SD Maid For Android Keeps Your SD Card & Internal Memory Junk-Free

Just like in any operating system, certain Android apps tend to forget to clean up after themselves when they’re uninstalled. Which is why, after testing and uninstalling apps for a while, many Android users find their SD cards cluttered with app residues. Thankfully, Android users have plenty of junk cleaners at their disposal, which help you get rid of any app leftovers with minimal fuss. While certain solutions are quite comprehensive in their respect, others focus on minimalism. SD Maid is a free, handy system cleaner tool for rooted Android devices that not only helps you get rid of said residues (fittingly termed “corpses” in the app’s UI) but also keeps your internal memory squeaky clean. The freeware allows you to scan for and clean discarded or unwanted files/residues on your SD card as well as temporary files, cache files, logs and more from the system. Read More

How To Speed Up Impaled Hardware Keyboard On Samsung Epic 4G

XDA-Developers forum member theimpaler747 has just released a keyboard patch for the Samsung Epic 4G. If you’re a text-a-holic, you must have noticed the keyboard missing out some inputs as you speed up your typing. While a lot of custom ROMs have addressed this issue the problem has not been entirely corrected with people still complaining about the keyboard failing to register some inputs. Not anymore with theimpaler747’s patch. For more on this mod and how to get it on your Epic 4G, read on! Read More

Mimic Hardware Keys On Android Devices Using Gestures via zMooth

Hardware keys were part of early Android devices, like the much popular and still widely used, HTC Desire. Then we had the versatile HTC HD2 that ran Windows Mobile but can now run the Android OS. The HD2 has hardware keys as well. While newer devices have shifted over to capcitative hardware keys and we all know it’s such a blessing. So for those of you becoming tired of pressing those hardware keys on your HD2 or Desire, XDA-Developers forum member windroidHD brings to you zMooth, an app that mimics your hardware keys via on screen gestures! Read More

SD Increase For Android Boosts Read & Write Speed Of Your SD Card

Why go through the trouble of manually edited system files or flashing a fix to increase the read/write speed of your SD card when there is a free app on the Android Market that does just that? That’s right. New to the Android Market, SD Increase for Android can increase the read and write speeds of your SD card and unlike SD card Speed Booster, it’s free. The app only requires (in addition to root access) a few taps from the user to edit the SD card cache size and can be set to automatically repeat said process on each reboot. Join us after the jump for additional info and test results. Read More

Mail Preview Gadget Is Desktop Email Notifier With Windows Phone 7 UI

Mail Preview Gadget is a dynamic desktop gadget for Windows 7 and Windows Vista which brings Windows Phone 7 (WP7) user interface to your desktop. The gadget allows you to add as many email services supporting IMAP and POP3 protocols as you want, including both Gmail and Hotmail. Mail Preview gadget is an improved version of basic email gadget with lightweight animations to give users a feel of Windows Phone 7 interface. Apart from WP 7 like design, the 3 different layouts can give additional information, including total emails and total unread messages for configured email accounts. You have option to choose how many mails accounts are to be shown on desktop, with different refresh time interval, starting from 1 min to 60 minutes. Read More

MailTabs Plugin Adds Tabs In Mac Mail Application

Mac native Mail App is, undoubtedly, one of the easiest mail client to configure and use, but one downside which always compels me to consider third-party email clients is that each window gets opened separately, eventually cluttering up whole desktop area (as shown in the screenshot above). MailTabs is small plug-in for Mac Mail App which brings tabbed interface. With MDI based UI, you can view and manage multiple windows under one place without having to manually adjust them at different corners of the screen. MailTabs provides the best way to organize different message windows. You can compose new message, reply to emails, forward messages and do anything related with emails under tabs. According to the developer, it’s an ability to save the sessions, so they can be restored back on launching Mail app. Read More

Customize Facebook Interface With Minimalistic For Facebook [Extension]

Ansel Santosa, the developer behind previously featured Chrome extensions, Gmail Minimalistic, Minimalistic For Google Calendar, and Minimalistic For Google Reader, has recently released another extension for Facebook users called Minimalistic For Facebook to let them tailor Facebook interface related elements. If there are some sections that you want to remove, disable ads, change Facebook toolbar color, remove it or make it float, Minimalistic For Facebook is here to lets you do just about anything with your Facebook main page. Just like Ansel’s previous extensions, it allows you to export and import settings, so that you can quickly change the Facebook interface without having to re-configure all the elements on other systems. Read More

Schedule Firefox Downloads For Off-Peak Time [Extension]

If you’re subscribed for internet plan with unlimited downloading but only in off-peak time range, you must be looking for a simple way to schedule all the hefty downloads to make best use of your internet plan. Download Scheduler is a small Firefox extension for those users whose download speed are restricted during on peak timings. It allows them to define a range for off-peak time, so that all the scheduled downloads can be started and paused at defined intervals. The extension integrates with right-click context menu, letting you queue any download link in its download schedule list. You can edit the link, add links manually, or cancel selected scheduled downloads later. Read More

Read RSS Feeds From Mac Menu Bar With Fresh Feed

Fresh Feed is a RSS reader for Mac developed to give users a quick look at latest updates of subscribed RSS feeds. The developer focused on making it totally distraction free desktop feeds reader. It pops up from system menu bar with list of recent posts of subscribed feeds. You can click any article to open it in default web browser. The posts from subscribed feeds are displayed with time and date stamps. It takes nothing more than adding RSS source links to populate the feeds list. You can also choose to disable feeds from specific sources whenever you want without removing the sources from the list. Read More

Calibrate Battery On Android Devices With Battery Calibration

Experienced ROM flashers of Android devices will be quite familiar with the concept of clearing the battery stats every time in order to calibrate the battery. This is mostly needed when a new ROM is flashed with the battery at less then 100 percent. Earlier, we covered the manual method on how to fix the battery drain issue on rooted Android devices, but this manual re-calibration can be quite cumbersome depending on your device type as it requires you to boot into recovery mode, and more. Not anymore, thanks largely to the XDA-Developers forum member marosige, who has come up with an app named, Battery Calibration. This free Android app allows you to clear those battery stats rather more conveniently through a simple user interface. Read on for more on this app and to download it. Read More

How To Speed Up Resuming Of Apps On Windows Phone 7 [Instant Resume]

Users of the Windows Phone 7 platform, regardless of the brand, be it HTC or Samsung, all have to make peace with the irritating Resume confirmation whenever they have to switch back to an app you had to leave. The most recurring scenario is when you, say for example, were playing a game, and get a text message where you send a reply and then move back to the app. You are asked if you want to resume the app, and then comes the nerve wrenching 10 to 15 seconds wait (lag). How WP7 users cope with that is beyond us. For advanced users, there is a fix for that available now thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Jaxbot and you can now have instant resume on your WP7 device. Did we say advanced users? Yes, because it’s not all that sweet. Read on for more on this hack and how to get it on your device. Read More

Enable CRT Animation, SMS And Get Desktop Versions Of Websites On Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom, Google’s flagship Honeycomb tablet has just received a mod courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member, sangreal06 that has suddenly taken the device to a new level of awesomeness. Your Xoom can now let you view the desktop version of websites, without needing to redo the “about:debug” trick over and over again. That’s not it, we have SMS and the Gingerbread CRT lock animation as well. For more on this mod and how to get it on your Xoom, read on! Read More

Captur Is GUI Based Alternative To Mac Screen Capture Command

If you hate to use exhausting 3 button hotkey combination for taking screenshots on Mac, you must be looking for a simplistic GUI based alternative for Mac screen capture command. There’re countless screenshot taking applications available for Mac which come with huge array of features, but rarely do we need to use extended features, like post-capture image editor, screen markers to highlight specific area, etc. Captur has been written as an alternative to Mac native screen capture command. It sits in system menu bar, letting you capture full screen area, active workspace, grab desktop widget, or choose selection mode to draw area which is to be captured. It comes with a simple screenshot viewer to instantly view the captured area whilst file naming option allows you to add pre-fix in captured image titles. Furthermore, you can insert date and time stamps in captured image titles and switch between different image formats. Read More

DM2 Is Windows Enhancer To Give More Control To Users, Goes Portable

Back in days of Windows XP, you must have tried many application windows enhancement applications to save taskbar space by minimizing the opened applications to system tray. The one I liked the most was open source DM2 which, aside from an awesome windows management tool, brought a massive set of features to enhance the way of organizing active applications on desktop. For those who are not familiar with DM2, it is an application to perform numerous windows management functions, such as, minimize apps to system tray, keep app windows always on top, roll to caption, resize, align to screen border, dock windows at 8 different screen positions, and importantly, minimizing app windows to desktop as floating (dragable) icons. Recently, it was picked up to create a portable version of DM2 for all versions of Windows, including Windows 7. The Portable DM2 deploying wizard asks you to specify a folder where all the files and related user preferences data are to be stored, so that you can carry it on USB drives with all the registered hotkey combinations. Read More

Add Windows 8 Taskbar User Profile Picture In Windows 7 Taskbar

As news of Windows 8 new build-in features gets out every day, some developers have begun creating applications which emulate the Windows 8 leaked features like functionality. Recently, we heard that Windows Live will be integrated in system notification area of Windows 8. The developer AngleWZR over at deviantArt has recently created a small utility called Taskbar UserTile which, however, doesn’t integrate Windows Live features but adds user profile picture in Windows 7 taskbar with options to access Control Panel, Log off, Lock PC, and Switch user. Read More

Extragram Brings Extended Instagram Functionality To The Web

Instagram is a photo-based social networking service for iPhone. As we know it is an app for sharing random photos (after applying filters) with your Instagram followers, alongwith the ability to upload them to other social networking websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc. Unfortunately, it does not allow any way of going through your posted images. Despite a million users Instagram has suffered from a decent user interface. Nonetheless, it appears that the Instagrams recent move of opening their API to third party developers has finally paid off. Extragram is a web service that acts as a web interface for Instagram. It allows going through your shared images, searching for new images, sharing them across social media websites and much more. It does not require a separate account and you can login with your Instagram account to enjoy these features. The great thing about Extragram is that it does not restrict you to sharing your own images and provides the option to search and add images to your favorites list. Read More

Set Time Or Day Based Windows Power Plans On Your PC With SetPower

In many organizations and homes, a computer requires being turned on throughout the day. For some it can be a business requirement, whereas in other cases, one may require synchronizing data from office to a home computer. Even home users may wish to keep their system on so that numerous members of the family may be able to use it periodically. This, however, also means that the machine will be kept on for an extended period of time and will consume energy even when it is not in use. One way of reducing energy consumption is to set a power plan, but in the common Windows Power Plan options, one cannot set day and time specific power plan. Read More

Create Stylish Presentations Online With SlideRocket

SlideRocket Lite is the free version of the browser based SlideRocket web app which allows creating rich presentations. You can login with a SlideRocket or Google account ID to begin creating flashy presentations online. Unlike traditional presentation tools, it provides a number of interesting plugins that can be used for creating unique presentations. For example, you can use a plugin to give a snow effect your slide or add Twitter feed with the Twitter plugin. It contains almost all the features that you are likely to find in a desktop presentation applications. By using a number of stylish themes, you can promptly create quick and attractive presentations. Since using chart is the best way to summarize the presentation and to make it more interesting, it's a host of chart styles which can be quickly inserted into required slides. You can also benefit from a number of font styling features, add videos and pictures to give the required look to your presentation. The best aspect of SlideRocket is that you can import presentations from MS Power Point and Google Docs to edit them with its native features and options. Read More

SMS Diversion For Android Forwards Incoming SMS To Your Gmail Account

New to the Android Market, SMS Diversion for Android is a free app that, when allowed, forwards incoming SMS, complete with the name and number of the sender, to a user-specified Gmail account. SMS Diversion finds its application in instances where, say, you forget your phone at home while setting off for work or are too busy going through your daily email to attend to your phone. Moreover, the app works like a charm in conjunction with the Google Talk client, allowing you to preview incoming SMS via Gmail notifications while working on your computer, without having to touch your phone. Read More