Sync Outlook 2010 Folders Using CodeTwo FolderSync

Using Outlook Rules feature, you can automatically move items present in specific mailbox folder to any folder of your choice but it doesn’t provide an option to set up folder synchronization. CodeTwo Folder Sync is add-in for Outlook which lets you synchronize items between specified folder pairs without having to move or copy items manually from one folder to another. This saves you the extra effort involved in copying and streamlining items in both folders. CodeTwo FolderSync will particularly come useful for those who require keeping same items in folders of two different mail accounts. There is no restriction on syncing folder types; you can, for instance, select two folders containing contacts, calendar, journals, etc. which are to be synced. Read More

Hide Launchpad App Pages & Refresh App List With Launchpad-control

We covered Launchpad-control since it helps displaying only important applications in Mac OS X 10.7 Launchpad. The Launchpad sorts installed applications in alphabetical order, making it easier for users to find applications from stack, and supports mouse-gesture feature to let users quickly navigate through application pages. If you’ve installed a great deal of applications, it would definitely become tiring to manually hide each application using the launchpad-control. Launchpad-control latest version 1.3 has been written to address this annoying problem. This update brings an option to hide applications by pages. You can uncheck the page you want to hide, and it will immediately conceal it with all underlying applications in Launchpad. Another noteworthy aspect is that it can do full reset of Launchpad by creating a fresh application listing database file. Read More

bliss Auto Organizes Music Files In Folders By Artist, Song & Title

Back in March, we covered a music organizer, called, Mp3 Folder Structure Maker, which creates folder structure for music albums by reading full meta tag information. The only downside of this application is that it requires user to set up different tag related options each time before creating folder hierarchy for music tracks. bliss is freshly developed music organizer which provides somewhat similar functionality but in an automated way. bliss is programmed to consistently observe your music files to apply folder structure related rules as soon as you update your music library. This saves you from the hassle of launching an application, specifying the newly added tracks in order to create folder structures. Apart from reading tag information to create folder structures for music albums, you can also create rules to add, change and resize cover art, automatically fill missing information, and organize genres. Read More

AutoWinRarZip Automatically Extracts Zip & RAR Files Placed In A Folder

If you find it tedious to manually unpack ZIP and RAR compressed archive containers and then delete them, you may need an application like, AutoWinRarZip. It is developed to not only extract archive file content but also to delete the RAR and ZIP files after the extraction process finishes. It particularly comes handy for those who download tons of ZIP and RAR files everyday and then manually extract them. Apart from extracting and deleting the ZIP and RAR containers, it can automatically put extracted content of archive files in their respective folder, making it easier for users to find and navigate through the extracted files. In contrast to previously featured Unpack Monitor which extracts archive files at user-defined intervals, it starts extracting archive content to target folders as soon as it detects one. Read More

Cookie Monster – Micro Manage Site & Domain Wide Cookies In Firefox

You know that most, if not all, site store cookies. What you might not know is that you can manage every single one of them any way you like. The reason you don’t is because it isn’t the easiest thing to do and no one can really be bothered with checking out which cookies each site saves. Cookie Monster is a Firefox extension that lets you micro manage cookies all from the add-on bar. It lets you control site wide and domain wide cookies, allow them temporarily for the current session and see at a glance which site is storing cookies and which cookies each site is storing. Read More

Play Gameloft Games In Multiplayer Mode Over 3G [No Wi-Fi Required] [Guide]

We all remember that there was a time when many people didn’t opt for Android because of limited gaming options. However the scenario took a surprisingly good U-turn when gaming giants like Gameloft etc. decided to launch games for Android platform. Gameloft has a pretty impressive collection of games available in Android Market. They multiplayer option is great as you can challenge your rivals in real time for a faceoff in games in Modern Combat 2 etc. But there is one downside that you can’t go into multiplayer mode unless Wi-Fi connectivity is available.

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Open In Chrome – Open All Firefox Tabs In Chrome From Tool Menu

If you’re a Firefox user or you, like many other people use two browsers (the other being Chrome), then it is highly likely that you’ve needed to migrate your browsing session from one browser to another. To do that, you have to copy every one of the links you have open in Firefox in to Chrome. It’s not a big deal if you’ve just got three or four tabs open but what if you’ve got 20? It might seem more like you’re evacuating a city, you can alternatively use Open In Chrome, a Firefox extension that lets you open all tabs from Firefox in Chrome. You can export tabs from one window at a time. Why is this better than all the other similar extensions out there? Because it works. Read More

Better Directory Analyzer Removes Duplicate, Hidden And Large Files

It can be quite difficult to analyze reasons for low disk space as one is often unable to locate files which may be consuming a large chunk of the hard disk (particularly in the primary partition). For example, if one has assigned a dynamically assigned virtual disk to a virtual machine, one might over look the virtual hard disk space when trying to locate the cause of low disk space usage. When analyzing disk space issues, one requires analyzing files by keeping in mind a number of factors including hidden, large, duplicate files and file types which may have become redundant as the associated application might no longer be required. For example, you might wish to find and delete virtual disk files left behind by a visualization software which you uninstalled. Better Directory Analyzer is a robust application which helps you get detailed stats regarding the consumption of disk space by files within a specific directory. Some of its main features include visual graph display for largest files, duplicate file removal, hidden file stats display, search filters to identify files more easily and the option to export stats in CSV and HTML format. The aforementioned options not just allow users to view files according to a specific criteria but also enables removal of unwanted files by file size, duplicate files, hidden files and according to a specific file extension. Read More

Unlock Xperia X10 Bootloader With A Single Click [Unlock Tool]

Sony Ericsson became the first Android manufacturer to offer free bootloader unlocking service via a web portal. This was later followed by HTC and after Motorola’s takeover by Google, we believe that unlocked bootloaders will be offered by Moto as well. Although unlocking bootloaders through web application has been opted for by many users, but there are still some who want it to happen quickly and from the comfort of their desktop. Senior XDA member and Android developer, Mayazcherquoi, has developed a one click Sony Ericsson Xepria X10 bootloader unlock tool that does the unlocking job with a single click. Read More

Disable & Delete Zeitgeist Logs In Ubuntu With Activity Log Manager

Zeitgeist service comes pre-installed in Ubuntu and logs all activity such as files accessed, visited websites, etc. Activity Log Manager Zeitgeist is a GUI based application which lets you gain control of the information that Zeitgeist logs. It allows creating blacklists according to file or application type to disable logging for specified applications and user activities. This ensures that your personal information can be controlled from showing up in Zeitgeist logs. For example, you can use Activity log Manager to disabled logging for visited websites, certain file types (e.g. Libre Office files) and so on. Read More

Android 2.3.6 Update For Nexus S Rolling Out [Fixes Voice Search]

Google Nexus S is primarily a developer phone which makes it lucky enough to get first taste of any Android update that rolls out. According to count less sources, Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread is rolling out for Google Nexus S right now. The new update is basically targeted towards fixing the notorious voice search bug which in some instances is becoming a deal breaker all together. However there are multiple claims of different blogs, forums and portals that this Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread update for Google Nexus S basically breaks your phone’s tethering capability altogether! We don’t know what to make out of this, but if these rumors stand to be true, then it’s better not to update to this version unless it is clear if tethering works or is broken.

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Spur – Check If Your Website Conforms To Design Basics

If you’re either a designer or run a website, your life at one point might have been ruined by phrases like ‘make it pop’ and ‘edgy’ etc. Sure they mean something to both designer and website owner but trying to understand what exactly it means can often make you miss out on the basics of a web design. Spur is a web application that helps you check if you’ve covered everything there is to cover on design basics. The app itself doesn’t run an analysis on your design, rather it provides you tools to analyze the design for yourself. Read More

How To Create Totem Unity Quicklist In Ubuntu Linux

Totem is a GStreamer based media player for the Gnome desktop and comes pre-installed with Ubuntu. One of the features that Totem has lacked since the inception of the Unity launcher is a quicklist. As we all know quicklists provide easy access to major features of an application which is integrated with the Unity launcher. Not having a Unity quicklist has been bit of a short coming for Totem. However, that has now changed. A third-part developer has created a Unity quicklist for Totem which provides Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Volume Up, Volume Down and Mute options. This option makes it handy to run Totem functions right from the Unity Launcher by right-clicking on the Totem icon. Read More

INQ Social Sync & Widgets Suite – A New Way To Use Facebook On Android

If you are a hardcore Facebook user and like to have your Facebook friends, activities, events and notifications easily and quickly accessible to you through separate homescreen widgets, then INQ Social Sync and its whole suite of widgets could be your perfect choice. INQ Social Sync syncs your Facebook account on your Android and lets you explore your world of Facebook through its unique suite of widgets (each designed with a specific purpose). With INQ Social Sync, you can place separate homescreen widgets for your Facebook news feed, contacts, places, notifications and events that enable you to quickly access your favorite content with a mere tap of a finger. Read More

School Schedule Is A Lesson Management App For Students [Android]

There are certain things that could hurt your repute as a good student, like forgetting to turn your device to silent during lectures or not being able to reach classes in time. Say hello to School Schedule – a free Android app that serves the simple purpose of managing lectures and  toggles your device's sound profiles automatically as you go in and out of classes. The app lets you manage your school timetable for the entire week and allows you to set it to mute/unmute your device during lecture timings. Read More

Live Tile Now – Create Your Own Live Tiles For WP7 Mango Start Screen

One of the few things that sets Windows Phone 7 apart from its competitors (iOS and Android) is its unique metro interface. And what’s so different about metro? Well, it all boils down to one thing - Live Tiles. It is an extremely lovable, user-friendly concept but, unfortunately, on very rare occasions does any third party app get it right. Most self-proclaimed “live” tiles turn out to be mere tiles, clearly dead as a doornail. Even if they update, the process is so laggy that it nullifies the whole purpose of this feature. But there is good news on that front. Looks like with Mango, this issue has finally been resolved, as demoed by the StickyTiles app we covered yesterday. And to further reinforce this theory, Live Tile Now has been launched for Mango phones, which lets you create your own two-sided live tile complete with text and a picture of your choice.

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Subscribe And Download New Podcasts With Juice

Juice is an open source podcast receiver which allows you to download audio and video podcasts from subscribed sources. It is one of the most preferred podcast receivers alongside iPodder. Juice can be configured to check for new podcast episodes according to your defined time frame, so that you are able to stay updated with the latest episodes from your subscribed podcasts as they become available. Other features of Juice include, support for more than 15 languages, multiple media players and auto cleanup. Downloaded podcasts can be played using a number of different media players including Windows Media Player, iTunes and Winamp. Juice has versions available for Windows and Mac OS X. Suffice to say that after 5,000,000 downloads and recommendation from well known sources such as CNN, ABC, ESPN, etc, Juice is a premium podcast receiver which can cater for all your podcast needs. Read More

Attentive Phone Adds Useful Options To WP7 Mango Settings Menu [HTC Only]

Well here’s a first (as far as I have seen). Finally there is an app which has the capability to make additions to Windows Phone 7’s settings menu! Admittedly the app belongs to a device manufacturer, HTC, but still is a refreshing addition to Mango’s arsenal. Attentive Phone has been around for some time in the Marketplace for HTC WP7 devices, but now there is a new app with the same name, functionality, publisher, icon and interface available in the Marketplace. The app differs from its predecessor in one way. It makes a new entry at the end of the options in the Settings menu and has a few really handy features listed under it. The features offered by Attentive Phone make your Windows Phone more smart and adds some pretty awesome gestures to the mix. The app brings back the "Phone" part in Windows Phone 7, as the tweaks offered by the app all deal with making phone calls more convenient for users. Read More

FlightAware Brings Its Live Flight Tracking App To Android

FlightAware is a free live flight tracker for Android that helps you manage and trace flights in a quick and convenient way and displays comprehensive information pertaining to worldwide flights, airports and routes. The app also displays real-time flight status of commercial flights all over the world on map and supports tracking of general aviation (whether private or charter) in the US and/or Canada. With FlightAware, you can search flights for almost any airline service of the world by aircraft number, flight number, city pair (departure & arrival location) or by airport code/name. The app notifies you of your flight alerts, nearby flights and Airport Delays through push notifications. Read More