by just a handful of albums anyway, because of all the various online music streaming and storage services that are available these days. Talking of cloud services, Amazon has just recently launched its very own online streaming and storage service for the web and Android devices. The Amazon Cloud Drive service allows you to upload music, videos and documents to your personal Cloud Drive and in conjunction with Amazon Cloud Player, lets you stream your music library on your computer via the web or on your Android device via Amazon MP3. New users receive 5 GB of free cloud storage, which can be upgraded to 20 GB for a year if you purchase an MP3 album from the Store before the 31st of December, 2011 or for an annual payment of $20. As of this writing, the cloud player service is only available for US residents.Read More

Group And Organize Program Icons In Windows 7 Taskbar With Bins

I love the fact how Microsoft puts in many new features amidst every new iteration of Windows OS. Among many great features found in Windows 7, the option to pin items to the taskbar (also called superbar) is of immense convenience. It is far more flexible than the quick launch option that was previously present in earlier Windows versions like the XP or Vista. However, if one has too many items pinned to the taskbar, it can result in a lot of clutter. A remedy to this problem has been provided by the developers of Fences with their new utility called Bins.Read More

Apply Analytical Expressions To Analyze Log Files With MaaS360 Log Viewer

Generally, all applications save errors, exceptions and other coded issues in a log file, so users can review the problems. Log file is a simple text file which is responsible for holding all the unknown and known issues which might erupt while running the application or executing a specific function of it.Many power users, who like to delve deep into log files find it tiring to manually search through the log file to view and analyze one specific event. Therefore, notepad should be replaced by a powerful and dedicated log viewer which, while offering all the essential tools to edit logs, provides options to apply analytical expressions to quickly find and analyze the events. One such tool is MaaS Log Viewer. It is written specifically to view and analyze log files of almost all the formats with facilities to apply regular and analytical expressions to make events reviewing easier for you.Read More

Automatically Update Outlook Contacts List With CorpGenome

You might have noticed that Outlook Contacts list doesn’t get updated when you receive email from a new sender and when someone amongst your contact list updates his/her personnel information. If you’ve been largely relying on Outlook contacts and want to keep it updated with all the contacts specific changes, then CorpGenome is here to help. It is a small add-in for Outlook 2010, 2007, and 2003 which keeps you up-to-date with what your contacts are doing on the web and scans newly received emails for adding email addresses and other personnel information to Outlook Contact list.Read More

Get Weather Updates From Windows Media Center With MceWeather

Windows Media Center plugins provide the option to chip in some extra features that can be used to extend the native functionality. One such plugin is MceWeather, which displays the current weather, weather forecast, and weather map of a selected city or area on your large TV.  It was primarily designed for  Microsoft Windows Media Center (2005, Vista or 7), but can be used with earlier Windows operating system with Internet Explorer 6 or higher. MceWeather also works on Media Center Extenders like Microsoft XBox360 (which may be connected to a Media Center PC). With MceWeather, you can get instant weather forecasts for coming 4 days and current weather information right on your Media Center TV.Read More

One Click Root, Unroot, Lock, And Unlock For Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom is all the rage in the Android tablets world, and shouldn't it be when you have a Android 3.0 Honeycomb running on a Dual Core Nvidia Tegra chipset. We covered how to root Xoom some time back (also check how to root Xoom Wi-Fi model), and while the method involved was actually very simple, there is always room for a One click root application for Android devices. XDA-Developers forum member, jbrew78 has come up with a One click solution for not only rooting the Xoom, but unrooting it as well if required. For more, read on!Read More

System Uptime Full Gadget Shows Windows 7/Vista Uptime Comparison

'System Uptime' refers to the time during which a system is working without failure and has had zero downtimes. Over a period of time, a system can end up slowing down or breaking down due to excessive usage. One way of checking the current uptime of the system is through the Performance tab of the task manager and via the command prompt as explained in our post here. However, one might need more information to get a better comparison of system performance by checking the uptime from numerous intervals. System Uptime Full is a Windows Gadget that displays the system uptime from the time of system installation, current uptime and uptime of the last time the system was used.Read More

Create Shortcut Of Programs To Run With Defined CPU Affinity

There are programs that are capable of utilizing more than one system cores, but not many programs are lightweight enough to be run on a single core. Moreover, some programs can end up consuming too many system resources including CPU usage, which can hinder your workflow. An applications affinity can be set for such programs from the Windows Task manager. However, normal settings automatically get restored when the app is used the next time.RunWithAffinity is a portable GUI based application that not only allows you to run a program on a specified number of cores but lets you create shortcut on your desktop to run any selected app with defined affinity. This can provide the utility of making sure that a specific program will not be consuming all the CPU cores. The created shortcut contains all the pre-configured specifications, including, core usage and program behavior after launching (e.g. starting it in minimized, maximized or in normal mode). With the help of this app, you wont have to configure affinity settings repeatedly, just use the shortcut to run an application according to your specified affinity settings.Read More