CirrusManager Gives You Easy Remote Access To Multiple Android Devices

CirrusManager for Android is a Google App Engine powered web app that, in combination with a mobile client, gives you remote control over multiple Android devices through a user-defined Google account. The app lets you monitor device status, location, call and SMS logs, running apps and activities, system logs, allows SMS composing and forwarding to mail, viewing and adding bookmarks and contacts, recording audio and more right from the comfort of your computer through an extremely well-crafted user interface. How does it compare to the previously reviewed AndroidLost? Join us after the break to find out. Read More

SolEol – Upload & Download Subtitles Using [Desktop]

After downloading subtitles for movies and TV shows, you will have to rename most of the files to match with the title of the video files so that media player, like VLC, can automatically detect the subtitle file associated with video file. If you go through such a tiring process each time just to download and play subtitle file, you should use SolEol. It’s a small yet intuitive desktop subtitle file downloader which not only downloads subtitles in specified language from OpenSubtitles but replaces the name of downloaded subtitle file with the video title, so you won't have to do it manually. A simple subtitle uploader is integrated within the application to upload subtitles directly to OpenSubtitles. Just drop the Movie or TV serial file over it, and it will search for most appropriate subtitle file in specified language, download it, and then change its name to match the video title, automatically. Read More

Change Network MAC Address With Technitium MAC Address Changer

MAC (Media Access Control) address spoofing can come useful in many situations. By changing MAC address, one can protect his/her system from system identification bots which look for MAC address to exploit network administrative privileges, fool freely available internet service in order to bypass network access and bandwidth usage restrictions, make system more secure by disguising MAC address or by replacing it with other NICs randomly generated MAC address for security purposes. Sadly, basic network tools are only for changing DHCP settings, switching between different network profiles, ping DNS servers, etc., therefore, you need to use a dedicated tool to change your Network Interface MAC address. Tecnitium MAC address Changer is developed to change your Network Interface Card (NIC) MAC address. You can choose NIC from the given list whose MAC address will replace your original MAC address. Read More

Share Images On With Browser Extensions For Chrome And Firefox started out as a service for sharing images online from your local drive, then came the desktop app and now it has browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. isn’t an image sharing service anymore, it now lets you share files in other formats. The extension lets you take screenshots of web pages and share images directly from webpages, it also gives you fast and easy access to your gallery. Read More

MS Standalone System Sweeper Is Recovery Tool To Remove Malware And Rootkits

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is a malware removal utility by Microsoft. It can help you create a bootable USB, CD or DVD for reclaiming a system from viruses and other malicious agents. This can be quite handy for people who might not be able to boot from their system due to a malware infection. System Sweeper thoroughly scans and removes viruses from such computers by booting itself (from a media device) at system startup. To use it , you will require saving the app on a media device such as a USB, CD or DVD. Just Launch System Sweeper, select a media device (CD, DVD or USB) and click Next. You can also choose the ISO option to create an ISO image of the app which can be burned to a CD or DVD later on. Read More

LXiMedia – Create DLNA Compatible TV, Xbox 360, And PS3 Media Server

LXiMedia is an open source DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible media server application, which can fully transcode media in any selected format and allows streaming in real time across the network. LXimedia is designed to stream videos, music and photos to DLNA complaint television and media players (including PS3 and XBox 360). You can also stream media from one PC and view it (in a browser) on another, without the need of installing LXiMedia on both systems. Read More

Get In Depth Weather Information In Ubuntu With My Weather Indicator

Just recently, we reviewed Forecaster, which is a Windows application for obtaining weather information from the system tray. My Weather Indicator is a similar tool for Ubuntu, which displays in depth weather information of any selected city, including, current temperature, dew point, wind details, sunrise and sunset time, four day weather forecast and periodic prompts for weather condition changes. Read More

Customize Windows Context Menu With PC Utility Manager

PC Utility Manager is a simple application which integrates important programs in Windows context menu within convenient categories. The available categories include Default Windows Utilities, Business Utilities, Media Utilities, Network Utilities, Programming Utilities, PC Diagnostic Utilities and more. Read More

Create Your Own Bookmarklet Or Combine Several Bookmarks In One

Bookmarks give you one click access to your favorite sites; but how many of your favorite sites live as bookmarks in your browser? Opening each one individually might kill some of the convenience that a bookmark gives you. Bookmarklet Combiner is a web service that lets you create you own bookmarklet by combining several links in one bookmark. You can set your bookmarklet to open all pages or to list them when it’s clicked. Read More

View Google Reader In Pure Reader Layout From Firefox & Chrome

Google Reader is a great way to keep up with different subscriptions, but if you were to count the things about Google Reader that kept you using the service, the interface might not make the list for some people. Pure Reader is an extension originally designed for Safari to make Google Reader more appealing, now Firefox and Chrome users can get that same clean structured look for Google Reader with Pure Reader’s extension for Firefox & Chrome. Read More

AndroidLost Gives You Remote Access To Your Lost Android Phone

The private data that you carry around with yourself on your smartphone can really hurt you if your phone gets misplaced and lands in the wrong hands. AndroidLost is a free app for Android phones that, in combination with a web interface, allows you to remotely sound an alarm on or send a popup message to your misplaced Android phone from your computer, view your phone’s location on a map, lock it with a pin code of your choice, read its status (battery, temperature etc.), toggle WiFi and/or GPS, send SMS, read received SMS, forward incoming calls to a number of your choice, wipe your phone’s SD card or order it to execute a factory reset via web or SMS commands sent from another phone. The app is in beta as of this writing. Read More

Quick Reference Firefox about:config Preferences On MozillaZine

MozillaZine is a knowledge base for just about everything created by Mozilla, it’s a complete reference guide created by the Mozilla user community for anyone who wants to learn about a Mozilla project. What's That Preference is a Firefox extension that adds an option in the about:config context menu (Firefox) that lets you look up preferences (what they do and what effect they have) on MozillaZine. If you’re tinkering around the about:config settings for the first time and want to know what some of those preferences are for, this extension will help you find the most comprehensive description of it on MozillaZine without searching the site itself and without browsing online. Read More

Share Huge Files Online With Unlimited Storage Capacity Using Fyels

Sharing big files over the internet is somewhat limited; it’s restricted by size limitations. If you want to share big files you have to cough up a subscription fee for a premium account. Fyels is a web service that raises the bar on file size limits; while Dropbox gives you a cloud drive of 2GB to fill anyway you want, Fyels gives you unlimited storage capacity and lets you share files of up to 9GB at one time, for free. Read More

RSSOwl Portable Is Free Desktop Feed Reader With Tabs

RSSOwl Portable is an open source RSS feed reader which allows viewing RSS feeds within convenient tabs. This Java based application provides easy options for importing your feeds from an XML or OPML file to ensure that you don’t have to amass feeds from scratch. You can even open webpages (from feeds) within tabs. Like any RSS reader, it provides the utility to add, organize, update and store information in the form of feeds, as well as customize viewing options, such as, color, font and language change. What makes RSSOwl different from common feed readers is that it provides the utility to open feeds in multiple tabs, as well as browse webpages. Read More

Sunflower Is A Dual Pane File Explorer For Ubuntu Linux

Sunflower is an open source two pane file manager for Ubuntu Linux. This small, yet highly customizable file manager comes with a number of handy hotkeys and can be further improved by installing plugins. It represents an alternative toolbar in the form of it’s Tools menu. You can also add or edit bookmarks, empty history in a single click and create a mount list. Read More

Manage Plymouth, Burg & Grub With Super Boot Manager

Grub Manager, Plymouth and Burg are quite handy in tweaking with Ubuntu boot options. These include changing the boot screen theme, setting the default operating system for booting, setting screen resolution, timeout and so on. Super Boot Manger is a master application for boot management which allows managing configurations for Grub, Plymouth and Burg from within a simple GUI based interface. It provides options for the installation and management of  of graphic themes, Grub,  Burg and Plymouth. Read More

Music Player Is iTunes-Like Lightweight Music Manager

Are you using iTunes just to listen to your favorite tracks and to manage your playlists? We all know that iTunes is not a lightweight application and initiates several hefty services when launched. Secondly, it can become really slow when system gets hogged down by other running applications. Today, we discovered an awesome lightweight music player and manager, called Music Player, which looks somewhat similar to iTunes in terms of both user interface and basic music controls. However, its major focus is not on providing iTunes like UI and functionalities, it emphasizes more on giving best music management and discovery experience. 7digital live music store is also integrated within the application to skim through latest albums and directly download music into your library. Read More

WinUtilities Process Security – Find Endangering Process And Put It On Quarantine

Windows 7, unlike its predecessors, provides a great deal of information regarding currently active services and processes in Task Manager, but still devoid of many user and system processes related elements which would’ve helped users in troubleshooting program freezes and other generic exceptions. Using an advanced task manager becomes inevitable when your system starts responding in a weird way; locking down certain system services, unsharing those processes which are to be used by user apps, etc. WinUtilities Process Security is developed to give users more control over running system instances whilst a detailed info regarding memory and CPU is also provided along. Apart from CPU and Memory usage, you can keep tab on Virtual Memory Space Addressing table storage where address pointers are mapped with virtual memory addresses, and total and available Page File Usage. Read More

Grab Articles Or Books From The Web And Convert To ePub In Firefox

The internet is full of interesting stories but you don’t always have the time to read them all. Reading online content can consume a good part of the total time you spend online (it could be at work or at home) but it nonetheless cuts in to your productivity. One of the many things you can do to read a good article later is use the GrabMyBook extension for Firefox and create an ePub format book of all the articles you find and download it to your eReader. Read More