Manually Update Asus Eee Pad Transformer To Android 3.1 Honeycomb

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is beginning to show some real promise. It was rooted as soon as it arrived on the scene and then we had it overclocked to 1.6Ghz giving an already powerful tablet the ability to thwart off it’s competition. While the Motorola XOOM was the first to receive the Android 3.1 Honeycomb update, the Transformer has followed up quickly. With OTA updates to follow in no time, we’re not surprise that the update has already been leaked. Read on to update your Transformer to 3.1.Read More

LBE Privacy Guard For Android Monitors Access Requests, Guards Privacy

The chance of stumbling across a malicious Android application, as little as it may be, is one that you don’t want to take. There are more than a few anti-malware apps in the Android Market that help you safeguard your privacy, like the freshly released LBE Privacy Guard for rooted devices, for instance, which employs a method unique to the Android world. The freeware features a background service that constantly monitors app activities, alerting you whenever an app attempts to send or access SMS, location, phone ID or the internet and allowing you to permit or deny requested access from within said security alerts or the app itself. The developer, XDA member eoc, claims it is the “most powerful privacy protection app for Android” and has good reason to think so.Read More

Breakaway Plays/Pauses iTunes When You Plug-In/Out Headphones [Mac]

Do you find it tiresome to open iTunes and navigate to required playlist each time just to play your favorite track? Breakaway is an open source app for Mac which saves you from enduring a few clicks to play an item from iTunes library. It will start playing your favorite track when headphones jack is plugged-in and similarly will pause playback when you pull it out. Additionally, it comes with a mute and unmute functionality to pause and resume playback. It makes mute button to act as a pause button, enabling you to play/pause iTunes track with a single keystroke.Read More

Urly – Pin Web Links In Mac Dock To Stack Them Like Windows 7 JumpList

It becomes quite wearisome to find certain minimized browser windows from an already overcrowded dock. Since each minimized window in dock looks quite similar, one cannot easily identify required window from a long dock overwhelmed with apps and minimized browser windows. Urly offers a simple solution by using Mac native web browser - Safari. It allows you to pin frequently visited websites in dock, sort of similar to Windows 7 jump list. Users can drop as many websites as they want over it, so they can be quickly accessed. A right-click on its icon will reveal all pinned web links (just like Windows 7 jumplist). This means that you don’t have to use Safari each time to view pinned websites. Just select the link from the list and  it will open in your default web browser.Read More

Secure Firefox And Internet Explorer Browsing With G Data CloudSecurity

If your PC gets infected with malwares, spywares, and phishing scripts even in the presence of configured anti-virus internet security components, you should deploy an additional security layer for your web browsers to ensure system stability. Since it’s not recommended to install more than one anti-malware software to protect system from malware, spyware, and phishing infested codes, you must use a dedicated security tool which looks for viruses, malwares, spywares, and security related vulnerabilities found in web pages. Similar to previously featured – TrafficeLight, G Data CloudSecurity is another web security tool which integrates into Firefox and Internet Explorer to protect you from malicious scripts. Before going into details. it’s worth mentioning here that it doesn’t erupt any sort of virus detection conflicts with other installed anti-virus suites nor does it disable any web-security functions of anti-phishing / anti-malware components of anti-virus.Read More

Edit Structures Of Different Databases With Database Editor

Dealing with different types of databases and tired of switching between different RDBMS software to establish and check connections, execute queries, handle forms and tables, generate reports, etc? Perhaps, a database management solution capable of handling multiple databases would reduce the time and effort involved in managing different types of databases. You may find a handful of database viewers, having the ability to render a range of databases but what about editing and modifying structure of databases? Database Editor is a database explorer and editor which supports all database types of ODBC whilst supporting schemas of Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, SQLite, InterBase, etc.Read More

SwiftKey X Beta For Android Brings Cloud Personalization & Better UI

Successor to TouchType’s award winning onscreen keyboard replacement for Android phones, SwiftKey X has finally hit the Android Market. The app is available as a free beta as of this writing, but will only remain so for a limited amount of time. We don’t usually review paid apps, but this time, we had to make an exception. And for an input method that evolves based on your writing style, who wouldn’t? SwiftKey X comes packed with loads of new features and improvements over its predecessor. Prominent changes include a new, more user-friendly installation process, cloud-based personalization, a new prediction engine and improvements in the user interface. Join us after the break for more.Read More

Schedule And Manage Meetings Effectively With

Scheduling a meeting is a corporate nightmare where agendas are lost, time is forgotten and many people say they didn’t get the memo. is a web service that offers a solution to scheduling meetings and making sure everyone is kept to up to date on all changes. It provides a singular platform for creating meetings (topic, date, time and duration), inviting participants, adding agendas and collaborating with other participants.Read More

Forecaster Shows Weather Updates For Different Cities (Time Zones)

Just a few days back we covered WinThunder which showed both the weather and allowed you to create shortcuts in a jumplist from system tray. Unfortunately, it had limited weather-related functionality. Deviantart user laushung, inspired by WinThunder has now developed a similar app which focuses on Weather updates only.Forecaster is a portable application which displays a four day weather information from multiple locations (cities) simultaneously. The forecast can be viewed by clicking on the system tray icon, which changes its look according to current weather conditions.Read More

Free Opener Is A Free File Viewer For Almost Any Type Of File

We require installing many standalone applications for viewing videos, photos, listening to music and opening documents of various formats. But what if one application can open all kinds of files? Free Opener is an application that does just that. It supports a large number of file extension, including video, audio, document and image formats.Once you install this app, you will no longer need a PDF viewer, multimedia player or an app for opening compressed files.Read More

Create LEGO Bricks On Your Computer With LEGO Digital Designer [Fun App]

Remember the cute LEGO brick from your childhood? How about creating a LEGO model on your computer? LEGO Digital Designer is a fun app, which works pretty much like real LEGO blocks and allows you to make your very own Lego model on a Windows or Mac system. You can either create a model from scratch or modify the available designs. The models appear in 3D and the screen can be rotated for changing the view of your model. All models can be saved in LXF format and re-edited later on.Read More Helps You Find Music For Your Daily Run

Research has shown that listening to music can help you run longer, keep up a healthy pace and add a few numbers to your IQ as well. Putting that information to good use, is a web service that helps you find the right music to listen to on your daily jog or power walk. The service finds songs based on your pace (time to complete a one km run) or based on your selected bpm (beats per minute).Read More

How To Root The Casio GzOne Commando

The Commando is a rugged Android device by Casio and Verizon with bold looks and an even bolder security options concerning emails and more. The device is dust, water and shock resistant making it immune to pretty much any physical abuse. However, that does not mean the device cannot be rooted. Thanks to SuperOneClick, rooting your Commando is a walk in the park. Read on for more!Read More

How To Root The LG Revolution On Android 2.2 Froyo

LG Revolution being recently released has been rooted and ready to receive custom recoveries and ROMs. The rooting process is a breeze for those familiar with the terminal in Linux or have knowledge about ADB. However, the process is comprehensively explained and you should have no problem understanding it. So let’s get your LG Revolution rooted!Read More

TrackMeNot Prevents Data Profiling By Search Engines [Extension]

How happy are you about search engines keeping tabs on your browsing behavior? Even though they say it’s to provide a better service and that they’ll take your information to the grave but never share it with anyone, it is nevertheless a fact that they know what you do online, how you do and when you do it. So if you’re not in the sharing mood and you don’t want to reveal too much abut your browsing patterns try TrackMeNot extension for Firefox and Chrome which will send rouge queries from your browser to different search engines and make your pattern difficult for them to decipher.Read More

Lightbox For Android Lets You Capture Photos, Apply Filters & Sync With Web

We finally received our private beta key for Lightbox for Android yesterday and because we’re a little late to the party, here’s a comprehensive, screenshot-abundant hands-on review of the alleged future head honcho of mobile camera apps. We’ll start by saying that Lightbox is certainly an app to look forward to, and a more feature-rich alternative to your stock camera app and gallery, but only after major improvement in the photo filter feature will it be able to become the “Instagram killer” that it is being called.Read More

Customize Firefox Shortcuts To Perform Actions Using Customizable Shortcuts

Do you use multiple browsers or lots of different programs and often mix up keyboard shortcuts? It’s likely to happen if you’re using a program that has unconventional shortcuts but you have to use it frequently as part of work or if you’ve recently changed browsers. Customizable Shortcuts is an extension for Firefox that lets you write your own actions for keyboard shortcuts.Read More