Install Custom Rom On Non-Rooted Motorola Atrix 4G

Motorola Atrix 4G has just received it’s first custom ROM! Yes, that’s right XDA-Developers forum member designgears has just released what is termed as a basic custom ROM for the Atrix 4G. The developer has created this ROM in a way that would allow it to be flashed to a non rooted Atrix 4G and where possible, a rooted Atrix 4G. For more information and installation, read on!

Bring 720p Video Recording And Tap To Focus On HTC HD2 WP7 With SHCameraApp

Have an HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 7? Fed up of having to set the camera resolution to 720p every time to record a video? A simple solution to this problem has surfaced, that should fix this issue for all of us. SHCameraApp is an app developed by XDA-Developers forum member Sergey_H that comes to the rescue for this solution and what's more - it does more then just save your camera settings. To learn more about the features of this app and how to set 720p video recording as default on your HTC HD2 running WP7, read on after the break. Read More

Install ROM Add-On For Advent Vega to Get Extra Features

Advent Vega got a couple of official firmware updates and the latest is v1.09 which brings Flash support, fullscreen notifications and its own touch calibration tool to the tablet. What we have for you here, is a collective installation of the latest Android firmware and the below mentioned custom addons, which are not available in the stock firmware. To learn more about it or install it to your tablet, read on after the break. Read More

Change Android Dock Style With HeLauncher

A new home app for Android has made it’s way into the marketplace. The app called HeLauncher is an attempt by the developer to keep things simple and productive. Device manufacturers tend to customize the home app for their devices to give a different feel to the user while standing out from the competition. HeLauncher is an attempt to throw that notion by the manufacturers right out the window by bringing together the proprietary home apps from various manufactures under one roof for you to choose the preferred one on the go. However there are a few other custom docks for you to choose as well. If you want change, read on! Read More

How To Use Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet With Photoshop

If you’re a graphic design enthusiast with a steady hand, willing to spend a reasonable amount of dough to expand upon your skill set, pen tablets are the way to go. Wacom’s Bamboo series of graphics tablets are quite popular with designers all around the world. This article walks you through the installation of a Wacom Bamboo Craft Pen and Touch Tablet and using it to the full in Photoshop. We’ll proceed assuming that you’re here because you’re new to pen tablets and want a detailed but easy installation and usage walkthrough. Read More

Run Heavy 3D Benchmark Test To Check Your GPU Performance

Since GPU plays a vital role in giving best gaming experience on PCs, gamers show their utmost concern about the type and strength of GPU installed in their systems. If you’re looking for the best GPU available in the market, do check out for best GPU benchmark score before buying. GPU benchmarking tools come particularly useful, when you need to put your GPU through different kind of tests to check a diverse range of abilities, such as, glass shadowing, pixel shading, 3D object models clarity and so on. Out of many attributes which users look for in their GPUs, the ability to display object shadows is considered to be the most suitable yardstick to check GPU strength. Soft Shadows Banchmark is a GPU benchmarking tool which tests your installed graphic unit for displaying quality shadow effects in 3D environment. While it can be, generally, used to quickly test installed GPU in any system, its main focus is on pixel processing unit (pixel pipelines). It creates a 3D environment, rendering 5 objects with 3 dynamic light effects while calculating animation FPS, so users can compare the results with other high-end GPUs available. Read More

xAct Is Feature-Rich Audio Toolkit For Mac

Want a tool which can handle a wide range of audio file formats to perform encoding and decoding operations with all the variations involved? xAct might be the best toolkit you could pick up. It an opensource, multi-purpose tool for Mac which presents a simple GUI for popular Unix-based applications including, Shorten, shntool, monkey’s audio compressor, flac, cdda2wav while using the powers of LAME, AtomicParsley, TagLib and mp4v2. If you’ve been using 3 separate applications on your Mac to encode & decode, merge/split, and to tag audio files, you should try out xAct, since it can fulfill your audio files manipulation needs under one window. Read More

Avast 6 Released, Brings AutoSandbox And WebRep PC Security Features

Avast has come a long way since its first release. The security mechanism that Avast uses against variety of viruses and malwares has been greatly appreciated due to the fact that it requires minimum amount of user input to keep itself updated with latest viruses, malware, and spyware and other types of malicious key logging scripts. Recently, Avast launched the latest version of their popular antivirus application Avast 6 which comes with two most significant features - AutoSandbox and WebRep. Read More

Find And Analyze Available WiFi Networks On Mac With KisMac

Sometimes we need to know about wifi networks available in our vicinity with all the network related information, like signal strength, max transfer rate, and encryption type. We often use a wifi stumbler that can quickly show us which wifi networks are open, encrypted with what type of techniques – WEP / WPA2, and the signal strength, among other information. Out of all basic Wifi Stumblers available for Mac, KisMac is a lightweight and opensource Wi-Fi scanner and analyzer which gives insight into available Wifi networks with information including, Network name, BSSID, Encryption (WEP/WPA2), Type of encryption (Managed / Adhoc), Signal strength, Max rate, and Last seen/accessed. It uses monitor mode to find out available networks with all the provided information with passive scanning. Read More

Display QR Codes Of Android Apps In Android Market

Android Market makes it easier to install apps with just one click but lacks QR codes. But why would someone need QR code when he/she can simply sign in and push the apps directly to the device? It is an interesting question but I can see various scenarios where a QR code would definitely come useful. Suppose a group of friends browsing around the Android Market. Not everyone can sign in to push the apps to their devices. Therefore, the best case scenario for everyone would be to use Google Goggles or Barcode Scanner to download apps directly to their devices. Now suppose another situation where writers (like us) and users (who post on forums) want others to try out an app, we can simply post the QR code making it easier for them to download. Showing a QR code on the app page also means that you can print them too. Read More

HomeBank Manages Your Home Finances Easily On Windows, Mac, And Linux

HomeBank is a home finances management tool that calculates your financial condition. It makes possible for you to get a graphical, statistical and analytical perspectives of your current financial condition, debtors or creditors. Although it is primarily a Linux based application, it also has versions for Windows and Mac. It contains a slew of powerful reporting tools which are based on filtering and graphical charts to generate a snapshot of your financial position, thus allowing you to plan ahead.  HomeBank allows creating financial archives, generating graphs, applying filters to view specific statistical information, saving of financial snapshots and much more. Read More

Instantly Hide Active Program Windows And Disable Sound With Magic Boss Key

When working on confidential content, it is necessary to keep it safe from prying eyes. This is particularly the case for individuals who work in sensitive divisions of an organizational unit (e.g. officials from the  Business Intelligence department of a company). Unfortunately, Windows does not provide any default feature to hide actively open files, folder and programs. This can however, be done with the help of Magic Boss Key which is a free application to instantly hide active program windows by using a hotkey. We are familiar with Win+M hotkey but this only minimizes the  open windows, not hides them. With Magic Boss Key, you can hide the browser, folder, and applications windows, as well as, all your desktop icons and taskbar. Items can also be excluded from the list of content to be hidden. This application can also be helpful for privacy cautious people and those who might be willing to hide some active applications from their boss. For example, lets say you are browsing through Facebook or playing a computer game at work. In the event that your boss suddenly arrives, the selected content can be easily hidden via a simple hotkey. Read More

Wiccan Maps Your Wiimote To Ubuntu Linux For Remote Control

Nintendos motion control Wiimotes have indeed revolutionized the gaming experience. The Wii Remote is the primary controller for Nintendo's Wii console. Since the release of the Wii console, developers have been exploring different ways to manipulate the use of the interactive Wii Remote. Many third-party applications are also in development. For example, one popular Windows program called GlovePIE allows the Wii Remote to be used on a personal computer to emulate a keyboard, mouse or joystick. If you are a Linux user who wishes to use the Wiimote with a Linux based app, then WiiCan is the mapping tool that can do this for you. Read More

Monitor Kerberos Authentication Tickets In Ubuntu Linux With Network Authentication

Kerberos is a computer network authentication protocol, which allows node communication over a network to authenticate computers for interacting with each other securely. For example, Kerberos authentication allows a user to easily manage mails, database related activities and access across multiple places on a network with a single user profile via the Active Directory in a Domain environment. Network Authentication or Krb5- Auth – Dialog is a Linux application that monitors Kerberos tickets and pops up reminders when the ticket is about to expire. Tickets can be refreshed at any time by clicking on the tray icon. Read More

How To Restore Advent Vega to Factory State

If you have messed up your Advent Vega tablet while trying to install a custom ROM or recovery to it, worry not as you can restore it to factory settings and get it the way as if nothing ever went wrong. While we can't promise that this will work no matter how bad you have messed up your Android device, it's still worth a try and works in most cases unless you have really gone the extra mile to brick your tablet. Read on for our detailed guide. Read More

How To Squeeze More Battery Life Out Of Advent Vega

Although the Advent Vega boasts a very durable battery life, if you want to squeeze even more out of it, you can do so simply by disabling the phone service component of Android OS as this tablet does not have a phone radio. This should improve the battery life significantly as the phone service runs all the time, even when the device is in standby mode. Read More

How To Permanently Root Advent Vega With z4root

Having root access to any Android device, such as the Advent Vega, is like that feature packed sports car that you just decide to push to its limits. It basically gives you complete access to the tablet and the ability to install customized ROMs to make the best out of it. If you want to root your Advent Vega, the procedure itself is pretty simple. Read More

How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery To Advent Vega

ClockworkMod recovery - one of the most popular custom recovery consoles for Android devices - is now available for your Advent Vega. While getting root access to your device does allow you to do a lot with it, several advanced customizations require a recovery that allows you to flash custom unsigned zip files and edit your firmware. To install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Advent Vega tablet, read on. Read More

Install Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Custom ROM On HTC Desire

The HTC Desire finally gets the much awaited and highly anticipated Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update, thanks to XDA-Developers forum members AdamG, _thalamus and schiznik over at XDA-Developers, who have cooked up a custom ROM from the build of the Android 2.3.3 for the HTC Desire. The ROM, keeping in view the need and want of most users for the aesthetics to remain as close to stock as possible,  and the developers have gone on to removing almost all of the bloatware from the ROM. To put it precisely, it's a personal ROM as per the developers. Read More

Install CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM On Samsung Vibrant

A build of CyanogenMod 7 based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread has just been made available for the Samsung Vibrant. At the moment, it’s quiet a bittersweet deal as the release is for testing purposes only and meant for developers or anyone who can help with the bugs etc. Our job here is to bring you the instructions to install the latest ROMs while they’re hot but you should be warned that this release is a highly unstable one and not suitable for everyday use. Read More