How To Install Android Market 2.2.11

A new update for the Android Market app to version 2.2.11 rumored to be intended for devices yet unreleased has just been leaked and if you want to grab it before it is officially rolled out to your phone or tablet, read on for the download link and installation instructions. Read More

Root And Install ClockworkMod Recovery On Android Viewsonic G Tablet

Tablet computing has been on the rise lately and amongst the dozens of tablet devices on the market running the Android operating system, Viewsonic G Tablet has gained quite a fan following. If you own one of these tablets, you can now install ClockworkMod recovery on it that roots it and lets you perform a vast range of recovery operations not possible from the stock recovery. Read More

Install CyanogenMod 6 ROM On Advent Vega Android Tablet

While it may not be the iPad killer or the best Android tablet on the market, the Advent Vega is definitely an impressive device for its low price, and now you can install CyanogenMod 6 on it to get rid of its heavily limited stock Android installation and get all the awesome CyanogenMod features that we all love. Read More

Use ADB Wirelessly Over Wi-Fi With adbWireless for Android

ADB is an amazing tool that is essential for anyone attempting to customize an Android device beyond a certain level, but using it has conventionally required connecting your device to your computer via USB. While there are commands and scripts that let you connect to ADB wirelessly, using them each time can be cumbersome. adbWireless is an app that makes this process dead simple even for newbies. Read More

Set Your Focus On One Task Or Project With focus booster

foocus booster (fb) is a small Adobe Air application which implements pomodoro technique to let you focus on one task or project at a time. Pomodoro is an efficient time management methodology coined by Francesco Cirillo to let people consider the worth of time as it passing by while working on some important  task. focus booster brings the same technique for users who struggle with organizing time in an efficient manner.  Even though the pomodoro technique can be deployed virtually, it allows user to not only keep track of time but let them specify break length with an option to set alarms to achieve the task in defined timeline. Read More

Monitor Health Of Upto 10 Servers In Network With Windows Health Monitor

Windows Health Monitor is a powerful monitoring utility which is developed by ManageEngine - famous for developing Enterprise IT Management Software. The free application is designed for large-scale network models, where system administrators are dealing with more than 100 nodes with around 10 servers working simultaneously. While it is compatible with both commonly used Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, it can be used in a small LAN as well, where systems are running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  As far as inspection is concerned, it is designed to monitor bandwidth and disks utilization, including disc space, read & write functions, and network traffic with an option to define a threshold in order to consistently observe CPU and memory utilization of running servers. The application monitors all the elements in real-time, however, you can specify refresh time according to your requirements. Read More

Extract And Convert DMG File To ISO, BIN, And IMG With DMGExtractor

DMGExtractor is a Java-based application for extracting and converting Mac OS X dmg (Disk Image) file content into widely used image file formats, such as, BIN, ISO, and IMG. According to the developer, it is capable of manipulating CUDIFDiskImage based disk images while all other AES-128 encrypted disk images can also be handled. The application is not only an attempt to port functions of dmgtoiso utility but adds a set features which one might require while extracting or converting dmg contained content. Unlike dmg2iso, it comes with simple GUI-based interface to quickly extract files. Read More

Install MarkinuX HD App2SD+ ROM On HTC HD2

MarkinuX HD Extra Clean v1.0 is a new, light yet feature-rich App2SD+ Android ROM for the HTC HD2 that you can run from the internal NAND memory of the device and it aims to bring all the great HTC apps and settings along with App2SD+ to the device without the HTC Sense interface itself. To give your HTC HD2 a fresh Android ROM, read on for details. Read More

Sigil – Complete eBook Editor With Full EPUB Format Support

In the past we have covered plenty of ePub Readers, Managers, Organizer, and Downloaders, but what about a full-fledged editor? Our popular Top 4 free ePub Readers post does not list any app that can edit eBooks in ePub format. Previously reviewed FBReader and Calibri are both strong readers and managers with the option to download eBooks online, but lack an advanced built-in editor. Read More

The Basic Guide For Optimizing Your Torrent Downloads

Many people find the concept of seeders, leechers and peers to be quite confusing. When using a torrent client such as uTorrent, Azureus, Bittorrent, etc, it can be quite difficult to estimate the specific bandwidth settings to speed up the download. In this post we will elaborate the concept of seeders, peers and lechers in reference to torrent downloads and provide details as to how you can optimize your torrent client for a better download speed. Read More

Quickly Search And Open Files, Programs And URLs In Ubuntu With Kupfer

Kupfer is a Linux application that speeds up searching for programs, files and saved website URLs. It is quite similar to Quicksilver and Gnome Do and merely requires typing the name (usually first letter) of the desired file, program ,etc to display a search result. However, it is more than just a searching tool and can be enhanced by using add-ons. Read More

Fully Customize Your Windows Desktop Background With SE-DesktopConstructor

SE-DesktopConstructor is a dynamic tool that can be used to completely customize your desktop background. It allows you to automatically change desktop wallpapers after a set period of time (with selected images, solid colors, color gradient, etc), place a clock and calendar on the desktop with several customizable designs, color areas of icons, and so on. Although Windows 7 does have some of these features by default, the customization options are limited as compared to what this application has to offer. Read More

Control YouTube From Chrome Toolbar And Play Videos In Loop

YouTube Controls is a Google Chrome extension that adds a button on the toolbar to control YouTube video. With the auto-play option of this extension, videos can be played in loop, which may be useful for people willing to listen to a song repeatedly without having to manually play it again. Moreover, the functionality to stop, resume or playback a video from the Toolbar also provides the convenience of not having to go to the original window/tab. Read More