Observe Hot Product Deals On Amazon With Amazon Watcher

Do you always miss out on important product deals and discount rates over at Amazon? Perhaps, you are checking bookmarked product repeadeatdly to see the newly quoted price and other related hot deals. If you’re tired of keeping tab on your favorite products in this way, it’d be better to try Amazon Watcher. It is a small program which does nothing except keeps you updated you on specified product deals, so you would never miss out a deal for which you’ve been waiting for. It keeps a regular check on product availability and price change. Whenever defined items become available in stock, it will immediately notify you for checking the updated product details. For your convenience, it allows creating rules for showing desktop notifications. You can create rule by defining What To Watch scenario – either alert user when defined item is in stock or when its price drops to specified amount. Additionally, you can customize its reactions when it finds the product details according to defined rule. Read More

Recover Emails After System Crash From All Desktop Mail Clients

File recovery software are generally not completely reliable when it comes to retaining the files in the proper format back. Thus, after a system crash, many users tend to recover only most important data from the HDD, such as, project files, presentations, important documents, and importantly emails from installed email clients. If you’ve faced such a hard drive crash lately, odds of you searching for a ubiquitous email recovery pack are high. Email Undelete is an email recovery program which is out for recovering all the emails from crashed hard drives and also all the purged emails which were once saved in Delete folders of installed email clients, such as, Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc. Email Undelete is powerful in many ways. While it can recover mails from non-responsive storage mediums, it’s an ability to locate and undelete missing email databases, so you can choose which emails from what database are to be recovered back. Additionally, broken email messages , which can’t be interpreted by many email clients, can also be repaired in order to read them without any problems. Just like previously advocated Outlook Repair, it uses deep search mechanism to thoroughly scan the damaged storage medium for lost messages and email databases. Recovering mails is easy. You’d just need to follow its wizard steps to initiate deep search process. Once scanning is finished, it will show all the recovered messages, lost email databases, and broken mails, letting you retain them back instantly. Read More

Backup SD Card In Nook Color Running Froyo Or Honeycomb

Plenty of Nook Color owners who have Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 3.0 Honeycomb running on their devices wish to backup entirely whatever the SD card contains using a no-frills method. The guide that will follow is built for Windows and Linux and it allows users to make an image of their entire SD card that they can use later to restore the device. Read on for details. Read More

Install Gingerbread Based CyanogenMod 7 on LG Optimus One P500

Whether its from the Cyanogen team themselves or from a passionate XDA-Developers user, CyanogenMod will find a way to make it to your Android device and amongst the latest devices in this series is the LG Optimus One P500, a fairly decent Froyo based device. While LG themselves have not mentioned any plan for upgrading the device to Gingerbread as of yet, it does not mean the device will not be tasting it. Read on for details. Read More

Install Froyo Based SHIFTPDA Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy Tab

A new custom ROM based on the widely used Android 2.2 Froyo, for the Samsung Galaxy Tab has surfaced on XDA-Developers courtesy of the forum member boyppc. Not a lot of ROMs have surfaced for the Galaxy Tab, and since this one just recently hit the internet, why not try it out? For more on this ROM and how to install it, read on! Read More

What’s New? Full Review Of New Features In Firefox 4

Its been nearly eight months since Firefox 4 entered its Beta stage. The Firefox 4 journey has not been free of hurdles. It has suffered from everything including frequent browser crashes to HTML5 support issues that resulted in frequent flickering of the Windows Live webpages (including Windows Live Mail). After 12 beta and two release candidates, Firefox 4 has finally released its final stable version. Lets hope that this release can bring back many of the annoyed users that switched from Firefox 4 during this transition phase. Chrome is looking good as ever and Internet Explorer 9 has already had millions of downloads in the short time frame of its final release. With Chrome taking a big bite out of the browser market share and speculations of Internet Explorer gearing up for its 10th version release, it was about time that Firefox cleaned up its act and provided a stable and reliable Firefox 4 version. In this post we will take a look at the new Firefox 4 features and explain the dynamics of how it can change the way you browse the World Wide Web. Read More

Auto-Switch To HTTPS Secure Websites In Firefox With HTTPS Finder

HTTPS (HTTP over SSL or HTTP Secure) is the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) which is a sub layer under HTTP application layering. HTTPS encrypts and decrypts webpage requests which ensures having secure sessions on websites e.g. Facebook. This can allow having a safe browsing session which can bar hackers or malicious programs from compromising your system. HTTPS Finder is a Firefox extension that automatically detects and alerts when a secure HTTPS connection is available for a website. You can also enable automatic redirection to make sure that you are automatically directed to a secure HTTPS version of a website (when possible). Read More

GnuCash Portable – Take Your Financial Management Data With You

GnuCash Portable is an open source financial management software. Being a portable app, you can take your financial information anywhere with you. Just run the setup and select a location to extract the application content (e.g. USB drive). From here, you can simply add your financial information and carry it where ever you go. Some of its primary features include provisions for Double-Entry accounting, bank liability and expense account information management options, small business accounting and multiple financial calculations. Read More

Bottom Status And Notification Bar For Nook Color On CM7 Nightly

So, do you find it easy on your Nook Color to draw out the notification panel all the way from the top of the huge screen? It’s all exciting at first, but after a while, you start wishing the notification panel could be drawn out from the bottom of the screen. XDA-Developers forum member samuelhalff has tweaked the much famous Gingerbread based CyanogenMod 7 Nightly release just to attain what, should have been an option in all ROMs from the start. So if you have a Nook Color running the CM7 Nightly release already, or wish to run CM7 Nightly for the first time with this mod, read on!

Read More

How To Root & Install ClockworkMod Recovery on LG Optimus One

Its becoming a trend for hard core Android fans to feel at ease only after their device has been rooted along with a custom recovery flashed and if you’re looking for a way to customize your LG Optimus One to take it a little further than what its stock options offer, we are going to show you how to root your device and flash ClockworkMod recovery to it. Read More

Install Gingerbread based Typhoon CyanogenMod 7 ROM on HTC HD2

CyanogenMod 7 has been making its way to a lot of smartphones out there and while the Cyanogen team supports a vast variety of phone officially, there are unsupported devices out there with no official build, specially like the HTC HD2 that shipped with Windows Mobile 6.5. We bring to you a detailed step by step tutorial on how to do a total conversion of an Windows Mobile Based HTC HD2 to an Android based device running CyanogenMod7, the current favorite ROM of all advanced Android users out there. Read More

Install HTC Desire S ROM Port On HTC Desire Z / T-Mobile G2

The HTC Desire S ROM based on Gingerbread 2.3.3 with HTC Sense 2.1 has been ported to the Desire Z / T-Mobile G2. Developers are working hard and fast and this is the third port so far we have covered regarding the Desire S ROM, so if you’re a Desire Z / G2 owner, you now have a shot at trying out the latest version of Android’s Gingerbread and HTC’s Sense UI on your device thanks to XDA-Developers forum member siulmagic. For more on this ROM and how to install it on your device, read on! Read More

Install Gingerbread Based CyanogenMod 7 On HTC EVO Shift 4G

CyanogenMod 7 is all the rage these days in the Android world and based on the much loved Gingerbread version of Android OS, the ROM has now made inroads to the HTC EVO Shift 4G, but only unofficially. The ROM has been leaked on IRC and we have it here for you to install it to your device. For more on this ROM and how to install it to your phone, read on! Read More

Listen To Google Reader Feed Items On Your Android Device

It’s tiring enough to read off a computer screen for long hours, let alone off the much smaller screen of a mobile device. New to the Android Market, GoogleReader Reading is a free app that reads out your Google Reader feed items for you – your very own RSS feed secretary. So whenever you feel like giving your eyes a few moments of rest, launch the app and let it do the reading. The app is in no way meant to replace conventional RSS feed readers, only to increase productivity and allow users to multitask – listening to their favorite feeds while driving or taking a walk. Read More

Install Custom Deodexed ROM On Verizon HTC Thunderbolt

The first custom ROM for the the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt has been leaked! The device has steamrolled into the Android world, not only because of the punch it carries in terms of hardware, but owing to how quickly the phone was rooted and a custom recovery installed. And now as we said earlier, a custom ROM has been made available. The ROM courtesy of Android Central forum member Adrynalyne, is a very basic ROM in fact. For more on this ROM and how to install it to your device, read on! Read More

XnConvert Is Powerful Image Editor And Converter Supporting 400 File Types

Earlier this year, we covered XnConvert, which has a slew of options and tools to quickly edit, convert and apply different pre-defined effects over images. Recently, it has been updated with a lot of improvements and now available for Mac and Linux OS platforms as well. The latest version 1.0 is more stable than previously covered version 0.90. The multi-platform  application offers almost all the image editing tools and features whilst supporting more than 400 image formats, including, Camera RAW, WEbP, TiFF, PNG, JPG, etc. All the options to convert images, overlay watermarks, set brightness, gamma, and other photo re-touching features, and image filters are provided in a user-friendly UI, which makes converting and editing images a breeze. Read More

wxHexEditor – Powerful Hex Editor To Recover Data From HDD And System Partitions

Generally, hex editors are used to tweak with source binary files for variety of reasons. For instance,  you might want to change restricted user preferences, add or edit default configurations provided by an application, or to modify application version information to make it compatible with other software. wxHexEditor is an open source and powerful hex editor, which, while having all the basic editing and analyzing capabilities, allows you to recover data from raw HDD and system partitions. Moreover, you can edit partition tables and recover files from system by opening required file in it. It comes with multi-tabbed interface with a facility of doing comparisons, so users can open multiple files and check them for any differences. With powerful editor, HDD and SDD disk devices can also be viewed and edited. Unlike other hex editors, it doesn’t consume too much of memory while opening large files. Read More

List All Files In Folder By Extensions To Easily Move Or Delete Them

Finding files by their types in a directory is fairly simple in Windows 7, as you need to write extension name to list down all the file types in a specific folder, but what if you want to group up all the files in extension categories in order to search folder by file types contained in it? Extension Indexer provides the best solution here. It is an open source, lightweight app which can display specified folder content by file types, i.e by extensions. You can for instance check out all the files which are stored on your desktop to perform operations over Excel sheets, text files, shortcuts (.LNK), etc. You will just have to define the source folder and it will list down all the files by their types, so you can easily perform operations over them. The interface is kept simple with two file operations listed – Move and Delete Selected Files. It will particularly come useful for those who need to clean folders by searching for files by their file types. Read More