Enable Multi Touch On Moto Defy With MultiTouch Enabler

Although Motorola Defy is an excellent well spec’d device, but the absence of multi touch is more than just a menace. Having no multi touch means that Defy users are missing on Pinch To Zoom feature that is a must have for optimized browsing and game play. Defy MultiTouch Enabler is the life saver app for Moto Defy users unleashing the true potential of device through Multi Touch. The app has been thoroughly tested on Moto Defy units running CyanogenMod 7, MIUI, Android 2.3 Gingerbread Blur and Froyo Blur.

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CyberGhost VPN Allows Free, Anonymous Private Browsing [Privacy]

Using anonymous surfing by concealing your actual credentials is a much safer way to browse the Internet than to do otherwise. This is because harmful websites attempt to log IP addresses for malicious purposes. As certain spyware applications and harmful codes require personal IP addresses to initiate attacks. Similarly, hackers try to use IP information in order to obtain home addresses, credit card information, social security numbers and bank account credentials. Using an anonymous proxy tricks such malicious sources by providing them with alternative credentials, which protects your computer’s security from being compromised. Having a proxy also shelters from tracking agents that attempt to profile user activities. Read More

Pictarine Import Photos From Different Accounts & Share Them Anywhere

In the past few weeks, there has definitely been a frenzy of importing and exporting your images from one service to another and it’s inspired quiet a few services in itself but Pictarine is the one stop solution to them all because it doesn’t take sides or discriminate. The web service lets you create a hub for images from your Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, Gmail and Twitter account and also to upload photos from your system and share them easily with your contacts. It also lets you create albums on Facebook, Picasa and Flickr by uploading images from your system or importing them from anyone of your connected accounts.

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Official App For The Economist Lands On Android Market

The Economist has the distinction of being one of the oldest and most widely followed publications of the world. For well over a period of a decade and a half, people from all over have been benefiting from the reliable and thought provoking content of the magazine, and with the passage of time, all the content offered in the published version of the magazine has been made digitally available as well. As is the case with most web apps these days, anything that's available over web can be accessed in the form of a standalone app, and when it comes to presenting the official Android client of The Economist in the form of an app, things are no different at all. The official app of popular weekly news magazine The Economist has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time but now there is an official app available in the Android Market as well for dedicated Economist readers. The app brings quite a few interactive and rich features that include a vibrant UI, preview of full issues with concise information on all articles, checking out all previously released issues, notification upon release of new issues, easy switch between Day/Night reading mode, free audio download support for all issues, choice to select regional editions, in-app subscription of preferred issues and lots more. Read More

NoMoarPowah! – Alternate Charging Screen For Rooted Samsung Android Devices

It seems old Chainfire isn’t going to run out of original ideas any time soon. The veteran Android developer’s latest venture into the Android Market is as unique (both in name and functionality) as his other endeavors (such as Chainfire3D). The app is called NoMoarPowah! and its purpose is to replace the default charging screen of your Samsung device with a more practical one. That is, it replaces the graphic that appears while your phone is being charged while powered off with an interface that displays the current time and battery percentage, allows you to reboot your device with a single tap or set it to reboot once the battery is fully charged. And that’s not all. From within the app, you can customize the charging screen to wake your device at a time of your choice or, if the battery level is critically low, when said level reaches 15%. The app works only for selective Samsung Android Devices with root access. Read More

AReader For Android – Download / Purchase, Read & “Listen To” eBooks

AReader (Android Reader) is a new, free and immensely feature-rich eBook reader for Android that offers enthusiastic readers a multitude of options in terms of supported formats (txt, ePub and PDF) and advanced reading features such as Day/Night mode, chapter-wise page selection, custom cover selection for books, TTS (Text-To-Speech) support, online eBook search, purchase/download eBooks, advanced text editing and optimal in-app customization. Designed with rich graphical interface and bookshelf style home screen, AReader makes eBook reading an enjoyable experience as you can turn the pages with a soothing flip-style effect. Browse thousands of free eBooks from online public domains and catalogs or select the best eBooks from 3rd party content providers like SmashWords, FeedBooks, Gutenberg, ManyBooks etc. You can set your own mini library within the app by adding your favorite reads to your personal collection. Read More

Outsider (I’m A WP7): Social Networking App Exclusive To Windows Phone Users

Social networking has seen a big boom in recent years, with sites like Facebook and Twitter becoming web giants in the blink of an eye. So there is quite a market for ideas relating to social networking. Windows Phone 7 is a relatively new platform, and the number of users aren’t as large as some of the other operating systems. So there is a sense of community among WP7 users whenever they get to know each other. Based on these facts, I’m a WP7 is an app that uses the concept of social networking, but only for a very exclusive club. You have to be a user of Windows Phone 7 to be a part of this network! Update: The app has been renamed to 'Outsider'. Read More

CM7 Nightly Builds Roll Out For Galaxy S II I9100 [Download & Install]

Just a few days back, CyanogenMod team announced that they will soon begin pushing out the CM7.1 Nightly builds based on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for the Samsung Galaxy S II. They have lived up to their word, as the Nightlies have begun showing up on CyanogenMod for download. This is great news for owners of the Galaxy S II since these builds would hopefully and eventually lead to a proper final build for the device, something that the device truly deserves. If you are familiar with CyanogenMod ROMs, you would understand, that Nightly builds are highly experimental and highly suspicable to instability on the device. However, this is not a certain thing and depending on how you handle your device, you may not have much of an issue using it for phone calls or texting etc. If you do, well, it IS a Nightly after all. Read More

Get Graphical Ping Results For Multiple Hosts With GPING

Ping is a network administration utility, which is used to test the reachability of a hosts on an IP based network. It also measures the round trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer. GPING (Graphical Ping) is a portable network administrators utility which pings specified hosts and generates graphs for multiple host responses simultaneously. It periodically pings the added hosts over a user defined polling interval which helps to keep a regular check on the activity of servers, routers, client computers and the like. GPING is a GUI for the command prompt Ping command, with the option to ping multiple hosts simultaneously with graphical network data overview. It provides the option to monitor the default timeout, polling interval and round trip time for the selected hosts. A list of multiple hosts can also be imported to quickly load and monitor devices with the assigned host names. Read More

How To Access GetDeb Packages From Ubuntu Software Center

GetDeb is an Ubuntu software repository with ready to install applications which are not available from default Ubuntu packages or repositories. GetDeb has provided PPAs for new or updated versions of software (e.g. VLC and Pidgin) which were not available in the default Ubuntu repository. While GetDeb packages can be installed from its website, why not install these packages from the Ubuntu Software Center directly? In this post we will show you an easy way of doing just that. Read More

Find Answers For Ubuntu Issues With AskUbuntu Unity Lens

We have reviewed both Google Books Lens and Gwibber Lens for the Ubuntu Unity launcher. This time we have the Unity Lens for AskUbuntu, which can help you quickly search and find answers to Ubuntu issues rather than having to endlessly search the internet. Ask Ubuntu is a community driven forum for the Ubuntu users. It’s members gain reputation based on the community's response (through voting) for questions and answers. Read More

WebPutty – Make CSS Changes To Your Site & View Effects In Real Time

Making CSS changes to a live website isn’t something that anyone would take lightly but that’s not to say that you wouldn't want to tweak and experiment every now and then with your site’s design. WebPutty is a web service that provides a safe way to make changes to your site’s CSS, watch how the changes would look on the site and implement them easily if you like what you’ve made.

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Install CM 7 Android Gingerbread On Galaxy S II [ROM Manager]

Finally there is some great news for Samsung Galaxy S II [S 2] owners as CyanogenMod 7 nightlies page is now live with custom ROMs available for download. Earlier we covered the same nightly build, but we aren’t sure if that 3rd party link will be up for long. But now Galaxy S II is officially onboard and you can easily update your phone to the latest CM 7.1 nightlies manually or through ROM Manager premium. In case you don’t know, CyanogenMod is a 3rd party Android AOSP based firmware intended for select Android devices to enhance and optimize user experience. CM is perhaps the most adapted custom ROM throughout the world because of it’s being “AOSP”, less bugs and rock-like stability.

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MIUI Custom ROM For Motorola Droid X Released For Download [Installation]

We have confirmation that the Motorola Droid X has just received the much famous MIUI ROM for itself. Even better, it is the latest 1.7.22 version that we’re talking about. It has been a long time coming, but that does not matter anymore now, for Droid X owners can finally enjoy the goodness of MIUI ROMs straight from the developers at MIUI.US. The ROM has been built from CM7 Nightlies, and MIUI.US MIUI translation. Read More

QR Droid 4 Beta Adds Support For Video QR Codes [Android]

As Android has ripened as a full fledged, smarter and user-friendly mobile operating system, the companion apps have also gotten way more functional than ever. The best testament to the above statement is provided by the QR code scanning apps that are no longer seen just as a means to read some hidden piece of information within barcodes and QR codes. Instead, these apps have transcended beyond being just QR code readers by bringing expansive set of possibilities to the table. Using various solutions on offer, users can now make QR codes out of virtually any piece of information stored on their devices. Similarly, you can share sensitive data stored in your mobile with others by ciphering it in the form of QR codes.  Arguably the best QR code app in the Android Market Google Play Store, QR Droid supports extensively customizable options that allow users to scan QR codes from camera, decode saved QR image, supports manual key-in feature, reads QR codes from your SD card and can decode from QR image’s URL from within a browser. Recently , QR Droid 4 Beta has been launched in the Market that brings additional QR code sharing features. The app now supports proper scanning of QR codes that point to the URL of a video. Once a video QR code is scanned, the app displays a preview image of the video and plays the video directly on your video streaming app. The app uses external media player application to play videos from the scanned QR code. Read More

Min.us Revamps Web & Desktop App Interface; Adds Aviary To Android App

Min.us is now Minus; the file sharing web service that gained popularity for making photo sharing easy now has a new domain and it celebrated by revamping both its Android and desktop application and tweaking the web interface a bit. The service though always referred to as Minus now has a domain name to match, the Android app which was somewhat lackluster is now new and shiny with Aviary editing features integrated to add effects to photos (Instagram still has more though) and the desktop application presents a better view of your timeline compared to the old one. Read More

Making Audio Notes Made Easier With Sound Shaper For Windows Phone 7

When it comes to app development, there are two ways to go about it. You can choose to add lots of glossy-looking, useless features hiding the real functionality of the app, or you can go for simplicity and create a task-dedicated app with an uncluttered interface. Experience has shown that from among the two categories just highlighted, the second one is usually more popular with the users. Sound Shaper is one such simple app which has been developed for Windows Phone 7 users and focuses on just one task, i.e. recording sounds with one touch! Read More

How To Use Marketplace Of Any Country You Want

If you are a developer for Windows Phone 7 and are not allowed to post your new app to the Marketplace because of your location, this can be quite a big problem. Also in some countries Marketplace offers limited functionality and availability for a lot of apps. If you are not happy with the Marketplace of your country and want to switch over, it is just like moving to a completely new country (at least that’s how your WP7 device will think of it). There is a simple (albeit irreversible) way of doing this which will turn your Marketplace into the Marketplace of the country of your choice. Of course you will only be able to use the Marketplace of one country at a time, but that should not be much of an issue if you revert to the US Marketplace (as most region-specific apps work in the US). Read More

Install Leaked 2.3.4 Gingerbread EP1H Firmware On Samsung Droid Charge

The Droid Charge received a 2.3.4 based EP1F firmware earlier this month, but that was a leak, and not an official or final release by Verizon. Now another 2.3.4 firmware has leaked and surface on the internet but this time the firmware is a newer one labeled EP1H, and as with any leak, it is not the official or final release. My Droid World forum member p3droid has put the firmware up for download on My Droid World and while the ROM is not the final real deal, it is reportedly very stable and smooth in operation. Read More

Install 20 Classic Ringtones Pack On Any Android Device [CWM Package]

In case you are a Ringtone buff but don’t want to search and download your favorites one by one, then there is something that can help. SCIENTYREAL, XDA member, has compiled 20 classic ringtones ClockworkMod flashable package for Android that carrier at least a tone to everyone’s rhythm. The ringtone package comprises of classic cartoon tones, TV Shows, movie themes, video games and bits and pieces from other media content. The music flies are in OGG format and can you can unpack the zip archive to listen to these ringtones prior to flashing them on your phone. It’s needless to mention that you need to have root on your phone along with ClockworkMod Recovery installed.

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