How To S-OFF On HTC Flyer Tablet With Revolutionary [Guide]

After surfacing of Revolutionary, the easiest unlock till date for some HTC devices, the owners of these devices are filled with joy. Revolutionary also sets S-OFF on Flyer –flagship Android tab from HTC – which allows users to gain permanent root privileges along with a custom recovery. You just need to check HBoot version of HTC Flyer, which must be 1.10.0000, and you are ready to S-OFF.

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How To Gain S-OFF On HTC EVO 3D With Revolutionary

After the super release of Revolutionary, the easiest way to S-OFF on select HTC devices, users are now aiming at making their phones / tabs really smart. For those who don’t know, Revolutionary is a joint effort of teams behind Unrevoked and AlphaRev and is available free of charge to unlock any compatible HTC device with locked bootloader. For those of you familiar with AlphaRevX, this utility acts more or less the same way. The developer preview release of Revolutionary, along with other devices, unlocks the bootloader and gains S-OFF on HTC EVO 3D as well.

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Newgen Brings Windows 8 Metro Desktop To Windows 7

In the past, we have covered two applications which bring Windows 8 user interface elements to Windows 7, which are Window8Menu and Mosaic. The former is written to get Windows 8 tablet like user interface on Windows 7 by providing Windows 8 Start menu along with Metro UI based applications and web widgets, whereas, the latter adds few pre-designed Windows 8 widgets to Windows 7 desktop, like, Gmail, weather, user profile info, lock screen, etc. Today, we have discovered yet another Windows 8 UI inspired tool, called Newgen. Despite being a rewrite of open source Mosaic (mentioned above), it seems like a a blend of both Mosaic and Windows8Menu. The application adds a slew of widgets and options to Mosaic while catering to few prominent features of Windows8Menu, like, Windows 8 side menu Start search, full-screen support, widgets options, etc. Read More

DropIn – Storage Manager For Dropbox Data (Files And Folders)

Managing data in Dropbox is not as easy as organizing files and folders in local locations on hard drive, as one needs to keep the available space in mind before transfering files to Dropbox folder. If you frequently transfer data from multiple locations to Dropbox folder and then move it back to your hard drive, DropIn can help you manage data transfer between Dropbox and local folders, effortlessly. It is a Dropbox storage manager designed to save the time and effort involved in moving and managing files and folders which you send to Dropbox and then move back to your local locations. Read More

360 For Android Gets Major Update, Brings Better Panorama Stitching

We reviewed 360 for Android a while ago when the 3D panoramic photo capturing and sharing freeware was new to the Android Market. We believed the app was a welcome addition to the Market, seeing as there aren’t a lot of good apps of the genre available for the platform. And now we hear that the developers (TeleportMe) may have been approached by Google to build the app for their OEMs (Samsung and HTC). The initial release of the app was a tad rough around the edges as far as the process of capturing and stitching panoramas is concerned. Freshly released to the Market, version 2.0 of 360 not only improves upon said process, it adds easier sharing on Facebook and Twitter, providing greater efficiency and ease of use that is sure to earn the app an increase in its user ratings. And with support for over 200 Android devices and the added option to browse through a stream of panoramic / regular photos uploaded by 45000+ users from all around the world, the app may soon step in with the best of its kind out there. Read More

Get Windows 8 Start Screen On Windows 7 With Omnimo Rainmeter Skin

Rainmeter is a famous desktop customization tool which provides a number of skins for customizing the look of your desktop with floating widgets for monitoring system resources, viewing RSS feeds, Facebook, Gmail account notifications and a lot more. Recently, a developer over at deviantArt has created a Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 inspired multifunctional interactive desktop information center based on Rainmeter, called Omnimo. It brings the Windows 8 start screen metro user interface to Windows 7. In this post we will provide you with the step by step guide for installing Omnimo Rainmeter skin and give an overview of the features which it offers. Read More

Task Till Dawn – Schedule Launch Of Apps, Files And Scripts In Mac

Do you launch a certain set of applications with 3-4 important files everyday on your Mac and want to change this habit of manually launching applications and files from different locations? Task Till Dawn provides one of the best ways to do it. Task Till Dawn is basically an application launch scheduler which provides a dozen of options to schedule the applications, files and scripts run, at defined intervals. With this application, you no longer need to find required applications from Application folder or search through Finder windows to open specific files, just schedule their launch and it will automate the rest of steps that you’d have taken to launch application, run scripts, or to open files the default way. Read More

Create, Debug, And Run C# Scripts With CSDirect

It can be quite a hassle to test, debug, and run C # scripts in Visual Studio, as sometimes it takes too much time to open project and test individual scripts. To quickly compile C# scripts without having to open Visual Studio or define Import and references lists, you can use previously featured standalone application, called FastSharp which lets you compile and run C# code along with VB and F# as well. However, the downside of application is that it doesn’t support syntax highlighting and code auto-completion features, plus you can’t gain access to your custom libraries. Read More

Connecting To Hidden Wi-Fi Issue To Be Resolved In Mango

If you are a user of Windows Phone 7, then some of the basic issues that an Android user (and a WP7 hater) is sure to throw at you are missing features like the lack of copy paste (now resolved), ridiculously small number of apps (we are getting there, with 25k already in the Marketplace) and too much security (read inaccessibility of hidden Wi-Fi networks). On the latter you can now hold your own in any argument. Hidden Wi-Fi connectivity is finally coming to Mango! For a lot of people, it is the unavailability of such relatively small features that make Windows Phone 7 virtually impossible to use. If you are already using a beta version of the upcoming Mango update, then don't be surprised if you don't find the hidden SSID functionality on your phone. The feature has not been rolled out just yet, but will make its way to WP7 in the final Mango build. Read More

Move Add On Bar Icons To URL Bar; Easy Access, Save Space [Firefox]

Firefox scraped the status bar with version 4, the features were basically broken up and relocated elsewhere but surprisingly add-ons got an entire bar to themselves, they get to sit at the bottom of the window where in a horizontal bar spanning the entire length of it. As opposed to that, Chrome’s kept extension icons next to the URL which means they only take up as much space as they have to. url-addon-bar is a Firefox extension that moves the Add-on bar inside the URL bar, icons and all. Read More

How To Fix Twitter Contact Integration Bug In Mango

Twitter has finally come to Windows Phone 7, and as that was the feature that many people have been looking forward to for quite a while, there was understandably a lot of excitement. However a lot of eyebrows were raised when it was found out that you can use Twitter in your Mango phone, but Microsoft forgot to put in Twitter contact integration.Or did they? Actually the answer is No, they did not overlook that. You can in fact import your contacts from Twitter just like you can do with your Facebook friends. The method isn’t very intuitive or efficient but if you really want those contacts imported, then read on. Read More

Remove Malwares, Viruses, And Other Computer Infections With CaSIR

CaSIR is a portable application which automatically removes stubborn Infectors like viruses, worms, trojans, and the like from your computer. It focuses on removing specifically those malware agents which are difficult to detect and remove by normal malware removers. This includes stealthy malware types which starts infecting your system processes and eventually disables your computer or anti-virus programs. Despite the fact that many well known antivirus programs focus on attempting to remove such infections, such malicious agents can get activated via file sharing programs, USB flash drives, network paths, optical discs, etc. This can result in the deactivation of the antivirus and eventually make your computer unbootable. Attempting to remove such malware from Safe Mode can further result in the disabling of the Safe Mode itself. Read More

Blumind Is Free Advanced Mind Mapping Software For Windows

A mind map diagram represents words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked and arranged around a central keyword. Mind mapping applications help create such diagrams to allow users to get an overview of their ideas and to bring them in an orderly manner. Blumind is a portable (installer package also available) application which provides simple tools for creating a mind map diagram. It supports chart layouts, such as an organization chart, tree diagram, logic diagram, and provides multiple export formats, for saving the created mind maps (such as PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, SVG and TXT). Read More

Find Basic Errors In Your CSS Code With CSS Lint

Ever spend days writing the best CSS code in the world only to discover that something isn’t rendering quite right? What’s worse is that after spending a tedious and somewhat frustrating time trying to find out what’s wrong, you discover it was just a basic syntax error and that’s when you might want to kick yourself. CSS Lint is a web app that performs a basic check on your CSS code. It highlights errors and warns you if there is anything in the code that might not render properly. It lists errors, line number of each error, a brief description of the error and how to fix it. The app also tells you if the error will reflect across all browsers or just one particular browser. Read More

Hamster Indicator Is Time Tracking Applet For Ubuntu Linux

Hamster Indicator is time tracking tool which works from Ubuntu app-indicator menu. It allows you to quickly enter tasks and set the timer to track time you spend on specified tasks. After you've defined all the tasks, you can easily start and switch between listed tasks from app-indicator menu. It has the ability to monitor time you spend on tasks in real-time, as well as, to calculate the time frame which you may manually enter for spend time on specific tasks. You can receive statistics for tracking the amount of time spent on each task. Read More

Change the Default Search Engine In Windows Phone 7 [How To]

Some of us today have become so addicted to search engines that sometimes the impulse is there to look for your lost pair of socks on Google! Due to this essential role of search engines, many web browsers come integrated with search engines. You simply have to go to your browser’s address bar and key in any word you want to search. This is a time-efficient tool as you don’t have to go all the way to the search engine’s website and search from there. Being a pretty slick OS, Windows Phone 7 uses Internet Explorer as its default web browser and Bing search comes integrated with it. But if you are more of a Google or Yahoo fan, you can change this setting using a little registry tweaking. Read More

Add Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts With QuickShift For Chrome

Chrome comes equipped with a multitude of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform some basic functions like opening and closing tabs and windows, accessing Chrome options, history, downloads page and repositioning and switch between tabs. However, all these functions are limited to the window you’re working in. QuickShift For Chrome is a Chrome extension that extends keyboard navigation functionality in Chrome across different windows allowing you to move tabs to different windows, merge multiple tabs open in different windows to one window and reposition an active tab using keyboard shortcuts. Read More

How To S–OFF HTC Sensation With Revolutionary [Guide]

Revolutionary, S – OFF and Recovery utility, from Unrevoked and Alpharev is perhaps the hottest topic of discussion right now among fellow Androiders. For those who don’t know, Revolutionary is your one stop utility allowing you to gain S – OFF on your device [unlock bootloader] and recovery. After deploying this hack on your phone, you will be able too easily root your device, breeze through different roms, tinker with CPU speed and liberally deploy custom kernels. The good thing about this tool is it’s easy adaptability as users will simply have to plug in their phone, make sure the drivers are present and then follow simple onscreen instructions to do the deed.

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Revolutionary Gains S-OFF On HTC Sensation, Flyer, EVO 3D And View

Finally the Revolutionary Bootloader unlock solution direct from Revoked and Alphrev is out! And yes, it supports all previous devices along with S-OFF solutions for HTC View, Flyer, Sensation and EVO 3D. This is awesome! and we are as excited as you are to get our HTC Android devices free from the shackles of signed bootloaders and get as many custom ROMs, mods and hacks on board as possible.

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Red Cyan 3D Camera – Capture 3D Photos With Two Cameras Or Webcams

If 3D photography intrigues you (like almost every other technology enthusiast) but you can’t afford a 3D camera or just aren’t crazed enough to spend the required amount of dough, say hello to Red Cyan 3D Camera – the next best thing. The freeware lets you capture Red-Cyan 3D images using dual cameras. You can use webcams too. The cameras should ideally be identical, facing the same direction and placed slightly apart (about 4 inches) from each other. The application allows single shots, timed capture and a sequence of shots that are separated by user-defined intervals and carry on for a user-defined amount of time. Alternatively, you can manually load and merge twin images into 3D (for instance, two slightly displaced photos of the same scene). Read More