How To Update To iOS 5 (Beta 6) On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch [Guide]

There is so much discussion going on about iOS 5 these days that the anticipation is pretty much sky-high to see what is fact and what is fiction about this update. Almost a fortnight ago the much awaited iOS 5’s fifth beta version was released and we covered its installation procedure in detail. The folks over at Apple are certainly not sitting idle, and have rolled out the next beta version for developers. Yes, the iOS 5 (Beta 6) is out. Got a jailbroken device? Read on to find out how to get the beta 6 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Read More

Pepper – Backup & Sync Visual Studio 2010 Settings File (vssettings)

Visual Studio Settings file (.vssettings) contains a whole lot of configurations and details regarding the current setup and layout of Visual Studio. Unlike other software IDEs, Visual Studio is flexible enough to let users easily modify and replace default settings files with custom one to quickly apply required configurations. Many users share vssettings file with other team members before starting a new project to ensure that everything from setup, layout to projects and debug configurations will remain same across all the systems throughout the software development phases. Although Visual Studio 2010 lets user change vssettings default path and specify team settings file, it doesn’t have an option to directly backup current vssettings file to import it on other Visual Studio 2010 configured systems. Pepper is a small yet powerful add-in for Visual Studio 2010 which provides a simple solution for this very problem. Read More

Compare Two Source Codes And Text Files In Notepad++ With Compare

Notepad++ is considered to be one of the best extensible text source editing application. It not only offers a wide range of native add-ins but supports third-party plugins as well, allowing users to further extend its functionality by including new features. We have previously reviewed a brilliant HTML tag finding plug-in for Notepad++ called HTML Tag. Today, we will look at another simple yet powerful plug-in for Notepad++ called Compare. Since its first release in 2007, Compare has been consistently updated with new features and improvements. For those who never tried it before, it’s the ability to compare two source code and plain text files opened in Notepad++ tabs. While it allows you to customize the comparison method, you can also toggle some of its markers on/off which show differences between text files in focus. Read More

Add Reverse Scrolling In Mac Snow Leopard, Customize It In Mac Lion

One of the most annoying iOS inspired feature of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is reverse scrolling. Lion emulates the scrolling behavior of iOS devices, where you scroll up to actually move down the page and conversely is the case with scrolling up the window. If you want to restore the natural scrolling in Mac OS X Lion, you can disable reverse scrolling behavior from System Preferences. Nevertheless, you may also want to enable reverse scrolling behavior before using trackpad or magic mouse. If you frequently switch between mouse pointing devices, Scroll Reverser may help you manage between natural and reverse scrolling behaviors for each device. It’s a menu bar application for Mac OS X to customize reverse scrolling behavior for all types of mice and trackpads with a scroll wheel or scroll gesture support, including, Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, Mighty Mouse, and MacBook trackpads. Read More

Debug Single Thread Keeps Focus On Single Thread [Visual Studio 2010]

One of the problems which many developers face while building and debugging multi-threaded application is that it often becomes difficult to focus on single thread to check whether thread is working fine or performing required functionality or not. Single thread debugging helps users thoroughly test functional requirements of multi-threaded applications. Even though Visual Studio 2010 lets you switch between processes and threads from toolbar when an application is being debugged, it is deprived of an option to keep focus on single thread and to move through each thread/process one by one. This compels users to manually find and select the next thread from Thread drop-down menus. Debug Single Thread is add-in that adds two convenient buttons next to debug drop-down menu in toolbar to focus on current thread and move to next thread, respectively. Read More

Get Weather Updates For Any City In System Tray With SMETAR

Weather applications gives a quick preview of current weather conditions and other weather characteristics, including, wind, pressure and humidity information along with weather forecast for next couple of days but they require constant internet connectivity to keep users updated about weather conditions of any area. Some weather applications, such as, previously covered YoWindow focus on beautifying through heavy animations which takes too much of system memory resources. SMETAR is a tiny, lightweight (takes 38 KB of disk space) system tray application for Windows that let you keep tab on current weather conditions from its balloon message pop-up notification. Read More

Get The iPhone Lockscreen (And Others) On Android With MagicLocker

If find the stock Android lock screen somewhat bland or are bored of your custom lock screen, worry not, since there are plenty of quality alternatives present in the market that can satiate your appetite for an visually appealing and functional lock screen. If you don't fancy taking the tedious route of installing and trying various different options one by one, and are looking for one comprehensive lock screen package, then you might want to take MagicLocker for a spin. As of this writing, the lock screen replacement application comes packed with two different skins – a convincing clone of the iPhone lock screen and a grungy 3-point lock screen named Robot Lost. The quality that the themes present is impressive and, if the developers hold true to their promise, you should soon have a greater variety of lock screens to choose from. The app is available for free in the Android Market. Read More

QR Pal – QR Code Scanner With SafeScan, Support For Payments [Android]

While searching the Android Market for QR code/barcode readers, you might find multiple options but most have more or less the same set of features. QR Pal, on the other hand, adds security and slightly greater productivity to QR code scanning. While the recently reviewed QR code scanning app QR Droid 4 Beta and many other similar solutions in said genre support most of the features present in QR Pal, the latter has a definite edge over its counterparts with its safe browsing, online synchronization, rewards program and mobile payments options. Read More

Game Critic For iPhone Is A Comprehensive Gaming News Client

If it’s about games, it’s there at Game Critic. That’s what this iPhone / iPod Touch app is all about. The gaming world is an ever-expanding arena capturing public interest in exponentially growing numbers. Long gone are the times when gaming was considered something for the kids. This industry has absorbed people of all ages. If you are a real gamer and like to keep up to date with the latest developments in the gaming world, then you might have to refer to multiple sources. And still very few sources tell you about the new games that are hot in the market. For all the gaming freaks, Game Critic is now here, bringing you everything related to games that you can think of. Are you game? Read on. Read More

Localmind Brings Its Location-Based Crowdsourcing Network To Android

Localmind is a cross-platform location-based crowdsourcing app that allows you to communicate with people present in a location of your choice (pub, hotel or multiplex) and ask them questions about that place. Users checked-in at a certain location through various social media services can use Localmind to answer questions coming in from other Localmind users who might be interested to get some guidance/information about a particular place and services around it . As of now, Localmind supports check-ins from four popular services: Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla and Foursquare. Although, iOS client of Localmind has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time, its public beta (v1.0) has recently been released for Android users. Read More

GetGlue For Android Updated With Fresh UI, Quick Rate & More

GetGlue is an entertainment-oriented cross-platform social media networking app that allows users to share with their friends the movies/ TV shows/ sports they’re watching, the music they’re listening to, the books they’re reading, the games they’re playing or even if they’re thinking about a celebrity or a topic. Ever since it hit the Android Market and iTunes App Store, GetGlue has been able to amass a huge fanbase on said platforms and has shown promising signs of becoming a pioneer in its own respect. Recently, the app has been updated with some fresh changes, the most prominent of them all being its new (and spectacular) UI, quick rating and ‘search from anywhere’ feature. Read More

Take Notes From Your Browser & Add Them To Local Word Files [Firefox]

There are a whole bunch of extensions that allow you to take notes in your browser and save them either to the cloud, to an online note taking service or to your browser. Notesaver is a Firefox extension that works a little different but to the same effect. It’s meant for note taking but as opposed to saving notes online, it lets you create MS Word files anywhere on your system and save text to them without opening the file and program itself. Read More

Gtalklet – Chat Using Google Talk While Surfing Any Website [Chrome]

We covered extensions that put the Google Talk window in your browser as a pop-up allowing you to chat with any one of your contacts but one major shortcoming of such extensions is that clicking anywhere outside the pop-up will close it. If you switch windows, Google Talk pop-up will close, for each window or tab you visit or switch to, you will have to open it repeatedly. Gtalklet is a Chrome extension that adds Google Talk such that it is always on top and open throughout all tabs and windows. You can switch tabs and chat windows will not close or minimize. The extension lets you search contacts, gives you desktop notifications if you get a new message and your browser window is minimized. You can use the extension to sign in to one account and sign in to your Gmail in your browser with no conflicts. The extension does not support Google Apps accounts. Read More

Replace Currently Open Tabs When Opening Bookmarks [Firefox]

Do you open tabs and forget to close them later? That means you’re likely to end up with a whole bunch of tabs open with no clue as to what to do with them. What you need to do is to click that little cross on a tab and learn to say good-bye. Alternatively, you can save several joules of energy by using Tab Replace, a Firefox extension that opens bookmarks in currently open tabs instead of opening new ones. While this doesn’t decrease the number of tabs you might have open, it does make better use of them and does not open new ones to add to the clutter. Read More

AdBlock Video Blocks Ads On Hulu, CBS, NBC, ABC And Fox [Firefox]

Nobody likes ads, if people actually liked them, there would be TV shows about ads where people could see ads and then during the commercial break, they could see some more ads. While some video ads are admittedly good or even great and tend to go viral, not all are and the one place where you don’t like to see an ad is when you’re streaming videos online, just trying to relax and have a few laughs. For those persistent video ads, you can use AdBlock Video, a Firefox extension that effectively skips ads on popular sites like Hulu, CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC. It removes any and all delays caused by ads and skips straight to the video you really wanted to watch. Read More

22 Awesome ADW Launcher Themes [Android]

Bring one of the oldest and most popular home screen replacement apps on the Android Market, ADW.Launcher has been adopted as the base for many other home screen replacement apps and as the stock launcher for the popular series of custom ROMs called CyanogenMod. The opensource launcher probably has the most active lot of theme developers out there. No surprise there. ADW.Launcher has a humongous fan-base - at least 63000+ strong as of this writing – all of whom are constantly looking to spice up their home screens with new themes, dock backgrounds and/or icon packs. If you’re one of the aforementioned lot, join us after the break our compilation of 22 of the best (free) ADW themes on the Android Market. Read More

Gingerbread Custom ROM For Motorola Photon 4G [Download & Install]

Things seem to be on the on the roll for the Photon 4G with development for the device moving at a fast pace. From when it was first rooted as soon as it arrived on the scene, we now come across the second custom ROM for the device that is Moto Blur based. With the bootloader unlocked one would expect some pure Android ROM to be released, but hopefully that shall happen soon. For now, you only have two custom ROMs available for the device and this would be the latest one. Named Alien ROM, it has been developed by XDA-Developers forum member kennethpenn and is a mix of Gingerbread and Blur with an added green theme to it. Read More

PeaZip – Compress & Extract Archives (All Formats) In Windows & Ubuntu

PeaZip is an open source application for Windows and Linux to create and extract multiple compressed archives simultaneously. Once you have installed PeaZip, you will no longer require installing another standalone compression program to extract or compress archives. It is not just a cross-platform application, but also supports compression across formats which are normally associated with operating system (e.g. .GZ for Linux). PeaZip provides full support for the following formats: 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, and ZIP, whereas, “extraction only” support is available for ACE, ARJ, CAB, CHM,  Java (JAR, EAR, WAR), Linux (DEB, PET/PUP, RPM, SLP), Mac (DMG/HFS), PAK/PK3/PK4, RAR, UDF, WIM and lot more. Read More

TaskBadges – Manage Todo List & Add Number Of Open Tasks Badge On Text File

Task management tools are developed to give users a more convenient way to keep tab on both completed and unfinished tasks. You can use a task manager to check how many important tasks are still in queue and what tasks can be skipped to save time for relatively more important tasks. If you hate going through long winded process of configuring time and task management utilities, try out TaskBadges to keep all open tasks under your scrutiny. Read More

Deeper Offers Tweaks To Enable & Disable Hidden Mac OS X Features

Deeper is a brilliant Mac OS X customization utility which includes a comprehensive list of options and tools to tweak with different indigenous applications, including, Safari, Mail App, iTunes, Dock, QuickTime, etc., and Mac’s Finder, System Dock, Spotlight, and Login screen. For those who are not familiar with Deeper, it accumulates a collection of tweaks in 10 different categories, allowing users to easily reveal numerous Mac hidden features, toggle applications’ user interface specific elements, and enable hidden features of aforementioned Mac applications. Read More