Yahoo! AppSpot Brings Personalized App Discovery For Android & iOS

As Android keeps making steady progress as a stable mobile operating system, and reaches out to a far greater global audience, more and more developers are showing keenness in creating apps belonging to different genres. This has already resulted in a pretty much saturated app market that has multiple options from every known genre to offer to the users. Quite clearly, this beckons for a user-friendly and well-crafted app discovery tool that can help you find the required apps with minimum fuss. Although the Android Market and AppBrain serve this purpose quite remarkably, one can feel the need for an even more convenient mobile solution in this regard. Yahoo! has just released its very own mobile app discovery client for Android and iOS. AppSpot provides “personalized app recommendations” from the Android Market and App Store on a daily basis. The app provides suggestions according to the apps installed on your device. It features a search bar that posts queries to Yahoo! App Search (the online search portal for mobile apps released alongside AppSpot) and a built-in barcode scanner. The Android variant comes packed with a 4 x 2 widget that allows you to scroll through and access all of the day’s recommended apps from your home screen. Read More

HTC Confirms Sensation Bootloader Unlocking Coming Soon

It seems as if HTC has started taking things seriously as they have confirmed that HTC Sensation bootloader unlocking process will be rolling out soon. This pleasantly surprising announcement came from HTC’s Facebook page where a user demanded a day of release for unlocked bootloader of Sensation. Although there isn’t a specific date mentioned in HTC’s reply, but  they are working on an easy and properly streamlined process for this purpose. Read More

How To Flash KF1 Gingerbread ROM On Samsung Captivate Easily

We covered a guide on how to install the leaked official KF1 Gingerbread firmware on the Samsung Captivate. While that was no pain to install, it did involve fiddling around with multiple files in ODIN. What this package does, is let you run ODIN and click on start. Credits to XDA-developers forum member CB650 Wolf. Optionally you can flash the Fugu Root as well if you wish to. Read on for how to install it on the Captivate. Read More

MetroTwit Is Metro UI Based Twitter Client For Windows [Review]

Twitter is arguably the best platform to keep yourself updated with latest events, current affairs, hot prospects, and trending topics. Many avid Twitter users rely more on desktop clients rather than Twitter Web UI to keep tab on what their peeps are tweeting about and also to manage and view replies in a convenient way. If you’re fond of Twitter desktop clients with drop-dead UIs, like widely used Adobe Air based TweetDeck, Seesmic, Sobees, etc., have a look at MetroTwit too. Read More

Get Rid Of Can’t Create File Error With Cleanup Outlook Attachment

Since Outlook saves downloaded attachment files in Windows Temp folder, you often get 'Can’t create file; right-click the folder you want to create the file in' prompt when you have overwhelming number of attachments with same name in your mailbox. This error could possibly prevent Outlook from downloading more attachments and, in some cases, simply stop rendering emails with attachments. One way to resolve this problem is by accessing Windows registry, finding respective keys of random folder name followed by changing their titles. But if you don’t want to tweak with Windows registry every time you see Can’t create file prompt, use Outlook Attachment Cleanup to remove duplicate files having same title in your configured mail accounts. It’s a small add-on to determine how many files are there in your mailbox with same title and clean user-selected attachment files to avoid file naming conflicts. Read More

Windows8Menu Brings Windows 8 UI For Tablets To Windows 7

The recently held Microsoft D9 conference revealed many new features of upcoming Windows 8. Amongst all the features and UI related enhancements, replacement of classic Windows Start Menu with Windows 8 Side Menu is the most significant. It adds a tile at the right side of the screen, allowing you to access Share, Connect, Search, and many other features. This newly designed Start Menu is however for Windows 8 tablets, but according to official dev community it will going to work smoothly on PCs running Windows 8 as well. It not only revamps the whole way to initiate system search but offers direct access to your most favored web links and apps too. If you’re a Windows enthusiast and can’t wait to use newly released Windows 8 Start search on Windows 7, Windows8Menu is a Windows 7 application that emulates somewhat similar design and functionality of Windows 8 Start Menu. Read More

Encrypt Files via Drag & Drop With Drag‘n’Crypt ULTRA

Drag‘n’Crypt ULTRA is an encryption tool using Twofish encryption algorithm to encrypt files and folder via simple drag & drop. Unlike other algorithms, TwoFish algorithm offers fast file encryption and decryption, therefore, Drag n Crypt doesn’t take too long to encrypt a large chunk of data. The application also integrates with Windows right-click context menu to let users encrypt and decrypt files without having to open the main interface. It also puts a small encryption box on desktop which enables you to just drop the file(s) to start encryption process. The Favorites feature lets you create a list of files and folders, so you can easily encrypt and decrypt them without any hassle involved. Read More

Automatically Shutdown Your System After Downloads Complete In Firefox

Watching and waiting for huge files to download is frustrating enough but knowing you have to wait for them to finish just so you can shutdown your system makes it worse. You can always let them complete and let your system go to standby but if you prefer to shutdown your system at the end of the day and find yourself babysitting your downloads just to do it, try Auto Shutdown NG. It’s a Firefox extension that automatically shuts down your system when all downloads have completed. Read More

Google Videos App Now Available For Motorola XOOM

The official Google Videos app is now available for Motorola XOOM. The users can now rent movies from thousands to titles available in Android Market and begin watching them straightaway. According to Google, this app allows you to play Movies and videos on your Motorola XOOM tablet without the need of any syncing, passwords, Pin Numbers etc. The best thing about this app is that you can watch all the rented movies while you are offline.

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Smart Desktop Adds Important Shortcuts In Tabs On Your Desktop

Smart Desktop is a dynamic application to overhaul your desktop by replacing your desktop shortcuts with a feature rich overlay menus. It contains weather, calendar and system monitoring widgets, as well as time and date display. The system monitoring widget contains information regarding CPU and RAM utilization, Network traffic and used disk space. Numerous shortcuts within the Home tab are divided into convenient sub-tabs which allow easy access to browsers, MS Office programs, Google Search, Dictionary Search, media players, system utilities, Windows accessories, etc. Similarly, the Weblinks tab from the top of the interface provides quick access to commonly used search engine, social media, news and other related websites. Smart Desktop seems to be a viable replacement for the previously reviewed Rainmeter. Smart Desktop can not just be a good replacement for multiple application shortcuts on the desktop, but also a useful way of monitoring essential system components such as the CPU and memory utilization. Read More

Upload Photos & Videos To Multiple Facebook Accounts From Desktop

Upload Rabbit for Facebook is an elegant and easy to use application which enables uploading photos and videos to Facebook via drag and drop or Windows right click context menu. You can directly upload photos to a selected album or newly created album. It has more simplified and dynamic options than the previously reviewed Bloom. Using Upload Rabbit, you can switch between multiple Facebook accounts for uploading photos and videos. The main interface of Upload Rabbit is quite similar to a Mac style window which makes it look like a Mac application despite being a Windows software. Read More

How To Remove A Unity Lens In Ubuntu Linux

Unity lens are an interesting way of enhancing the functionality of the Unity Launcher. For example, we reviewed the Unity Place File Search Lens which enables quick search of files and folders. Similarly, the Gwibber Lens enables checking for Gwibber updates from the Dash. While it can be fun to add lens to the Unity, what happens when you add too many lens which clutter up the launcher? In this post we will look at how to uninstall a lens from the Unity Launcher. Read More

Find PPA With Application Name Using Y PPA Manager

Personal Package Archives (PPA) allow users to easily download and install software in Ubuntu Linux. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult for novices to understand this process which involves accessing software sources for adding an APT line of the repository. Y PPA Manager is a tool which simplifies this process. It allows adding, deleting and purging PPAs easily. You can also search and install PPA from Launchpad repositories by entering the name of an application. Read More

Dialer Shield For iPhone Stops Accidental End Call And Keypad Presses [Cydia]

Although Touchscreen cell phones offer great value, optimized user experience and aesthetics, but at times there are some glitches that just keep recurring and are undoubtedly annoying. One of the major flaw of these Touchscreen phones is accidental tapping on Call End button or keypad during a call. This flaw either leaves you with a dropped call with someone important or you get to hear keypad chimes which are really irritating when you are talking something important over the phone. Well I am not siding with Android or anything here, but this glitch is fairly common in iPhones.

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How To Reduce Lag On Verizon Droid Charge [Stock And Root]

Samsung Droid Charge is the new sensation for Verizon users coming packed with 8 MP camera, 1 GHz processor and 4.3 Inch display. We have been consistently updating our readers about all new Android developments taking place for this phone. However, there is one simple glitch that’s proving to be a deal breaker for certain Android enthusiasts who like their devices super fast and rock stable. Apparently there are many Droid Charge users who are complaining of lag while using their phone and currently there is no fix available. The new EE4 OTA update also failed to address the lag issue. Read More

Present, Share & Collaborate On Design Projects With Clients And Teams

It’s always a challenge to find a good, easy and affordable (free) way to present work to a client and it’s equally difficult to get feedback. Cage is a web app that not only simplifies presenting work to a client but also facilitates collaboration, making it easier to get feedback. To share your project renderings with the client, or perhaps a team member working remotely, create a project, add images of your renderings in either JPG or PNG format and send them either a password protected or publicly viewable link where they can see the design and post comments on. Read More

How To Update Sprint EVO Shift 4G To Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread [OTA]

Finally there is some great news for HTC EVO Shift 4G owners as official Android 2.3 Gingerbread OTA update is rolling out now. According to many users of this phone, they have received the update notification and are now in the process to upgrade their devices to this new firmware upgrade. But in case you already have root on your device, then it will be advisable to wait for custom ROM that is based on this Gingerbread version as directly updating can mess your device up.

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Backup Tabs And Windows And Sync Them Across Computers In Chrome

If for any reason, you have to log off one system and use another one; if you find yourself rushing home from the office on occasion and later trying to resume work from home you might know that it can take anything between 30 minutes to an hour just to get things back to the same point you left them. One of the many things that takes time to get back to what you were doing is getting all your tabs and windows open again. Sesh in a Chrome extension that simplifies restoring tabs and windows for you. It lets you save multiple tabs open in a window or single tabs. It stores them, lets you name them for classification and sorting and syncs through Chrome sync. Read More