Shorten And Share Links With Unofficial App For Android

New to the Android Market, D Bitly is a free, unofficial client for the bitly URL shortening service. Particularly useful for sharing links via SMS, the app lets you login with your bitly account, shorten and share URLs and view a log of all previously shortened links, allowing you to re-share previously shortened links with a couple of taps, instead of having to copy and shorten them all over again. Read More

Overclock Acer Iconia A500 Honeycomb Tablet To 1.6Ghz On Android 3.1

The Acer Iconia is beginning to show off some real muscle, and this new Unity V1 kernel by XDA-Developers forum member m-deejay - which takes your Iconia to a brilliant 1.6Ghz - is testimonial to that. It wasn’t too long ago that the famous ClockworkMod custom recovery was ported to this Honeycomb tablet, so kernels like these that can be flashed via ClockworkMod recovery, are only the start of things to come. So if youve recently gotten your hands on an Iconia and want to rev up the clock on that thing, read on after the break to learn more about this kernel and what it offers, as well as how you can install it on the Iconia. Read More

Asa Log Viewer Shows Logs Of Windows Current Events By Log Type

Asa Log Viewer is a simple application which allows you to view current Windows logs. As far as the functionality is concerned, it’s quite different from previously featured log viewers and analyzers, Vlogger, LogExpert, and MasS Log Viewer, just to name a few. Its primary focus is on all the major Windows devices and elements which may throw exceptions while running or working in background. Since it’s not easy to identify the culprits for Windows errors, it, in contrast to Windows Event Viewer, enables user to check if specified Windows elements have thrown any exceptions or not. Take Internet Explorer as an instance, what would be best way to identify the problems you face with IE. You might search for log files to see conflicting instances which prevent IE from working properly, but with Asa Log Viewer, you just need to select Internet Explorer from the list and choose Errors Only option to view all the error logs that have been reported by Windows for Internet Explorer. Read More

Embed Album Art Into Music Tracks With Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader

Many portable audio players show only embedded album art covers rather than separately downloaded album arts for music collection. This begets the need of having an application which can seamlessly embed specified album arts into tracks. But when you’re dealing with one huge music collection, it is next to impossible to download album art for each track and then embed each album cover into tracks. Creevity MP3 Cover Downloader is a dedicated album art downloader which automates the process of adding album cover arts to all the tracks in your music archive. What it requires from user is to specify the music collection followed by track in which album art is to be added. You can skip tracks which already have album cover embedded while for the rest of your collection, it fetches multiple album art covers from online resources, allowing you to pick up your favorite album art and embed into the track in question. Read More

Split, Merge, Set Page Style And Layout Of PDF Documents With Hexonic PDF Split And Merge

Many PDF tools can merge PDF files together without offering any options to tweak with layout and page header and footer of documents. To achieve this, we need to use multiple PDF manipulation software, so that documents can be merged as per layout requirement of our document. Hexonic PDF Split and Merge is an advanced tool to merge and split PDF documents which offers some unique options to handle PDF document merge and split processes, including, change document layout of merged document, split document pages, store each page in separate file, add customized page footer, and set footer margins and additional page margins. Read More

Keep Track Of Work Hours And Computer Usage With ManicTime

Time tracking applications are generally written to generate report for total time that has been spent on given day, but what about measuring the time you spend on different applications while working on your project work? ManicTime is a superior alternative to previously covered PAM (Personal Activity Monitor) for Windows. In addition to tracking time you spend on applications, it enables you to track computer usage in order to collect and record activities you perform on your system. Moreover, the application lets you manage work hours to keep work and life balance. Along with applications and computer usage, it also categorizes the usage of documents in a separate group. This comes handy when you have to go through multiple documents which are related with your work tasks. Read More

Install Android 2.2 Froyo On Samsung Wave S8500 BADA OS Smartphone

The Samsung Wave with it’s brilliant Super AMOLED screen amongst other hardware specs that are in par with most high end Android phones out there today, found itself held back due to the BADA OS. Now imagine the possibilities had this phone been running the Android OS. Did we say imagine? How about you find out for yourself, because developers at XDA-Developers have managed to port the Android 2.2 Froyo OS onto the Samsung Wave!

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KeepMeOut Helps Restrict Access To Addictive Websites For A Set Time Interval

Online activities are indeed having an adverse affect on people’s lives due to addiction of websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, AddictiveTips (we had to mention it), etc. Even if online addiction does not take such a severe turn, we all must admit that a lot of time is often wasted due to addictive online activities (for example farming in the virtual farm). KeepMeOut is a web service, which helps in restricting online activities for specific websites according to a set time interval. You can specify a website and create bookmark with your configured settings for receiving a warning message when your defined time frame on a website is reached. Read More

Automatically Clear Recent Document History After A Set Time Interval

Recent document history can be convenient for quickly opening recently used documents in Windows. However, in some way it also acts as a log of your recent activity, which may cause some privacy concerns on shared computers.  It can be a bit inconvenient to manually purge recent document history periodically. Instead, it can more convenient to schedule deletion of recent history, so that you are able to use the recent documents when needed and to remove the list once you are done with your daily computer activities. Automatically Clear Recent Documents History is a  utility which automatically clears  the list of recent documents history according to specified time intervals. You can enabled recent history clearing schedule and also manually purge the recently used documents in a single click. Read More

Delete Obsolete Application Data From Your System With AppCleaner

The widely acclaimed system cleaning applications, like CCleaner, Glary Utilities, Advanced SystemCare, etc., often fail to completely remove junk from the system, which compels user to try other cleaning utilities to ensure that the left over data of uninstalled applications and obsolete files are no more present in the system. AppCleaner is a freshly baked junk cleaning utility, allowing you to scan system for applications’ data, Temp directories, hidden locations containing junk files, browsing history and traces, etc. In addition to pre-listed applications and system paths, it lets you specify folders which are to be scanned during the cleaning process for junk data. Unlike CCleaner, it allows you to select all the important Windows registry locations to remove junk entries in order to optimize the registry structure. Similarly, a host of Windows locations can be included in cleaning process, which includes, FTP accounts, Recycle Bin, Windows Explorer’s MRU lists, Chkdsk File Fragments, User Assist History, Old Prefetch data, Menu Order cache and so on. Read More

Create Android Apps For Your Favorite Websites In Just A Few Clicks!

Disappointed that your favorite website does not have a mobile web variant? Looking for a way to create an app for your own website without having to learn how to code? Look no further. AppYet is a web service that allows you to create, in just a few clicks, reasonably feature-rich and presentable Android RSS feed readers for websites of your choice. All you have to do is specify an RSS feed(s) for one or multiple sites of your choice and enter a name for the app. You can alter the package name and icon of the app as well. AppYet adds all information to an app template, builds your app and mails it to the email account that you used to register with the service. More after the break. Read More

Save Your Clipboard Items Online With ClipCloud [Mac]

Clipboard managers having stack for holding unlimited clipboard items are generally preferred over those which offer management for only limited number clipboard items. Even if you’re using a clipboard manager which allows you to hold as many items as you want, you can’t access them after a system reboot session and if there isn’t any native option to save all the clippings, you have to manually save them prior to shutting down or rebooting the system. ClipCloud prevents users from losing their clipboard items. It’s a Mac menu bar application that acts as a clipboard buffer instead of manager to temporarily store your clipboard items. The worth noting part is that it syncs your clipboard items saved in Temp buffer with its server, enabling you to access them from anywhere. Once you sign up with the service, it gives you direct web access to your clippings. Read More

Sort C# Code Structure In Visual Studio 2010 With CodeSorter

One of the most tiring task you might have to perform over source code files everyday is code sorting. Since there aren’t any set conditions which one can instantly apply over source code file to make it look tidy and clean, users have to manually sort the code structure according to their requirements. If you’re looking for a relatively easy way to sort your C# code in Visual Studio 2010, you can try out CodeSorter to specify code sorting conditions, so that they can be applied with a single click over all the code files. The add-in only works with C# project files and may disturb code structure of other languages. The add-in has a host of different code sorting conditions which can be customized in numerous ways. It was developed to sort source code files by different conditions such as, names, types; including, class, struct, method, virtual modifiers; virtual overide, new, etc. Read More

Merge, Encrypt And Optimize Quality Of PDF Files With PDF reDirect

Are you looking for an application which offers a simple yet intuitive way to manipulate PDF documents? If you’ve been using stripped down version of previously discussed PDF995, you can opt in for PDF reDirect, which is a full-featured alternative to both PDF995 and CutePDF applications. PDF reDirect offers a quick way to create and to generate industry standard PDF files. The application offers tools to merge different PDF files together in user specified order and to encrypt the PDF document. Its major focus is on post-PDF file creation options. You for instance create PDF file of your document from word processor and then tweak with page settings and PDF layout options using PDF reDirect. Before you save the document through PDF reDirect, you can set the View Style of your document the way you see fit. It contains 6 different view style which are accompanied with 7 different zooming levels ranging from Fit Width, Fit Page, 50 % zoom to 200% zoom.  Moreover, you can switch between document conversion engines; by default, it uses GNU Ghostscript, but can be replaced with AFPL Ghostscript. Read More

WebKut Is Adobe Air Based Screenshot Tool To Capture Parts Of Web Pages

WebKut is an Adobe Air based screenshot taking application that allows you to clip web pages in numerous ways. One problem which many users face with desktop screenshot taking applications is that they don’t offer a convenient way to clip complete web pages. WebKut, in contrast, enables you to not only capture whole web page but also converts captured web page image into PDF format. It offers a simple web browser to search and open the web pages which are to be captured. You can also clip specific part of web page and capture current view of web page in question. Read More

Enable 5-Point Multi Touch On Motorola Atrix 4G

So how many touch points does your Atrix 4G register at a time? Well the iPad 2 can register up to 5 touch points for gestures and more. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer, a staggering 10 touch points! But, these are tablets, sporting huge screens which makes the multiple touch points understandable. The Atrix 4G may not be a tablet but for the price you pay, and for the hardware it boasts, we want a fair and equal treatment! XDA-Developers forum member michael0619 has done that for you by releasing a mod that now allows your Atrix 4G to register up to 5 individual touch points.

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How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery On Motorola Atrix 4G

With the bootloader unlocked on the Atrix 4G just a while back, it is no surprise to see efforts being made to port the much famous ClockworkMod recovery to the device. Guess what, those efforts have finally been fruitful with an early version of ClockwrokMod recovery being released by XDA-Developers forum member tenfar. Read More

exfm – The Social Network For Music Releases Its iOS App

Originally a Chrome extension for on-the-fly music discovery, organizing and sharing, exfm, now has a free mobile client for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. exfm for iOS, like the extension, allows you to discover and listen to new songs, favorite (“Note”) or buy the ones you like, share them with your friends over Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr or queue them up into a playlist and listen to them in one go, follow what your friends are listening to or browse through the Tastemakers feed, a randomly generated timeline of songs Noted by other exfm users. And that’s not all. Join us after the break for more. Read More

Unlock Motorola Atrix 4G Bootloader On Froyo / Gingerbread

Earlier we covered a major breaking news regarding the forthcoming unlock for the Motorola Atrix 4G’s bootloader. According to developers, the coming Gingerbread update by Motorola would leave the bootloader prone to unlocking. However, XDA-Developers forum member the2dcour has rid you of that wait and come up with a solution to unlock your Atrix 4G’s bootloader, even on a Froyo based firmware. Read on for instructions on how to to unlock your Atrix’s bootloader! Read More

Overclock Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb Tablet To 1.4Ghz

Galaxy Tab 10.1 has just received an OC kernel developed by XDA-Developers forum member pershoot, letting you overclock your Galaxy Tab up to 1.4Ghz. It is important to note that the kernel has not been widely tested as yet, but according to the little feedback from users who installed this kernel, the device was stable and things were seemingly fast on the Galaxy Tab. Read More