CheckDisk Is GUI For Windows Chkdsk.exe Utility, Can Fix Disk Errors

Disk errors often occur due to power failure and negligent use of the system resources, such as force shutdowns and running too many operations simultaneously which can lead to read /write errors. These errors, if not fixed in a timely manner, can eventually result in permanent damage of the date or even the hard drive itself. It can be quite laborious to run the disk check and wait for an awful amount of time for the process to complete.CheckDisk (not to be confused with the previously covered Check Drive) is a disk checking application which provides the utility of checking and fixing disk errors. It is basically a Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the Windows native chkdsk.exe utility. It contains a fast disk checking option to speed up the process of checking the hard drive for errors, which consumes less time than the conventional disk checking method. Moreover, it does not bound the user from being unable to use the system while disk check is running.Read More

Use Hotkey To Switch On Or Off Icon Labels In Windows 7 Taskbar

The default taskbar icons of the opened windows are quite convenient because of their compact size. However, sometimes it can be quite handy to view labels of the opened windows to enhance focus and to identify programs easily. This may, particularly, be the case with people who require working with side by side stacked windows of similar labels (e.g. when working with Windows Explorer) or Internet Explorer pinned site which might not have unique labels. Read More

Extract, Merge And Convert PDF Files With pdfMechanic

PDF documents obtained from multiple sources sometimes require being compiled and extracted for further use. pdfMechanic is a comprehensive cross platform tool which can merge, extract and convert PDF documents. pdfMechanic provides the choice to add multiple PDF files to create a PDF compilation. You can also extract a specified page(s) and convert PDF files into TXT and HTML format. This portable application is quite lightweight and performs the specified tasks within a matter of seconds. pdfMechanic is open source and available for Windows and Linux based operating systems.Read More

Install CyanogenMod 7 ROM Port On Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500

The Galaxy 5 I5500, also known as the Corby I5500 has been around in the Android world since June 2010. The phone is one of the lower-end budget friendly Android devices out there who’s time is running out as new devices and ROMs arrive on the scene. However, XDA-Developers forum member subpsyke has recently ported the famous CyanogenMod 7 custom ROM on to the Galaxy 5 which has just given the device a new lease of life. More on the ROM and how to install it after the break.Read More

Chrome Gets Option To Encrypt All Synced Data For Better Security

Online security is understandably one of the biggest concerns for users; hackers are getting smarter but thankfully companies are fighting back with better ways to keep data safe. Google recently added a new feature in Chrome that lets you encrypt all synced data. Previously the encryption option was only available for passwords but the feature has been extended to apps, auto fill fields, bookmarks, extensions, preferences and themes. The average user may not care about encrypting bookmarks and themes but auto-fill form data can have anything from phone numbers, residential addresses, alternate email addresses, credit card numbers and maybe even your social security number.Read More

Zoomy Automatically Enlarges Websites To Fill Empty Space [Chrome]

For people who spend the better part of the day in front of a screen and have to browse multiple sites, a widescreen means a better viewing experience but web pages that are viewed on wider screens show white space on either sides which is just a waste of space. If you’re using a widescreen monitor, you can either use the extra space to resize and fit two windows in it or zoom in for a closer look. For a closer look, Zoomy can be a useful extension. Built for Chrome, it will automatically zoom in on a web page when it detects empty space on either sides.Read More

Breezer – Best Windows Audio Asset Manager For Sound Editing Projects

Are you working on a sound editing or music production project and hate to search through millions of tiny musical pieces every time you want to use them while the track is being produced? It happens quite so often that while mastering the final product, you need to mix a slew of pre-recorded sequences with audio track to get the required sound, but finding the right set of sequences out of huge library is not easy, even if they are properly classified into groups.Read More

Upload Screenshots, Screencasts And Files To From Desktop, despite being one of the best online storage drive for personal documents, media, and other files, doesn’t offer desktop application to upload and synchronize files across all PCs. This leaves free account holders with no other option than to to find alternatives which can upload files directly from desktop to their accounts. Box SimpleShare is desktop application powered by which gives both free and subscribed users a simple solution for uploading screenshots, screencasts and files right from the desktop. It allows users to quickly take screenshots and record screencasts and upload them to their accounts, so they can share them with others. The file uploading option will immensely come handy for free users, as they can upload multiple files to their accounts without having to open web browser.Read More

How To Play Tegra Zone Games On Non-Tegra Rooted Android Devices

Wish you could play those awesome-looking Tegra Zone games on your non-Tegra Android device? Thanks to XDA moderator/developer Chainfire’s configurable OpenGL driver, Chainfire3D, now you can. The app’s primary function is to control certain aspects of OpenGL rendering and features a supplementary NightMode feature for reduced battery consumption by the display. However, it is its ability to install and employ plugins allow it to add support for Tegra Zone games on your unsupported Android device.Read More

Analyze FileZilla Server Logs And Usage Statistics With FTPstats

One problem which administrators face while using FileZilla Server is that it doesn’t maintain event logs in a simple readable form, forcing admins to dig deep into information shown on main interface or FileZilla Server Log file to find out how many users logged in previous sessions, which steps did they take over shared folders, which files they changed and opened, etc. If you’re facing all such problems and often find yourself scrutinizing each log info, check out FTPstats. It focuses on only Server file and folder usage and event statistics rather than other useless information, such as, connection mode switching, connection denied, password required for user, username and so on. You just have to provide FileZilla Server.log file path and it will instantly compile server usage statistics.Read More

Add Windows 7 Taskbar Jump List Features To Your Website

As many of you may already know that apart from speed and performance improvements, Internet Explorer 9 also focuses on making full use of Windows 7 Jumplist. IE 9 defines the website pinning in Windows 7 super bar in a whole different way, allowing you to gain control over every little feature related with pinned applications, like, Jumplist static and dynamic items, Thumbnail live Preview, Taskbar notifications, and so on. Build My Pinned Site is an web service to incorporate all features of Windows 7 pinned application into your website, so your readers / visitors can engage into defined activities and check updates of your websites without having to manually find them from your website.Read More

Temporarily Hide Tabs In Firefox With Slyfox, Boss Key For Privacy

Are you guilty of pretending to work when you really aren’t? Do you tell your boss you’re in a conference with overseas clients when you’re really just having a cat fight in your virtual sorority on Facebook? The chances of your boss walking in and catching you in the act are high and might take some fun out of the fun you’re having. What you need is a quick cover up; undeniable proof that says you were working your heart out. SlyFox is a Firefox extension that gives you the ability to mask your favorite time wasting pages with ones that prove your dedication to work, however mundane it is.Read More

HDD Led – Monitor Hard Drive Activity In Real Time From System Tray

Hard disk lights on computers provide the utility to check if the hard disk is being thrashed, during an unresponsive system session. Unfortunately, sometimes the disk lights are hidden away in computers or laptops. Being unable to determine hard disk load can lead to a number of issues including disk errors, which can eventually cause permanent damage to the drive (if not resolved). Normally hard disk load can be monitored from the Resource Monitor in Windows 7. However, as mentioned above, the hard disk light on a system are handy for monitoring during a system hang. Read More

How To Update Ubuntu 11.04 Kernel To 2.6.39-0

Ubuntu 11.04 has many known issues mentioned on its release notes. One post mentioned the issue of a bad interaction between Unity, the GL driver and the kernel, which often hangs the system. Updating the default 2.6.38-8 kernel can resolve such issues. In this post we will tell you how to update the Ubuntu 11.04 Kernel to 2.6.39-0. Read More

Allocate NTFS Permissions Easily With NTFS Permissions Tool

NTFS is a successor of FAT 32 and comes with a number of enhanced security features. While these features add extra security to data, they can be  quite complex to work with, specially for people who may be new to the concept of managing NTFS rights. I still remember having a headache when I studied the NTFS security permissions for the first time. Having said that, once you know your way around the available options, it becomes quite easy to allot user rights. Remembering the assigned rights, however, is another story. Read More

Monitor Temperature Of System Components In Ubuntu With Psensor

A number of problems can be caused due to system heat up which can lead to damage to computer components. Overheating can be caused due to several reasons, including a faulty or non-functional fan (system supply), wiring issues and blockage of system ventilation ducts. We have covered some system temperature monitoring tools for Windows like HDD Guardian and Speccy.Psensor is a graphical system temperature monitor for Ubuntu which displays the temperature of the motherboard, CPU sensors, hard drive and the speed of the fan.Read More

Beautiful Widgets For Android – Free Version Released

Beautiful Widgets, one of the most popular and applauded widget suites on the Android Market, now has a Lite version. Though Beautiful Widgets Lite sports less than half the features of the full version, it is still better than most other free clock and weather widgets out there. If you’re new to Android, live in a region where purchasing from the Market isn’t supported or simply want to try out the widget sensation without having to spend a dime, here’s your chance. And you might want to hurry up. The Lite version “might be a limited offer”.Read More

Display Downloads In Menu Bar Instead Of Separate Window In Firefox

Firefox is no doubt a great browser but that annoying thing about opening bookmarks and downloads in a separate window can really get to a user. As far as your bookmarks are concerned, you can access them from the bookmark bar, the download window too can be hidden but then how would you know how many files are downloading and whether or not your download has started. DownloadsInMenubar is an extension for Firefox that adds ‘Downloads’ as an option to the menu bar. It displays the number of files currently being downloaded and can be clicked to open the download manager and negates the need of having it open just to monitor the files being downloaded.Read More