Calculate And Check Integrity Of Files & Registry With Object Monitor

Checking the integrity of files lets you know if the file that you just downloaded is corrupt or not. Hackers can get on to a website and, either change, or modify the file available for download. This allows them to install their own code on your computer that helps then in performing malicious activity on, or through your computer. Object Monitor is an open source application which allows you to check the integrity of your files and registry keys. The application will let you use different algorithms for checking integrity such as CRC16, MD5, SHA1 and Size. You can add files and registries individually or select a parent folder to create a list. Once a list is created, Object Monitor allows you to save the list, enabling you to easily access it the next time. Reports of the list can be generated in HTML and Rich text format and a log file is created for every performed action to save the data for future use. Read More

Install Ice Cream Sandwich Phone Dialer On Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Ice Cream Sandwich is all the rage right now with developers trying to extract whatever they can from the system dumps that have been recently made available. The aesthetics of Ice Cream Sandwich have sure been improved and look very slick. While the chances of the OS being ported over, or updates being released for most existing devices seem grim, ssconceptz over at XDA-Developers has released an Ice Cream Sandwich theme based dialer for the Epic 4G Touch. So if you have the ICS Launcher and icons installed on your phone, this will compliment all that very nicely. Read More

Analyze System Components And Diagnose Issues With Fresh Diagnose

While diagnosing system issues, it can be hard to identify the source of software and hardware problems. In such a case, precise information regarding hardware and operating system specifications is required to identify and resolve issues. Fresh Diagnose is a benchmarking application for benchmarking system components that covers anything from the BIOS to installed application, and even the motherboard. Fresh Diagnose displays comprehensive benchmarking results and provides in depth information about almost every system component. Read More

Win7Se Brings OS X Expose Feature To Windows

The Mac OS X expose feature enables quickly performing tasks such as locating an open window, hiding all windows or showing the desktop by hovering the mouse to a corner of the desktop. Win7Se is a portable application that brings the Mac OS X expose feature to Windows 7 and Windows 8. It provides a number of options that can be enabled to perform tasks by hovering the mouse to a corner of the desktop. Read More

Rokker: Clutter-Free Music Streaming Powered By YouTube [Web]

YouTube is one of the best online music services out there, it has a massive music video collection but also has loads of other unnecessary content displayed on its website such as related videos, comments, ads and much more. Rokker a brand new web app that brings you the same collection and content from YouTube but with a more slick and manageable interface. It displays YouTube videos at the bottom left of the page which can easily be enlarged. Furthermore, If you’re interested in buying a song, you can simply purchase it through Amazon. Rokker also gives you the ability to sign up for an account and create your own playlists. Read More

WeVideo: A Collaborative Video Editing Platform [Web]

If you shoot videos with your mobile phone or camera and would love to professionally edit them in only a few clicks, then WeVideo is just what you really need. WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform that allows you to create beautiful videos in collaboration with your friends. The web app allows you to add titles, effects, animations, music and much more to your videos and share the results with your social media contacts. You can sign into WeVideo using your Facebook, Google , Twitter or LinkedIn account. Read More

Mourao Image Grabber: Batch Download Images From Websites & Forums

There are many batch image downloading applications for grabbing images from the internet. However, many of these image downloaders (such as Image Collector) are limited to just a few websites. Mourao Image Grabber is a batch image downloading application that can grab images from many popular websites and forums. The supported websites include ShareNXS, ImageHeaven, ImageBam,  ImageVenue, and many other famous image hosting websites. The downloading mechanism is also quite simplified, and merely requires the URL of the respective webpage. You can also get an instant preview of the webpage before downloading images. Read More

Install Honeycomb 3.2 Custom ROM On Advent Vega Android Tablet

Quite a while back, we covered a Honecyomb port for the Advent Vega in form of a custom ROM titled, VegaComb. Today, courtesy of vujke025 over at XDA-Developers, we bring you the ViewComb 3.2 custom ROM based on Android 3.2 Honecyomb for the ViewPad 10S (Advent Vega). The ROM is said to be a full fledged working Honeycomb port for the deivce with GPU acceleration working as intended with the Honeycomb OS, and is based on the already successful VegaComb 3.2 ROM. We’ll show you how you can get this ROM onto your device, but before that, read on after the break for a complete list of changes that follow with this ROM. Read More

Enable iOS 5’s Android-Like Autocorrect Keyboard Without Jailbreak

A while back, we brought to you a roundup of 12 lesser known iOS 5 features, highlighting some niceties in Apple’s latest iteration of the operating system that were either not well-advertised, or skipped the users’ notice due to being well hidden within the system. Turns out, the era of hidden features continues, with the latest addition being the possibility of having an Android-like autocorrect bar over the keyboard. Unlike most hidden features, turning on the autocorrect bar is not a simple matter of navigating the Settings app to hit a toggle switch; it requires careful modification of the keyboard Plist file and a little courage to get the trick done. To top it all off, it works on non-jailbroken devices as well! So, if you’re a fan of Android’s way of suggesting alternate words, or would just like to enable the feature because you can do so (like we did), get your tweaking hats on and hit the jump to find out how. Read More

Speak Up Lets You Read, Translate And Record Text With Ease

Why read the text on your computer when you can just listen to it? Text to speech applications come in handy in situations where you want to read large amounts of text. For instance, if you download an e-book, you might want to listen to text. Staring at the screen for long hours can also put stress on your eyes. However, you need a good text to speech tool to properly enjoy this feature. If you are in search of a text-to-speech application that can do more than just read text, give Speak Up a try. Speak Up is an open source, text-to-speech application that reads text, records speech, translates text using Google translator, allows you to toggle Windows Speech Recognition and record audio. Moreover, it lets you change the volume, rate of speech and add different male and female voices to listen to text. Speak Up can read a whole document, or you can paste some part of the text into the application. More on this after the break. Read More

Easily Create Loop GIF Animations With AnimateGIF

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image consists of an animation created by combining a number of still images. It is one of the earliest digital image formats that was introduced back the 80's. It is a very popular image format on the internet, especially on various web forums, as it enables users to create animations without using any complicated image or video editing application. Head over to websites like neogaf and you'd find countless GIF images, shared by various users. If you have ever wondered how to make your own GIF animations, then you'd be surprised to learn that the whole process is quite easy and requires a simple software and some little use of brain. Among a number of GIF creaters available on the internet, one really caught our attention is AnimateGIF. It is a portable application that can create flawless GIF images within a few clicks, complete with custom frame delay and selecting whether the animation will run once or in a loop. You can add & remove as many images as you like and change the quality of your final GIF image. Keep reading for more on AnimateGIF. Read More

Protect Your Mail Client Against Spam Emails With Spamihilator

Tired of spam emails in your mail client? Want to get rid of spam emails so you can easily focus on what's more important? Try Spamihilator. It is an easy to configure, yet comprehensive, desktop application for filtering out spam mails from mail clients such as MS Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Pegasus Mail etc. It works by scanning incoming emails on your mail client and filters junk emails, while running in the background. The application's Learning Filter (Bayesian Filter) calculates spam based on it’s own spam identification mechanism, as well as user-defined filters based on words and regular expressions. This method can be used to progressively reduce the amount of junk mail delivered to your mail client by training Spamihilator to completely filter out spam mails. Read More

How To Root HTC Rezound On Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread In One Click

If you were planning on buying the new HTC Rezound Android phone, or were lucky enough to get your hands this soon on this awesome device, you’d be psyched to know that root access has now been achieved on the Rezound. The best part is, the you wont have to go through some manual command input via ADB or any other complicated method. Instead you get to root your device using a one click solution, which is the same that rooted the HTC Amaze 4G. For more on the root and how to get started, read on after the break! Read More

5 Stunning Free Dreamboard Themes For iOS 5

Sick and bored of the conventional Winterboard themes? Not too excited about having to edit files in your iOS device to add some oomph to your otherwise boring themes? We’ve been there and we are right there with you when you say that it can give you a headache. Dreamboard, Winterboard’s counterpart is here to take the possibilities of theming your iOS device to a whole new level. No more manual file editing and downloading multiple Cydia tweaks to form one theme. Less clutter, less headache; this app has it all. The downside you ask? Well, not many themes are available in Cydia at the moment and almost 90% of those are paid, and rightly so; forming these themes can take up a lot of effort. Imagine not being able to pull it off with a step-by-step guide and ready-made tweaks. iNav HD users would know what we’re talking about. More so, those who have moved onto iOS 5 and have their devices jailbroken will find that majority of the themes are no longer supported in iOS 5. This is why we here at Addictivetips, gathered up 5 of what we believe to be some of the finest free Dreamboard apps that are compatible with iOS 5 as well. Read More

Tweak Windows To Increase PC Performance With Simple Performance Boost

Like everything else, your computer also requires a lot of attention in order to keep it in shape. It is quite necessary to take care of your PC for its performance to be top notch at all times. With time, junk files, unwanted software, redundant startup entries and services get accumulated in the system, which can cause it to slow down or even crash. Simple Performance Boost is a Windows tweaking tool to increase speed and stability of your system. This application allows you to toggle only the safest tweaks that do not compromise the security or functioning of your system. You can turn the tweaks on and off any time you like. Moreover, it also creates a backup of your current registry settings, enabling you to revert back to original settings without a problem. It displays complete information about every tweak, so you know what you are doing before playing around with a function. Read More

NetSurveyor: Advanced Signal Analyzer For Wi-Fi Surveys

NetSurveyor is an advanced Wi-Fi network discovery application for gathering information about wireless access points in the vicinity. It displays data in the form of graphical charts and detailed reports, which can be generated as PDF files. NetSurveyor can be used to assist installation of a Wi-Fi network, verifying network configuration settings, troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues, carrying out Wi-Fi site surveys, detecting rogue access points, checking Wi-Fi coverage and strength. In case you do not have a Wi-fi card attached to your system, you can run NetSurveyor in Demo mode to test its capability. Read More

Add & Subtract Time From Time Stamps Of Files & Folders Using dtouch

Whenever you create and store files on your computer, the modification and creation times of files and folders are embedded as time stamps in the respected item's Properties. Windows, by default, does not let you modify these time stamps, without making changes to the files. To make the change, you need to alter the file in some way or the other as you make a change, the time stamp also gets updated. But it does not mean that it's not plausible without modification. You can use a multitude of different applications to alter this time. One such we found is dtouch. The application is portable and lets you add or remove specific time spans to and from the time stamps of files and folders, without modifying the contents themselves. The application is capable of changing the time stamps of multiple files one go by just dragging and dropping them into the interface. More after the break. Read More

Unlimited Mouse Unlocks Your Cursor To Move Around Screen Edge

As technology made progressed in LCD manufacturing, they got bigger, better and bolder. As more and more screen real estate was pushed to the consumers, they craved for even more and now we work on multiple displays at the same time. If you have four displays sitting on your desk, then you'd definitely been enjoying all the real estate luxury. However, sometimes multi-display setups cause difficulty for people to manage things and becomes difficult to move mouse pointer from one end to the other, especially horizontally.If you are looking for an application that will let you move your mouse cursor over the edge of the screen to the other side, then try Unlimited Mouse. This miniscule application is extremely useful especially for dual, triple or more display setups. This portable application allows you to move your mouse cursor across the edges of your screen, i.e. you move it through one edge and it emerges from the other side. It unlocks your mouse, and enables cursor movement from right-end of the screen to the left-end and from top to bottom without getting stopped by the screen edges. Not only that but you can also unlock and lock you mouse whenever you want to use this feature. More to follow. Read More

Ice Cream Sandwich Based MIUI ROM Released For Samsung Galaxy S Phones

If you own a Galaxy S II, you’ve probably heard by now that the device is due to get a taste of Android’s awesome Ice Cream Sandwich somewhere in early 2012. That said, being impatient as any Android fan should be, our heads turn to the developers and modding community in hope of an early shot at the new OS. Guess what? You might have to wait till 2012 for a proper Ice Cream Sandwich release, but for now, developers at GalnetMIUI have released their version of MIUI which is built upon the Ice Cream Sandwich’s framework. Yes, framework, which means that visually the ROM would be like your regular MIUI ROM, but it is a huge step nonetheless. You know what’s even more awesome about all this? The ROM has also been released for the Galaxy S I9000, Captivate I897, Galaxy S B I9000B, Galaxy S M I9000M and the Motorola Defy. Read More

Potential Siri Alternatives For Android [Roundup]

As iPhone 4S users begin utilizing the services of Siri – the latest voice recognition sensation in the world of smartphones – Android developers all across the globe are busy ensuring that the users of said OS are not left out in the cold. The results of these efforts? A brand new voice recognition app (or Siri clone) that hits the Android Market almost twice a week. With such an enormous influx of such apps, one finds it hard to determine which one could possibly be the best option. Although apps like Vlingo and Sonalight Text by Voice do accept voice commands from users to perform a few predefined actions, they cannot be deemed as Siri-like assistants, as they are incapable of indulging in natural conversation or Q&A with the users. We scoured the Android Market and managed to find four potential  Siri alternatives for Android, each with its own unique set of features. Read More