Synchronize Data Between Team Members With TeamDrive

TeamDrive is a cross-platform data synchronization software, which allows syncing data across multiple computers with friends, family and co-workers. It helps in easily sharing data with other TeamDrive members by specifying a folder for synchronization. TeamDrive makes it easy to manage data sync between groups by allowing them to create a team of members which can receive files from a specified system folder. It provides maximum security and uses AES-256 encryption before transferring data to another system. With TeamDrive, you create a Dropbox like folder, which is shared with other selected users and vice versa. TeamDrive treats your computer as a server to send data using Peer-to-Peer connection with AES encryption, which makes your PC a tunnel from where data is sent to TeamDrive servers and received by specified users. This results in personalized security for synchronizing data.Read More

How To Install Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread ROM On Samsung Galaxy Tab

Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread for the Galaxy Tab has finally arrived after relentless patience on part of the owners. While most new Android tablets have begun shipping with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Galaxy Tab users were left stuck on Android 2.2 Froyo. Not anymore, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Chainfire who also brought us the invaluable CF-Root kernels for Samsung devices. More on the ROM and how to install it on your device after the jump.Read More

Manage Windows Services From Multiple Computers With Services Monitor

It is often necessary to start and stop numerous services on servers to perform a routine task or after installing a Windows feature. For example, to give Windows Server 2008 the Aero effect, Desktop Enhancements must be installed, after which the Themes service needs to be started.Services Monitor is a tool for  managing Windows Services from multiple computers simultaneously.  You can add/remove services and start, stop or restart them with the time polling feature. In other words, you can choose a time frame to start, stop or restart selected Windows Services. Hence, Windows Services can be remotely controlled from several servers and workstations across a network, with centralized management.Read More

FlowHeater – Import And Export Data Between Different Database Types

FlowHeater is a database transferring application which supports transfer of data to and from many database management systems, such as, MS Access, MYSQL, Oracle Database, ODBC data sources, .Net tables, MS Excel sheets, etc. For example, data from an Oracle database table can be copied to SQL Server database without going through complicated manual data copying procedures. Moreover,  the data can be converted, amended, transformed, manipulated and injected by a definition set. This eliminates the need of going through time consuming and error prone manual import, exports from CSV files and databases. When a Definition set is run, the adapter exports data from a data source and stores it internally. Once the input is complete, the data is transformed.Read More

NodeXL Creates Graph Of Your Social Network And Local Email In Excel

NodeXL is an open-source template for Excel 2007 and 2010 which provides the utility to create a hierarchical network edge list. With NodeXL, you can create a customizable hierarchical network graph and zoom, scale, or pan it for a more refined look of added data. Networks can also be imported or exported to a variety of file formats. For example, you can create a graph displaying a company’s chain of command and structure of subordinate employees. NodeXL provides the convenience of eluding difficult applications, arcane file formats and programming language for creating such graphs. You can even import a list of your Twitter followers or YouTube and Flickr connections, to create graphs representing your social network.Read More

How To Customize The Looks Of Your Android Phone / Tablet [Series]

Let’s face it, looks aren’t exactly the strong point of Android. Some might say beauty is only skin-deep but we’ll say skin-deep is deep enough, as most people don’t exactly care for a handsome liver or an adorable pancreas. Same goes for Android phones and tablets. If you are tired of the dull stock looks or even of the same old HTC Sense, worry no more, as we bring you an entire series on customizing the looks of your Android phone or tablet to your heart’s content and we will try to include every aspect of skinning your phone or tablet to make it uniquely stand out as your own!Read More

What Is Meant By Firmware, Stock & Custom ROMs And Flashing [Guide]

Do terms like ‘Android ROM’ or ‘iOS firmware’ confuse you? Is your understanding of ‘flashing’ limited to acts of exhibitionism? Do you feel left out or clueless when your friends talk about flashing the latest custom ROM or IPSW to their Android device or iPhone? In what follows, we will explain all about firmware and ROMs – including stock ROMs and custom ROMs – and elaborate on what is meant by flashing them to your phone. We will also take a look at and provide suggestions and sources to find some of the popular custom ROMs, in order to help you choose the right one for your device.Read More

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab On Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread can now root their device thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Chainfire, who brought us the invaluable CF-Root kernels for rooting stock Froyo and Gingerbread ROMs, and the very handy Gingerbreak. He has just released a kernel that can now root the Galaxy Tab for in no time. Read on for more regarding the rooting process.Read More

How To Overclock Samsung Galaxy S 2 To 1.5Ghz

The Galaxy S II, a powerhouse of an Android phone as it already was, has been pushed to 1.5Ghz! That’s one mean overclock considering the fact that the phone runs a dual-core processor. The overclock is apparently stable and the difference is even visible in everyday usage, not just in benchmarks. More on how to overclock your Galaxy S II after the jump!Read More

Split Screen Splits Your Browser Window To Show Two Websites [Chrome]

Tabs made browsing easier with fewer open windows and the ability to group our work in separate windows. There are times though when you need to view two pages at the same time and tabs can’t help you there. If you’re watching an instructional video and would like to read the help text as you watch it, you can  choose to switch between windows or you an use Split Screen extension for Chrome.Read More

WinLockr Locks Your Windows PC With A USB Device

WinLockr is a portable application which provides extra security for your locked account by disabling the mouse and keyboard, except for the release key combination. With WinLockr you can lock your system simply by plugging in a USB, which has to be configured with this software. This provides additional safety for your locked system and adds an extra layer of security which bars others from accessing your system in your absence. Interestingly, even if a person was to know your password, he/she cannot access your computer if WinLockr is enabled, as it requires a unique key combination to access the system, which only you would have. Read More

Add ‘Up One Level’ Option For Websites In Chrome With NavigUp

Browsers have a ‘back’ button and a ‘forward’ button. They keep a record of which page(s) you visited and let you return to them in a browsing session. What browsers don’t have is a level up button (like the one ditched in Windows 7 Explorer) that lets you return to the parent folder. While you can directly click the folder you want to go in the location bar (in Windows 7 explorer) you still can’t level up in your browser unless of course you’re using Chrome and have the NavigUp extension installed.Read More

Character Counter For Your Facebook Status Message In Firefox

Facebook restricts the number of characters that users can enter to 420, it’s less restricting than the 140 characters of Twitter, but what the Facebook interface seriously lacks is an integrated character counter that can tell users how many more characters they can enter. The Facebook Status Counter is an extension for Firefox that integrates a character counter right in the Facebook UI.Read More

View YouTube Search Results In Grid Layout [Firefox]

Youtube is undoubtedly the most popular way to watch videos of just about anything, but the free service isn’t just used to for watching music videos or babies doing something cute and funny. Youtube has become an online help site where people upload instructional videos on just about everything from the use of Photoshop to car repair. So when you’re looking for instructions and information, how convenient is it to scroll an entire page of video results? For those who find it somewhat difficult to compare duplicate videos or see which videos have been uploaded by the same user, GridTube is a Firefox extension that lets you view Youtube search results in a grid layout making it easier to find the right video.Read More

Manually Update Motorola XOOM Honeycomb Tablet To Android 3.1

Motorola XOOM has finally begun updating to Android 3.1 Honeycomb, but as always, no Android users want to wait for an OTA update that would take some time. Earlier we covered a guide on how to manually update the XOOM to Android 3.0.1. This time around, you now have the option to update your XOOM to Android 3.1 in no time. Read on for more on what changes the update brings and how to install it.Read More

MiMedia Offers 7 GB Cloud Storage To Sync And Backup Data

Are you running short of Dropbox storage space and looking for a cloud-based service with Dropbox like features and capabilities? You can sign up for freshly released MiMdedia service, which unlike many other cloud based storage services, offers 7 GB for absolutely free with options to watch and stream saved media files, backup multiple PCs automatically, and categorize photos, documents, and music into groups. Just like Dropbox and many other cloud storages, it allows user to share their files with friends and family in simple yet intuitive manner.Read More

Install English MIUI 1.5.6 Android 2.3.4 Custom ROM On Nexus One

Nexus One was Google’s first developer phone and it enjoyed tremendous support of the developer community in form of different ROMs. Despite being replaced by Nexus S as the flagship developer phone, it still gets a lot of developer love and the new MIUI 1.5.6 ROM based on Android 2.3.4 can vouch for that. MIUI ROM is the epitome of elegance and speed and unless you have tried this latest version out on your Nexus One, you are surely missing out. More on the ROM and how to install it after the jump.Read More

DropDo Lets You Share And View Files In Any Format Online [Web Viewer]

File sharing has been made easy by apps and web services that let you collaborate with friends or colleagues anytime anywhere from just about any device. The real problem that restricts users from sharing files or collaborating on them is the file format. Not all file formats are supported by commonly used collaboration apps and services. If you’re working in a simple word processor or a spreadsheet  the everyday services are all you need but if you’re collaborating on design or audio and video files, you need to ensure the person you’re collaborating with can actually open the files you’re sending and that’s where things get tricky. Dropdo is a web service that resolves the problem of file format compatibility for online file exchange.Read More

SeventhGate Turns Your Wireless Network Card Into Virtual WiFi Router

Are you looking for a tool to convert you PC wireless card into virtual router, so it can be used as WiFi hotspot and also to connect portable devices which don’t support both Open (non-authenticated) and WEP protected ad-hoc connections? Among all the virtual router apps available out there, Connectify and VirtualRouter are considered to be the best. Both work quite well on our systems but many users have faced problems. If you’ve been frantically looking for an alternative, you may want to have a look at Seventhgate.Read More

Access Springpad Offline In Chrome

Springpad is an online notebook and organizer rolled into one. For online organizing, it’s terrific and now Chrome users can benefit from this service offline as well. Springpad has announced offline syncing in Chrome OS with the Chrome Springpad web app. The sync feature not only lets you view all notes and tasks when you’re offline, but also to add new notes and tasks or edit existing ones. All changes you make are synced when you go online again. To use Sringpad offline, you must have the web app installed (simply having the Chrome extension installed will not work).Read More