S-Off On HTC Droid Incredible 2 With AlphaRevX Now Available [How To]

The HTC Droid Incredible 2 has finally been permanently rooted with S-Off, thanks to team AlphaRev and their AplhRevX tool which now supports the Droid Incredible 2. We earlier covered a guide on how to gain S-Off on a few HTC Android phones via AlphRevX, and the tools success was soon followed by the inclusion of the Droid Incredible 2, thereby gaining S-Off on the potent device in no time. Read More

Run Ubuntu On Asus Eee Pad Transformer Natively

If you’re an Android geek, there is a chance that you have come across quite a few instances of Linux Ubuntu being ported to a handful of Android devices across the board. This time around, it is the Asus Transformer that has received a complete port of Ubuntu thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Jhinta. Earlier we covered a port of the Linux Debian for the Motorola XOOM Honeycomb tablet and that too ran natively as like this one by Jhinta. Read More

Create Customized System Tray Pop-Up Reminder With Notifu

Remember previously covered reminder called, msgboxmkr, which lets you notify yourself about important tasks that are to performed when you logon to Windows? It throws a message box on the screen having customized text to remind users about the tasks they might forget to perform within given timeline. Notifu is a highly customizable, open source application that provides somewhat similar functionality, allowing you to create a customized balloon message which pops-up everytime you log onto Windows. Instead of providing GUI based configuration console, it allows changing message text and other settings from Windows CLI. You can create a batch script file (BAT) to specify configurations and text message without having to open Windows CMD. Read More

Horizon33 Screen Capture Tool Comes With 5 Modes, 3 Effects & Custom Outputs

Horizon33 is a screenshot tool that offers 5 ways in which screenshots can be taken; Capture Full-Screen, Capture Active Windows, Capture Region, Capture Object, and Capture Fixed Region. Just like previously featured Greenshot, which attempts to replace Windows default Printscreen function, it maps Printscreen function key with its full screen capture feature. Amongst all the provided features it’s offer, crop objects off the window and snap screen from defined area are most significant; the former feature allows user to quickly take snap of different UI objects from the interface of app window while the latter provides a convenient way to snap everything that falls into specified area on the screen. These features make it unique from the rest of screenshot taking applications available out there. Read More

FreeSizer Is Fast Profile Based Image Resizer

Many image resizers don’t show dimensions and estimated size of resultant images, which leaves users to the moment where they have to manually evaluate the size of the images, and in some cases, check size of each converted image to resize the original imageset again to get the required size. Profile based image converters, in contrast, lets you quickly convert images for numerous pre-defined purposes, such as, send images through email, share images on social media platforms, make image size compatible for mobile devices, etc., without giving details regarding resultant image size and dimensions. Read More

Record Skype Calls In High Quality With MP3 Skype Recorder

If you’re looking for an automated Skype call recorder that can grab conversations in high quality and quickly save them with time stamps, MP3 Skype Recorder will certainly come handy. It’s a Skype call recording application that not only records P2P conversations but conference and SkypeOut calls as well in high quality MP3 format. What makes it different from previously covered Skype recording applications, such as, CallGraph Skype Recorder and iFree Skype Recorder, is the way it interacts with users. It lets you know when call recording starts and what’s the duration of call recording while showing other useful call related information. Read More

Official NASA App For Android – Stay Apprised Of The Latest From Space

For years, NASA has helped us peep into the world beyond our very own planet Earth. It's through their space discoveries and explorations that we have come to know of so many wonder worlds outside our own. There are numerous sources of digital media -TV programs, websites, magazines, mobile apps - that let you gain access to various projects and ventures of NASA. However, if you're Android user looking to get your hands on almost every aspect of NASA from the comfort of your couch, we have a great news for you.  Explore the hidden and mystical facets of your universe with the official NASA App for Android phones. This amazing and feature-rich app from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) brings you the best of 'all worlds' through interactive multimedia content (images, videos, news feeds, live TV and special featured content). The app is purely web-oriented and, therefore, requires internet connectivity to run. Read More

Nemus Launcher For Android Brings New App Drawer & Folder Widget Concepts

From the developer of Regina Launcher for Android comes yet another innovative home screen replacement application. Nemus Launcher for Android boasts a simple yet attractive interface and quite a few handy new features, including a unique, customizable folder widget for organizing app shortcuts on your home screen and a couple of amazing new app drawer features that make browsing through scores of apps a lot less frustrating. The launcher runs a little slow while switching between home screens and entering/exiting the app drawer. However, this (hopefully temporary) disadvantage is easily overshadowed by its enhanced functionality and ease of use. Itching to know more? Join us after the break. Read More

SelectionSK Opens Context Menu With Extra Options On Text Selection

Copying text and sending it to search in your default search engine from the context menu is an excellent time saving feature but we don’t always select text to search for it on Google and there are many other functions that we can perform from the right-click context menu on selected text. SelectionSK is an extension for Firefox that makes right-click context menu functions for selected text easier to access. Once installed, it automatically pops up all possible functions in a menu without you having to right-click. The extension can be extremely useful if you have a number of extensions that add options to the context menu and you have to search for the one you’re looking for. Read More

Stellarium – Get Planetarium On Your Computer With Realistic Sky In 3D

If you want to try out an application just for the novelty of it and are an addictive star gazer, then perhaps its time to revisit ancient Sumaria and the mythological skies of ancient Greece. Stellarium, as the name suggests, is a 3D map application of the stars, typically centered on Earth. It provides a window into the abyss of they sky around us and it’s inanimate heavenly bodies. With Stellarium, there is hardly anything that you cannot do when it comes to exploring a map of the sky. It does not merely display random stars but provides in depth information about any star which appears in the map, with the option to view planets, constellations and other details of the Milky Way, with absolute precision. Read More

Auto Arrange Windows In Grid Or Border Layout With Desklayer

Desklayer is a windows management application which can be used to arrange window size and layout dynamically according to the size of the open window. Desklayer re-arranges the layout by expanding it in an empty direction to fill desktop space. The two main layout types are called Grid and Border layout. The former arranges active windows vertically like a grid and the latter displays border tips of the open windows. As you maximize more windows, they get auto arranged according to your selected layout. This can help you arrange open windows in a convenient format to easily view multiple maximized windows simultaneously. Read More

Get Windows 8 Style Clock On Your Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7 is a portable application which brings the Windows 8-style login screen look-alike clock to your Windows 7 desktop, with glowing text. Such attempts to port Windows 8 functionality to Windows 7 is frequent among the developer community and it appears that until the Windows 8 beta launch, we might get a set of tools to replicate the Windows 8 UI on our Windows 7. Having said that, W8 Desktop Clock is not just a Windows 8 replica application, but rather can be used to make your common wallpapers into a wallpaper clock. In an earlier post we showed you how to get wallpaper clocks for Ubuntu using Screenlets. However, even Screenlets only allows adding wallpaper clocks and does not transform your wallpaper into one. This give W8 Desktop Clock quite an edge and makes it a worthy application for transforming wallpapers into wallpaper clocks. Read More

Start Menu XP Displays Windows 7 Start Menu Items In Groups

One of the biggest annoyance for Windows XP users after switching to Windows 7 was the elimination of the classic start menu. We have already reviewed Taskbar Classic Start Menu, which can be used to get the XP style classic start menu in Windows 7. Start Menu XP is a similar application which provides a standalone menu, which works pretty much like the XP style classic start menu. However, unlike Taskbar Classic Start Menu, Start Menu XP provides the option to create and edit expandable groups for easier viewing of start menu items. This eliminates the need of scrolling up and down the Windows 7 start menu. Read More

Quick Event For Android Converts Simple Text Into Calendar Events

Ever since I laid my hands on my first Android device, one of the few things that really had me flustered was the Calendar application and its many features. The large number of separate fields that have to be filled just to add a simple meeting with one of your friends to the calendar can turn out to be quite a hassle and can easily distract you from the actual purpose itself. Quick Event for Android is an intelligent app that extracts all the required parameters (date, time, duration, location etc.) for a calendar event from simple text entered by the user and adds them to their respective fields within the native calendar. Effectively, Quick Event works in the same way as Google Calendar’s much-applauded Quick Add feature. Read More

ObscuraCam For Android Detects Faces In Photos & Conceals Them

The photography genre of Android apps is vast enough to offer you almost every type of flavor. There are simple photo snapping apps, countless photo editing monsters, apps that bring all the snazzy and exotic filters and effects to the table, alternatives to your Android's stock gallery, and whatnot. Then there are a few candidates that offer some weird, yet fun-filled, options, such as presenting you with a photobooth like interface, let you swap your face with some other person in the photo, and let you transform your photos in any way you like. Now, should you feel like getting your hands on an app that lets you distort a specific portion (specifically face) of an image, we have got a very handy solution for you. Better yet, if the app could automatically detect unwanted faces in the image, your task of hiding those faces would become all the more easier.  ObscuraCam is a free, handy tool for Android that uses facial recognition to detect faces within snapped/imported photos, lets you conceal them with any of the four available obscuring effects (Redact, Pixelate, Background Pixelate, Masking) and share the results with your friends. Effectively, ObscuraCam resembles Privacy Camera for Android but with slightly enhanced interface a few additional features (for instance, the face identification and image sharing features). Join us after the break for more. Read More

Get Your Facebook News Feed In Google+ And Update Your Status

For every app or extension that Facebook blocks from migrating its data to Google+, about ten more seem to pop up. While Facebook is trying its very best to stop people from switching to Google+, people are coming up with more and more ways to use the site from it and with the invites open and working again, these attempts are bound to spike. Yesterday we covered using Facebook’s mobile upload email address to post updates from Google+, today, it’s Google+Facebook, an extension for Firefox and Chrome that lets you view your Facebook stream in Google+ and update your status from it. Read More

Install ClockworkMod Recovery On Samsung Mesmerize i500 [How To]

What good is a rooted Samsung Mesmerize if you don’t have ClockworkMod recovery installed on it. With a simple root, you’re nowhere at getting the taste of Custom ROMs, kernels and you’re certainly far away from the comfort of flashing unsigned zip files with ease. Android Forum’s forum member ifruit6 tells us how to get the most famous custom recovery on your phone.

Read More

Root Samsung Mesmerize i500 With SuperOneClick [How To]

For those of you looking to quickly root their Samsung Mesmerize i500, it couldn’t get any simpler! If you’re an experienced Android user, chances are that you must have come across SuperOneClick and probably know how awesome this tool is. The Mesmerize is a very potent phone with a Super AMOLED 4” display and the Hummingbird chipset, so rooting it is only fair. Read More