Search By Website And Category In Firefox With All In One Search Bar

All In One Search Bar is a Firefox extension which brings quick searching ability across famous search engines and websites by choosing a category. For example, if you wish to search for a video, you can choose the video category with the Google search option and get results only for videos related to the searched term. Search can be performed on Google, Bing, Facebook, Flickr, Ask, PhotoBucket, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube, MetaCafe, BeeMP3, SongsLover, Wordpress, etc. This can save a lot of time for searching through specific search engines with defined categories. Another good part is that the search page can open in a new tab which provides the utility of performing quick searches from the toolbar instead of having to visit the specific website. It is also better than the available search bar in Firefox since it has more refining options such as search by video, image, web, news, etc (depending upon the selected search engine). The available criteria are refined according to the selected search engines. For example, if you were to select Facebook, you will be able to refine the search by applications, pages, profiles, groups, events, posts by friends, etc. Whereas, Google search will allow you to search by videos, images, web and news. Read More

Check Any Website For Viruses, Malware, And Phishing Scam With URLVoid

Many a time we come across websites that can contain malware and phishing scams. Although, there are a number of extensions available to provide some sort of security, they require visiting the website for them to work. By then it can be too late if the malware infects your system. Moreover, a website can be infected by a virus when one transfers a file to the FTP server for deployment and by many other means. URLVoid is a free web service that scans any specified website with a number of diagnostic tools such as Browse Defender, Google Diagnostics, hpHosts, Malware Patrol, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Norton SafeWeb, etc and provides a detailed scanning result. Read More

Free PC Safety Scan With Microsoft Safety Scanner

For long, Microsoft’s Windows Live OneCare Scanner has been an excellent resource to check for malware on systems. It has been particularly useful during important dates such as April the 1st. For instance, once a malware infected a PC, it was only detectable with Microsoft’s Security Scanner. It was widely telecasted on news channels like BBC that the malware agent had infected systems months back and was to initiate according to a set date. Many common anti-malware software failed to detect this threat, so Microsoft launched a warning to use the OneCare Scanner to identify and remove this threat. It has helped people avoid the inconvenience of keeping their systems at a back date to avoid malware initiation after a large scale threat warning. Microsoft has recently launched something brand new called Microsoft Safety Scanner. It is a free downloadable security tool which scans and remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious agents from your system. It does not conflict with your existing antivirus software and is not meant for its replacement. It is pretty much as useful as the OneCare Scanner, i.e. for on-demand scanning and removal of malware. As in the case of the OneCare Scanner, it can be useful to perform a scan near dates when malware are widely released, such as, April and May (almost every year). Read More

Control Your Mouse Pointer With Head Movement Using A Webcam

Recently Google launched an April fools joke about controlling your mail with body movement. However, it will not be surprising if this becomes a reality in the wake of fast track technological advancements. An example of such an advancement is the Camera Mouse software. It is developed by researchers at Boston College and Boston University to help people with disabilities who can use the mouse cursor with their head movement via a webcam. It has now been made publicly available for free downloading. The primary users of this program are meant to be people with Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, and various neurological disorders. However, it is not just helpful for people with disabilities but also quite interesting to utilize for general use. Suffice to say that Camera Mouse uses your head as a wireless mouse. Read More

Backup Data From Gmail, Google Contacts, Docs, And Calendar With BackupGoo [Giveaway]

If you are a heavy user of Google services, which includes, Gmail, Google Calender, and Google Docs, you must have lots of important data saved on respective Google account services. Many users who fear that Google can deny access to their important data anytime, generally, look for a backup solution to quickly save their data hosted on Google services accounts. Since Google does not provide an easy way to backup data, you have to manually download all the data. If you need a universal tool which can seamlessly backup your Google accounts whilst allowing creating backups at defined intervals, BackupGoo is probably the tool you’re looking for. With BackupGoo, you wont have to follow complex methods for backing up Google accounts. Read More

Use Saved Text Snippets Quickly With Snippets Lite [Mac]

Writing same text in emails, text documents, notes, and in rough drafts is, unarguably, a tedious task and many users prefer to copy the saved text and paste it in the required workspace. In any company, it is often required to send more or less some set of information to clients for answering their queries and debriefing on different product and service related issues. If you’re looking for a tool which can assist you in typing monotonous and long intros, ending statements, pricing queries and their answers, tariffs, and so on, try out Snippets Lite. It is a free tool for Mac which allows you to save snippets in rich text format, so they can be used anywhere you want. Snippets Lite lets you assign text shortcut keys to quickly paste the specific snippet into active workspace. This could come handy in many situations. You can for instance save all the introductions, salutation types, endings, etc of business letters, list down important help desk numbers, answers of commonly asked questions, and short programming language code modules, so that you can quickly paste them by only writing the shortcut text in active workspace. Read More

Save Email Attachments Directly To Dropbox With Send To Dropbox

Send To Dropbox is a web-based service which lets you send important email attachments directly to your Dropbox folder. This comes useful in situations where you send emails with attachments from, lets say, office PC or smartphones and want to save the important attachments on your primary PC without having to manually download them from Sent items folder. Send to Dropbox keeps track of all the important files which you’ve sent to different recipients with complete date and time info and other email specific attributes, such as, Attachment title, email address, filenames, and email subject. One noteworthy aspect of Send to Dropbox service is that it has an ability to automatically extract ZIP archives in your Dropbox, which can surely saves a lot of your precious time. Furthermore, unlike other email attachment to Dropbox services, it can keep copy of email body in plain text and in HTML format. Read More

Top 6 Free Photo Sharing And Screenshot Taking Tools For Windows

Over a period of time we have covered lots of good screenshot taking and photo sharing applications. Screenshots are often required for making projects, presentations, tutorials and the like. While some screenshot and photo sharing apps provide minimal set of features, others provide more dynamic options such as the recording screencasts, image editing, URL link shortening, etc. In this post, we will bring you the six best screenshot taking and photo sharing tools for your desktop and provide an overview of their primary advantages to help you find the right application to match your need. Read More

Upload Images To Multiple Web Services With Image Uploader

Image Uploader is an open source application for uploading photos to hosting servers without the need of visiting the website. You can upload images to an FTP Server and more than 20 supported web services including Rapidshare, Picasa, Imageshcak, Imgur, Yandex, Uploadbox, Sendspace, multi-up and many more. Once the image is uploaded, it generates an HTML code or BBCode which can be used on forums. It also has a screenshot capturing utility which allows instant screenshot capture and uploads it to a selected server or web service. The build-in image grabbing utility can snatch frames from many supported video formats such as AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV and MKV. Read More

baconreader Is A Great New Reddit App For Android

Announced in mid of March, baconreader reddit app for Android has begun to roll out, starting with yesterday’s Alpha release. We’ve received a copy of the Alpha version and in what follows, will be walking you through each of the app’s features. Feature rich, simple to use and with a sleek UI that may make you want to access reddit from your Android device much more than from the web, baconreader is an app to look forward to, especially for avid redditors. Join us after the jump for more. Read More

Sync, View, And Perform File Copy Operation Quickly With Windows Double Explorer

There are instances where we need to open multiple instances of Windows Explorer to quickly transfer a set of files and folders to different locations. Since Windows Explorer doesn’t come handy in such situations, as you have to open all the source locations to manually copy or move the files (and folders) and then browse to destination folders to paste them, you must be looking for a simple way to perform basic file management operations swiftly without having to clutter up your desktop with multiple Explorer windows. Widows Double Explorer is a portable and open source file explorer which offers MDI based user interface, allowing you to quickly perform file (and folder) operations instead of browsing through different locations manually. The basic concept was to facilitate user struggling with transferring enormous data to different locations. While it saves you a lot of time, the double panned window provides an effective way to view and compare content of two backed up or synced folders side-by-side, and move files and folders by just dragging them to target locations. Read More

QVIVO Media Center Comes To Mac, Better Than Windows Counterpart

If you like to try out new media centers with novel and interesting features for organizing media collection, you must’ve stumbled across QVIVO, a brilliant media organizer which capitalizes more on social media components to easily manage and share media collection (movies, music albums, and T.V shows) with your family and friends. Back in March, we covered QVIVO for Windows because it wasn’t available for either Mac or Linux. Just today, QVIVO dev team has notified us about freshly released Mac version. Comparing Mac alpha release with Windows version, it is far more responsive, quick in listing down watched folders, can detect and play movies with all the variations, and importantly doesn’t lag while playing audio and video files and switching between different interface sections. In a nutshell, QVIVO for Mac is better than its Windows counterpart. Read More

Manage Multiple Database Connections With Pretty Database Explorer

One problem which I face a lot with database related utilities is that they, generally, are not easy to configure, as one has to specify details ranging from DB username to live host addresses, establish multiple connections, connect with required set of DB modules and so on. If you find it quite challenging to deal with setting up and establishing database connections, try Pretty Database Explorer to connect with live web databases and open all major database formats without having to follow any complex procedures. The application was specifically built for those who’ve just started managing databases. It requires only basic information, such as username, password, DB name, and host address, etc., to open the database in isolation without demanding any extra database modules to connect with. Pretty Database Explorer, unlike other DB viewers, lets you export databases into user-specified delimited character values format, Excel (XLS), Word (RTF), HTML, and XML format. Read More

Kernel Manager: Download & Flash Custom Kernels On Your Android Device

If you have a rooted Android device running a custom ROM and especially if you have ORD (Obsessive ROM-updating Disorder), you’re probably acquainted with ROM Manager – the power user’s best friend. Where the all-in-one ROM management tool allows you to search for, flash, back up and restore custom ROMs, it does not aid you in looking for the right custom kernel, and you know how much of a hassle that can be, especially the first time around. Well, fortunately for novice and experienced users alike, that void has now been filled by TeamWin, the team that brought you HDMwIn. Introducing the newest addition to must-have apps for customization addicts – Kernel Manager – an easy-to-use tool that lets you discover, rate, download and flash custom kernels, providing you with detailed info for each. Read More

Control Android Apps And Services From Your Computer With LazyDroid Web Desktop

There is always a demand for apps that provide comprehensive integration of mobile devices with computers and vice versa. While Motorola took the concept to a whole new level with the Motorola Atrix and its Webtop capability, not all of us can afford such expensive devices. LazyDroid is a free app for Android that allows you to control your device from your computer via a simple web-based interface. The app does so through both WiFi and USB, making it quite a versatile tool. For more on this wonderful application, read on! Read More

Rooting HTC Incredible S Possible Now [Requires S-Off Handsets]

HTC Incredible S is one of HTC’s newest devices out there in the market. Considering a huge HTC fan following, the phone is now in the hands of lots of users eagerly waiting for the device to be rooted so that it’s true potential can be unlocked. However, while the root has been confirmed to be successfully achieved, it’s not hopeful for many Incredible S users. Read on to root your Incredible S and cross your fingers and hope you’re one of the few lucky ones! Read More

Regina 3D Launcher Is A Free Launcher For Android With 3D Graphics

New to the Android Market, Regina 3D Launcher shows much promise with its opulent 3D interface and an assortment of new, handy features that takes homescreen customization to a new level, and while it might be more than a few laps behind SPB Shell 3D when it comes to 3D slickness, it does not, unlike the latter, come with a hefty price tag. In fact, it has no price tag at all. That’s right. Regina 3D Launcher, along with all its component apps (AOTW), is absolutely free. Join us after the jump for more. Read More

Aura Now Uses IE9 Active Tab Color To Change Windows Aero Glass Color

A while back we talked about one Windows 8 Aero specific feature which will automatically change the Aero Glass color effect according to current desktop wallpaper and reviewed Aura to bring this very same functionality to Windows 7. Recently, the developer of Aura has updated the application to add one brilliant Internet Explorer 9 related feature. Aura beta 3, which is totally clean from bugs we encountered in previous beta version, now dynamically changes Windows 7 Aero Glass color effect by matching the color shades with currently opened tab in Internet Explorer 9. The good part is that Aura now works without any problems and still holds options to get Aero color from wallpaper and from active window icon. Take a look at some visuals and watch a demo video of Aura beta 3 after the jump. Read More

Access Twitter From Mac Menu Bar With Twitter Desktop

If you hate using Twitter desktop clients, such as, Seesmic, Tweetie, and Adobe Air Based TweekDeck because they take up too much memory or desktop space, then you have come to the right place. Twitter Desktop is a lightweight yet efficient Twitter client for Mac which will probably change the way you access Twitter. Just like previously featured Facebox, it sits in system menu bar, letting you access your Twitter account with a single click. Once logged in, it starts loading your Twitter account page in compact (Mobile version) with option to quickly switch to standard desktop version. Read More

Quickly Clean Text And Change Word Case With Dolphin Text Menu

It becomes quite a hectic task when it’s required to manually change word case, sort numbers, remove blank spaces in rough drafts. Many users like to change only the prominent part of their draft to make it look a bit tidier and organized rather than leaving the text scattered all over the place. If you want to keep your drafts or daily notes always clean without putting in much effort, give Dolphin Popup Text Menu a try. It is a small on-screen text cleaner which can perform numerous text and number specific operations over any workspace. All you need is to bring up its pop-up menu over the workspace dealing with text and numbers, and choose the action from its menu. With its text menu, you can quickly append and prepend text and number to lines, sort text and numbers in ascending and descending order, remove character(s) at left or right side of selected text, delete blank lines from selected area, remove leading and trailing spaces, and finally, change selected text case to upper, lower and in Title form. Read More