How To Enable 64-Bit Mode In Internet Explorer 10 On Windows 8

As most of our desktop computing devices move from 32 bit towards 64 bit platforms, more and more programs are being made available in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. While Windows 7 has already had Internet Explorer 9 in both these variants, they were available as separate apps. That changes with Windows 8, as both versions have been consolidated into one version of Internet Explorer 10. For further details on switching between the modes, continue reading. Read More

Windows 8: Extended Wallpaper And Taskbar Across Dual Monitors

After years of offering only the bare minimum dual monitor support with its operating systems, Microsoft has finally decided to change things for the better. The recently released Developer’s Preview of Windows 8 has added better dual-monitor support natively to the OS, letting you extend your wallpaper across multiple monitors as well as extending your taskbar across them automatically, without the need for any third-party apps. For more information and how to get it going, continue reading after the jump. Read More

How To Restart, Log Off, Sleep And Shutdown Windows 8

Users who have started using Windows 8 struggle finding options to Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Shutdown their PCs. From Windows 95 to Windows 7, the Power Control options have always been accessible from Windows Start Menu, but because Windows 8 is specifically optimized for tablets where users generally don’t require shutting down or restarting a lot, the new Metro Start Menu only contains the options to lock and log off Windows. There are two ways to access Power Control options in Windows 8; you can either use classic hotkey combination Alt+F4 on desktop or open Charms box using Win+C hotkey to Restart, Shutdown, and put your PC to sleep. Read More

Windows 8 Jump Lists Comes With Better Privacy Options

With Windows 7 came a feature that changed the way users interacted with applications; Jump Lists. You right-click a pinned application in the taskbar to view the Jump List. The problem with Jump Lists is that you cannot control the history of all items that show up in the list. Windows 8 now allows better privacy control; you can choose to prevent Windows from showing recently opened items in the Jump Lists. In the Taskbar Properties, the Start Menu tab has been replaced with Jump Lists tab. It makes sense since the Classic Start Menu has been replaced with the new Metro UI based Start Menu. Under the new Jump Lists tab, you will find the Privacy option - Store and display recently opened items in Jump Lists. Uncheck this option and all recently opened items in the Jump List will be removed. Note that these items will not show again even if you re-enable the option. Read More

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts [With Screenshots]

The new Windows 8 operating system was recently launched with a number of new enhancements. Other than the Metro based interface and other changes, it also came with a slew of new keyboard shortcuts. In this post we will show a number of Windows 8 hotkeys which can help you use Windows 8 more conveniently. These include keyboard shortcuts which are applicable on both the Metro interface and Windows desktop.
Important Update: We compiled this list of shortcuts when Windows 8 Developer Build was released, and since then Microsoft has made some major User Interface changes, therefore some hotkeys may not respond in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and next iterations. We've covered 30 most useful hotkeys for Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which you can check out here.
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Quick Screen Share – Remotely Share & Control Desktops Sans Sign In

When collaborating remotely with either clients or colleagues, you often look for the best way to communicate with them. Whether you use messengers or web or desktop applications, you ensure that the solution is feasible for both of you. Throw in to that the need to share screens and things get complicated because screen sharing will depend on a lot of things like what program or service you use and the connection speed on both ends. A popular way for sharing screens is via Skype but if you or your colleague have a slow connection it might not work very well. Quick Screen Share is a free web application that lets you share your screen with anyone, view the other person’s screen in return and allows either of you to take control of the other person’s system. So long as your browser supports Java, this is a convenient way of sharing and remotely controlling desktops. No registration required! Read More

Improve myTouch 4G Slide Battery Life With Tweaked Stock Kernel [Guide]

HTC myTouch 4G Slide emerged as a high-tier Android device but wasn’t able to gain much popularity due to thin participation of underground developer community. The phone was rooted after couple of hours of its release but the ROM and custom kernel development have been moving at a snail’s speed. The main reason behind this lack of dev interest is unreleased kernel sources which are direly required to cook custom bacon for any Android phone or tab. Lately Undeadk9, Senior XDA Member, has managed to tweak the stock kernel in order to enhance user experience and save battery. The kernel doesn’t offer any overclocking or undervolting options and the main crux of this release is to make the phone work better while on stock firmware / ROM.

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Quick Links – One Button Access To Chrome Pages & Your Favorite Sites

Do you frequently enable and disable your bookmarks bar  (Ctrl+Shift+B) in Chrome? That is something that might signify you have a love-hate thing for the bookmarks bar. Chrome (like other browsers) allows you to save bookmarks to folders and keep only the very important ones on the bar itself but that’s not to say the bookmarks bar doesn’t seem unappealing and space hogging since you just use it to get to your links. Quick Links is a Chrome extension that allows you to access 11 of your most frequently visited sites from a single button. The extension opens a compact panel that you can use to access the sites and to access Chrome pages. Read More

iOnRoad: Augmented Reality Collision Detector For Drivers [Android]

iOnRoad is an Android app that, through its augmented reality driving assistance, real-time collision detection and automatic audio-visual alert feature, ensures that you always drive safe and stay alert of potential traffic accidents, making it an extremely handy tool for novice drivers. The app uses Android's native camera and sensors to predict the time-gap until collision with another vehicle and warns the drivers accordingly. Read More

Playgrounds By Fring: Free-For-All Group Video Chat Client For Android

If you're a smartphone user with a thing for video chatting, you might be aware of the popular multiplatform video calling/IM client Fring. While Fringland's prized video chat client allows users to indulge in high quality group video calling with as many as three of their friends at a time, Playgrounds –  a brand new IM client by the same developers - lets you search for and connect with all  Playgrounds users so that you can expand your network of friends and join worldwide video calling groups in the same four-way video chat provided by Fring. Likewise, Playgrounds users can also call their contacts on their cell phone number or chat with them through text. Playgrounds offers quality data (voice/video) transmission over 3G/4G networks and Wi-Fi. Read More

Locations For HTC – Route Planning And Location Logging For WP Mango

Maybe it’s the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft which has fired HTC up and compelled their Windows Phone 7 developers to become hyperactive in the Marketplace or maybe it’s because the release of Mango is nearly upon us. Whatever the reason, it’s the WP7 community who is benefiting from the latest flurry of free apps released by HTC. Just a few days back, we covered an app named Attentive Phone which was also from HTC, and now Locations has entered the Marketplace with the intention of providing Mango users with an easy way to find their way! Read More

Discover Like-Minded People Near You With ShoutFlow For iPhone

Most of us have Facebook accounts to stay in touch with our friends and family (or sometimes to expand our professional circle), as in today’s world, it has become almost impossible to live without social media. But even if you have hundreds of people already added as your Facebook friends, chances are that most of them live far away and you are left looking for the right person whenever you want to just hang out with a buddy. ShoutFlow is the perfect app for iOS users who find themselves in the aforementioned scenario. This app lets you discover strangers near your present location and helps you connect with them after getting consent from both the involved parties. Read More

Runnymede Sense 3.5 KingedRunny ROM For EVO 4G Now Available [Download]

HTC Runnymede is the new high-tier Android phone that is set to be released in November or December this year. However some industrious hackers have already got their hands of the leaked official firmware of this phone. The result of this, like always, is that Android hackers and developers at different Android portals , blogs and forums are hard at work to cook Runnymede firmware based ROMs for their devices. Runnymede firmware / official RUU comes with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread running HTC Sense 3.5 UI. For those who don’t know, HTC Sense 3.5 UI is a Sense 3.0 successor and comes loaded with extra widgets, lockscreen accessible apps and homescreen portrait compatibility. As of now, HTC Sense 3.5 has managed to gather a massive fan base owing to enhanced utility and beautiful looks.

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MoveThemAll – Move Photos From One Facebook Album To Another [Chrome]

If you frequently take pictures on the go and share them on Facebook, it’s likely that you’ve got a huge collection of pictures in either the Mobile uploads or Wall Photos. While Facebook conveniently allows you to move images from one album to another, you have to select the destination album for all image individually. MoveThemAll is Chrome extension that automatically selects the same destination album for all photos and make it easier to migrate all images from one album to another. Read More

Lock GPS Location Quickly On Sensation, Desire HD And Inspire 4G [Guide]

In case you are using HTC Sensation, Inspire 4G or Desire HD and want your GPS to lock under 10 seconds, then there is some great news for you. Senior XDA member, crypted, has developed a GPS optimization scripts that initially improved GPS locking in North America and was later made compatible to support worldwide geographic locations. Majority of the users who have deployed this patch on their HTC devices have managed to get GPS lock within 10 seconds.

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Disable Metro Features While Keeping Ribbon Explorer In Windows 8

First we covered a simple Registry hack to disable Metro and bring back the Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows 8. Then, we covered a small tool called Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle which allows users to quickly change the value in the registry to switch between new metro interface and old classic interface. The problem with both these methods is that when you disable Metro, apart from disabling the Metro Start Menu, it also disabled the Ribbon Explorer and the new Task Manager. This got annoying for many users, including myself. Read More

1App Budget – Manage Your Money With Ease Right From Windows Phone 7

1App Budget is a free budget management app that has just been released for Windows Phone 7, but after having a look at it, we can safely say that it looks nothing like a half-cooked freebie. The app has all the flashiness and usability of any of its paid competitors, and then some. With the focus recently shifting to Windows Phone’s latest expected update, Mango, there has been a lull in the Marketplace for new apps that don’t run just on Mango. Fortunately, the developers of this awesome app didn't feel the same way (according to latest reports Mango is coming this fall, so still at least a month to go). 1App Budget is a one-stop shop for all your financial affairs and has got pretty much everything covered when it comes to monetary issues. Read More

My Assistant For WP Mango – Set Reminders For Tasks & Important Calls

For a platform with a relatively low app count, Windows Phone 7, has a lot of reminder apps . But most of these app merely maintain a list of tasks to be done and don’t set off an alarm when the time arrives. Of course, you can use the stock alarms app or the system calendar to achieve this but if you're on Mango, you can enjoy added functionality with My Assistant. This app makes full use of Mango’s ability to let third party apps run as background tasks and so doesn’t need to be active to alert you about the reminders you set up previously. Read More

Thuuz: Sports Alerts Sorted By Level Of Excitement [Android & iPhone]

Although there is no shortage of sports-based app in the mobile app stores, not all are meant to allow you share your fervor with other sports fanatics around the globe. If you consider yourself to be a sports fanatic and own an Android or iOS powered mobile device, then you must try Thuuz – a free app that keeps you updated about all the thrilling sporting contests in and around your region in a slightly different, yet exciting way. Stay updated of your favorite pro and college sports and follow them in real-time. Tune into live games, check instant video replays (requires zip code) or cheer for your favorite sports (literally). Thuuz makes it all possible. Read More