How To Manually Update Samsung Nexus S To Android 2.3.4

We have confirmation of the Nexus S – Google’s flagship Gingerbread based device – receiving a manual update from Android 2.3.3 to Android 2.3.4. The update brings native video and voice chat in Gtalk which was previously only available to Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet users. So why wait for an OTA when you can install it right away? Read on for instructions on how to install and download the Android 2.3.4 update to your Nexus S.  Read More

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S II I9100

We have just received confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy S II has been rooted and done so in an actually very simple manner. This is done by installing an insecure version of the original XWKDD Android kernel to it. Brought to us by the renowned developer and XDA-Developers forum member Chainfire, the method lacks Superuser and Busybox installation but there is a workaround for that as well, because without all of that, it's not much of a useful root is it? More on the rooting method after the jump.Read More

SocialCamera For Android – Tag Photos Of Friends Faster With Face Recognition

There aren’t many apps on the Android Market that allow you to tag your friends or phone contacts in photos before sharing them over the web, and none that do so automatically via facial recognition. None except Viewdle’s SocialCamera, the mobile counterpart of ViewdleUploader for Windows 7.SocialCamera is a free photo-sharing app for Android that syncs with your phone, Email, Flickr, Facebook & Twitter contacts, allowing you tag them in the photos that you choose to share, while providing you with tag suggestions using face recognition. The more you tag your photos, the more accurate the suggestions get. Still in beta as of this writing, the app is yet to include the option to tag Twitter contacts. However, said feature will soon be included in a future update. More after the break.Read More

How To Root Acer Iconia A500 Honeycomb Tablet

We have confirmation that the Acer Iconia Honeycomb tablet has been rooted! The 1Ghz dual core powerhouse has only been released since a few days and we already have root access thanks to XDA-Developers forum members monki-magic and  Chainfire. We shall be quick with this one so read on for more on how to root your Acer Iconia.Read More

Install Analogue Clock On Sony Ericsson LiveView For Android

A while back, Sony Ericsson launched a one of a kind device, named the Live View, which allows you to connect it your Android device running Android 2.0 or higher via Bluetooth, giving you a remote control of your Android device. The device shaped like a wrist watch for convenience and aesthetics, even allows you to receive live notifications of whatever happens on your phone. A wrist watch, hmm…but where’s the time on this thing? Oh it’s up on the left corner of that screen, that tiny speck of time. LiveView goes on the wrist alright, but without a proper watch to it. The LiveView - after all the effort put into it - was missing a Clock! As mind boggling as that is, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member cyansmoker, you can now have your LiveView display a clock on it’s screen. Read on for more on the app and how to download it.Read More

fring For Android & iOS Updated To Include Free Group Video Calls

One of the best multi-platform video calling apps just got way better. fring for Android and iOS has been updated to include the group video feature that, up until a day ago, was part of a limited beta version of the app. The feature allows up to four users at a time in a video conference call. This is a first for the world of mobile apps and a fringin’ awesome addition to the app, indeed.Read More

Facebook-Page Likes Widget For Android Shows Page Likes On Homescreen

From the developers of the recently reviewed Twitter Followers Widget for Android comes Facebook-Page Likes Widget – a similar homescreen widget that displays the concurrent number of Likes of a user-specified Facebook page and provides a one-tap shortcut to accessing the page via Facebook Mobile. What makes the widget even handier than its twitter counterpart is the fact that, as of this writing, the official Facebook app for Android is yet to incorporate similar functionality i.e. the option to monitor Facebook pages. The widget is in beta as of this writing and is available on the Android Market for free.Read More

Create Art Or Edit Images On The Go With Fresco For Android

Fresco, to be precise is the art of painting on fresh wet plaster. Developed by XDA-Developers forum member, Fresco is one of those rare graphics app that let you create little pieces of art on the go and provides you with some quite useful options and features. Now before you get confused with this app being just an image editor, it’s more than that actually. Freehand drawing on touchscreens just got better and I dare say it can be really addictive once you get the hang of it. Read on for screenshots, features and more!Read More

Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread On Sprint Samsung Epic 4G

Earlier we had covered a guide on how to manually update the Epic 4G to Android 2.2 Froyo. Now we have confirmation of a Gingerbread release for the Epic 4G but it’s a leak and unofficial release for now. XDA-Developers forum member k0nane and the team of Android Creative Syndicate have put the release out for your Epic 4G. For more on this ROM and instructions on how to install it, read on!Read More

Saluto Brings Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, Etc To Mac Desktop

Saluto is a small application which brings widely used social media platforms to your Mac desktop. Since it’s fairly useful to keep frequently visited websites at your fingertips, Saluto addresses this very need of common users by providing direct access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, Google Wave, and Blogger from the desktop. If you’ve been hanging around multiple menu bar social media apps, you will find Saluto immensely handy, as it lets you switch between aforementioned social media networks from one window.Read More

MpTagThat – Rip Audio CDs, Tag, Burn, & Convert Music Files

MpTagThat is a massive open source application which encompasses all the essential music related tools and features. It is primarily written to seamlessly tag your huge music collection. Whilst it offers almost every feature which is necessary to quickly add, edit, change and fetch tag info from online resources, you can switch between ID3 V1 & V2 format, embed lyrics from locally saved text file or let it find it for you, create playlists, rip audio CD/DVD tracks, convert your music, create hierarchy of folders according to artist, genre, and do much more.Compared with previously MusicBrainz Picard, it is not that much efficient in replacing invalid tag information with correct ones, but provides dozen of extra features to take complete control over you music collection meta information. You can for example choose to delete tags of your music archive in on go and replace them with online music sources, rename multiple selected files, organize them by different ID V1 & V2 format parameters, and identify correct track by getting info from different online music websites.Read More

XMenu Adds Mac Global Menu And Favorite Folders To Menu Bar

Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to find installed applications from heavily bloated Apps folder or to look through different Mac Home folders for one specific file. Many users like to keep shortcuts of most frequently used applications, documents, files, and folders on their desktop to quickly access them, but this approach may eventually clutter-up whole desktop area. If you’re looking for a smart way to quickly access your favorite files, documents, apps, etc., without having to access them from desktop, give XMenu a shot.Read More

Compare Two Folders And Sync Files With MOBZSync

Users who’ve lost a track of backed up data may find it challenging to manually check which and how much data has been backed up from source to target locations, i.e from local PC to any remote location on network. In such a scenario, they could go for comparing files and folders which are present on both locations or try an application which can quickly do comparisons between original and backed up locations. MOBZSync is an application which not only compares data saved in two different folders but can synchronize and copy the data of any of the selected folder with other. This could come handy when you want to check which files and folders are missing in either back up or source folder.Read More

Install Overclock / Undervolt Kernel On T-Mobile LG G2X

G2X - which is the T-mobile variant of one of the most powerful Android devices out there i.e. LG Optimus 2X - has started receiving the goods that were meant for the Optimus 2X. Earlier we covered the rooting guide for the G2X followed by the installation of a test version of the ClockworkMod Recovery. Today we have a kernel developed by XDA-Developers forum member Cpasjuste that goes far into overclocking your G2X’s CPU and even allows you to lower the voltages for lower CPU temperatures and a better battery life. Read on to download this kernel and how to flash it to your G2X.Read More

Enable Landscape View In TouchWiz Launcher For Android Gingerbread

TouchWiz is Samsung’s proprietary UI for it’s Android devices and from being developed for the Samsung Galaxy S Series devices, it has now moved onto the Galaxy S II as well. Those of you running the TouchWiz launcher on their current Android devices would know how the launcher is pretty lacking in features and eye candy. XDA-Developers forum member pawitp has released a mod for Gingerbread based deodexed ROMs that fixes just about all that and as the title suggests, you get more then just a landscape view. Read on for the features and installation of this mod on your device.Read More

Create 3D Flash Gallery Without Learning To Code With CU3OX

CU3OX provides simplified options for creating attractive 3D Flash picture galleries. This can be quite handy for making image slides which can be embedded on a webpage as banners and slideshows. Tje interface is quite similar to the previously reviewed Wow Slider, however, it does not watermark images like the free version of Wow Slider.  What makes CU3OX useful is that you can create 3D galleries without having extensive knowledge of Flash animation, HTML, CSS or Javascripts. It provides easy to use options for adjusting image transition, adding effects, slideshow time delay, etc. You can insert pictures to the gallery by simple drag & drop, upload gallery to an FTP server, add audio to the slideshow, insert the gallery into an HTML page and use the generated HTML code to embed it on a webpage. CU3OX has both a paid and free version and is available for Windows and Mac OS X.Read More

Upload Photos & Videos To Facebook From Ubuntu Desktop

Linux has often suffered from periodic changes of cloud based website environments, such as Facebook, which has caused conflicts with Linux based operating systems. For example, Facebook native photo uploader often fails to upload images with Ubuntu. Facebook’s ever-changing API creates even more problems, as it renders Ubuntu based uploading tools obsolete and dysfunctional. A solution to this problem can be to use Starry Hope Uploader. However, despite being a good app for uploading photos to Facebook, it does not provide the option to upload videos. Nautilus Facebook Uploader is a desktop application which allows uploading both photos and videos to Facebook, creating albums and enables setting an auto-upload time. Read More

Customize Ubuntu Unity Features With Unity Plugin

Unity 2D has been the center of much attention among the Ubuntu community. The curiosity and willingness of Ubuntu users is leading to questions regarding the customization of the stylish Unity Panel. As a result of which, we are already seeing Unity based tweaks from third party developers, such as the Unity 2D Settings application.Unity icons by default can appear to be a bit larger than desired. In this post we will tell you how to resize Unity icons size and customize it’s appearance with the help of Ubuntu Unity Plugin. If you are unfamiliar with Unity or would like to find out how to install it, then check out our post here.Read More

Google Docs For Android – Create, Edit, Upload & Share Documents Online

The much awaited official app for Google’s web-based documents service has finally been released to the Android Market. Google Docs for Android allows you to create, edit, upload and share documents online via your Google/Gmail account. In our test-run, we found the interface sufficiently fluid, efficient and user-friendly and thought the app as a whole was adequate. Though, judging from the first few reviews on the app’s Android Market page, it seems a majority of users are disappointed with the overall quality and we don’t blame them. It is Google we’re talking about here. Anything less than 'fantastic' ends up disappointing. Most of the disappointed lot have called the app a mere front end for the the mobile website.True, the app's editing interface is an exact replica of its mobile web counterpart. However, most would agree that it is most definitely a faster, more efficient alternative to the mobile web interface. More after the break.Read More

Location Cache For Android Lets You Monitor, Clear & Block Location Data Collection

The controversy involving the iPhone and anonymous location-data collection has now expanded to the Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms, too. While the iOS and WP7 dev communities are yet to join the fight for user privacy, Android developers are already on the move. Developed by XDA member mopodo, Location Cache is a free tool for rooted Android devices that not only allows you to view and wipe all cached cell-tower and WiFi hotspot locations, but lets you block location caching altogether and unlike the alternative method that involves disabling location collection through wireless networks (Settings > My Location > Use Wireless Networks), the app does so without slowing down location fetching. Join us after the jump for more.Read More