Movies By CraigWorks – Create Database And Stream Movies Remotely

Movies by CraigWorks is a browser based application for organizing movie collections and creating a custom movie database with information obtained from sources such as IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Yahoo Movies, etc. Movies by CragWorks provides VLC integration and iPad support. The former allows you to integrate movie information with files on the hard drive, to play them in a click using VLC Player. The Remote Support feature provides a handy utility of playing movies in one location and remotely viewing them from another, which means that you can play a movie on your PC at home and watch it in a separate location (provided you have internet connectivity). All movies that are added to the database include complete movie, cast, crew and related information with related pictures. Other than movies, you can also create a database for your favorite TV shows.Read More

An Introduction To Modern Mobile Operating Systems

Over the past decade, smartphones have taken the world by storm and recently, tablets have entered into the arena as well. These mobile devices are having a significant impact on our lives and are in fact redefining the way we access information and communicate with others. This is due to not only the hardware but the specialized software that these devices run and most importantly, their operating systems. In what follows, we will take an informative tour of modern mobile operating systems, their different types and usage across smartphone and tablet platforms.Read More

CleanMyPC Brings CleanMyMac’s System Cleaning Features To Windows [Giveaway]

CleanMyMac for Mac is what CCleaner is for Windows. Many users who’ve used CCleaner on Windows consider CleanMyMac as to be the best comparable junk cleaning tool for Mac. However, there are certainly a lot of differences one can point out when it comes to deeply clean Mac and Windows with CleanMyMac and CCleaner, respectively. Almost all the Windows based cleaning tools, including widely used, Glary Utilities and CCleaner, lack at certain areas. This compels users to consider other cleaning utilities to clean junk off the system and to find all superfluous safe-to-remove files.Recently, the developers behind CleanMyMac have released its counterpart for Windows OS, called CleanMyPC, which brings almost all the essential cleaning options of CleanMyMac with other complementary features especially designed to find and remove junk from Windows system.Read More

Speed Up Visual Studio 2010 Build Time With VSSpeedster Parallel Mode

Are you working on some massive web or desktop application development project in Visual Studio 2010 and hate waiting forever to compile the app? You must have applied numerous workarounds to reduce the overall build time and to get smooth IDE response. One method is to launch build in MSBuild with parallel mode to make use of all the CPU cores for each project, which is also quite a hectic task. Keeping aside a plethora of parallel build related errors which, sometimes, occur while compiling the project, it’s also laborious to manually revert back to non-parallel build mode. VSSpeedster is a small yet extremely useful open source add-in for Visual Studio which claims to significantly reduce the overall project build time. It changes build related commands to trigger parallel build in order to reduce the time involved in building one huge project.Read More

Snapshoter Is Screenshot Clipboard Manager And Editor

We love to try screenshot taking tools which offer a seamless way to capture whole and specific screen area with a feature-rich screenshot editor. In the past, we have featured many screen capturing tools, having a whole lot of different features to capture screen areas and then to edit them. Shotty and Greenshot are already our favorite tools, but unfortunately, they both lack a much needed feature – screenshot clipboard history to automatically cycle through captured images (and use them in a required sequence). Snapshoter is a portable screen capture tool which offers all the essential screen capture features with an option to save them in unlimited screenshot stack. It provides the utility of saving as many screenshots as you want in a list which can be pasted with either a simple drag and drop or by using default Paste hotkey combination; Ctrl + V.Read More

Change Windows 7 Boot And Resume Screens With Windows 7 Boot Updater

Although we have seen a dozen of Windows 7 boot animation changers in the past to customize Windows 7 boot screen, almost all them require heavy tweaking with a bunch of system DLL files in order to replace Windows 7 default boot screen with customized one. But this time around we have an easy-to-use tool called, Windows 7 Boot Updater, which not only replaces default Windows 7 animation logo with customized image/logo, but allows changing other boot screen elements, such as, screen background, text with its size and color, text position with option to change font and margins and so on. Additionally, it enables you to change Windows 7 resume screen with customized font and backgrounds. You can easily revert back to default Windows 7 boot and resume screens by saving them prior to start customizing their different elements.Read More

How To Make Netflix App Work On Your Unsupported Rooted Android Device

The list of good reasons to get root access on your Android device gets longer. If you’re a big movie or TV show buff, being unable to run the freshly released Netflix app on your unsupported Android device might be killing you right now. We understand your pain and would like to share with you a quick and simple trick that’ll fool Netflix into thinking your device is one of the five currently supported. The method involves altering your phone’s model name from within the build.prop system file and thus, requires root access.Read More

Quickly Add Software License Agreement In Multiple Code Files

Adding software license agreement in source code files is a bit hard, especially when it is required to manually add SLA details enclosed in comment tags, into hundreds of source code files. If you’re about to manually copy and paste SLA details to application source files, try out License Adder. The application is developed for software developers to add license agreement information in specified set of source code files with a single click. The app can significantly save you not only a lot of time, but also the effort involved in adding EULA or client related license agreement details to application code files.Read More

Restore Backspace (Return) Functionality In Google Instant Search

Google Instant Search is a work of genius, not only does it save time while searching but it also gives users quick access to related and trending searches all through one little search box. The only slight problem that comes with Instant Search is that it overrides some conventional functions that people have been using to navigate webpages for years, like the Backspace key which no longer brings us back to the previous page if Google Instant is enabled. GimmeMyBackspaceBack is an extension for Chrome that does just what its name says; it restores the backspace key’s functionality without disabling Google Instant.Read More

Postpone Page For Chrome Saves Pages To Read Later

How often does it happen that you find a great article but don’t have the time to read it? The only thing you can do at a time like that is to add it to your bookmarks and hope you’ll be able to find it again from your long list of bookmarked sites. Not only is there a chance that you forget about the page, but also that you never remove it from your bookmarks making them even more cluttered. The Postpone Page is a Chrome extension that lets you store pages separately, syncs them across different computers in Chrome and automatically removes them from the list once you’ve read them.Read More

Install Honeycomb ROM Port On Advent Vega Android Tablet

We have confirmation of Honeycomb being ported to the Advent Vega. The ROM is like most other Honeycomb ports out there for other Android devices and lacks many of the basic functions. However, it brings in a change that none have offered so far, that is hardware graphics acceleration. For more on this Honeycomb based ROM and how to download it, read on!Read More

How To Root Epic 4G And Install ClockworkMod Recovery In One Click

Earlier we had covered a guide on how to root the Samsung Epic 4G in one click but that one-click tool has become obsolete with most people unable to achieve root access on their devices via that tool. This new One Click Root not only works but also brings ClockworkMod recovery to the Epic 4G, which means when you’re done rooting your device, you will also have the latest ClockworkMod recovery installed for all your custom ROMs and kernel flashing needs. More on the One Click Root after the jump!Read More

Lock Scroll Position In The Firefox Bookmarks Sidebar

Do you scroll through your extremely long and never ending list of bookmarks in Firefox, close the bookmark bar only to open it again and find out you lost your place? Even if you sort them in folders, a folder can have over a hundred bookmarks too. What you essentially need is a bookmark for your bookmark sidebar. The Bookmarks Sidebar Scroll Retainer is an extension for Firefox that locks the vertical scroll bar in the bookmark sidebar where you were last scrolling. When the sidebar is closed and then reopened, the scroll bar is in the same place you left it when you closed your bookmarks with the last clicked page highlighted.Read More

1-Click Cleaner Clears Cache And History On Unrooted Android Devices

How would the most basic need of removing all cache files and history be met on an unrooted Android device? One way is to go around through the app manager clearing all caches for every app one by one.If you have around 200 apps on your device, good luck cleaning them all! As for the browser history, if you have more then one browser for different needs, that’s a pain too. Clearing message or call history is easy, but why not have an app that can do it all for you in one click, or at least from one screen? There are lots of apps out there for such needs, but wait, those are all for rooted devices! 1-Click Cleaner is an exception and just the app all unrooted Android devices were in dire need of. More on this awesome app after the jump!Read More

Add Shadow Effect To Images With CSS3 Auto Code Generator

CSS lets you style your webpages easily, very easily. You can define over a hundred text styles in one page (of course your page will come out looking like a circus tent) but it’s about the ease and flexibility that comes with using CSS in webpages.ThemeShock has a CSS coder generator that will help you add different drop shadow effects to your images in a few simple clicks. You choose the effect and it writes the code; effects can be added to the bottom, sides, top & bottom, bottom left, bottom right, top right and bottom left or in diagonal corners.Read More

TalkBox Voice Messenger For Android Gives Voice Chat A New Meaning

Apps built around the concept of instant messaging are already available in abundance across app stores of both renowned smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS. That being said, if you are thinking that we are going to introduce you to yet another similar-looking, tried-and-tested alternative, think again! Originally developed for the iOS and now available on the Android Market, TalkBox is a cross-platform voice messaging app that merges the conventional text chat interface with voice communication. The app, much like the built-in Voice Clips feature in Windows Live Messenger, allows both Android and iOS users to send recorded audio snippets to each other. Users can geo-tag each of their messages and can invite up to seven friends to an on going conversation.Read More

View Images In A Folder Tree With Artsage Portable Image Viewer

ArtSage is a portable graphics viewer which displays image files within a folder tree, slideshow and with transition effects. It has some unique features which common file viewers greatly lack, such as, the ability to display images with selected opacity levels, an interface free slideshow, auto-scroll, windows wrapping and image squeezing. ArtSage can display multiple images in unique styles including a collage of images from a selected folder.Other than having it's own set of unique options, ArtSage contains many commonly used features which an image viewer is suppose to have, such as, rotation, cropping, zoom, full screen, etc. It supports a large array of commonly used graphic and picture formats like BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPG,PNG and TIF, etc, which makes it a comprehensive image viewer with additional features.Read More

PhotoScaler Scales Images Using Different Modes

Scaling of images is often required by web, magazine and newspaper publications to determine what space a photograph will occupy when it appears on a page or web page. It can be a bit tough to scale images without dispersing the pixels, which can lead to a low quality image output. Scaling options available in advanced image editing software like Photoshop can be a bit hard to comprehend and require a lot of image editing experience. It is often not possible for an individual with little technical know-how to manipulate images according to a desired criteria by using such an advanced application. An alternative can be to use simplified image scaling software. Read More

Transfer Files From One Server To Another Using FTP Rush

FTP Rush is an FTP client which provides robust features, such as, assigning custom mouse actions, built in scripts/commands, and support for SFTP and FXP  (File Exchange Protocol). Other supported formats include FTP and TFTP. FTP Rush is quite similar to FileZilla. However, it's settings appear somewhat easier to configure than the former, with the option to easily assign mouse actions for execution of common tasks according to defined parameters.Read More

My LAN Admin Uses Command Prompt To Control Remote Computers

Remote Desktop is quite useful for remote management of servers and other workstations without having to run to the data center, each time a system admin has to create an Active Directory user or perform a usual task. However, one or more remote desktop connections can be a bit hard to work with due to often slow response from the remote system.My LAN Admin (a.k.a Tiny LAN) is a portable open source application which allows sending out commands to a remote system from the command prompt to circumvent the use of a slow remote desktop connection. It also supports numerous other remote management tasks such as remote shutdown, restart, wake on LAN, kill process, etc. My LAN Admin not only allows configuring remote settings and connecting (via remote desktop) to a workstation, but also provides the utility to connect a command prompt to a remote system by entering a target IP.Read More