VisualSubSync: Edit To Improve Subtitles & Get Real Time Video Preview

VisualSubSync is a subtitle editor that uses audio waveform representation with real time visual playback which allows performing accurate subtitle editing. It supports SRT and SSA/ASS subtitle formats and can also edit CSV, TXT and CUE files which can be later saved as subtitle files. Like many subtitle tools, it has an error and spell checker, as well as the utility to alter the time duration and text format of the subtitles. Other options include speed indicators, preview of real time changes from a source video and the option to set mouse actions. VisualSubSync functions in two modes; normal and the timing mode. Both modes have a different configuration of hotkeys. What distinguishes the timing mode from the normal mode is that you can change the behavior of the mouse for setting left/right mouse button to select the start/stop time of the video preview. Read More

Mind On Track Automatically Creates Tasks From Mind Maps You Make

A good mind map is a good way to get started on any project, it serves as a great way for always staying on track but mind maps too go through changes as a project progresses and requirements change. What gets frustrating is when you’ve already started a project based on a mind map, specified tasks and have to go back, change the map and reallocate tasks. The problem arises mainly because mind mapping and tasking are jobs kept in isolation from each other. Mind On Track is a desktop application for Windows and Linux that combines both these jobs in to one. As you create a mind map, different ideas are automatically turned in to tasks that can be tagged and given due dates. Read More

Metafy For iPhone Uses Metacritic To Rate Music On Spotify

The official Spotify website boasts that the popular music service has about 15 million tracks in its humongous library. This is awesome when you know what exactly you're looking for (or at least have a vague idea) but if you just want to spend some time listening to quality music, good luck browsing through all those tracks! That’s where Metafy enters the scene. Metafy is a music discovery app for iOS which uses MetaCritic’s (a popular music rating service) data to rank Spotify songs according to a variety of criteria. So if you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user and want to discover quality music you are yet to listen to, Metafy is for you. Read More

Print Plus – Select & Print Important Sections Of A Web Page [Chrome]

Web pages are made for viewing on your screen and not for printing on an A4 size paper. While you should always take care not to print anything unless it’s absolutely necessary (think green) there, nevertheless, are times when you have to print a web page and a web page that is small enough to fit your screen (no scrolling needed) might take up to 3 pages to print. Print Plus is a Chrome extension that helps you save both paper and printing ink, it lets you select which sections of a web page you want to print and omits the unselected ones from being printed. Read More

Hands-On: VLC Media Player Finally Available For Android [Pre-Alpha Release]

VLC Player is a popular open-source, cross-platform media player that needs no long introduction. Whether you’re using Windows, MAC, Linux or any other supported operating system for that matter, you must have tried the media player at least once. Its universal support for virtually all known multimedia file formats make VLC Player a the default choice for many users. While the iOS variant of VLC Media Player is available on Cydia, it’s the Android users who’ve been eagerly waiting for the media player to be released to the Android Market. Well, that day might not be very far away as Android developer CVPC has just released a pre-alpha build of VLC Player. Read More

Install Official ClockworkMod Recovery From Koush On Droid 3

Finally there is some great news for Motorola Droid 3 owners as ClockworkMod Recovery is officially available through ROM Manager. Koush, the developer of ClockworkMod and ROM Manager, added support for ClockworkMod Recovery today and you can get it through ROM Manager. Hashcode, XDA Member, also released a bootstrap ClockworkMod Recovery as an unofficial solution earlier. According to his, if you plan on getting the new official ClockworkMod Recovery from Koush, then remove the earlier version. Here is what he exactly has to say about this issue:

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Install ZipIT Script On Xperia Arc To Save Battery, RAM and Root [Multipurpose Script]

Although Android has a huge development community but it is also a fact that development is highly fragmented. This means that normally you don’t find a tweak, ROM, hack etc. that comes packaged all your desired features and you have to flash / install them on by one. Sahha, XDA member, has done some effort to change the concept altogether as he has developed a custom script that addresses multiple issues and brings awesome features on Xepria Arc. Read More

Decide-O-Tron For iPhone Recommends Games That Match Your Taste

Decide-o-Tron is an iOS app which recommends games for you based on a variety of criteria set by the user or upon the games present in the library it offers to users. Because of the huge collections of games available across multiple platforms, deciding which title you really want to spend your time (and sometimes money) on can get tricky. This is an app for your iPhone and iPad that will take away this headache, and because of the thoroughness of the criteria settings, you can really rely on it to provide you with optimal results. Not only can you find out everything regarding iPhone games using the app, it will let you search for titles related to Xbox Live, Wii and PS3 (among many others). Read More

Unlike Brings City Guides With Maps, Events, Venues & More To Android

Looking for a travel guide for your Android device? One that offers all its assistance without costing you a dime? Well, then you do not need to look any further because Unlike City Guides is here! The famous travel guide application for iOS that let users explore locations around the world and the attractive venues lying therein, in addition to being revamped, is now available to Android users as well. London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin; you name it and the app takes you to your dream location in a matter of a few taps. Unlike City Guides, in partnership with Samsung Galaxy S II, brings information, multimedia, maps, events, venues and all to make your journey convenient and memorable. Read More

Easypad: Good-Looking Notepad App With Home Screen Widgets [Android]

Easypad is a simple-to-use notepad for Android that helps you quickly take notes on your device using some basic text editing tools and allows you to create/access notes through homescreen widgets that come in as many as six different designs and seven various sizes. You can add multiple pages to your notes, create new notes using templates, use various font sizes/colors to make your notes appealing and easily distinguishable and share notes with your online friends. Read More

HTC Runnymede Bliss Sense 3.5 ROM Available For HTC HD2 [Download]

HTC HD2 is perhaps the only smartphone in recent history that has remained undefeated in paradigm of Mobile OS development. The phone surfaced with WinMo 6.5 and then opened its doors for Android, Meego, Ubuntu and Windows Phone 7. Recently a lot of NAND based Android ROMs have emerged for
HD2 that basically allow the users to boot right from the phone’s internal NAND memory decreasing SD Card lags etc.

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Enable Google Talk Voice And Video Chat On Motorola Photon 4G [Guide]

Motorola Photon 4G is a high-tier Android phone that was able to score a huge fan base right after developers were able to achieve root and a custom recovery. It was, however, ironical that Google Talk version that came pre-installed on Photon 4G didn’t have video and voice chat support. Ballerx43, Senior XDA member, after spending a whole lot of time with Atrix 4G Dev community finally figured out the method to enable voice and video chat on Google Talk installed on Motorola Photon 4G. The method, for now, isn’t an easy single click one and requires the user to have ample command over ADB etc. Read More

How To Enable Overscroll Glow On Epic 4G Touch [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for Samsung Sprint Epic 4G Touch Android phone owners looking to get Overscroll Glow on their devices. Senior XDA Member, deano0714, has managed to find a workaround that let’s get Overscroll Glow without having to tinker much with your phone’s framework. For those who don’t know, Overscroll Glow is basically an eye-candy that crates a glowing area when you try to pull any menu on your phone down. This feature is certainly an add-on and won’t engage in intervening in any other phone processes. We believe that this Overscroll Glow hack / tweak has been ported to Epic 4G Touch from Samsung Galaxy S II. Read More

Get Classic Start Menu In Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

When operating system versions are radically updated users often attempt to find ways to revert back to the classic UI features. We saw this earlier with Windows when the classic start menu was removed from newer Windows distributions such as Windows 7 and was overhauled with Metro Start Menu in Windows 8. In recent months Ubuntu has suffered from the same dilemma after the announcement that Ubuntu 11.10 will no longer have the classic start menu. After the recent release of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot it has become clear that the classic menu has been replaced by Unity 2D and 3D. However, despite the recent Oneiric change it is still possible to get the classic start menu in Ubuntu 11.10. Read More

AutoCorrect Typos In GMail When Composing Emails [Chrome]

As a word processor, one of the greatest things about MS Word is that it fixes your typos and grammar automatically, as a browser, the great thing about Chrome is spell check (Internet Explorer 10 might have an edge over it though) and of course, Gmail too saves you from coming off as a bad speller. The point is, all these spell checking and grammar correcting features save our skin, they’ve been covering our hides so long we’ve become bad spellers and we love them for it. So, Gmail is naturally great because it tells you when you’ve misspelled a word but what it doesn’t do is auto correct your typos. ezAutoCorrect for GMail is a Chrome extension that auto corrects select typos as you type in Gmail. Read More

Gaupol Is Subtitles Editor For Easy Batch Processing And Translating

Gaupol is a cross-platform a subtitles editor which allows precise subtitles editing and provides the option to set timings to match the video. Gaupol supports editing multiple subtitle files simultaneously in separate tabs and supports all popular subtitle formats; MicroDVD, MPL2, MPsub, SubRip (SRT), SubViewer 2.0 and TMPlayer. Using Gaupol, you can create subtitle translations (e.g. English to French) by replacing text bit by bit from each line of the subtitle text file. Gaupol provides spell checking, text format editing and bookmarking of subtitle file lines. Perhaps the best feature of Gaupol is that it allows using a third-party video player, such as, VLC Media Player for instantly previewing edited subtitles. You can also remove hearing impaired text and auto correct white space errors from a selected subtitle file. Read More

Record, Save & Automatically Execute Recurring Tasks With WinParrot

We all requires performing repetitive computer tasks on a periodic basis. This includes anything from the browser to access our favorite website to initiating a synchronization or system backup process. While many individual applications allow automating some of these tasks, it may not be possible to always let the scheduled tasks to be performed at the designated time. For example, if you have scheduled system backup for 8pm Monday, you might require completing some important work at that time because of which the backup process may have to be cancelled to conserve system resources for other applications. In such a case one might require going back and re-configuring the entire backup process. This hassle can be avoided if one can simply launch certain applications or tasks at a convenient time from a pre-recorded set of commands. Read More

Download All Images From deviantART, Picasa, PhotoBucket & More

Image Collector is an application for image collection enthusiasts who may be interested in grabbing exotic images from websites such as Picasa, deviantART, imgur, PhotoBucket and 4Chan. It provides options to view, categorize, and download from famous web services. You to save images in custom categories, for example, you can create a category by the name of Wallpapers and download wallpapers from available web services to this category. Image Collector also comes with a built in image viewer which provides three different viewing modes; normal, stretched and center. Read More

How To Install Xperia Play Games Launcher On Xperia X10 [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners as some fellow Androiders have managed to port Xperia Play Games Launcher on this phone. The hack basically allows you to experience the Xperia Play launcher’s awesomeness that’s currently restricted to Xperia Play users only. All credit for this tweak / port goes to DikeJ and DCQua at XDA developers. Read More

Display Search History From Google Goggles In Chrome

Google Goggles made image search on the go simple, all you need is your Android or iPhone, the free app and you’re all good to go. The app also makes it easier to translate text by uploading an image; extremely useful in case you’re visiting another country and having difficulty reading signs or directions. Ever wonder what happens to all those images? If you’ve enabled Search History in Google Goggles, then they are saved as you take pictures and use them to search. My Search History from Google Goggles is a Chrome extension that lets you see different pictures you’ve taken and the search results that turned all from within the Chrome browser. Read More