IceClean – Optimize, Repair & Cleanup Files In Mac To Keep It Stable

Similar to previously featured OnyX for Mac, IceClean is multi-featured system optimization and maintenance tool which provides front-end for numerous Unix built-in system tasks. IceClean has been optimized for Mac Snow Leopard, offering all the basic and advance tools and maintenance functions to keep your system clean and safe from native conflicts which may disrupt core system functions. For those who never tried it before, IceClean enables you to easily execute various Unix system tasks, System cleanup, Finder customization, Screen lock, Force empty Trash, Secure deletion, Show hidden files/folders, and System maintenance process, just to name a few.Read More

GPhangouts Lists All Public Live And Scheduled Google+ Hangouts

If you’ve been itching to start a hangout and failing to get everyone on board then you might want to give GPhangouts a try. It’s something like Chat Roulette meets Google Plus hangouts only it makes more sense since profiles ensure that people you chat with aren’t completely anonymous (or complete freaks). It gives a complete list of all public hangouts that are either live or scheduled some time in the future. It lets you see the time remaining till the hangout starts, the person hosting the hangout and the topic. You can add a hangout to the site yourself and wait for people to find and join you.Read More

Delete Firefox Browsing History For Any Site While Preserving Cookies

In every internet user’s life a situation arises that calls for deleting a part of your browsing history. Lets say you want to erase all proof that you used Facebook at work or starred at Nyan Cat for a good three hours instead of working; you would either have to delete the entries one by one for each day, delete your browsing history completely or, if you use Firefox, you can choose to Forget about this site. These measures are either tedious or result in more than just history being deleted. Delete Site History is a Firefox extension that lets you clear browsing history of a particular domain from the right-click context menu without loosing cookies, passwords, form data etc.Read More

Install First Ever Froyo Custom ROM For Motorola Droid X2 [How To]

Earlier we covered a guide on installing the recently released Bootstrap Recovery on the Droid X2. With root already achieved and then with this recent recovery installed, it is not surprising that the Droid X2 has received it’s first ever custom ROM, named Minimal X courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member c21johnson. The ROM is still a beta for now and much extensive testing is needed, however it is mostly stable for now according to the developer. Glitches or bugs may arise, so no need to be surprised there.Read More

Root Motorola Droid X2 With Gingerbreak [How To]

If you own a Droid X2 and haven’t rooted your device as yet, Gingerbreak is your solution. For those who are familiar with the Gingerbreak app, they must be breathing a sigh of of relief. For those of you wondering why? Gingerbreak is one of the easiest methods with which you can root an Android device. No fancy ADB commands, terminal emulators nothing! Just an app on your phone, waiting to be run. After all, the best, deserves the best.Read More

MultiMi Brings Facebook, Twitter & Email To Desktop With AVG Safe Browsing

Email, Facebook and Twitter have become such an important part of our lives that it sometimes seems like a shame to bundle them together with all our other tabs in a browser window. MultiMi is a desktop application cum browser that lets you view your email from any email service provider, connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and stream all updates from them in one place. The desktop application lets you connect all accounts and view messages, images, attachments from either one of them. The application also lets you open and edit documents from your hard drive, view and download photos from Picasa and Facebook, send out a Tweet and post status updates and reply to Facebook comments. You can also use it to browse websites but the browsing is snail slow if you compare it with Chrome and Firefox so it isn’t likely to break the bond you have with your browser any time soon.Read More

Visidon AppLock For Android Uses Face Recognition To Unlock Protected Apps

Protecting the private data on your mobile device from prying eyes often comes at the price of convenience. To what degree your preferred security tool hampers your day-to-day usage depends on the method it employs to secure your privacy. Most users prefer setting a lock screen password, PIN or pattern. Although said method is the simplest, typing in a password/PIN or drawing a pattern every time you unlock your device can prove to be quite a hassle, especially if you only need to secure a select few parts of your device – messages, photos and contacts, for instance. Developed for Android devices with a front-facing camera, Visidon AppLock is a free tool that eliminates the need for going through said ordeal over and over again. The app allows you to lock any number of apps and set one or more faces as passkeys for unlocking them.Read More

Dual Boot ROM Support For HTC Desire HD Android Phone Now Available

The HTC HD2 known as Leo, is a versatile device capable of running Android and Windows Phone 7 other then the native Windows Mobile. Even more, the phone is capable of dual boot. That was soon followed by the Droid Incredible and the Samsung Epic 4G Android devices. The latest addition to join the family of Android devices capable of dual boot is the HTC Desire HD, the successor to the HD2. No doubt Desire HD owners were in wait for this day, and now that it has dawned upon them, there are going to be some serious experiments. The dual boot support for the Desire HD has been made possible by XDA-Developers forum member michyprima who has developed this in a manner that would enable any avid Android user with a desire HD to boot up to 2 ROMs on the device.Read More

LocalAPK Checks If APK Files On Your PC Are Up To Date [Android]

Its easy enough to update apps installed on your Android  device. But what if you want a collection of updated APKs for all your favorite apps saved on your computer? And what if your phone is on a limited data plan and/or your home's WiFi network on the fritz? Here is a Windows-based solution from XDA-Developers member egzthunder1. LocalAPK for Windows alerts you of available updates for all the APK files that are sitting in your local hard drive or in your device. All the information and update is retrieved directly from the Android Market so that you can stay up-to-date with your Android applications without  checking them frequently on your device. Remember, LocalAPK is not meant to update APK files. Instead, it only checks whether these APK files are up to date or not.Read More

News360 For Phones – A Comprehensive News App For Android Phones

Initially a tablet-exclusive app, News360 is now available for Android phones. News360 is for hardcore news followers who like to stay up-to-date with all the ongoing stories in and around the world. The app covers news stories from as many as 4000 different sources in English language along with comprehensive coverage through images and videos. Get comprehensive coverage of selected story and explore the flip side with supplementary material. Switch between local news, international news and select from wide array of diverse topics to view the news of your particular choice.Read More

Create Web Shortcuts And Open Them Directly From Chrome Omni Bar

The Omni bar quickly picks up on possible sites you might want to visit from your browsing history or bookmarks when you start typing in its name. It gives preference to the sites you frequently visit and you still have to pick out the right site from the dropdown list. Web Shortcuts is a Chrome extension that lets you define commands to open a website. Websites can be assigned any letter or word; which will open the assigned site when typed in the Omni bar.Read More

Install Sense 3.0 Based Custom ROM On HTC Desire S [How To]

The HTC Desire S being one of the latest Android devices by the Taiwanese phone manufatcurer, is shipped with HTC’s Sense 2.1 UI. While Sense 2.1 UI is not that bad, it is nothing like Sense 3.0 aesthetically. The latest phone does not get the latest version of the UI? You have to wonder why, but why dwell into something pointless while developers at XDA-Developers, namely, Flemmard, Diamondback, chrisch1974, rmk, mdj, seo and eViL D manage to port the Sense 3.0 onto the Desire S and some other HTC phones packed into a slick 2.3.3 Gingerbread based custom ROM.

Read More

Air Stream Media Player – Stream Videos & Photos From iOS Devices To Windows PC via AirPlay

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 later, you should know you don’t need to buy an AirPlay receiver device to make use of the integrated AirPlay feature. While there are already a couple of solutions for Mac (such as AirPlayer and AirServer), users with Windows-powered computers needn’t despair either. Like (previously covered) Shareport4w for Windows, Air Stream Media Player streams media from from your iOS device to your Windows PC over a shared WiFi network. But while the former only streams music, Air Stream only streams videos (this includes YouTube videos) and photos. What’s the point? No wires and no waiting for your device to sync – that’s what. The next time your friend visits you with his iPhone after a hiking trip, you needn’t plug it in, login with his Apple ID and wait for it to sync just to view a couple of pictures and a few minutes of recorded video.Read More

Wolfram Alpha Official Toolbar For Firefox And Chrome Extension

Toolbars clutter your browser window so if you actually install one for the long run it’s probably going to be a very good one and the WolframAlpha toolbar might just be a good choice. Wolfram Alpha recently released an official toolbar for Firefox. There’s also a Wolfram|Alpha extension for Chrome which was released earlier this year, both the toolbar and the extension let you search anything on the site without visiting it.

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Dolphin Browser HD 6.0 Leaves Beta, Adds More Webzines [Android]

Dolphin Browser HD 6.0 was released on the Android Market as a free beta roughly a month ago with minor interface tweaks and a new Webzine feature that displays feeds/articles from a website, blog or social network in a magazine-like format more suitable for reading/ browsing through on a mobile device. The Webzine feature, in addition to deep integration with Facebook and Twitter within their respective webzines, now comes packed with support for a host of major news/informative websites and blogs arranged into ten different categories. AddictiveTips, too, has its very own webzine within the Science & Tech category. More after the break.Read More

MyAlbum For Android Lets You Download Your Facebook Photo Albums

Despite the release of frequent updates for Facebook for Android, one feature that has been missed by many users like me is the option to download, upload and share images to/from your device. But the wait seems to be over as a very simple solution has just been pushed in to the Android Market in the form of MyAlbum For Facebook. The usability of the app, combined with the simplicity of its interface, accounts for a precious little tool that enables Facebook users to share, upload images and download whole albums with a fair degree of convenience. Downloading is as easy as one, two, three!  Just login to your Facebook account, select/check your favorite Facebook album(s) and tap the download button to save all your favorite Facebook images directly to your device.Read More

Get DVD’s Running On Your Windows Phone 7 [Guide]

DVD’s are a very popular way of watching movies or any sort of videos, and they don’t come cheap. You have to pay a handsome amount to get the DVD of any movie (especially if the movie is a new release) and when you have paid for something out of your own wallet, you want your complete money’s worth. Today’s smartphones come with quite large screens that make it fun to watch movies on them, and give the user a complete and absorbing experience. Won’t it be a shame if you buy a new DVD and want to watch it on your Windows Phone 7 device, but just can’t figure out how to transfer its content to your phone? A lot of people have gone through this and that’s why this guide can prove to be useful for a lot of WP7 users. By default, the .vob format is not among Windows Phone's supported video formats, and you will have to convert it to a recognized variant in order to enjoy full movies on your Mango phone.Read More

[Breaking] AlphaRevX Unlocks HTC Sensation Bootloader [Video]

Although HTC has promised to unlock HTC Sensation bootloaders in the future (along with those of many other of their devices) due to popular demand from the user community (and the potential threat of many users switching to other vendors for their next devices if HTC refuses to do so), many users aren’t in the mood to wait till September for this one thing. Apparently, creators of AlphaRev unlock tool for bootloader locked HTC Devices have managed to unlock HTC Sensation bootloader with their new tool AlphaRevX. Read on to learn more and watch the video.Read More

Enable Ad hoc Network Support On Motorola Xoom Honeycomb Tablet

Not using a Wi-Fi modem at home? Have an Ad hoc network setup and can’t manage to connect your Motorola Xoom tablet to it? To be honest, Xoom isn’t the first and only device harboring this limitation, so if you were frustrated about it till now, maybe that would help make you feel a tad bit better. You’d feel even better knowing that XDA-Developers forum member mr_wrong_0 has released a mod allowing your Xoom to support Ad-Hoc networks.Read More