How To Install Windows 8 On A Windows 7 Tablet [Guide]

If you have a tablet capable of running the Windows 7 operating system, then you might be interested in trying out a more tablet-oriented Windows OS, i.e., Windows 8. Although the currently available Windows 8 build is still in its pre-beta stage, however, you might find the new Metro UI to be more suitable for your tablet. In this post, we will provide you with a guide for installing Windows 8 on a Windows 7 tablet.Read More

Discover Music The Fun Way With Song Mix For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Most of us like playing video games on our mobile phones, and even more of us are in love with music. Song Mix is an iOS app that combines these two areas of entertainment into one, and the outcome is pretty cool if you ask us. Using this fun app, not only can test your knowledge of music, but also discover new songs. The game/app asks you to guess the artist of a particular song by playing a short snippet from it.Read More

FormatMatch Removes Formatting From Text Copied To Clipboard [Mac]

Copying and pasting text from web pages is something we all do, but what is often a source of annoyance is that the copied text retains its original formatting, and you have to remove it before pasting the text in an email or a word processor. Removing formatting from text isn’t exactly a complicated process, but is a redundant one, nevertheless, and it can get more than frustrating at times. FormatMatch is a Mac app that runs in the system menu bar, and automatically cleans formatting from any text that you’ve copied, so you can paste it anywhere without any intermediary functions for cleaning text.Read More

Remote Potato: Access Windows Media Center Across Network

Microsoft Media Center didn't receive much attention from users as a whole. Its market was niche and moreover, there were better alternatives to it such as the far-famed XMBC. All that changed when Windows 7 perfected the existing Windows Media Center, making it arguably one of the best (if not the best) central application to listen to music, watch videos and movies, and view images. It allows you to create a media library by specifying folders containing different types of data. Apart from all the useful features and an appealing and user-friendly interface, its major drawback is its inability to be portable (unless of course you have a portable device). Remote Potato takes care of this problem, and turns Windows Media Center into a server, allowing you to access your media from any PC with a browser and an internet connection. Just put in your PC’s IP address and gain remote access to your entire media library, eliminating the need to carry media around in a USB flash drive. Keep reading to find how to set it up.Read More

Send Me This: Email Highlighted Text From Any Web Page [Chrome]

Want to send important text from web pages directly to your inbox? Send Me This is a Google Chrome extension that lets you highlight text and send it to your inbox with only a few simple clicks. The extension adds a Send Me This option to the right-click context menu, so when you find something interesting that might be useful later, you can simply send it to your inbox. The Send Me This options allow you to set an email address and a title for the email. All your selected text is sent to this particular email ID.Read More

Prevent Closing Multiple Tabs Accidentally With Close…Not! [Chrome]

How many times have you accidentally closed your browser and lost all your open tabs? Closing tabs or windows accidentally without a warning message can be really frustrating, and even more so for Chrome users, since Firefox and even Internet Explorer both prompt a warning when closing multiple tabs. close… NOT!, a simple Google Chrome extension, displays a dialog box with a warning message when you attempt to close tabs/windows, whether intentionally or by accident. When you’re browsing the web or typing something important, just click the close...Not! button once to enable the extension. In case you accidentally close a tab or window, a dialog box will appear and ask for confirmation whether or not to leave the page.Read More

Send And Receive Unlimited Free Voice Emails Up To 60 Seconds Long

Voice emails up to 60 seconds in length can be sent and received for free, thanks to Short Voice Message Service (SVMS). You can create an account at this web service using any browser that supports flash, after which you may send voice emails to any account that is registered with SVMS. It also works on Android and all mobile devices that come with a flash-enabled browser (sorry, iOS!). The service has both a free and paid account, where the free account lets you receive messages up to 60 seconds long, has an inbox capacity of 50 messages, and sends you email alerts whenever you receive a new message. Details after the break.Read More

Music Discovery & Sharing App Exfm Finally Hits The Android Market

There are numerous smartphone apps out there that help you discover new music, and we here at AddictiveTips love discovering such apps. Today we bring some good news for music-loving Android users. The famous online music discovery and sharing service, Exfm, has finally released its official client for Android that lets you explore music other app users like, and also lets you share your personal favorites with them. Exfm for iOS was released earlier this summer, while its Android variant just landed on the Market. Like its iOS variant, Exfm for Android packs all the handy features that the service is known for. For instance, you can add music tracks to your favorites list, listen to songs that your friends or the Tastemakers (worldwide music bloggers) are listening to, purchase personal favorites from Amazon, switch to locally stored music while offline, manage your Exfm profile right from your device and lots more.Read More

Edit And Convert RAW Images To JPG With Scarab Darkroom

When you capture photos in DSLR camera, you have the choice to use RAW or JPEG file format (where the post processing is automatically done by the camera in latter format). However, many professionals opt for using RAW image, as it is a non-processed image file and there is far greater room for fine tuning and retouching the photos. RAW image file is not ready to be printed or edited, and normal image viewers cannot even open a RAW image file. Each camera manufacturer, such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, etc, has its own variation of RAW image format. The image is loaded into a RAW converter and processed before users are able to view, edit or print it using a normal image viewer. As there are is no unified structure for RAW format, it can become difficult if your software doesn't support it. For that very matter you can try Scarab Darkroom, which is a digital camera RAW file converter and image editor that supports a lot of cameras. The supported RAW format capable cameras include Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung and Sony. Check out the complete functionality of Scarab Darkroom after the jump.Read More

My Webcam Broadcaster Snaps Periodic Pictures & Archives Them [Mac]

Security is nothing anyone takes lightly; whether you think an alien attack is imminent or you’ve had just one too many domestic disturbances in your neighborhood, caution is always a safe course of action. For those of you who aren’t about to go out and install a military level surveillance system in your home, but would like to go to work or spend a night out without worrying, My Webcam Broadcaster is a Mac app that uses your webcam to capture images periodically. The  screenshots are archived at the EyeSpyFX website (service provider), and can be accessed on the web only from the app. Depending on the frequency of images taken, you can save images for 24 hours up to one week.Read More

Force Windows 7 Aero Visual Style Settings Across Network PCs

Like previous version of Windows, Windows 7 saves Aero themes settings, images (PNG format) and metadata information required to set the themes design and layout in Aero.msstyles file. Since there is a difference between Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 skinning engines and msstyles file rendering mechanisms, you can’t use Windows 7 themes on previous versions of Windows, unless you convert PNG images into BMP and tinker around with metadata to meet the required Windows version skinning engine’s requirements.Read More

Official Victoria’s Secret Android App Released

Victoria’s Secret (VS) is one of the leading US retailers of women apparels, footwear, beauty and fashion products. Initially released only on the iTunes App Store, the official Victoria's Secret client for Android has just landed in the Market. The app features the same content and exclusive shopping deals that its iOS variant holds. Be it the mesmerizing and sensuous TV commercials, videos of Victoria’s Secret fashion shows including backstage footage, attractive Victoria’s Secret shopping deals (with an option to place orders right from your device), locating a nearby VS store, scanning barcodes of products/videos or even sharing content with your online buddies, the app has it all covered.Read More

Microsoft Releases Free Web Demo Of Windows Phone 7 For iOS & Android

Windows Phone 7 might not be anywhere near Android or iOS in terms of popularity, and the app count isn’t too great either, but you have to admit that Microsoft’s mobile platform does have a pretty cool user interface, and no competitor is as easy on the eyes as the metro UI. Users, in general, have many reasons for not wanting shifting to WP7, but to be fair, the latest iteration of the OS, Mango, has some quite new and unique features to offer. If you want to know whether you should (or shouldn’t) make it your platform of choice, MS has decided to help you with the decision. Now, Android and iOS users can experience WP7 on their mobile devices from within their respective web browsers.Read More

An Extensive List Of WP7 Graphical Emoticons With Key Combinations

We were pretty excited when Windows Phone 7 released its Mango update. In addition to all the awesome new features that came with WP7.5, there were a few small yet attractive changes that initially went unnoticed. Among these changes were graphical emoticons. While Mango was still in its beta testing phase, it was discovered that if you send smileys in a text message, they will, like in Android, automatically get converted to images (we covered the feature soon after its discovery). Sadly, not all graphical emoticons are displayed within WP7’s keyboard. Many people have been caught by surprise when they sent a smiley in a text message, and it got turned into its graphical form as soon as the text was delivered. Apart from that, it is no mean feat to memorize the whole cheat sheet of MSN emoticons. But, not having a cheat sheet at all is worse than memorizing it. So, if you have ever wanted to see the character combinations for each and every one of those smileys, help is finally here. Microsoft just posted the ultimate cheat sheet for all emoticons supported on Windows Phone in their graphical form.Read More

Quickly View & Download Original Flickr Images With Flickr Original [Firefox]

Flickr Original, a Firefox add-on, allows you to quickly view and download original Flickr images. You no longer need to go through the lengthy and time consuming process of downloading images by using the Save Image As option. The add-on adds View Original Flickr Image and Download Original Flickr Image options to the right-click context menu. So, whenever you want to view or download a Flickr image in its original form, just double right-click it, and use these two basic options from the context menu.Read More

gBurner Virtual Drive: Mount & Read Up To 16 Virtual Disks Simultaneously

Backing up your original CDs and DVDs into ISO form has always been a good idea. You wouldn’t want to buy a disk by paying your hard earned cash, only to get it scratched latter on. If you’re one of those wise folks who keep keep there optical disks as ISO files, or you just grabbed a disk image off the internet and need to mount it as virtual drive, then gBurner Virtual Drive is all you need. This ultra light weight application is designed to lets you create and manage virtual drives on your PC. As most of us only have a single physical optical drive on our PC, this application can be especially useful for users who work with ISO images and need to mount multiple virtual disks at the time. It allows you to access your games, movies and music from your virtual CD/DVD-ROM without burning them on to a physical optical disk. While most of the applications of such nature only allow you to mount images in ISO file format, gBurner Virtual Drive on the other hand supports a large number of CD/DVD image file formats, including ISO, GBI, DAA, ISZ, IMG, DMA, BIN, MDF, VCD etc. You'd be pleased to know that you can create and mount a total of 16 virtual drives at a time, allowing you faster access than using a normal CD/DVD-ROM. Keep reading past the jump for more usage and other details.Read More

Excel Mixer Nano: MS Excel Add-In To Control Cell Values With Sliders

Excel Mixer Nano is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that provides Excel data and chart display by moving a simple slider. All you have to do is to select a range of cells in MS Excel, and use Excel Mixer Nano sliders (or scroll bar) for the selected cells to change values with a display of a value graph. Excel Mixer Nano has the ability to remember configurations, therefore, you do not require regularly configuring sliders. The main purpose of this application is to provide two major functionalities, i.e., to control cell values in Excel files with sliders, and to observe the real-time reaction of formulas with the help of MS Excel charts (displayed along side the sliders). Hence, Excel Mixer Nano brings your Excel data and charts to life with your mouse.Read More

Group Chrome Extensions As Profiles & Switch Between Them With Context

Context extension for Chrome allows you to group extensions under a particular umbrella as per your use. You can group extensions under customizable tags of home, work, games, reading material etc, depending on how you use them. The extension lets you switch between these extension groups, so that you have only the relevant ones enabled. Context adds a small button next to the URL bar, which gives quick access to all extension groups with just one click.  When one group is enabled, the rest of the extensions (associated with other groups) are disabled.Read More

Get Mac OS X Style Natural Scrolling In Ubuntu 11.10

If you want to use the Mac OS X Natural Scrolling feature on your Linux machine, then we have just the right application for you. Natural Scrolling is a Linux package that brings you the reverse scrolling feature. Using Natural Scrolling, you can push your fingers upwards to move the page content upwards, and downwards for down scroll, just like one would on an iOS device. This application is available for both Natty and Onerirc, and can be installed from either the source package or by using the PPA given below.
Read More

YACReader Is An Open Source, Cross-Platform Comic Reader

Every person has their own way of relaxing, and for some people, reading comics is one great way. Interesting stories about adventures of common people, or exciting battles of superheroes, every type of comic have their own fan following. Stories of many of the famous comic book characters, including Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider Man, The X-Men, The Transformers and a lot more, have been made into feature films, all with a huge fan following. However, for some people, reading the comics is still the best way to enjoy the story and its characters. YACReader is a comic reader that lets you read comics, rotate images, create bookmarks and read comics in double page mode, if you have a large enough screen. It supports CBZ, CBR, ZIP, TAR, ARJ and RAR formats, and can save a particular page of the comic as JPG image. The application sports a preview pane, full screen view and a zoom option to view those complex drawings. YACReader allows you to create multiple bookmarks in a comic to resume reading without having to manually search where you left. More on the features after the jump.Read More