Firefox 8: Twitter Search, Tab Restore And Animations & Add-On Control

One bug isn’t the end of the rapid release cycle, Firefox 7 may have been delayed a day because of a bug that didn’t stop Firefox 8 being released to the Beta channel. After promptly fixing the add-on issue in Firefox 7 with an extension and then an upgrade, Mozilla is back on its development schedule. Firefox 8 has integrated a security feature for third party add-ons, delayed loading restored tabs until they were clicked for faster start-up, integrated twitter as a search platform on the search bar and better add-on controls to manage the extensions you want to run on the new version.

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Time Out Tells You When To Take Breaks During Work Hours In Mac

If your job includes using the computer for a better part of day, it’s advised to take a break of 10-15 minutes after every 2 hours to prevent eye and wrist muscle strain. Apart from lowering the contrast level of your monitor and taking measures to prevent RSIs, you need an application like Breaker for your Mac OS X to keep yourself notified about when to take a break. Time Out is a Mac app to remind you to take break after regular time intervals. The application offers two modes of taking rest; Normal Mode and Micro Mode. The normal mode alerts you to take a 10 minute break after every 50 minutes of continuous work while the latter is for taking a brief 10 second break after every 10 minutes. Nevertheless, Time Out is fully configurable and allows you to change break times and duration for which break lasts.Read More

PanoramaPlus: Lightweight Image Stitching Tool For Creating Panoramas

When taking snaps for memorable moments the camera sometimes seems to be insufficient for capturing the whole frame of the beautiful imagery. This is often the case when one goes for hiking or picnic, as the scenery is too vast to be captured in a single snap. Obviously there are also other scenarios, for instance family snaps on birthdays often require taking multiple pictures separately as a single photo cannot capture the whole crowd next to e.g. a birthday cake. Joining such images on image editing tools involves quite a long procedure which can be easily avoided with the help of image stitching applications.Read More

Jupiter: Toggle Power, Wi-Fi, Video & Bluetooth Settings In Ubuntu

Being able to configure hardware options from the system tray using an applet is much easier than searching numerous hardware settings from the Unity Dash or the Classic start menu in Ubuntu. There are a number of applets which provide the functionality to manage one or two kinds of hardware related settings from the system tray, however, their functionality is quite limited. Jupiter is an app-indicator applet for controlling power and hardware options of portable Linux computers. It provides quick access to common power and hardware options so that you can toggle settings to keep your laptop resource consumption to the minimum. The available options include settings for power, screen output, resolution, Wi-Fi , and Bluetooth. What makes Jupiter useful is the fact that it allows the utility to manage multiple hardware settings from a single system tray menu.Read More

Get Answers To All Your Questions With The Official Quora App For iPhone

A few days back we covered Local Hero, an app that helps you get answers to any question from experts near you. But the whole location-based thing might feel like a restriction to some people and for that reason, you might consider trying out the latest Q&A app for iOS named Quora. While the app itself is new, the service isn’t. You can find solutions to just about any problem on Quora by inputting your searches in the form of queries (just like with Yahoo! Answers). The official Quora app is free, and comes with a bunch of really helpful features. The app is intelligent enough to voluntarily suggest search topics based on your past searches and current location, and comes with an elegant notification system that ensures that you can see the answer to your queries as soon as there is an appropriate response. Read More

How To Sync Or Transfer Data From One Android Device To Another

Most Android users are apt at backing up their precious data to a computer, but what if you are using two Android devices at a time? Well that’s easy as well, but a better question is, how would you keep the two devices synced so that you can access the same data across both? One answer is to back up your data to a computer on a daily basis and transfer the data to your other device. However, this method will consume a lot of time and you are bound to mess up. We’re talking Android here, there are better solutions out there. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of using one app or a desktop application to fill all your needs. This guide will attempt to bring forth some tricks and tips using multiple apps so that you can not only sync your contacts and mail, but music, pictures, apps, notes etc. with your second Android device without having to use your computer.Read More

Fake Marketplace For WP7 Developers: Preview Your App’s Marketplace Page

From what we have heard, making a Windows Phone 7 app isn’t as difficult as it sounds and that’s why there are quite a few new and inexperienced developers working on WP7 apps. If you are one of those developers, Fake Windows Phone Marketplace is the perfect tool for you. The desktop application lets you see how your app will appear in the real Windows Phone Marketplace, helping you make it look as presentable as possible. You will have to develop the app on your own of course, but once you are done, this handy little application will help you present your app in as appealing a manner as possible within the Marketplace.Read More

How To Fix Twitter Contacts Sync Problem In Windows Phone Mango

One of the features in Mango that users were really looking forward to is Twitter integration. We even included the feature in our list of 10 amazing new features in Mango. If you are still wondering what the fuss is all about, you are probably still on Nodo, waiting for your carrier to roll out the update for you. You can update right now using our guide to force-update to Mango. Once your eyes have adjusted to the dazzling shine of the update, you might notice a tiny little bug. Most users are experiencing problems with Twitter integration. But worry no more, here’s a complete guide to linking your Twitter account to your Windows Phone 7 device.Read More

Listen To Audio Books On Windows Phone 7 Using ElWPAudioBooks

People say reading has gone out of fashion with the advent of smartphones, internet and technology in general. That might be true, but books are, and will always remain, the most common source of knowledge. Now you don’t have to buy books made of paper (although some still prefer it). Like many other things books have gone virtual too, and you don’t even have to spend your energy to read anymore. There are audiobooks for that. Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support Audio books, neither does its latest update (Mango). However, there is a workaround named ElWPAudioBooks that, according to the developer, performs the simple task of making your audiobooks appear as a podcast feed to Zune, and as you very well know there is a special tab for podcasts in Zune. There is a catch though. Your books need to be in mp3 format.  Good thing is, you don’t need Mango or an unlocked device to get audiobooks on your phone through this tool.Read More

My Class Schedule: Planner & Score Calculator For Students [Android]

Android-using students have been in luck the past few weeks with so many student planners coming to the Android Market - School Schedule and Studious, just to name a few. While both the aforementioned apps  as well as other apps from the genre come with extensive class management features, not all of them sport a homescreen widget neither do any of these apps offer help to calculate your marks for a particular course. This is where My Class Schedule comes in.  Read More

WBICreator: Create Bootable Windows ISO Disc Image From Setup Folder

We often save a backup copy of our Windows installer disc on a local or external drive, in case the original disc is damaged, lost or unavailable. Burning these files directly to a disc does not create a bootable CD/DVD for installing Windows. Many people do not know how to create a bootable disc and some software which allow doing so easily are paid (such as Nero). For long there has been a freeware used by system administrators to create bootable disc images for Windows Vista and XP, known as nLite, but it does not support Windows 7.Read More

MyTVrss: Get Alerts When A New Episode Of Your Favorite Show Airs

How much time do you spend online reading mail, watching videos and laughing at pictures of kittens? Probably a lot. While the internet is now a primary source of both information and entertainment, it hasn’t killed TV. Sure you may now watch most of your favorite shows online instead of in the family room, with the family on the family TV but you still watch TV in a sense. MyTVrss is a web service that lets you receive email alerts or create RSS feed for your favorite TV shows; each time a new show airs, you get an email or it shows up in your feed. The news item tells you what show, what episode number and name and what time is it airing along with which network it is airing on.Read More

Easily Change Default Browser (Portable Or Installed) In Windows

Although browsers, like Firefox and Google Chrome, ask users to set the browser as default to open and direct all http, ftp, and other external web links, sometimes they either don’t show the prompt to set the respective browser as default or fail to make required changes to default browser registry key. Change Default Browser is an application for Windows which eliminates all the known and unknown problems related to default browser switching.Read More

Capture, Edit & Share Photos With The Official Flickr App For Android

Yahoo! released their official Flickr client for iOS a couple of years ago while the Android variant of said app probably wasn't even in the pipeline. Well, the official Flickr mobile client has just arrived in the Android Market. Along with the ability to edit (apply filters to) and share photos over the network, Flickr for Android brings an unending stream of photos shared by more than 60 million Flickr users, a camera replacement, geo-tagging, privacy filters for sharing pictures online, slideshows and more.Read More

VBoxLaunch: Run VirtualBox Virtual Machines From Start Menu & Jumplist

If you’re an avid Oracle VirtualBox user, you will love VBoxLaunch. It is a small executable script for Windows 7 that you can use to launch virtual machines from Start Menu and Jumplist without having to launch VirtualBox first. The script is solely written to enhance VirtualBox's usage experience. It doesn’t change any virtual machine related settings nor does it tweak with VirtualBox interface. VBoxLaunch reads the list of virtual machines present in your VirtualBox virtual machine manager and creates their direct links under VBoxLaunch menu, which can be sent to Windows 7 Start Menu and/or pinned to Taskbar.Read More

FinderPop: Access Desktop, Apps & Custom Folders From Anywhere In Mac

FinderPop is an application which extends contextual menus using its own custom folder items. The latest version 2.4 supports both Mac Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, featuring numerous new options to access Desktop, mounted disk images, processes, and user-selected items residing in its FinderPop Items folder. For those who are not familiar with FinderPop, it adds convenient options and menu to Mac OS X default context menu allowing users to quickly access desktop items, processes and frequently used files and folders.Read More

WebCookiesSniffer Captures Cookies Sent To Your System

Everyone knows that websites store cookies in browsers, these can be cookies for login sessions, the dreaded cookies that tell Facebook if you’re cheating on your spouse or not and third party cookies from ad agencies, among others. There are also a number of extensions that allow you to mange cookies in browsers and you can manually manage them from your browser settings. The only problem is if you’re using more than one browser, which many people do, you have to manage cookies on both. Additionally, applications too save cookies, though you may not have paid much attention to it. WebCookiesSniffer is a Windows utility that captures all cookies that are saved on your system by websites via browsers and by applications. It provides you a comprehensive view of all cookies saved, tells you which site the cookies originated from, how many there are and where they are saved.

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10 Awesome New Features In Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

After months of anticipation, Windows Phone 7 has finally received the Mango update. Once you are on Mango, you are likely to feel as if you are holding a new (and much better) phone in your hands. Mango brings so much more to the metro platform that it is hard to imagine how we, the WP7 community, survived before it. If you haven’t received the update yet, you can do so now by following our guide to force update your device to Mango. OK, now that you have Mango on your phone, what do you do with it? What do you explore first? Well, that's what we're here to tell you. You might already be familiar with the most prominent changes that the update brings to the platform so here are some that you might just have missed.Read More