Use Mouse Gestures To Perform Tasks In Windows Explorer With Gest

Gest is a portable tool which brings mouse gesture support for Windows Explorer. You can now perform simple tasks by holding down the right mouse button and drawing a few lines which send commands to Windows Explorer. The tasks that you can perform (with assigned mouse gestures)  include, opening a new window, closing the current window, moving backwards or forward, refreshing the page and so on. For user friendly functionality, there is a mouse trail  which adds a colored line to show the path of your cursor when the right mouse button is used to perform a gesture. You can also set mouse sensitivity to adjust the responsiveness of mouse gestures. Gest provides precise options to allow adding gesture functionality to specified folders, sub-folders, Windows paths or the entire Windows Explorer. Read More

Twitter Followers Widget Shows Followers Count On Android Homescreen

Want to keep track of all your followers on Twitter without having to open the Twitter app itself? How about being able to do so right from your Android home screen? Twitter followers Widget for Android is a free, handy homescreen widget that displays the current following and followers count of a user-specified Twitter account. The widget, which was released to the Android Market as a private beta four days ago, has just been updated and is now available as a free public beta. Read More

Sort Chrome History By Selected Dates With History Calendar

History Calendar is a Chrome extension which provides easy sorting of browser history by a selected date. Access your Chrome History from Settings menu and select a date from the calendar (which will show up automatically once this extension is installed). You can toggle history according to a selected day, date, month and year. Simple but extremely useful. Read More

Hide Your Private Folders On Shared Computers With HiddenDIR

HIddenDIR is a portable tool which allows hiding important folders to make them invisible from other people who may have access to a shared PC. You can password protect the HiddenDIR application to ensure that only you can unhide the folders to view them at your convenience. This can be quite helpful in hiding sensitive data to ensure that it is not accessed, accidentally deleted or altered by other people who use the same computer. The aforementioned problems often occur when other people require periodic access to the same computer (such as a child at home) and in offices where a computer is used by multiple employees (e.g. employees from different shifts). With HiddenDIR you can also hide documents on a USB or external drive to enjoy data protection and privacy on portable devices. Read More

How To Install Gingerbread Based CyanogenMod 7 On SE Xperia X1

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 which was originally supposed to run the Windows Mobile OS, was given a new lease of life when the Android OS was ported to the device. The lease has been extended courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member faryaab, who has managed to port the much famous CyanogenMod 7 ROM onto the Xperia X1. We have devices like the HTC HD2 that shipped with Windows Mobile, but have been hacked into running Android as well. The Sony Xperia 1 is now attempting to stand amongst that league. For more on this ROM and how to install it on your Xperia X1, read on! Read More

How To Root Android 2.3 Gingerbread Using GingerBreak

Rooting Android devices on 2.3 Gingerbread Stock ROMs may just have been simplified to an almost one click method with GingerBreak and it’s close to a universal solution for most phones, but we can’t confirm all of those. We tested it out on our HTC T-Mobile G2 running the leaked 2.3.3 Gingerbread from HTC, and it worked liked a charm and there have been people who report it to be working for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc as well. Of course there will be devices that this solution may not work on for now, but hopefully future updates may help cater it a larger variety of Android devices. Read on for more on how to use GingerBreak! Read More

Remove Files And Folders Permanently With Free File Wiper

File shredding utilities are used to eliminate the chances of recovering data from storage mediums in order to ensure data confidentiality. Since many data recovery software are capable of recovering data by applying both track-wise and sector-wise recovery methods, you must use a powerful file shredding utility to delete classified information from your system. Free File Wiper is a tiny yet staunch file shredder which supports 4 file erasing algorithms to permanently remove files and folders. Just like previously featured Freeraser, which uses different file destruction methods, it features an on-screen trash can. When you want to delete files / folders permanently, drag them over to trash can and it will start shredding them right away. The provided shredding techniques are based on different numbers of deletion passes, which includes, Quick erase – 1 pass, Normal erase – 2 passes, Secure erase – 3 passes, Maniacal erase  - 7 passes. Read More

FileShuttle – Upload Files To Your Web Server via Drag & Drop [Mac]

If you’re looking for a simple tool which makes the whole process of uploading files to your server seamless, you should try out FileShuttle. It’s a small app for Mac which is developed to quickly upload files to user-specified web storage. Unlike other complex FTP/SFTP desktop clients, it requires nothing more than the basic FTP server details, such as, username and password, host address, server path, etc., to establish connection, so you can easily upload the files to your web server. FileShuttle can automatically upload screenshots without requiring any input from your end. You just need to take screenshot using default hotkey combination and it will start uploading it. The usage is simple. Just drag the file(s) which is to be uploaded over its dock icon to begin uploading process. If you drop multiple files, it will instantly pack them in ZIP container and then upload the ZIP file to specified server location. Read More

Trim Extra Firefox Right-Click Context Menu Options

Add-ons and those applications which directly integrate with Firefox are the main culprits behind making Firefox context menu frustratingly long. If you’re looking for a way to remove extra right-click context menu options from Firefox without disabling or removing the add-ons, check out FfChrome . It is a small extension for Firefox which auto-hides extra context menu options and shows only basic ones, such as, Select all, Save Page As,  Copy text/image, Paste text/image, etc. FfChrome adds Show All option in right-click menu which wraps up all the extra add-ons context menu options. You just need to hover over Show All option present at the bottom of trimmed context menu to reveal full right-click context-menu option. Read More

Control Voltage With OTB-Reloaded Kernel For Samsung Fascinate On CM7

Kernels are the heart of your Android device’s alongside the CPU of course. This time around, XDA-Developers forum member nemesis2all has created a kernel for the Samsung Fascinate running the CyanognenMod 7 ROM, that allows you not only to overclock your device’s CPU but gives you control of the voltages as well and not many kernels allow that. For more on this kernel and how to install it on your device, read on! Read More

Install Test Version Of ClockworkMod Recovery For T-Mobile LG G2X

With the T-Mobile G2X being rooted, work is underway for porting the much famous ClockworkMod custom recovery to the device. The effort hasn’t been in vain with XDA-Developers member ctso releasing the test version for people willing to test it our on their devices. However there’s a catch; the method used to install the recovery onto the G2X is so far only Linux based, but we can be sure that Windows and Mac methods would soon follow. For more on the ClockworkMod recovery and how to install it on the G2X, read on! Read More

Follow The Latest News With Official CNN App For Android Phones

The official CNN app for Android tablets was released in early February this year and now, a smartphone variant has finally found its way to the Android Market. The app allows you to view the latest headlines, receive notifications for breaking news, stream video reports, listen to CNN Radio reports, podcasts and interviews, save stories, share them with your friends and upload your own with an attached photo or video with CNN iReport (CNN’s online service for citizen journalists). For those Android users who find CNN to be one of the top sources of latest information, you can now get the latest from the Canadian network Read More

Automatically Switch Audio Devices For Different Applications

Users who require switching between multiple audio devices for different applications can find it quite irritating to manually do the switch periodically. For instance, one may require using 5.1 Surround Sound speakers for working with an editing app or watching a movie (using VLC Player) but may prefer using a built in system driver for watching videos on the PC via headphones. A remedy to this annoying problem can be our previously reviewed QucikSoundSwitch software which allows switching between studio devices easily from the system tray. But if you need something even better, than you should try open source Vista Audio Changer. It is system tray application which automatically changes the default sound output device for numerous applications. Although, it is known as the Vista Audio Changer, it works fine on Windows 7. You can even assign hotkeys to quickly toggle between audio devices. Read More

Focus Keyboard Adds Keyboard Enhancements To Firefox

Focus Keyboard is an extremely useful extension for Firefox that adds a handful of keyboard enhancements to make your overall browsing experience seamless. It focuses on those monotonous steps that we take to open websites, edit URLs in the address bar, copy the URL from within the webpage to address bar  etc., and replace them with overly simple ones. For instance, with this extension, you no longer need to highlight the URL in the address bar to edit it or enter a new web address, just start typing the web address you wish to visit and it will automatically start entering a URL in the address bar. Similarly, you can use Enter key to reload the page and Delete key to quickly jump to the end of a URL address to edit it. It also allows adding URLs in Ignore list to let you browse through defined websites without these functions being enabled. Read More

Decrypt SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, & Triggers With SQL Decryptor

The With Encryption option in Microsoft SQL Server is used to encrypt database object definitions and hide Stored procedures, Functions, Triggers, etc., to prevent any unauthorized usage. If you’ve encrypted the object definition and are trying to restore the original script back, SQL Decryptor is probably just what you need. It’s a small tool developed to easily restore original script and explore encrypted SQL server object definitions. It supports all MS SQL Server versions, including, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008 R2. You can decrypt almost all kind of Stored procedures, including both numbered procedures and replication filters, Functions – scalar, inline, and multi-statement table value, and Triggers on tables, views, databases, and on other server instances. Read More

Create Profiles To Download Files In Different Locations [Firefox]

One of the features which I like most about dedicated internet download managers, such as, IDM, etc., is that they have an ability to automatically categorize downloads into special folders, such as, Music, Documents, Videos, Archives etc., making it easier to quickly search the files according to their types. Sadly, Firefox native download manager doesn’t provide an option to specify different download folders to save music, videos, compressed archives, and other types of files separately. Download Profiler is Firefox extension which lets you create 10 different profiles to save downloaded files in their respective file type folders. With Download Profiler, you can for instance create profiles for saving movies, music files, and applications in Movie, Music, and Apps folders respectively, so that you can easily categorize the downloads as well as keep the download folders separate on the basis of file types. Read More

How To Unlock Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Neo, Pro & Play’s Bootloader

We now have confirmation of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc’s bootloader being unlocked, just a few days into it’s release. It has been a long time coming since the release of the famous Xperia X10 and things have been quiet since, but not anymore. What’s more, is that Sony Ericsson have kept true to their word, and released the Xperia Arc along with the Neo, Pro and Play with an un-lockable bootloader. Let’s get straight to business shall we, so read on for more on how to unlock the latest Xperia devices bootloader! Read More