Skins: An Alternative iOS Music Player With Lyrics & Themes Support

Even though the iPod app in iOS devices is pretty good in itself, you might get bored of it after a while. There are many alternative music players available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the App Store, but most of them come with the disadvantage of not integrating with the stock music library, so if you start using them, you have to give up using the iPod library. Skins is a new iOS music player that lets you play songs in your device’s collection, and that, too, in a beautifully themed environment. Not only that, Skins also fetches lyrics for each song, and displays them along with the album art.Read More

Schedule Auto Refresh For Your Favorite Webpages [Firefox]

Want to stay up to date with the latest information on your favorite news, sports or blogging websites? You no longer need to click the Refresh button over and over again. Auto-Refresh, a Firefox add-on, is a handy tool for refreshing web pages at certain time intervals, giving you access to the latest webpage content. Auto Refresh will refresh or hard refresh any tab or group of tabs at individual or group intervals. You can also customize your presets, and save the ones you most use. It has the ability to automatically refresh your desired websites at certain time intervals. All you need is to enable the feature on your desired websites and select a time interval, after which your website will be reloaded automatically.Read More

Digesec Hashing Utility: Generate & Verify Hash Values Of Files & Text

Hash values are used to verify the integrity of files, and zip archives. If the contents of the file, or a zip archive change, its hash value will also change. So, if the file has been tampered in any way, it can be checked by generating its hash value and comparing it with the value of the original file. Previously, we have covered, both tools, as well as extensions that allow users to generate and compare hash values of files to verify their integrity. Applications like SFV Ninja and HashSlash let you generate and verify hash values, while Shell Extensions such as HashTab and FilePropsMan adds a tab containing file hash information and verification in the properties of files. Digesec Hasing Utility is a hash utility that lets you generate and verify hash values of file, as well as text. It can be used to confirm the authenticity of a file and hash passwords. The application supports a lot of hashing algorithms such as ADLER, CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, TIGER etc.Read More

My ShopHaul For iPhone Combines Shopping With Social Networking

My ShopHaul is an iOS app that lets users know what their friends and other contacts are buying these days. It can be considered a social network based on shopping. Not many people like to go shopping alone, but it is not always possible to go with your friends. My ShopHaul is an app which will make you feel like you are out shopping with the people you love. This not only makes shopping an enjoyable experience, but also helps you in discovering latest trends, and to get good prices on your purchases. Read More

Surfon: Send/Sync Tabs Across Browsers & Computers [Browser Extension]

If you regularly switch computers or browsers, and don’t want to lose your open tabs, then Surfon, a browser extension, can be the perfect solution for you. It lets users save tabs on one browser or computer, and access them from another. The extension uses the Surfon web service, and is available for major browsers such as, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It can especially come in handy when you’re short on time, and want to view webpages later, on a different computer or browser. Save pages by accessing the right-click context menu, or click the button in the toolbar to save multiple tabs. Once you’ve saved your tabs, open all of them in a different browser or computer with only a single click.Read More

PixBuilder Is An Easy-To-Use, Comprehensive Image Editing Tool

Image editors com in handy when you want to enhance those shaky came moments or brighten up the dark spots. Google image editors and you will find a humungous list of a number of different such software available for download. Last month, we covered a very comprehensive image editor named Artweaver Free, which has full support for layers, a wide variety of brushes and effect filters, enabling the users to edit images with great detail. In fact, we found it so useful that we compared it directly to Adobe Photoshop, but even though it was a great application, there was a catch; just like Adobe Photoshop, it was difficult to use for a newbie. Today, we found PixBuilder, which might take care of that problem. It is an image editing application for digital photo editing, image processing and resizing. Read on to know more about PixBuilder.Read More

Swipe To Switch Between Apps On Your iPhone With Zephyr [Cydia Tweak]

iOS and Android might be the most popular smartphone platforms for now, but that does not mean there aren’t good features in other operating systems, as well. There is always something to learn from smaller players in the smartphone market, as is obvious from some of the features introduced in iOS 5. However, it would be unwise to expect Apple to bring every little OS feature to the mix, and that’s probably what the jailbreak community, or Cydia, are there for. Zephyr is a new jailbreak tweak, using which, users of jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can enjoy gesture-based multitasking found in Meego and Blackberry Playbook.Read More

Basics To Know Before Moving From A Windows PC To An Apple Mac

Changing phones, email providers or web browsers is something that takes a lot of conviction and adjusting to; imagine if you felt compelled to change your OS? The move would definitely be a bigger adjustment and if you’re switching from Windows 7 to Mac, since the adjustment would probably be equivalent to sleeping on the opposite of the bed. This guide helps you ease in to that adjustment. It is neither a feature list nor a comparison between the two operating systems. It was written just to tell you where the electric box is, and how the plumbing works. Briefly, we will look at how you can search for apps, files and folders on your Mac, find and install apps, manage windows and finding system preferences.Read More

How To Create Customizable Multiboot System Rescue Disk

System Rescue bootable disks are built to help users easily troubleshoot those PC problems, which are generally quite difficult to fix such as corrupt boot sector, malware infected system files, physical & logical hard disk bad sectors, disk write failures and so on. In our previous guide on completely wiping the hard disk, we recommended using DBAN (Darik’s Boot And Nuke) Boot CD to shred the auxiliary and removable hard drives. Like any other boot disk, DBAN runs in a complete isolated environment to perform the disk wipe operation. Tools like DBAN, eScan Rescue, MSSS, Hiren’s Boot CD etc., require burning the ISO file on a separate disk for creating a bootable disk to fix PC issues, but what if you want to create a customizable bootable USB or CD/DVD disk to use all your favorite system diagnostic utilities without having to change the bootable disks on system startup?Read More

CashBook: Password Protected Personal Expense Manager For Mac

CashBook is a free Mac app that helps you manage your daily expenses; it isn’t one of those super apps that will tell which stocks to invest in, and when it is a good time to invest in a house or buy a new car. The app is simply a good way to manage finances if you aren’t very good at keeping track of money, and don’t want anything overly complicated. The app lets you manage money in different accounts, letting you add as many accounts and expense heads as you like, and simply putting down expenditures and deposits as they happen under one of the available categories.Read More

Freemake Music Box: Listen To Online Music & Watch YouTube Videos

Freemake Music Box is a music player that lets you search for free online music, and listen to millions of songs. It allows you to find, listen to and organize your favorite music, and automatically plays videos from YouTube. You can search the music by artist name, album name or the exact song name, depending on your choice. The application enables you to create and save playlists, change the order of songs in playlists, and keeps the playlists intact for listening to your favorite songs at a later time. Freemake Music Box makes sure that the music that you’re listening to is available legally on the internet, and provides you with all the basic options of a music player.Read More

Steam For Android: Unofficial Mobile Client For Steam With An ICS-Like UI

If you’re an avid gamer, then you must surely be familiar with the popular online gaming discussion and distribution platform, Steam. Using the services of Steam, not only can you browse and purchase the latest games from major game developing companies, but also join its online community, and share your gaming experiences with others. Oddly enough, Steam currently does not have an official mobile client for smartphone users, which means that hardcore Steam fans have to resort to the Steam website, or third-party clients to access the service on their devices.Fresh to the Android Market, Steam For Android is yet another handy addition to such clients that has certainly got better looks and a more extensive set of features than most, if not all, of its counterparts. Sporting an extremely user-friendly interface that is reminiscent, in look and feel, of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich UI.Steam For Android lets you check your Steam profile, group updates, view special deals/discounts for your favorite games, sort the unending list of games by various filters, find out what games your friends are playing, and share the best games with your buddies right from your Android device.Read More

Zip Browser For iPhone & iPad: View The Content Of ZIP Files On The Go

More and more people are gradually beginning to conduct their businesses on the go via their iDevices, a major portion of which involves sending and receiving files of considerable size in .zip archives. ZIP browsers are, therefore, becoming a necessity. Zip Browser for iOS lets you view the contents of .zip files attached to the emails within the stock Mail client. The app provides a simple interface and allows you to share files within a ZIP archive in bulk via email.Read More

Xbox 360 Transformer Pack Makes Windows 7 Look Like Xbox 360

After bringing you a number of Windows 7 transformation packs, including he Android , Mango, iOS, Windows 8, Mac OS X, and the Ubuntu Skin Pack,  we have come across yet another elegant skin pack, called Xbox 360 Transformer Pack. Unlike the previously-reviewed transformation packs, this skin pack has been developed by a different developer, “the-dhruv-8”. However, just like our previously reviewed skin packs, you can install this one by simply launching an executable file, and following the simple setup wizard. In other words, you do not need to go through any manual theme patching methods.Read More

Web Scroll Capture For iPhone: Take Full-Length Webpage Screenshots

There are quiet a few people out there whose line of work involves capturing screenshots of webpages (graphic designers, for instance). Now, there may be a lot of extensions for desktop browsers that let you capture the entire length of a webpage but the same functionality is rare for mobile platforms, which is what makes Web Scroll Capture an excellent addition to the iTunes App Store. The app lets you take screenshots of whole webpages, from top to bottom, while browsing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.Read More

Ethervane Echo Automatically Sorts Your Clipboard Entries Into Tabs

Previously, we have covered a lot of clipboard managers, such as ClipX, Ace Clipboard and Free Clipboard Manager, all with their unique functionalities like managing clipboard entries through hotkeys and saving clipboard items & screenshots. Ethervane Echo is a portable clipboard manager that keeps track of your clipboard history without interfering with the default Windows clipboard. Unlike other clipboard managers, it automatically sorts the clipboard entries into different tabs, such as Default, Sticky, Used, Last hour, URLs etc., allowing you to quickly access the required clipboard entries. It allows you to select and mark the important clipboard entries as Sticky, edit entries both inside the manager and in an external text editor, and search for a particular entry using the built-in search function.Read More

Run Your Computer In A Virtual Environment, Protect It From Malware

Toolwiz Time Freeze is a free, instant system protection software that keeps your computer safe from unwanted changes and malicious agents. It is designed to put your computer under a virtual environment (when required), to help you evaluate applications, watch movies, and perform online activities. To make it short, it makes your system run within a kind of sandbox, to help you avoid stability and security issues caused by unwanted system changes.Read More

How To Unbrick Dell Venue Pro [Complete Guide]

Dell Venue Pro might not be the most popular Windows Phone 7 device, but it is one of the most unique ones, being the only WP7 device having a portrait sliding QWERTY keyboard. Their isn’t a lot of development going on for DVP, mainly due to its limited number of users, so it is always nice to see something new come along for this unsung hero. If you've bricked your Venue Pro, you should know that now, there is a way to bring it back to life. Read on past the jump for a step-by-step guide for the unbrick procedure.Read More

Boost Your Internet Connection Speed With Auslogics Internet Optimizer

Many users find it hard to understand the necessary settings to optimize their internet connection speed. This is particularly true for novice users and people with little knowledge of networking concepts. Auslogics Internet Optimizer is a comprehensive internet connection optimization tweak, which makes it easy to optimize your internet connection. It works in two modes, i.e., the Auto Optimization and the Manual Optimization mode, the latter of which has been designed to give a chance to advanced users for manually tweaking their internet connection. The Auto Optimization feature, however, is meant for novice users.Read More

Create Text-Based ASCII Art From Images Using ASCII Generator

ASCII art is a graphic designing technique that uses computers for presentation, and consists of pictures pieced together from the printable characters defined by the ASCII Standard. It is basically text-based visual art, and can be created with any text editor. However, creating ASCII art using a simple text editor will demand a lot of time and concentration from the person making it. These days, you can find a tool for everything you want to do. Applications used to generate and manipulate images are available in both free and paid forms. Instead of wasting your time in creating an ASCII image in a text editor, you can use the following application. ASCII Generator is a free, open source application that lets you convert images into text-based art. It lets you adjust the density levels, brightness, contrast and dither of the converted images. You can let the application automatically select the suitable characters, or enter the alphabets and characters of your choice to create the text-based image. ASCII Generator is capable of creating ASCII art of multiple images in a batch operation.Read More