Install Gingerbread Based Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy S 2 I9100

Lately, Samsung Galaxy S II has been receiving much attention by Android developers. Earlier we covered a guide on how to root the Galaxy S II and that has put the wheels of customization in motion. The custom ROM for the Galaxy S II, called VillainROM, has been developed by forum member pulser and is the first custom ROM released for the device. More on the ROM and how you can install it on your device.Read More

Search Files And Folders Faster In Unity With New Unity Lens

The Unity files & folder lens helps in finding recently used files or folders. Unfortunately, it does not provide any option to search for files or folders which have never been accessed. This problem can be resolved by the help of the new Unity lens known as Unity Place File Search. It is a simple lens written in Python, which crawls the Unity file system for retrieving the input search query. It is quite customizable and you can select the directories it searches, the search depth, and patterns to ignore during the search. Custom search paths can also be specified from your query.Read More

Grab And Edit Images Directly From The Web With Pixlr Editor

Photoshop is a terrific image editor, the only slight shortcoming with it is that it runs on your desktop and you can’t always take your desktop with you everywhere. The portable version or the online version gives you more freedom though but features in the online version are limited. Online image editors may not give you all the powerful Photoshop features, but they’re a great way to edit images in your browser when you don’t really need the high end Photoshop ones or you just need to fix some images fast. Pixlr is an online image editor that drills down many high end functions for easier editing right in your browser.Read More

Add Security To Your Dropbox Account With SecretSync Encryption

If you’re thinking to deploy a security layer to your Dropbox in order to protect highly confidential data before being sent to Dropbox to sync them across all the configured systems, it’d would rather a time consuming process to first create encrypted container for holding classified info and then send it to Dropbox. An easy solution is provided by SecretSync. It’s a tool backed by 256-AES encryption algorithm which does nothing except encrypting your private data with a pass key and syncing it with your Dropbox account. Using that pass key, you can access your synced private data easily from anywhere, without worrying about recently revealed Dropbox security related issues.Read More

iTuneUp – Fix Performance Of Slow And Unresponsive Mac In Real Time

If you’re facing some unexpected crashes, program halts and exceptions, with your whole Mac system going completely numb unless you reboot it, you must consider using an optimization and inspection tool to find out root cause of all such issues. iTuneUp is created to address such problems. It is a Mac optimization utility which offers a slew of inspection techniques to not only find and repair system and application crashes but also to boost overall performance as well.iTuneUp works on a simple principle. It consistently checks different areas of your system to optimize them without requiring your direction. The real-time monitoring also checks currently running applications for errors and attempts to repair them as they happen.Read More

Fix Windows Phone 7 Update Problem Caused By ChevronWP7 Updater

If you manually updated your Windows Phone 7 device to the NoDo update via Chris Walsh’s ChevronWP7 Updater, there are chances that you are having or may have trouble getting the subsequent OTA updates on your device. And when we say trouble, we actually mean the update will fail. Such devices are being referred to as Walshed phones and are getting  the error code 81080005 when trying to update. For those with Walshed phones, Chris Walsh himself has developed a fix to help you get back on track. More on it after the break.Read More

Download Online Videos Embedded Anywhere With GotClip

GotClip is a one-click online video downloading tool that focuses more on instantly downloading video clips instead of setting up lengthy configurations before downloading online videos. It supports all major online video sharing platforms including, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Veoh, Google Videos, MetaCafe and more. You can also download flash videos embedded in any forum, blog, personal pages, etc. Unlike many other video downloaders, it allows you to download multiple videos at a time without hassling with adding video URLs each time to download them. You can create a list of videos you wish to download, insert them into GotClip, and it will start downloading them in one go.Read More

Defragment Hard Disk Faster With Java Defrag

The importance of disk defragmentation is often under estimated for speeding up a computer. Defragmentation reduces scattered files by physically organizing the contents of the mass storage device to store files in a contiguous region (if possible). Which improves the read/write rate of a hard disk due to defragmentation of files.Java Defrag is a portable application for quickly defragmenting NTFS and FAT32 hard drives. What makes open source Java Defrag different than other defragmentation applications is that it is less resource intensive and utilizes the standard Windows Defragmentation API for moving files on NTFS hard drives. Binding the files together in this way can provide a number of advantages, such as improving the loading time in games and reducing lags.Read More

MangaRipper Downloads Manga Comics From Manga Websites

We have previously covered many Manga file viewers such as QManga (for Windows) and Comix (for Linux). This time we have an open source Manga downloader, called MangaRipper. It allows easy grabbing of Manga comic from an entered URL. What makes MangaRipper quite useful is that it can automatically download manga series from ‘read manga online' websites. It provides build- in links to Manga comic websites from where you can conveniently locate your favorite Manga comic to download. This is a good way of circumventing the need for looking up Manga Torrent files and having to deal with dead torrents.Read More

Dropbox Share Syncs Any Folder With Dropbox From Ubuntu Context Menu

Dropbox is a great resources for saving and synchronizing data with the cloud. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying to crawl through various directory paths to locate a folder and then to copy it to the Dropbox folder separately. A more convenient method can be to use the context menu for this function. Dropbox Share is a Linux app which provides the convenience of syncing any file or folder from right-click context menu with Dropbox. Once a folder is sent to Dropbox, you receive a pop-up message displaying that the file has been moved.Read More

Minimize Evolution To Ubuntu System Tray With Patched Evolution Indicator

Evolution is the built in mail client for Ubuntu distributions. Since long many users have been trying to find a way to minimize it to the system tray as some of it’s components are accessible from there. Patched Evolution Indicator is a simple app designed to get email notifications, even when the Evolution window is closed. It basically minimizes Evolution to the system tray, hence allowing you to receive email notifications without an active Evolution window. A new version for 11.04 Natty has just been released, whereas a version is also available for Ubuntu 10.10.Read More

Two Browsers In One – Run IE Inside Chrome

Have you ever required both IE and Chrome browsers at the same time? It can happen. Once you use Chrome, you never really look back at Internet Explorer but you still have lots and lots of people who use the veteran  browser (IE)and if you’re a web developer or designer, you might find yourself returning to IE to make sure everything looks and functions just as well there as it does in Chrome. To make things easier to test and to minimize switching between windows, try the Chrome IE extension for Chrome.Read More

How To Root Motorola XOOM Honeycomb Tablet On Android 3.1

The Motorola XOOM has started receiving the OTA update to Android 3.1, with some users updating their XOOM tablets manually because they didn’t want to wait. As is the  case with almost all Android updates pushed by a device manufacturer, this update be it manual or OTA, will remove root access on the Xoom. For all those who are now running Android 3.1 on their XOOM tablets, XDA-Developers forum member publicanimal has released the eagerly awaited root guide. More on rooting the XOOM on Honeycomb 3.1 after the break!Read More

Change Color Of Orange App Button In Firefox 4

Being able to customize one part or the other of our most frequently used apps, programs (or toothbrush) makes life jus a little bit better. If you’re tired of looking at same old orange Firefox app button or you’ve found a really great theme but think the Firefox button’s color isn’t right, you can now change it using the App Button Color extension.Read More

Search Popular Sites Directly From The Address Bar In Firefox

The address bar is no longer the address bar any more; browsers have integrated the address bar and search bar in one place and users today wouldn’t know how to search without this feature. So imagine if you had a really great address bar but you could make it even better? The address bar in Firefox lets you enter either a URL or any search in your default search engine; the InstantFox extension for Firefox lets you search Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and for local weather and turns the Address bar into a calculator (because calculators just make things cooler).Read More