150 Best Windows Applications Of Year 2011 [Editor’s Pick]

At the dawn of 2011, we provided you with a list of 150 best Windows application of 2010. This, year we covered not only Windows software, but also Mac OS X and Linux applications in great number. Since Windows is the most widely used operating system, we tried to keep our focus on finding and covering best Windows software, tricks and tips. While it is important to look for all the good things that the future might hold, it is also worth looking back to see the fine finds of previous year. Keeping the tradition alive, we now have a compilation of the 150 best Windows applications of the year 2011. So, it’s time to browse through some extremely handy applications and pick the ones that best suit your needs.Read More

SimilarWeb: Find Similar Websites And Discover Latest Buzz [Chrome]

SimilarWeb, a browser extension, allows you to access the best sites related to the current one you are browsing. It makes your browsing experience more productive & interactive by letting you find similar top sites and the latest activity for any website. Once you’ve installed the extension, click the button in the toolbar, and a pop-up will be displayed with three main categories, Similar sites, Top sites and Buzz. For each category, you will be able to view websites with image thumbnails and titles. SimilarWeb is a handy tool that can help you find popular websites, competitors and much more.Read More

Alpha Goals Tracks Your Achievements & Character Improvements [iPhone]

Judging by the amount of motivational apps coming out these days, looks like iPhone users are getting a bit too depressed (possibly because of the delay in the launch of iPhone 5 & iPad 3). We have covered a few such iOS apps, like TED and Unstuck, and now Alpha Goals joins the list. It is an app which will let users define their goals in life, and then continuously compare their achievements with the set goals. In addition to that, the app will also throw motivational quotes at you, and will make you sign a contract with yourself (like a New Year resolution that works for the whole year). Sure you can do all that in the Notes app too, but Alpha Goals acts like a sincere friends and tries its level best to ensure that the targets you set up are really followed.Read More

History Timeline: Elegant Interface For Finding Visited Links [Chrome]

Navigating Chrome’s history page to find a particular link isn’t easy because it is a mess. While you can’t call it cluttered, the history page isn’t very function; the search feature lacks in accuracy and items are sorted by date only and not by hour marks which makes it all the more difficult to find a page you previously visited or want to delete. History Timeline, a Chrome extension, allows users to conveniently find links by replacing the default history page with an interactive timeline view. Tabs that are opened at the same time appear side by side in the timeline, and each domain comes with a different color. Additionally, page visits have a start time and an end time as well, which can help users to track the time they spend on each website.Read More

iKeyboardRemote: Send Commands To iPhone Or iPad From Paired Mac

If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, you can easily connect it to your iPhone, and use it to control your device. In the event that you haven’t splurged on such a keyboard - partly because it’s splurging, and partly because you aren’t that crazy about typing from a full, physical QWERTY keyboard on your iPhone - then iKeyboardRemote might be of use with considerable savings, since it is free. This Mac app is a  simple remote control that pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth, and allows you to start a slideshow of the pictures on your phone, play/pause and move to the next or previous track, lock your phone screen and control the volume. A paid version of this app ($9.99) allows you to type text to your iPhone.Read More

Soundtracker Brings Its Location-Based Music Discovery App To Android

Soundtracker is an interactive online music discovery, distribution and sharing service featuring no less than 11 million high quality songs. Apart from managing and listening to your favorite tracks, you can use Soundtracker service to explore music shared by your Facebook/Twitter friends as well as from users nearby. The official mobile client of Soundtracker is available across all the popular platforms, with the Android Market being the latest to receive its very own variant. Using the Soundtracker Radio app, you get a chance to search for, access, and share your favorite music stations (artists) from anywhere. It also lets you learn about the musical taste of other users, and make friends with them, chat with them, and comment on their tracks. Another added feature in the mobile client is the ability to displays lyrics of the songs that you're listening to. The app also sports a handy homescreen widget that lets you switch tracks, and share them with your friends right from the homescreen.Read More

Instant File Searcher Professional: Advanced Search Tool For Windows

The Windows default search utility provides quick access to files and folders across the system. Despite being a very handy utility, many users consider Windows Search to be too slow in providing results, and sometimes items can fail to appear in search results due to non-indexing. Furthermore, it can be quite hard to locate items using custom parameters in Windows Search. For this reason, some users opt for alternative search utilities that provide quicker search results, such as Quick Search. Instant File Searcher Professional is a portable search tool, which acts as a more advanced alternative to Windows Search. Details past the break.Read More

The Official 500px App: Enjoy Photography Wonders On Your iPad

A few days back, we covered ISO500, a third-party client for the popular photo hosting service, 500px. That app was specifically for the iPhone, but what’s better than viewing high quality, professionally shot photos on an iPad’s 10-inch screen? That’s what the official 500px app for the iPad lets you do. Looking at the photos in the app, you are sure to realize that the service has always been perfectly suited to iPad. Read on to know everything about this beautiful app.Read More

Mitini Is A Siri Like Virtual Personal Assistant For Windows

As most of us know, Siri is apple's latest brainchild, a personal (virtual) assistant that acts as a knowledge navigator, and provides information regarding voice queries made by the user. Unfortunately, since long, there has been no application for Windows users that can provide Siri like functionality. Recently, Mitini was launched, which is a portable, Siri-like application for Windows users. This third-party application uses Microsoft’s speech engine to recognize your voice and to reply to your queries.Read More

Collaborative Drawing Tool Lets You Connect And Draw From Mac & iPhone

Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing for Mac is a collaboration tool for Mac that lets you connect your iPhone over Wi-Fi. The app is fairly basic, and lets you draw in a wide spectrum of colors. From your iPhone, you can snap photos, share them to your Mac, and begin drawing. The app allows you to draw from your Mac and iPhone at the same time, and changes are reflected quickly on both ends. It comes with a drawing and an erase tool. You can save images to your phone or desktop, and and similarly import them from your phone or hard disk for collaboration.Read More

Get 50 GB Free Cloud Storage On Box From Any Android Device [How To]

Popular online storage service Box recently announced that it would be offering a mammoth 50GB of free cloud storage space to all mobile users who register for a new account using their Android-powered LG smartphones till March 31, 2012. As per the announcement, the offer is currently only available to LG users, but Sony Ericsson devices too will be included in the offer soon. But what if you don’t own a device by either manufacturer, and yet want to avail said offer? The folks over at XDA have carved an effective method of grabbing the offer via any rooted Android device regardless of its manufacturer and model. Read on past the break to know how.Read More

Official TuneWiki App Now Available For Windows Phone 7

Popular music streaming and lyrics sharing web service TuneWiki hardly needs an introduction, owing to its ever-growing list of users. The mobile apps of the web-service have been around for quite a while for iOS and Android, and it was about time that Windows Phone 7 users joined the gang as well. Finally, the wait is over, as the WP7 version of the app has made its way to the Windows Phone Marketplace. This recent launch of the WP7 client for TuneWiki provides you with the option to search for songs and synchronized lyrics translated in over 40 languages, along with a wide variety of radio stations and SHOUTcasts, right on your WP7 device. Let's learn more about the features of TuneWiki for Windows Phone 7 after the jump.Read More

20 Best Cydia Tweaks Of Year 2011

2011 is coming to an end, and it was a year that saw Apple maintain its dominance over the smartphone market. In October, iOS was bumped to iOS 5, which brought many long-awaited features to Apple’s mobile platform. In addition to that, iPhone 4S was launched, which has been termed as the most successful iPhone yet, with Siri being the apple of many people’s eyes. On the jailbreak front, Cydia lovers had to spend the last quarter of the year on a tethered jailbreak for iOS 5, but with the holiday season came an untethered jailbreak. iOS 5 brought a fully functional Notification Center, and many completely different features to the iOS mix, and that made way for a whole new genre of Cydia tweaks. Here is a list of some of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 5.Read More

[Giveaway] DaisyDisk: Visualize Disk Space Usage & Memory Hogging Folders [Mac]

On a Mac, you have one solitary disk, no matter what the size is, and you still get only one drive with no partitions whatsoever. This means, all your data will get organized in folders, and although this would hold true even if you had disk partitions, they would at least let you separate work and personal files/folders. With so many folders inside a folder inside another folder, you often save files that hog space, and forget them later on. If you ever get down to freeing up some space on your disk, you’d probably spend a lot of time trying to find what’s eating it up before deleting it. DaisyDisk is a Mac app available for $9.99 in the Mac App Store, that lets you visualize how space is being consumed on your hard disk. All folders are shown in disc-like graphs, and each component can be clicked to view memory usage in a particular folder.Read More

Plan Your Dream Holiday With Tripomatic [Web]

Want to plan your dream holiday without wasting time searching for things to do, or places to visit? Tripomatic, a web application, is a planning resource that locates all the major tourist attractions throughout the world, and lets you organize trips with only a few simple clicks. This tool comes with a large number of worldwide destinations, along with detailed maps. With it, you can discover new places and activates to do there. It lets you assemble an itinerary, and once you're done, you can print, share, download or embed the entire plan for your trip. Trips other users create can also be accessed from the homepage, which you can simply download or print. The service is free, and you can log in with your Facebook account.Read More

CodeTwo Move & Delete: Get Alert On Moving A Folder In Outlook 2010

Since the advent of emails, many companies have come up with their own ideas to make the service more robust and advanced. Perhaps, it’s the sole reason that emails are not anymore used for the sake of sending text messages only, as there is a lot more to it now. In the arena of email clients that are available for Windows, Microsoft’s Outlook has earned a name of its own by taking care of pretty much everything that’s related to your email accounts, facilitating you to do and manage all your personal, work, and/or other email accounts under one umbrella. Although first released back in 1997, much has changed now since what was initially implemented with Microsoft’s latest and greatest Outlook 2010 – so many features have been packed into one package that it would be a fools way to call it just an email client. Apart from email management,  it takes care of your contacts, maange schedules and meetings, provide data backup options and what not. One of the beauties of Outlook is its plugins support, which further widen up this open ocean of features. If you’re continuously on the look for new plugins that take care of all your Outlook needs, then you’d definitely like the one we have for you today. If you work with a lot of folders in Microsoft Outlook, it can frequently happen that you unintentionally grab a folder, and drop it onto another folder while scrolling down the navigation pane. Well, you wouldn't anymore, as CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that prevents this from happening. If you drag and drop one folder into another, or hit the Delete button, it gives you a warning and allows you to cancel or confirm the action. A pretty nifty way to provide an early heads-up.Read More

PDFDek: Extract Pages From Any PDF Document As JPG/ Image Files [Mac]

PDF is a popular format that works on just about every platform there is, and most browsers have the ability to open these files natively, which means you can forgo your PDF reader altogether in most cases. Since a PDF file is readable on so many formats, you will find that most documents are available in it. While reading a PDF is extremely easy, finding a PDF extractor or editor is just as hard. PDFDek is a Mac app that extracts individual pages from a PDF, and saves them individually as images or PDFs. It lets you specify a page range to extract from, and supports output in TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, JPEG2000 and PDF formats.Read More

Save iOS Photos/ Videos In Pattern Or Password Protected Secret Folder

Privacy is an issue which is considered pretty important by most iPhone owners, but for many, the lock screen passcode is enough. However, you might have to hand over your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to someone who wants to make a call, or go to some lesser private area of iOS. In such cases, there is no way to define security levels for different locations in your iDevice. Enter The Secret Folder, which is a free app for keeping your media safe, and away from prying eyes. Read on to find out all about this handy little app.Read More

Desktop Plagiarism Checker: Check For Duplicate Content In Write-Ups

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else’s work and presenting it as your own, without crediting the original author. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, Plagiarism is “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source." Even though it is considered a very big offence in literary circles, people usually don’t give a second thought to it when copying someone else’s work. It is a common habit among students to copy something off the internet, and use it in their own article without giving references. Desktop Plagiarism Checker is an application that lets you check for duplicate text, and see the percentage of content copied from the internet. Read more about Desktop Plagiarism Checker after the break.Read More

Remote Dictate Allows Speech-To-Text Dictation From iPhone 4S To PC

Speech-to-text functionality is commonplace for both mobile and desktop platforms, but dictating text to your PC via your iPhone 4S was a concept unheard of until very recently, when an app by the name of Remote Dictate made its way into the App Store. This app lets you dictate text to any application running on your PC provided it is using the same Wi-Fi Connection as your iPhone 4S with has Air Mouse server running on it. Remote Dictate is ideal for those people who you have to sit in front of the PC and type for hours on end, and wish to give their hands a rest.Read More