FileLab Video Editor Adds Filters & Transition Effects To Videos [Web]

Video editing may seem like something that requires a lot of technical expertise, but in reality, it has gotten a whole lot easier. If you want to create a mix from different videos, you’re no longer dependent on proprietary applications; there is a whole host of free desktop and web apps that allow you to edit videos easily. FileLab Video Editor is a web application that allows you mix and edit multiple videos, add transition and visual effects and save them for uploading to YouTube, play on Android, iPhone/iPod, Sony PlayStation & XBox, or SWF, FLV and MP3 formats. Read More

Tags 2 Folders: Arrange Music Library Into Folders Named By Defined Tags

If you want to organize music library by tags, such as, artist, album, genre, and track title without having to go through the hassle of creating folders for required ID3 meta tag information, give Tags 2 Folders a shot. It is a miniscule application developed to organize your music library by defined meta tag information, including artist name, album, year of release, track title, and genre. Tag 2 Folders requires nothing except meta tag tokens for organizing music collection by tag named folders. Read More

Turn Your PC Into A Virtual Wireless Router With Virtual Wi-Fi Router

Sometimes it can be hard to place a wireless router in the right place within the house or at office. This is because the signals are often not as strong  throughout the premises as one would like them to be. Another dilemma occurs when one simply does not have a wireless router (such as desktop users using a direct ADSL modem). This makes it hard to share the internet connection with another computer in a separate room or a smartphone such as an Android device. A solution to this problem can be found in the form of a virtual Wi-Fi router. Read More

BluePoison: Unlock Windows 8 Hidden Features And Change Default Theme

Back in May, we featured BluePoison to unlock some hidden features, utilities and UI related improvements of the leaked version of Windows 8. The application was primarily developed to replace Windows 7 like File Explorer with ribbon based Windows Explorer and to unlock PDF Reader, extended Windows Task Manager and Webcam in early builds of Windows 8. BluePosion now supports Windows 8 Developer Build Preview. The latest version of BluePoision (version 2.1) allows you to disable Windows 8 Immersive Start Menu, unlock the Applications folder, activate full-screen Snap feature on small screens and launch Moorea in MS Office 15 on Windows 8. Apart from these unlocks, it also brings the much needed Windows 8 Start Menu theme gallery to replace the Windows 8 default theme with color scheme of your choice. Read More

Luma Video Camera Allows Steady Video Capture On iPhone & iPad

iPad and iPhone’s later models come equipped with pretty decent cameras (and thus Apple’s advertisement of the fact that their camera is the most-used for uploading photos to Flickr and similar services). With iPhone 4S and its 8 Megapixel camera, things are about to get awesome in the photography arena. In addition to that, the camera will come equipped with anti-shake feature, so that each photo that you take with your new phone is as close to perfection as possible. But, unfortunately, not everyone is upgrading, and if you are among those, you can get the best out of your phone or tablet’s video camera using Luma Video Camera. This amazing app will counter all the blurriness your videos might suffer due to fast-moving objects or an unsteady hand. Read More

Coollector Movie Database Is A Feature-Rich Personalized Movie Manager

If you are a movie buff and looking for an application to organize your movie collection, Coollector Movie Database is worth a try. The application has a massive encyclopedia of over 80,000 movies and T.V series.  It's been designed to give quick access to movies details without having to manually search them online. The best part is that it quickly saves the movie database, including cast and crew, plot and summary, movie poster, IMDb rating, and current price of DVD and BluRay releases. You can filter the movie database by price, rating, genre, country, year of release, media type, etc. Moreover, it lets you search movies as well as actors to check all the related data, i.e , all the actors starring in a movie and all the movies a particular actor starred in. You can watch trailers, maintain a wish list, and mark the movies which you have already ordered to buy. Keep reading to find out more about how Coollector Movie Database can help you manage your movie collection. Read More

Flitskikker Info Tool: Compare System Specifications With Game Requirements

Sometimes, it happens that we buy a game, bring its CD home, install it, and when run the game for playing, we find that the game is not compatible with our hardware, meaning that either we need more processing power, more RAM, or a better graphic card in order to run the game. Sometimes, lowering the graphic requirements from the game options can be a solution, but that does not work every time. In order to avoid wasting money on games you cannot even play, it is important to know which ones is your PC capable of running. Flitskikker Info Tool is a system information utility that displays information related to hardware connected to your PC. The application generates a text file as well as BB Code with all the accurate system information which can be saved and posted on forums whenever you need help with a hardware issue. Flitskikker Info Tool includes a Game Advisor to help you identify compatible games exactly according to the specification of your system. You can select a game from a list to compare system’s specifications with the requirements of a game to check whether your PC hardware is capable to run the game or not. Read More

Gnome Pie Is A Hotkey Based Application Launcher For Ubuntu

Gnome Pie is a unique application launcher for Ubuntu Linux that uses keyboard hotkeys for displaying application launching menus. It has been inspired from the Opie Radial add-on for World of Warcraft game, and provides a number of skins for displaying shortcuts. The numerous hotkeys display different kind of shortcuts; control media playback, access favorite folders, launch applications and log out, shutdown or restart the computer. Read More

Helium Music Manager Is A Comprehensive Music Library Organizer

Listening to music helps one relax. Even though, there are many online services that allow you to listen to music, many people still like to download and keep their favorite songs in their computer. Helium Music Manager is an all-in-one music manager for Windows which includes a wide range of features, such as audio conversion, audio CD ripping, playlist sorting, and meta tag editing. The application has the ability to auto-organize your music collection by tags including Album, Rating, Artist, Release Year and so on. Like MediaMonkey's auto playlist creator, it includes Mood and Situation playlists, which filter tracks by different attributes. Moreover, the application lets you easily edit ID3 V1 and V2 tags, burn music to CDs/DVDs, manage album art covers, and repair truncated MP3 files. Read More

Message Icons: Compose SMS & Emails Via Springboard Shortcuts [Cydia]

If you are a smartphone user, you must have realized the importance of performing a task in the least possible steps. To most of the people, it might not appear to be a critical thing if an app takes a few extra seconds to launch, but once this lost time begins accumulating, you are sure to get a bit annoyed at your phone's slowness. That is where shortcuts have the potential to come into play. iOS takes special care to provide its users with shortcuts wherever possible. The popularity of Cydia tweaks like SBSettings is a testament to the usefulness of shortcuts on an iPhone. Back in the days of dumb-phones, shortcuts on mobile devices were pretty common. A tap of the down key would take you to the ringtones menu, or a long-press of hash key launched the messaging options. Message Icons aims to achieve a similar functionality by allowing jailbroken users to compose a new text or e-mail right from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s Springboard. Read More

Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage In Ubuntu Linux With NTM

NTM (Network Traffic Monitor) is an open source network traffic monitoring application for Linux-based operating systems, which displays network bandwidth usage by integrating with the default Network Monitor. It does not require root privileges to function, and can be configured to disconnect when a user-defined threshold is reached. NTM is useful for users who may have an internet connection with bandwidth limit imposed by their ISP. Read More

Traffic4All: Traffic Maps & Road Activity Reporting For WP7 Users

There’s nothing worse than running late for work and then getting stuck in traffic just before reaching your office. Thankfully, there are always alternate routes available in life, even if longer. So, if you want to make sure that you never get stuck in a traffic jam again, there’s an app for that. Using Navigon’s Traffic4All, Windows Phone 7 users can now stay up-to-date with the condition of traffic in their area and even get to know if there’s some activity on the roads which will obstruct the flow of traffic. To make things a little more simple to understand, you can consider Traffic4All as a cross between the popular Waze service and any reputable navigation app. If things go in the right direction, and too many people don't fall in love with Nokia Drive, this app has the potential to become the only navigation app you will ever need on your Windows Phone, as it provides detailed navigation directions and that too by taking all the potential obstacles and delays into account. Read More

Selection Links: Open & Download Multiple Links With A Click [Firefox]

Tired of clicking on each link one by one to open it? In order to open multiple links, we usually click each one of them separately and select open in new tab from the context menu. Selection Links is a handy Firefox add-on that lets you open multiple links by highlighting them and then using the context menu for launching them in new tabs. With one click, all links will open in new windows or tabs as per your choice. At the same time, it also allows you to download multiple files contained within these links. Read More

Take Photos With Effects From Your Windows Phone 7 With SnapFX

Windows Phone 7 devices have really good cameras in general, and things took a turn for the better with Mango due to introduction of tap-to-focus. The camera in my Samsung Omnia 7 even has 6 photo effects in it! Still, who doesn’t want more? There’s always that thirst for the little something extra, and that’s what SnapFX is for. This neat little app lets you take photos with a bunch of really cool effects added to them. Now, we know there are already a lot of photo editors available for the Mango platform, so why would you want to give SnapFX a try? The most important reason for that is the app's intuitive interface. Rather than listing effects in a long and boring list, this app lets you make changes to your images in an interactive way. Apart from that, the app has to get full marks for simplicity, as everything is really easy and efficient in SnapFX. Read More

WiFiKill For Android: Remove Other Devices From A Wi-Fi Network

Do you share a Wi-Fi network with someone and end up frustrated because all the bandwidth is being hogged? Well, there’s a very mean, yet effective, solution to your problem available on the Android Market right now. With WiFiKill, you can now do what should be considered the meanest thing you can do to a person using the internet; kicking them off the Wi-Fi! Normally, this is managed through a PC with admin rights to the Wi-Fi router, but WiFiKill is here to give you control, and make war as you kick people off of a Wi-Fi network so that you get the bandwidth you need. Read More

Simpper Video Mail: Easily Record And Send Video Messages With A Click

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Akin to the fact that a picture provides a static idea of the situation, video makes the experience more flourished, proving everything in motion. Wouldn't it be quite awesome if you could send video messages to your friends and family, in case you both have different schedules. Consider your wish granted, as now you can easily send video messages and pictures to your friends and family with Simpper Video Mail. It has quite an intuitive interface, with an ability to begin recording with a single click, and allowing you to directly share it with your Gmail and Facebook friends. If you don't want to send the email to anyone, the application allows saving it to your PC only, as well. There is also an option for video chat through a Facebook web app for video chat with your Facebook friends. More details after the jump. Read More

W3 Launcher: Quickly Backup & Manage Your Bookmarks Online [Chrome]

If you have lots of bookmarks saved in Chrome, you'll know how hard it can be to manage them. W3Launcher, an online bookmark manager, is just what you need, to manage and organize your bookmarks. Use this Google Chrome web app to organize all your saved websites and web apps on one screen. You can open, edit or delete any bookmark from the same page. The bookmarks are saved on the user’s hard disk and never expire from W3Launcher. Read More