Google Music Frame Brings Google Music To Ubuntu System Tray Sound Menu

A few weeks back we covered Google Music Manager for Linux, which helps users upload songs to the Google Music web service. Unfortunately, Google Music does not currently provide a desktop application to stream music from Google Music. Having said that, 3rd party efforts have already begun to integrate Google Music features with the desktop environment for different operating systems. Google Music Frame is an Ubuntu application which adds Google Music options within the Ubuntu Sound Menu to control your music collection. So far it looks like a perfect Google Music integration in Ubuntu. It also provides NotifyOSD (bubble messages) notifications for currently playing album or song.Read More

What’s Up! for Facebook – Desktop Alerts Of Facebook Activity [Chrome]

Facebook addictions vary from mild to serious; you might login and spend a couple of hours on it or you might stay logged in all day and check it as frequently as your email. For whatever kind of addictions you might have, it must cut in to your productivity to have to check back for new notifications. What's Up! for Facebook is a Chrome extension that gives you desktop alerts of your Facebook activity.Read More

Free PDF To Text Converter Extracts Text From Protected PDF Documents

Many important documents and reports come as protected PDF files. Take for example WFP (United Nations World Food Programme) or any international N.G.O. While performing research, it becomes impossible to quote or give reference to any section of the report since extracting text from such PDF files is near impossible. Meet LotApps Free PDF To Text Converter. It is a portable application to convert a single or multiple PDF documents into a simple text file. If more than one PDF document is selected, it extracts and merges the document to create a single text file. The app does not require a PDF reader to be installed on your computer and provides seamless PDF to Text conversion in a matter of seconds. With Free PDF To Text Converter, you can even extract text from password protected and encrypted PDF documents.Read More

Forkly For iPhone – Food Discovery & Sharing With Twitter Integration

iOS is a pretty well-populated platform when it comes to apps (and users). Think of anything, and there’s the likelihood that there’s an app for that. Not only that, there’s probably more than one app for a similar function in the App Store. So, it’s up to the user to choose which app best suits his or her needs. Food-related apps are pretty common too and you have giants like Foursquare offering food finding services. A new addition to this field is Forkly, which not only lets you find the food you want, but also allows you to stay in touch with your Twitter followers by sharing what you are currently eating. The app serves the dual purpose of letting you find the best place to eat, and sharing all your culinary updates over your social network. In addition to all that, you can also use Forkly as a food journal!Read More

‘Prevent Duplicate Tabs’ Keeps Chrome From Opening Pages From Same URL

The number of tabs you have open in a window can quickly get out of hand; the number of tabs might get particularly out of control if it’s early morning and you’re going through your feeds and feeling all trigger happy or click compulsive. Prevent Duplicate Tabs is a Chrome extension that prevents you from opening multiple tabs of the same site. The extension can ensure that there is only a single page open of a particular domain or that there are no duplicate URLs open across any one window.Read More

WhiteLight: LED Flashlight Finally Available For Windows Phone 7 Mango

Gone are the days when Windows Phone 7 was the subject of every Android (and iOS) user’s scorn and ridicule. We now have hidden Wi-Fi connectivitySMS photo and music sharing and lots more coming to Mango. One thing that’s still missing though (officially at least) is the long-awaited LED flashlight for WP7 devices. There are a lot of apps that claim to do it, but all of them do little more than bringing a white screen on your mobile. Not anymore! White Light is here, which is a third party app for WP7 Mango, using the actual camera LED to light up your world.Read More

Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia – Android App For Aviation Enthusiasts

Ever since the Wright Brother took off their first flight, to the inception of modern-day jets, there has been a burning desire in avid aviation fans to learn about the art of flying, as well as the hard work that is put in getting these flying entities ready. In the prime days of computers and laptops, there used to be the highly informative CDs and DVDs covering the art and crafts of aviation that provided users with the audio-visual content of interest. Then emerged the era of high speed internet and smartphones that changed the way most of us were used to accessing required information. Thanks to the highly competent developers, we now have mobile apps for our devices that are well capable of doing the job that the aforementioned destop apps used to do back in the old days. Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia, as suggested by its name, is a free, informative and extremely useful Android app for users who are interested in or are studying aviation and love exploring information about models and designs of various aircrafts. From Boeing Airbuses to Monocoupe Aircrafts and from sonex planes to jet fighters, Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia has got everything in its rich repository along with detailed information for each. The app provides Technical Data, Climb Performance, Descent Performance and other useful info taken directly from Doc 8643 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).Read More

Initiate Custom Web Search From Mac Menu Bar Using MenuSearch

Plenty of application launchers allow you to search quickly without opening up the browser first. MenuSearch is an app for Mac OS X that puts customizable search on system menu bar. Switching between widely used search engines and defining your own list of websites to search is also possible. The app supports pre-defined hotkey combinations to quickly set focus on search bar to initiate search. You can also set post-search behavior, such as, make search field active after searching and show and save history.Read More

Tweak Windows Using Command Line With GTweak

GTweak is a portable command-line script for tweaking Windows. It has been designed to work in two separate modes; the Wizard Mode (for average users) and Normal Mode (for expert users, also known as the Advanced Mode). By default, GTweak runs in the Wizard Mode, but you can switch to the Advanced Mode for using command lines instead of keystrokes. The former is meant to provide simplified keystrokes for using the tweaking options, whereas, the latter runs GTweak commands (standard commands are not supported). With GTweak you can hide and rename of Start Menu items, disable, enable or verify system features such as System Restore, remove Internet Explorer policies, configure Autorun and system reactions, speed up system shut down, manage Hibernation settings, define Windows Explorer reactions to exceptions, etc.Read More

Enable 8-Point Multi Touch On Motorola Photon 4G

So the Photon 4G with it’s impressive hardware and and an equally impressive 540 x 960 pixels 4.3” screen, is surprisingly limited regarding multi touch input. 2 touch points aren’t exactly categorized as multi touch now. If you’re into Android games, such as Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope or use emulators on your device that use on screen joysticks and buttons, chances are this 2 touch point system in the Photon 4G is going to give you some serious limitations. Even if you do manage it somehow, if a 3rd finger slides onto the screen while playing, consider things going wrong in a second, and that has already happened to a lot of us. Thanks to XDA-Developers forum member michael0619 who originally brought out a multi touch mod for the Atrix 4G, the mod has evolved and found itself working for the Photon 4G, allowing 8 touch inputs on the device. Frankly, 8 points are a bit too much, but 2 were equally ridiculous.

Read More

PleaseSleep Forces Your Mac To Sleep When Certain Apps Keep It Awake

You must have noticed that Mac OS X turns its screen off after 5-10 minutes of inactivity. Although the previously reviewed Caffeine allows keeping Mac OS X awake as long as you want, sometimes you may want Mac OS X to automatically go to sleep without noticing those processes and applications which attempt to forcibly prevent Mac OS X from falling asleep. PleaseSleep provides one stop solution for this very problem. It’s a small application for Mac OS X that lets you put your system to sleep when some applications are keeping it awake.Read More

OpenWith Enhanced Adds More Features To Windows 7 ‘Open With’ Dialog Box

The Open With dialog in Windows right-click context menu instantly opens a file in a selected program and sets default program association. This ensures that the selected file automatically opens with the pre-defined application. For example, if you were to associate all Mp4 files with VLC Player, then the next time you open a video in Mp4 format, it will automatically open with VLC. Despite being an essential part of the Windows operating system, the Open With feature still lacks many enhancements which can make it more useful. For example, it would be nice to be able to get suggestions for known and unknown file types within the Open With dialog and to disable file associations temporarily rather than completely binding them with another application. Read More

Translate And Listen To Text From Multiple Source With QTranslate

QTranslate is a portable application for instantly translating text in several languages. Apart from fetching translations from Google Translate, it also provides the option to translate text using other online sources including, Bing Translater, Prompt Mobile, SDL and Yahoo Babel Fish. Compared to Linguarde and Transmiti, QTranslate  provides audio playback for both the input and translated text. Translations can be performed from within applications, such as browsers, word processors, PDF readers and so on. It has a built-in spell checking utility which ensures that all spelling from the input and translated text are of the correct spellings.Read More

Trover Brings Photo-Based Location Tagging & Discovery To iPhone

You might be a little confused by the the title, but you read that right, it’s not location-based tagging of photos, but the other way around. The concept behind the Trover app is unique enough to warrant a caption like that. For iOS users, there are a bundle of apps dealing with travel and photo sharing, but this app somehow manages to combine these two utilities in one, allowing users to see what attractions lie near them. And by "seeing" we mean really see, as a picture uploaded by past users! So rather than merely reading about a place and the attractions it offers, you can actually see every notable thing related to a particular area, and learn loads more that way.Read More

ShakeOff – Shake To Turn Off Your Android Device’s Screen

You might’ve given your Android device a nice handy shake to capture its screenshots via ShootMe. You might’ve also tried your hand at AppShaker – an Android app that launches apps when you shake your device. In fact, you might find plenty of apps on the Market that let you perform various functions by shaking your device. How about turning its screen off by doing the same? ShakeOff is a free Android app that lets you instantly turn off your device's screen and puts it into sleep mode when you shake it. This means that you no longer have to reach for the power button time and again to lock your device.Read More

Free Version Of Electronic Arts’ Tetris Now Available In Android Market

Some games are just eternal. Years over years pass by and people never seem to get tired of playing them. Tetris is one such game. It never gets old. If you’re a Tetris fan and own an Android device, you’ll be happy to know that EA very recently released a free version for their best-selling Android variant of the game. If you’re reading this then you probably haven’t tried the original (paid) version of the game and its fluid controls yet. The free version contains ads (displayed at the top of the screen in-game) and features the Marathon (classic) gameplay mode only. The alternate power-up based Magic Mode has been reserved for the full version.Read More

HTC Sense 3.5 Video Leaked–Or Is It A Custom ROM?

A little while back, released a few screenshots of what seems to be HTC’s updated version of their proprietary Sense 3.0 UI. A few days later a video showing off that update surfaces on the internet, again from, and this time taking us through the entire UI which is being run atop an Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread based ROM. While not a lot has been changed aesthetically, there area a few noticeable changes that you may or may not like. However, the highlight of the leaked video is the fact that it has been shown to be running on the HTC Bliss, which has very mediocre specs so to speak, but the new Sense 3.5 was butter like smooth on that device.Read More

Sync Outlook Categories With Others On Network With CodeTwo CatMan

Outlook Categorize feature quickly categorizes similar items in a group to let you visually identify them from the messages, appointments, email, and contact list. You can, for instance, add contacts of your business partners/stakeholders to Business category in order to quickly filter all business related contacts. If you want to share categories with Outlook configured clients over LAN network,  you may want to try out CodeTwo CatMan. It is an Outlook tool which provides a simple way to share your public categories with anyone connected on the network.  Just like previously reviewed CodeTwo Outlook Sync which allows syncing Outlook contacts and calendar between two PCs on network, it presents a simple configuration wizard to specify the categories you want to share with connected clients. Moreover, you can sync categories with configured FTP/HTTP server to share them with users who are not on same network.Read More

MPuTTy Is Tabbed PuTTY Manager With Automated Login Feature

Multi-tab MDI based environment is essential for those PuTTY users who want to run multiple instances of PuTTY without having to follow tiresome procedure of launching instances or creating multiple PuTTY connections. Although these tab based window managers for PuTTY let you open as many connections of PuTTy as you want, they don’t allow automtically logging into remote servers, which becomes a serious nuisance for those who require connecting to multiple servers. MpuTTY not only provides tabbed-based interface to run multiple instances of PuTTy but lets you automate the process of logging into required servers.Read More

Toe Tag Is A Fast MP3 ID3 Tag Editor For Your Music Folder

Audio tagging utilities can organize large music collections and streamline meta tag information, so desktop and portable media players don’t take too much time while indexing audio tracks from music archives and creating playlists. But many music taggers don’t allow users to replace incorrect music file names (for example; Unknown Artist – Track 01.mp3) with meta tag information, which makes it quite hard to find required audio files from Windows Explorer. Toe Tag is a fast open source multi-tag editor to modify ID3 tags of music collection. In comparison previously reviewed music tagging tools, such as MusicBrainz Picard, MpTagThat, Fey Tag Editor, and TagScanner, it offers two complementary rule-based features to match filename with meta tag information. Furthermore, Toe Tag includes an option to fetch tag information from for specified music files, so you don't have to manually add meta tags like, artist, title, album name, year of release, etc to music files in your collection.Read More