Andie Graph For Android Emulates TI Graphing Calculators

Tired of your bulky, old and rusty TI graphing calculator? Looking for a lighter, more 'current' alternate? Look no further. Andie Graph for Android allows you to emulate Texas Instruments graphing calculators on your Android device. As of this writing, the emulator supports TI-82, TI-83, TI-85 and TI-86 graphing calculators. Unlike its predecessor (which was removed from the Android Market for illegal distribution of TI graphing calculator firmware), Andie Graph does not come packed with a ROM (TI firmware, not Android ROM), and requires you to extract your own, or grab one from the internet. Read More

Speckie Adds Real Time Spell Check In Internet Explorer 9

Are you hanging on to Internet Explorer 9 and badly need an efficient spell checker to identify and correct spelling mistakes? Today, we have an awesome spell check extension for Internet Explorer, called Speckie. It highlights mistakes in real time and suggests you a list of corrections. The extension allows customizing numerous spell check related settings whilst supporting multiple dictionaries. You can alternatively replace the squiggly line that underlines the incorrect words with not only customized highlighting colors but fonts as well. Apart from this, you can switch between 4 default mistake tag styles, ranging from highlight, single, thick-dash, and wave. Read More

Android Theme Launcher Is A Unique Launcher-Style Live Wallpaper

Generally, live wallpapers are only meant to add a certain amount of oomph to your homescreen. Though, there are quite a few out there that come with added functionality. Android Theme Launcher is one such live wallpaper. Interactive, feature-rich and extensively customizable, this one-of-a-kind live wallpaper turns your homescreen into a showcase of app shortcuts (each of which is an animated Android holding an app icon) and dynamic widgets. Read More

Mail Mining Adds Advanced Email Related Options In Outlook 2010

The revamped email related options in Outlook 2010 lets user easily manage their configured mailboxes, folders, schedule emails, as well as classify a set of senders into different groups, but many heavy Outlook users need some extra email management features to boost their work efficiency. Most of us find it hard to search the required item from Outlook main elements including Mail, Notes, Tasks, Calendar events etc., and for this reason, we opt in for advance data mining tools to efficiently search the items from PST files. Mail Mining is one such add-in that is created to make users more productive than ever before. It adds a slew of emails related features in Outlook while offering smart web and Outlook elements search to quickly find anything ranging from tasks, emails, appointments, to contacts. This add-in offers Smart Alerts option that lets you control when to receive emails. To stop receiving new messages, you can use the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature that stops the mail sync process for defined amount of time. Read More

MadAppLauncher Adds Up To 300 Applications, Scripts, Folders, etc To Access Them Quickly

The utility of application launchers can’t be underestimated, as they provide users with quickest method to perform several Windows functions, run scripts, and to launch applications. A variety of application launchers are available with relative set of features and ways to launch apps. From all the application launchers we have seen in the past, MadAppLauncher takes a fresh approach to help users increase their productivity by offering simple yet intuitive way of launching applications. It offers a host of keyboard mapped boxes to let you fill them with most frequently used applications and links. There are 10 tabs in total, each containing 30 keyboard mapped boxes. You have to associate the application with the box, so you can access them later quickly. Moreover, it allows exporting the configured boxes with all user-preferences in a single file in order to use it on other PC without having to configure the settings and associating programs. Read More

Identify Fonts Used On Websites With What Font [Chrome]

You can identify fonts used in images with the help of sites like MyFont but if you like the look and feel of a web page and need to find the combination of fonts used and the size of the text, you have to search through the site’s HTML code. If more than one font has been used, it will be even harder to check which font has been used where. WhatFont is an extension for Chrome that tells you which fonts have been used on the site and it’s attributes. Read More

Mailbox Brings Gmail To Mac Menu Bar

Zentertain, the dev team behind the previously featured Facebox which brings Facebook to Mac menu bar, has recently released Mailbox which attempts to bring Gmail to Mac menu bar. The application is quite similar to Facebox in terms of features, UI and user experience. You have options to navigate to different Gmail pages, compose emails, and view Gmail dashboard which shows the mail folders, such as, Inbox, Draft, Sent, Trash, etc. Unlike email clients, it doesn’t require you to configure any type of email settings - just enter the login and password and it will show you the Gmail interface. Read More

Manage All Devices In The Network Remotely With Connex

Many organizations are separated by building floors or geographical locations. The use of routing and remote access helps connect geographically mobile servers. Connex Network Manager is an application for managing managing a diverse range of network devices. Supported devices include routers, switches, servers, IP Phones, laptops, desktops, printers, and smartphones. Connex supports SSH, Telnet and RDP (Remote Desktop) connectivity, with the ability to run scheduled tasks or scripts on connected devices. It can be useful for remote management of network resources within a unified desktop application. Read More

Ditto Extension For Windows Clipboard Creates Database Of Copied Items

Ditto-cp open source clipboard manager (also available as portable version) copies and saves content from the clipboard to provide a history of the copied text. It works from the system tray and does not require any complex settings. Since we have covered many clipboard managers in the past like ClipCube and Clipboard History,  the question might arise about the utility of Ditto as compared to other reviewed apps of it’s kind? What makes Ditto quite useful and different from other applications is that it provides many detailed options to configure even minor aspects like opacity, copy timeframe of content, etc. Another unique feature of Ditto is that it allows saving clipboard text in the native .dto format, which can be later imported. This allows creating database of the saved clipboard over a period of time. Read More

Snooze Your Email For Gmail Schedules Email Notifications In Chrome

Whenever you receive a new email in Gmail, a desktop notification pops up to let you know you have mail; the notification is clickable and sticks around for a few seconds in the lower right hand corner of your desktop (above system tray). Whether you choose to read it then or later, that notification is most likely the last that you’re desktop will see of it. If you plan on following up on the email, you’ll have to flag it and check back in your inbox daily to see what needs to be done and when. An easier way to get back to read or unread messages without relying on your own memory or returning to your inbox, is by using Snooze Your Email For Gmail extension for Chrome. Read More

How To Reset Unity To Default Settings In Ubuntu

Over a period of time Unity settings in Ubuntu can get a bit messed up. This can be due to frequent changes to Unity Launcher icons and CompizConfig settings. The best way to resolve such issues is to reset Unity. In this post we will tell you how to reset Unity to its default settings, including the reset of it’s launcher icons. So if your Unity settings are messed up and you want to reset it , then here is an easy tip to help you do just that. Read More

Quickly Switch Workspaces In Ubuntu Unity With Indicator Workspaces

Indicator Workspaces was formerly available for Ubuntu 10.10 but it has now been updated for the new Ubuntu 11.04 version with changes that are in line with Unity. This applet now allows customization of workspaces and rows used by Unity Workspace Switcher. It also adds an option to the panel for switching between multiple workspaces. With Indicator Workspaces you can decide the number of workspaces to view from Unity and number of rows which you would prefer viewing simultaneously. Read More

Convert Gmail Emails Into Tasks With TaskForce

TaskForce is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that turns emails into tasks and organizes in user created lists. TaskForce integrates itself in the Gmail interface by adding two buttons; ‘Convert to New Tasks’ and ‘Add to existing tasks’. The extension also exists as an independent frame in the Gmail interface. The frame can be dragged to any part of the interface suitable to the user. Read More

GDocsDrive Makes Google Docs A Google Drive On Your Desktop [Giveaway]

Using Google Docs desktop client makes sense only if it features a host of useful options which are not natively present in Google Docs. If you’re looking for a simple Google Docs client which, while organizing all the saved documents, allows direct uploading and downloading as well, check out GDocsDrive. It’s a simple implementation of Google Docs API with a handful of extra options to seamlessly manage your documents. Unlike other tools which offer direct access to Google Docs by creating a FTP connection, it offers an overly simple interface to quickly download and upload not only files but folders as well. Therefore, you wont have to create folders manually in Google Docs or install an additional applet in browsers (other than Chrome) to upload folders, GDocsDrive can upload folders along with sub-folders via simple drag & drop. Read More

Pulse Downloads Wallpapers By Keywords And Automatically Applies Them

Windows 7 Desktop Personalization feature lets you select a range of wallpapers to automatically apply and rotate them after regular intervals. This surely gives a refreshing look to your desktop by keep changing wallpapers, but what if you want to stick with one type of wallpapers, like, landscapes, rain, technology, and to apply them without having to manually set them up? Pulse is an open source system tray app to automatically download and apply wallpapers according to specified keyword. It allows you to download wallpapers in only best suited resolution to properly fit them on your screen. Currently, the app is in beta phase and supports only one online resource, however, in coming releases, you will have options to download wallpapers according to given keyword from multiple resources. Read More

pdfy Converts Source Code To PDF File On The Go

Need to share programming language source code with your fellow team members? The best and quick method would be to simply copy the source code from IDE to plain text file, and then send it to others. However, this is unproductive and your team members will not be able to view syntax highlighted text. pdfy is a small online source code conversion app which can seamlessly convert source code into PDF file while keeping the syntax highlighting intact, so you can share the PDF file with others without having to worry about  the required IDE is installed at recipient’s end or not. This online service apparently supports all major programming languages, including C++, PHP, HTML, Java, etc. The conversion process takes no more than a few seconds to convert code files to PDF format. Once converted, it will create a PDF file with download link to save the converted code file on any local directory. Read More

Identify Spam Emails And Remove Them With Spam Reader [Outlook Add-In]

Tired of getting plethora of spam messages in your mailbox everyday? Sadly, Outlook intrinsic Spam filtering system is not efficient enough to identify junk mails nor does it offer a convenient way to move spam mails to user-defined special folders. This compels heavy Outlook users to consider third party options to properly identify, filter, and move spam mails to special folder with facilities to manage and delete superfluous mails with a single click. Spam Reader is an add-in for Outlook, offering multi-level spam filtering solution to detect spam mails. Supporting widely used mail protocols – POP, IMAP, Exchange, HTTP, it can filter junk mails from all types of mailboxes that you’ve configured in Outlook. Spam filtering system is based on Bayesian algorithm which looks for particular phrases, words, links, and other characters which are commonly used by spammers and are present in system auto-generated emails. You can further apply a customized spam filter layer by defining a white and black spam list of sender email addresses. Read More

Collaborate And Manage Small Projects Online With CoHuman

CoHuman is a simple project management web service for small teams. It lets you and your team members monitor and track all tasks for a project. The free version of the service lets you enter an unlimited number of projects, gives you 1GB storage space for your files, allows all members to collectively track tasks, automatically sets priority of all tasks entered for a particular project and gives members real time notifications of any changes in tasks. Read More

Install Custom HTC Sense Gingerbread ROM on Nexus S

Being Google's official Android developers phone, the Nexus S has run the likes of the beautiful MIUI and the swift and sleek CyanogenMod ROMs. What it had been missing out on all this time, was HTC’s Sense UI which is loved by many. If you own a Nexus S, XDA-Developers forum member apreichner has just released the only Sense-based ROM available for the Nexus S and it is one fine release! More on this brilliant ROM and how to install it after the jump. Read More

Shake To Launch Any App With AppShaker For Android

What's amazing about Android as an open platform is the virtually unlimited scope of innovation when it comes to developing apps for it and different ways to use it, and what we are about to feature here is a prime example of it. Did the idea of launching apps on your phone in an unconventional way ever occur to you? For instance, launching one simply by shaking your phone in a particular way? It did occur to the developer of AppShaker, who made it as an app that lets you configure your Android device to launch other apps when shaken by you. Read on for more details, our brief review and the download link. Read More