12 Lesser Known iOS 5 Features That You Might Not Have Noticed

It’s been a while since Apple released the iOS 5, claiming that the new OS brings in over 200 new features over iOS 4. The core changes and features of iOS 5 were highlighted in the media event held just a few days before the official release and by then, most iOS geeks who had managed to get their hands on the Beta versions of the OS were quite familiar with the new features announced. However, not all are geeks, and not all know that there are several new features in iOS 5 that Apple did not tell you about. Did they keep it out on purpose? Probably not, because there are just too many. Now, we can't discuss each and every one of the remaining new features, but we can list 12 of the most salient ones. Read More

Add Expression Objects & Annotations To Images With iPhotoDraw

While surfing the internet (especially 9gags), we come across various images that burst the laughter out of us. Among the most amusing ones, the one that have the most impact are the annotated images, one way or the other. Image annotations bring a different look and meaning to the images. Not only presenting the image in a fun way, annotations also help you demonstrate certain thing in the images. If you are a fan of annotating images or need one for some other reason then give iPhotoDraw a shot. It is an easy to use application for Windows that lets you add annotations to your images in a fast, lucid and simple manner. Thea application enables you to add plain text, callout boxes, lines, dimensions, images and numerous other annotation objects to image, within a matter of seconds. It lets you change the font type, size, color and style, color of the box, and the opacity of both text and boxes. The application saves the annotation data separately, so you don’t have to worry about messing up the original image. Read past the jump for pertaining details. Read More

5 Awesome Windows 7 Halloween Themes To Make Your Desktop Creepy

The Halloween magic is in the air, and with it have come the Goblins, Witches, Demons and Ghostly entities to go trick or treating (or maybe they're just annoying kids knocking at your door!). Since it’s time for everyone to be wicked and creepy, we decided to join the Halloween 'spirit' by delivering to you some spooky Windows 7 theme packs. Take the jump to discover more. Read More

Install Ice Cream Sandwich Contacts Dialer On Epic 4G Touch

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the new sensation among Android users. Ever since the SDK was made available for this new Android update, we have seen various industrious hackers trying to port ICS on their respective Android devices. Although developers have been successful making SDK based ports on several devices, but most of them are in a semi working stage. We believe that unless Galaxy Nexus system ROM is made available, there won’t be a stable and fully working Ice Cream Sandwich port for any Android devices. Read More

SmartSerialMail: Create And Send Out Upto 400 Personalized Newsletters

SmartSerialMail is a Windows application that lets you create and send newsletters to multiple recipients. The application lets you send out up to 400 personalized emails at a time, and address each customer personally with their name. It has the option to create backups and restore your mailing lists, which can also be imported and exported into XML, HTML and CSV file formats. The application detects invalid, empty and duplicate email addresses and lets you easily delete invalid entries. Before sending the newsletter, you can get a preview of mailing list. More to follow after the jump. Read More

Pictures to Color: Extract And Save Colors Used In Image

In graphic design projects, colors have a core importance, since the colors you use define how the design is going to look. Choosing dull or boring colors can make even fabulous designs look abysmal. Suppose you have an image comprising a lot of different color shades and effects. How are you going to differentiate each color? It would require both an artistic mind and the right set of tools. This is where color pickers come into the story. Color pickers are a handy way to choose color patterns to be used in your projects. Today we have a very small yet powerful color application for you. Simply labelled as Pictures to Color, it is a lightweight tool that is designed to let you extract all the colors from a given image on its integrated color palette. Moreover, it also generates HEX color code and RGB, HSB and HSL values for each extracted color, so that you can easily use them in graphic design projects and web style sheet documents. Furthermore, it has the ability to read all major image file formats, including PSD, JPG, PNG etc, and  save the entire color palette in HTML format. What's more, the application is portable, which means you can store it in your USB flash and take it with you anywhere you want. Could it get any better? Read More

CoView Allows Easy Navigation Through Comics Using Hotkeys

Comic reading is a relaxing activity for people who are in the habit of following manga series. There are lots of famous manga, such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note etc, that have a huge fan following. Some of these comics get so famous that animated series and even movies and made based on their stories. However, some hardcore fans like to enjoy them in their original form, i-e comics. To enjoy a comic you need to have a proper comic reader that allows you to access several formats of files, easily switch between the pages, and provides you with other options to read the comic. CoView is a comic reader for Windows that supports numerous hotkeys to navigate through the comics, zoom in/out, open comics file, flip the pages and much more. It supports a number of comics formats, including CBR, CBZ, RAR, ZIP, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, DIB and WMF. If you don’t want to flip the pages yourself, you can set the application to automatic mode which will automatically flip pages after a defined time interval. You can choose between a conventional page-flip view or a scroll-down style continuous view. When you close CoView, it remembers your last opened comic and the page you were on, so you can quickly resume reading. Read More

SimpleRetro: Add Retro Filters To Facebook, Twitter & Webcam Photos [Web]

Want to give your Facebook, Twitter or webcam photos some unique retro effects? SimpleRetro is a nifty web app that adds some amazing effects to your photos, and lets you quickly share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. There are many photo editing web apps out there, but SimpleRetro brings to the table an additional feature called 'snap' that lets you instantly take pictures with your webcam, and add effects to them. You may sign up in a few easy steps, or you can utilize your Facebook or Twitter accounts. More after the break. Read More

Get Satellite TV Channel Schedules With TV-Browser

A while back, we covered MyTVrss, which is a web service for keeping track of your favorite TV Shows. Recently, we came across a similar, yet more comprehensive, desktop application, known as TV-Browser. It enables users to obtain TV channels' schedules from its online database, including BBC World, ESPN, Cartoon Network, ANIMAX, AXN, Sky Sports and more. You can add programs to favorites (from TV Channel schedules), and install plugins for acquiring program details, reminders and the like. Moreover, it is a cross-platform application, and therefore is compatible with Mac- and Linux-based OS. Read More

MobiUS Web Browser For iOS Unleashes The Full Potential Of HTML 5

HTML 5 has really started to replace Flash in most areas of web browsing. The number of iOS users who complain of the lack of Flash support in iPhone and iPad is diminishing by the day, all thanks to HTML 5. Despite this, not everything, unfortunately, that HMTL 5 has the potential to do, has been done yet. MobiUs for iOS is just a web browser on the surface, but in reality it offers so much more that you might be surprised. It is developed by placing a special focus on web applications, and aims to run them akin to independent, native apps. Hit the jump to read on. Read More

MyFlix Streamer: Streams Videos From Your Google Docs Account To Android

A couple of months back, we reviewed SkyAMP – a free Android app that streams music from your Windows Live SkyDrive account directly to your device. While said app provides you with an option to remotely access your favorite music from your SkyDrive cloud storage, MyFlixStreamer lets you stream videos from your Google Docs account straight on your Android device. The app is currently in beta and supports streaming videos that are specifically encoded in MPEG4 (AVC/H.264) file format only. Read More

SwipeSwitcher: Swipe On Screen Edges To Switch Between Android Apps

If you’ve had a chance to get your hands on the Blackberry Playbook, then you must be familiar with its bezel gestures that let users switch between and minimize apps by swiping in from different edges of the screen. Seemingly inspired from said concept, SwipeSwitcher is a free Android app that lets you specify as many as four different apps that can be instantly accessed by swiping left/right on a semi-transparent bars on various sides of the screen. Simply put, swiping on either side of your screen takes you to a different (specified) app. What’s even better is that users can opt to either return to the previously opened app or launch any app of their liking by using a simple swipe gesture, anywhere within the OS. Read More

Free Version Of PhotoToaster For iPhone & iPad Now Available On App Store

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users take their photos pretty seriously. A vast proportion of photos presently on the web can be traced back to iOS cameras. This, coupled with the fact that the iPhone does not have a lot of options in it for photo editing (natively), has led to a huge number of photo-related apps in the App Store. But only some apps stand out among the crowd and gather a reasonable fan-following. Snapseed is one, and PhotoToaster is another popular alternative. PhotoToaster has been around for quite a while but now, a free version of the app is also available. Like all good photo editors in the App Store, PhotoToaster has a few really unique features, and most of all, the app's biggest strength lies in its simplicity. You won't have to spend a week trying to master how exactly can you apply all the beautiful filters to your images, everything is just one-touch. Read More

Clea.Nr Removes Clutter From YouTube And Amazon [Web]

YouTube’s new design has greatly improved the viewing experience since it give more room to the media player itself and because comments can be browsed without having to leave the page. Suggested and featured videos have also been moved further down the page. While the new interface is better compared to the last one, it isn’t exactly what you would call clutter free. If you prefer a clearer interface and want to avoid all the clutter, then Clea.nr is just what you need. Clea.nr is a bowser extension available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox that allows easier navigation on YouTube by eliminating the clutter leaving behind the player. If you move your mouse, the search bar, sign-in option, share options for the video and its title appear. Read More

LyricStatus: Update Facebook Status With Your Favorite Lyrics [Web]

Often words cant express our true feelings, but at times, lyrics to a certain song tend to explain exactly what we're going through. Using lyrics to tell your friends on Facebook about how you feel might be a good idea, but finding lyrics to the song you're listening to, or typing them out can always be a hassle. You don’t want to make a typo, or misquote the lyrics, and get embarrassed, do you? LyricStatus is a web app that lets you search song lyrics by both song and artist, and ever update your Facebook status effortlessly, provided you've logged in with your Facebook credentials. Read on to discover more. Read More

Root Samsung Galaxy Note And Install ClockworkMod Recovery

Samsung Galaxy Note is phone-cum-tablet that seems to be Samsung Galaxy S II’s older sibling. The phone is meant for business professional who need to scribble notes, share information and fix meetings on the go. The gigantic 5.3 Inch screen with a Stylus is a definite try to bring Stylus back in fashion. And if you have this phone and were looking to root it, then there is some great news for you. Senior XDA member and Android developer, netchip, has managed to port ClockworkMod Recovery on this phone. Although installing ClockworkMod Recovery itself has nothing to do with rooting Galaxy Note, but you can easily flash SuperUser to gain rooting privileges. Read More

fotoSearch Is A Gallery For Trending Images On Twitter [Android]

Social networking and micro-blogging phenomenon, Twitter, certainly provides its users with a great platform to convey their thoughts loud and clear to the entire world through short and concise messages, referred to as tweets. That being said, the revered service is not about tweeting in plain texts; it allows you to supplement your text-based messages with relevant images, video links and URLs for numerous other associate services. For uploading images, Twitter utilizes affiliation with several photo hosting services, including yfrog, TwitPic and many more. Quite agreeably, the official Twitter client and several other third-party Twitter apps for Android offer a great experience when it comes to checking and posting tweets from all over the world, but what if you were to dive deep into the world of all those gorgeous photos shared on the network? fotoSearch for Twitter is an image searching app for Android designed specifically to fetch all popular and trending images from Twitter, yfrog and twitPic. Most online galleries and image aggregation apps don't provide a feed of public Twitter pics. fotoSearch for Twitter vows to fill this void by offering Twitter uers a standalone image viewer for the unending stream of pictures shared on the network. Read More

Find Best Product Deals On Amazon With Prices Drop Monitor [Mac]

If you often miss out on hot deals for products listed in Amazon store, Prices Drop Monitor For Amazon is what you need. The application helps you keep a price check on specified products. It seems quite akin to previously covered Amazon Watcher for Windows, which sends a desktop notification when a selected product's price drops. Prices Drop Monitor For Amazon works in a somewhat similar way. It asks you to add products from the Amazon Store, so that you can keep a check on products availability as well as their prices. Furthermore, it lets you know the right time to purchase selected items. Once items are listed, it checks for their prices after every 4 hours, and on finding the best prices, it immediately sends an alert to the user. Read More

NCQuickDismiss: Quickly Dismiss Notification Center & Banners In iOS 5 [Cydia Tweak]

Let’s face it, the revamped notifications and the new Notification Center are some of the best things that ever happened to iOS since multi-tasking. However, they can be a source of distraction for many of us too. If you – like a a lot of other iOS 5 users – find that the notification banners take too much time to fade away and are wishing to just hit a close button or something so you can get back to your movie, game or browser quickly, you are in luck, as long as your device is jailbroken on iOS 5. NCQuickDismiss is a Cydia tweak that will let you quickly dismiss the notification banner and the Notification Center without the need for swiping it back up. Read More

Download Free Ringtones On Windows Phone 7 With Myxer

It hasn’t been long since Windows Phone 7 began supporting the use of custom ringtones (with the introduction of Mango), but already, the Marketplace has become home to a sizable number of apps related to ringtones. Free Ringtone was one of the first of the kind to hit the Marketplace, but its no longer the only free option available to WP7 users for loading up their mobile with the ringtones of their choice. Myxer is a really good-looking app with popular variants for Android and iOS and a pretty decent-sized collection of free tones. Read More