Get Yourself A Virtual Tatto With TattooCam For Android

Are you a fan of those freakish little tattoos? Want to sport one of them (in fact lots of them) on your body without going through the tedious and painful procedure? Try TattooCam – an effective Android app that puts your camera lens to good use and lets you preview and capture images overlaid with stunning tattoo designs. Using TattooCam,  its live tattoo effect preview feature and a vast collection of diverse tattoo designs, you can capture tattooed photos of yourself or your friends and share them over the web. Read More

Install TouchWiz 4 Apps On Galaxy S II Running MIUI ROM [Guide]

MIUI ROM development for Samsung Galaxy S II started couple of months back. Since then there have been countless versions of official and unofficial MIUI ROMs surfacing for this phone. Although MIUI is the choice of folks who like to go with MIUI’s interface and aesthetics, but some of them do miss great apps from TouchWiz that unfortunately aren’t part of MIUI. Apps like Music Hub, Social Hub, TW Calculator, Photo Editor, Samsung Keyboard and Photo Editor were able to capture a massive fan base due to their great interface and excellent utility. Read More

Install Custom HTC WP7 Mango ROM With XAP Sideloading Through IE

Great news for all you app sideloaders: a custom WP7 Mango ROM is now available for HTC devices with integrated support to sideload apps by downloading their XAP files using Windows Phone Internet Explorer. This will eliminate the need for you to connect your Windows Phone 7 to your PC to install downloaded XAP files. For more information on this ROM and the installation instruction, read on. Read More

Google Launches The First Google+ APIs; Opens G+ To Developers

The wait is finally over, as Google has just announced the launch of the first Google+ APIs, opening the doors to developers to integrate Google’s social app into their apps. What this means for the end users is a more integrated experience with applications that till now offered integration with and authentication via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking services but had Google+ missing from the picture. Read on for our coverage of the press release.. Read More

The Complete Guide To Windows 8 Metro Control Panel

Editor's Note: The Windows 8 Control Panel was part of Windows 8 Developer Preview. Microsoft has since changed the name to PC Settings starting from Windows 8 Consumer Preview, adding plenty of new features. Read the complete review of Windows 8 PC Settings here. Windows 8 Control Panel is one Windows 8 Metro UI based interface which has been widely appreciated by the users. Currently the second most talked about Windows 8 feature after Start Menu, Control Panel is revitalized with a host of new shortcuts, applet for various system components, quick links to configuration consoles while including Windows 8 native utilities related settings and toggles. The new Metro Control Panel doesn’t replace Category View included in previous Windows versions, such as, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. You will still be able to switch to old Category view of Control Panel from within the new interface. Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Android Wallpapers

Ever wondered if you could do more with the wallpaper on your Android device, like choose it from countless options directly from your phone, rotate your wallpaper automatically after a set interval or even set a video as your phone or tablet’s wallpaper, you are at the right place. It’s Android Wallpaper Weekend here at AddictiveTips and we’re all hyped up about this phase of our Android modification madness, so stay with us as we take you through wallpaper customization like never before. Read More

Windows Server 8: New Features And Troubleshooting Instructions

Microsoft recently unveiled the new Windows 8 Developer Build to familiarize developers with the upcoming version of Windows operating system. It is a well known fact that Microsoft often releases its Server based operating system shortly after a client OS release. We recently saw the release of Windows Server Developer Preview edition aka Windows Server 8. Other than significant Windows 8 user interface specific changes, Windows Server 8 has come with a number of enhancements which has made it more optimized for cloud computing. Read More

Feedly – News Reader That Lets You Save & View Pages Across Devices

Internet access is in no way restricted to just your desktop anymore; tablets, phones, netbooks and notebooks allow you to go online provided you have a working connection which isn’t a big deal. All this means that you don’t have to sit down at your desk to read a really great article. One of the many ways that people keep up with what they were reading is with a unified online feed reader like Google Reader. Feedly is a web service that lets you read your RSS feed and pulls your feed directly from Google Reader. The question is, why use a reader for Google Reader? Feedly lets you add any web page to your Feedly account for reading later, without needing an RSS feed. That means pages can be bookmarked using Feedly and read later from your laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android phone. Read More

Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle – Enable / Disable Metro UI Start Screen

We covered a simply registry hack that disabled the new Windows 8 Start Menu (Metro UI Start Screen), Explorer Ribbon, and Task Manager. Going to Registry every time to enable back and disable Start Menu is both dangerous and a headache. Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle is a small 3rd party tool for Windows 8 that can enable or disable Start Menu (Metro Start Screen) in just one click. Of course this will also toggle Explorer Ribbon and Task Manager. If you prefer to sometimes use the Classic Start Menu, i.e, Windows 7/Vista Start Menu, then this tool is for you. Read More

How To Connect HP TouchPad To Ad-Hoc Network [Wi-Fi Tether]

HP TouchPad is perhaps the hottest tablet available that recently got some Android love. Although complete Android builds are available for TouchPad, but most of them are filled with bugs and other issues. Some folks, however, have decided to remain on WebOS unless a stable Android build surfaces with lesser bugs. HP TouchPad doesn’t connect directly to Ad-Hoc Wi-fi connections. Here is the step by step guide to enable Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi connectivity of your TouchPad with Wi-Fi hotspots e.g. your Android phone.

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Now You Can Use Your iPad 2 Camera To Scan Documents With OfficeDrop

Helping small businesses scan paper to the cloud and access them easily from anywhere, anytime, OfficeDrop has finally taken another step ahead. After the iPhone and Android platform, you can now scan, search, organize and store your paper files with their newly released app on the iPad 2. This app is available on iTunes for free. It uses the camera of your iPad 2 to scan a document and store it on its server so you can browse it anytime you want. All you need to do is take a snap of your document with the rear camera in bright light and steady hands.

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How To Fix Root Permissions After Upgrading To MIUI 1.9.9 ROM

MIUI version 1.9.9 started rolling out for select Android devices couple of days back. Our friends at Android Spin discovered that after flashing MIUI 1.9.9, some phones lose root rights! It was discovered while some users tried to restore their apps from Titanium Backup after a fresh MIUI 1.9.9 installation. This is a really simple tip but will save you from the trouble of re-rooting or flashing your phone altogether.

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Become A DJ On Your Own Dance Floor With For Android & iPhone, a recent musical start-up that already was very popular around the globe, released their iPhone app yesterday (Update: Now available for Android as well). Their previous desktop version allowed you to enjoy listening to your own favorite songs as well as the ones liked by other users. A huge amount of traffic was attracted towards the app because of its integration with Facebook i.e. before now, one could only start using the app once they had received an invitation on Facebook but now you can simply log using your Facebook account. This is an ingenius addition but it has resulted in a problem that we will discuss in detail later. You can install this app for free from the App Store and log in using your Facebook account as I told you before. A long list of rooms created by users from every corner of the world will be available on the home screen stating the number of listeners and DJs inside each room. To connect to and enter a room, you simply have to tap on its name. Read More

Fix Apple Device Safari Viewport Scaling Bug [How To]

If you are a web-designer, the bug known as Viewpoint Scaling might have confronted you which occurs in the Apple devices i.e iPod, iPhone and iPad. Sometimes, when we rotate our Apple device from portrait to landscape orientation, the site zooms in, showing us a view having a width larger than the device-width. This is because the designer has set the viewport width to the device width. To help you get an idea how this bug works, we designed a sample page and rotated our iPad from portrait to landscape view. Read More

Todo-inator Is Offline Chrome App For Managing Daily To-Dos

An average to-do list manager comes with quite a number of features; the functionality of to-do list managers often extends beyond just helping you remember and organize a long list of things to collaborating with others on tasks. If features like this aren’t what you need to get things done, then you might need something on the simpler side. Todo-inator is a Chrome application for managing to-do lists. The app is useful if you don’t like getting multiple email reminders or ticking time clocks that remind you how much time you  have left to complete a task. Read More

HTC Runnymede ROM Available For Desire S, Inspire 4G And Desire HD [Sense 3.5]

HTC has been really active lately with a massive Android line-up all ready to be unleashed in Q4 this year. HTC Bliss, Runnymede and HTC Sensation XE are all high-tier Android phones that will make it to general users in October / November. Although all these phones are to launch with HTC Sense 3.5 as their primary UI, but it is interesting to see that Bliss’s Sense 3.5 is different than that of HTC Runnymede. Both these phones had their system dumps [ROMs] leaked couple of days back and now developers are busy cooking custom ROMs based on these RUUs. Previously we discussed HTC Bliss’s Sense 3.5 getting ported to different handsets and today it’s about HTC Runnymede stealing the show. The Sense 3.5 version on Runnymede is certainly a succession of HTC Bliss with lockscreen bearing distinct brightness and music widgets.

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Goalstacker – List Tasks You Can Complete In Available Spare Time

Typical to-do list managers help you plan important tasks over a span of days, weeks or months; they help you remember what needs to be done and to prioritize tasks. One slight pitfall of prioritizing is that there will always be certain tasks that might never get done because there were always other more important ones. Goalstacker is a to-do list manager and time management tool for those tasks that never get their turn. The web service allows you to add as many tasks as you want; each task is created with a time estimate of how long it will take to complete. When you find you have some spare time on your hands, you tell the service how much time you have to kill and it will list all tasks that you can get done in that time. Read More

How To Root Acer Iconia A100 Tablet [ADB Method]

Acer Iconia A100 is a 7-inch A500 successor Android tablet that was released last month. Although Iconia A100 is the first 7 Inch tablet to come geared with latest Android 3.2 Honeycomb on board, but the screen issue along with bad finishing didn’t help in cultivating a mentionable user base. However there are folks who opted to go for this tablet and the Android development community isn’t ready to desert them altogether. Some industrious hackers have managed to gain root on this device through the standard ADB procedure. However it will be interesting to see if things move in direction of custom ROMs and kernels from this point onwards. So far only root has been achieved and there are no signs of a custom recovery.

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