Create Virtual Folders To Tag And Group Files With Tabbles File Manager

We all follow basic file management practices every day. We put files into folders to classify each set of file into groups. But in many instances, grouping files into folders isn’t enough. For example, when you have to organize heaps of files, it becomes a tiresome task to manually create folders, name them, and then start moving files to respective folders. We have previously featured an efficient file manager, namely Elyse which deals with folder as tag node which is accessible from its node tree and saves files in its native database, allowing user to easily search files by either file name or tags. If Elyse doesn’t solve your problem, give Tabbles a try. It takes an offbeat approach to deal with all sort of both basic and complex file management related problems.Read More

Now View And Edit RAW Image Files In Windows Live Photo Gallery

The DSLR cameras have the ability to take snaps in their proprietary RAW format which is, unlike other image formats, like, JPG, PNG, etc., unprocessed and uncompressed image files ready to be processed by users. Since DSLR cameras are built to take higher quality snaps with actual depth of objects being in focus, allow precise previewing of framing close to exposure while catering to host of other image quality characteristics, RAW format provides the best platform to view such small yet highly preferred image quality elements.Read More

Hide Launchpad Applications With Launchpad-control [Mac]

Supporting multi-touch gestures and full-screen mode, Lauchpad is a great little feature of Mac OS X Lion which lets you access installed application from a distraction free environment and also allows you to group similar applications into folders. Launchpad contains all those applications which are present in Mac Applications folder accessible from system dock. Since there is no native option available in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) that can tweak with Launchpad application listings, you may need a tool, like, Launchpad- control to place those applications in Launchpad which you use most frequently. It provides nothing but a list of all installed applications to hide those items which you don’t want to show in Launchpad.Read More

Use Galaxy S II I9100 Volume Key As Camera Shutter / Capture Button

When the news of a successor to the original Galaxy S I9000 surfaced, Samsung fans were optimistic and wishful that the new Galaxy S II I9100 would not only bring about the a much needed camera flash, but a dedicated camera button as well. With 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, a dual core CPU, an 8MP AF camera with flash and the support for 1080p video recording, the Galaxy S II was the God of all phones. Wait a second, where’s the camera button!? Damnit Samsung, not again! So if you still decided to own one of these little pocket monsters despite the lack of a dedicated camera button, there is something you can do about it now, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member IILaryII, and the concept of hardware key mapping. IILaryII has come up with a mod that lets your phones Volume button act as a camera button.

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Keep Track Of Facebook Contacts Birthdays Easily With Reminder App For WP7

One of the most common reasons for arguments and fights among friends is the forgetting of birthdays. Even if some people don’t admit it, everyone considers their birthday to be a special day for themselves and it does hurt a little if any person close to you forgets to wish you on your birthday. With the advent of social media, the ease to stay in touch with the people you know has increased manifold. But with it, the responsibility to keep more and more people happy has increased too. It’s always a bad feeling when you login to your Facebook account and see that people have wished a friend on his or her special day, but you were away from Facebook and so got left behind. If this has happened to you, and you are a Windows Phone 7 user, Reminder App is just the thing you have been looking for.Read More

Gmail App For Android Updated, Allows Syncing Just Your Priority Inbox

With the number of Android users increasing at a rate of knots, the overall subscribers to Google's mail service are inevitably likely to rise. This beckons for the official Android client of Gmail to deliver the required goods in the best possible manner. While the mobile app has been catering to the mailing needs of Android users in a remarkable manner, it somehow lacks some of the basic, yet much sought after, features. To the utmost delight of Google enthusiasts, the recent update of the Gmail app for Android (to v2.3.5)  has been launched with a host of much sought-after features such as the option to sync just priority mail to save bandwidth and battery, option to remember ‘Show Pictures’ for specific senders, customizable sync options, add label-specific ringtones and plenty of other performance enhancement features that were previously available with only the website interface of the web service. Plus, the app also supports better TalkBalk feature for greater accessibility. Users also have the option to turn off sticky message actions in landscape or portrait orientation.Read More

Yahoo! IntoNow For Android Identifies What’s Being Played On TV

Can't remember which episode of your favorite show is being played on TV? Or are you looking to share the best TV programs with your friends? Well, you're in luck because IntoNow has now hit the Android Market. The best TV show recognition/sharing app – IntoNow by Yahoo! has been enjoying its share of accolades and acknowledgement on the iTunes App store for quite some time and is now available for Android users as well. With IntoNow, you can identify live TV shows from your Android device, get detailed information on episode and cast of a particular program, easily access IMDb and explore a plethora of online sharing options. The app can be enjoyed with all its features by signing in with your email/Facebook account. If, for some reason, you don't have either, you can still give it a try by tapping the Try it now button on app’s home screen.Read More

Install Android 2.3.5 Unofficial CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM On HTC Dream G1

Android’s earliest smartphone generation, has blatantly refused to die. Determined to see the evolution of the OS through to stages beyond imagination, the HTC Dream G1 just received a custom ROM based on Google’s latest Android 2.3.5 firmware, shortly after the firmware was released for the Nexus S 4G. Since then the firmware has been operated on and dissected and finding itself ported onto a handful of Android handsets. In the HTC G1’s case, credit goes to XDA-Developers forum member dw9906 for compiling a CM7.1 based ROM from Cyanogenmod’s source.

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DesktopCal Calendar – Create Events, Schedule Tasks & Change Wallpaper

The default Windows calendar located in the system tray is quite handy for viewing current month and navigating between months and years, but doesn't provide other options to set reminders, create and schedule events, etc. DesktopCal is a desktop calendar application which lets you add custom shortcuts, events, and reminders.  It completely blends in with your wallpaper and enables adding quick notes (when you double-click on a specific date). DesktopCal can use your current wallpaper as its background or loop through images from a specified directory to update the desktop background periodically. By default, it takes less than half of your screen size which is sufficient for viewing purposes. In case you find the default size to be undesirable, you can resize it according to your screen dimensions. It supports adding files, folders and shortcuts to date boxes along with small notes, which makes it easier to remember important tasks.Read More

Get Facebook Notifications In Ubuntu Unity Launcher With Faccialibro

In the past we showed you how to create a Google+ quick list and notifications indicator for the Ubuntu Unity Launcher. This time we have a similar launcher for Facebook. Faccialibro is a Unity launcher indicator which provides unread notification count from the Unity Launcher and also provides a quick list for launching Facebook notifications, messages and friends page from a quick list.Read More

Readefine Desktop – Google Reader Desktop Client With Magazine Style Layout

A while back, we reviewed Snackr, which is an Adobe Air based desktop ticker for reading your Google Reader RSS feeds. This time we have another one called Readefine Desktop which is a stylish desktop application for reading Google Reader feeds, plain text files and HTML files. It allows you to view multiple articles at a time as well as a single article in a unique magazine like multi-column layout. Redefine Desktop is also an Adobe Air based application and therefore can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. Some of its main features include: division of text into multiple pages for easy reading, keyboard shortcuts to change font size, Instapaper Support, Next Page button in Magazine Layout marks the articles shown to you as read (in Google Reader), resize option for images and videos to make them fit within columns, remove stray newlines, and drag/drop support for adding plain text for easy reading.Read More

HardInfo – Benchmark CPU & Get System Hardware Information In Ubuntu

HardInfo is a system information and benchmarking application for Ubuntu which displays information about your hardware and operating system. It displays indepth information about anything from your operating system and kernel type to PCI, ISA PnP, USB, IDE, SCSI, Serial and parallel port devices of the computer. The information is displayed in numerous categories including Computer (contains a system resource summary, operating system, kernel and related information), Devices (displays information about attached hardware devices), Network (provides network related information including a routing table, IP connections, DNS Servers and so on), and Benchmarks (for benchmarking CPU performance).Read More

How To Unbrick Samsung Omnia 7 [Guide]

No matter how rich you are, it always hurts to brick your smartphone. You are sure to have a special kind of bond with your phone as it is with you almost all day. Many of us today live by our phone. It is not at all a good feeling if you feel like you have killed your friend with your own hands, and that’s how you feel if you somehow brick your device. Samsung Omnia 7 is a pretty decent Windows Phone 7 device with a knack of hooking new users to it. If you are an owner of this classy pone, but unfortunately it has been bricked, them don’t think there is no way out. Read on.Read More

Desire HD CoreDroid Custom ROM Ported To HTC myTouch 4G

The HTC Desire HD is one of the few Android devices out here, that have seen tremendous support from Android developers everywhere. CoreDroid based on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread is one the popular Sense based custom ROM that the device has received, and has seen success to a point where RootzWiki forum member rafyvitto decided to port this ROM onto the myTouch 4G.Read More

Install Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread CM 7 Nightly On Samsung Fascinate

Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread, the latest upgrade for Android, has transformed into an Androider’s sensation after the official source code released. There are multiple devices that have already got this new version courtesy of custom ROMs, and surprisingly, Galaxy S branded variant Fascinate is the first one to receive it inform of a CyanogenMod nightly build. Of course 2.3.5 is scheduled to be integrated in respective CM builds for select devices in upcoming releases, but ht1134, responsible for managing CM for Fasinate, has already managed to do it on his assigned device.

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Launch Each App In A Different Language With Localized Apps [Android]

Imagine using Google Maps in Italian while the default language of your Android device is set to English. How about going through your news feeds in Finnish whereas the rest of your device guiding you through menus and helps screens in your local language. Such customization is now possible with Localized App for Android and credit has to be given to XDA-Developer’s member thiagolr. Localized Apps is a quick solution for users who prefer apps of their liking to be displayed in a specific language without changing the default language of their device. By placing ‘localized’ shortcuts of your favorite apps on your home screen through Localized Apps, you can always launch them with the preferred language. Exit the app and you are back with the default device language.Read More

PC Remote – Use Your Windows Phone 7 Device As A Remote Control For Your PC

PC Remote is an app that you are sure to love if you own a Windows Phone 7 device and have a bit of a lazy streak going on. This awesome free (but ad-supported) app lets you control a multitude of things on your PC right from your Windows Phone! All you need, apart from the app, is a good internet connection on your PC and mobile. So now whether you want to control a slide show while lying down on your couch or just wished that you could turn down down the volume of the movie you are watching without leaving your dinner, use PC Remote! The app is not just for controlling some of the stock features available in your PC, there is a whole section dedicated to controls for third-party services like Hulu and Netflix.Read More

Find & Book The Cheapest Flights With Skyscanner For Android

Looking to book a cheap flight for your visit to Dublin? Or do you just want to find updated air fares to various destinations worldwide? Maybe Skyscanner can help. An Android app, as interactive and as usable as it can get, Skyscanner – All Flights! frees you from the hassle of searching and booking your flights manually from your computer. Instead, you can always resort to the free online services of Skyscanner and its extremely capable client to search for best possible routes to worldwide destinations with the most affordable air fares, right on your Android device. With Skyscanner you can search from among 700,000 routes worldwide for the most affordable flights from/to a location of your choice and book your flight on any preferred airline service in virtually no time at all. The app allows you to customize your flight plans as you like, keep track of your recent search results and flight search history and makes the entire flight searching and booking experience extremely convenient.Read More

Install MinimalX ROM On Droid X2 With Minimum Bloatware [Guide]

Motorola Droid X2 is quickly gaining popularity among masses due to it’s great features and easy to hack nature. But rooting your Droid X2 still leaves all the bloat , aka carrier / manufacturer branded apps and utilities, on board which takes considerable time to get rid off. MinimalX ROM for Motorola Droid X2 is your one stop solution to get rid of bloat woes and the credit for this ROM goes of C21Jhonson at XDA forums. Although future development of this ROM i.e. post Version 3 has been halted, but users and testers have termed this ROM as rock stable with butter like smoothness. The ROM comes with 90 % of the bloat debloated along with some crucial system edits, framework tweaks etc. Folks have been able to secure average 3000 Score in Quadrant with 4750 observed in AnTuTu Benchmark.

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Overclock Optimus Black With Nova 1.7.28 Froyo Custom ROM [How To Guide]

Couple of days back we introduced you to the first custom ROM for LG Optimus Black called Nova Version 1. Although we don’t follow-up on these standalone ROMs unless they are something big like CM, Oxygen or MIUI, but improvements in latest release have pushed us to construct another post for this one. The new Features of Nova, now called Nova 1.7.28, are immense and help users in further enhancing and optimizing their everyday experience on their Optimus Black.Read More