Turn Linux Installation Apt Commands Into Clickable Links In Chrome

Apt commands give important way of obtaining software from the command line in Ubuntu and Debian operating systems of Linux. Apt urls are installers, which use a protocol handler to read a set of files which are to be installed. On apt url enabled computers, clicking on a special type of link on a web page starts the installation available in the package repositories. Apt-Linker is a Chrome extension that transforms “apt-get install” commands on the internet into URL links for online guides and tutorials. Hence, clicking on any “apt-get install” commands results in launching of a guide related to the specific command. Read More

Download Podcasts In Windows, Mac And Linux With gPoddy

A podcast is a series of digital media files (audio or video) that are released in episodes which can be downloaded. Many famous TV series such as V (remake) release internet podcasts for their viewers after an episode is aired on the respective channel. Podcasts are not merely restricted by TV channels and are widely used by bloggers, independent media producers, YouTube enthusiasts and the like. gPodder is a simple application for Windows, Mac and Linux users that allows subscribing and downloading free audio and video podcasts from the Internet. Read More

Install Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread On Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Android 2.3 Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy S is here! After lots of doubts and anxious moments when this ROM was leaked over a Polish forum, we can now confirm that the leak, is in fact a legitimate Gingerbread ROM by Samsung meant for the Galaxy S I9000. What’s more is that since the leak happened, forum members at XDA-Developers have started working on some fixes as well. For more information on this ROM and how to install it on your phone, read on! Read More

Install Steel Blue V3 Theme & Boot Animation On Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Installing  a custom theme to your Android device gives it an entirely personalized look reflecting your choice and if you are an owner of the Samsung Galaxy S I9000, you can now install the spectacular Steep Blue V3 theme as well as boot animation to your phone and give it a fresh new look to boast on this Samsung Galaxy S series phone's beautiful 4” Super AMOLED screen! For more screenshots of the theme and boot animations as well as the complete installation guide, read on. Read More

Use Odin To Root Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Its only fair that Samsung’s most powerful Android device to date should be on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. While Samsung has announced that they would be upgrading the Galaxy S to Gingerbread, custom Gingerbread ROMs for the device are already available. An unrooted Samsung Galaxy I9000 running a Gingerbread is pretty much like the Jedi’s without their light sabers or Master Yoda with no control over The Force. What’re you waiting for? Read ahead on how to use a simple procedure to root your device. Read More

How To Install Custom Boot Animations On Advent Vega

The road to customization on Android devices does not just start with installing a new or custom version of the operating system; it starts a lot earlier with features like boot animations, launchers and themes widely available for many devices including the Advent Vega tablet. If you want to customize the way your tablet starts, we have two custom boot animations for you. Want to try them out? Read on. Read More

Discover The Best Android Games For Your Tegra-Powered Android Device With NVIDIA Tegra Zone

Are you a gaming fan and got yourself an NVIDIA Tegra powered Android phone or tablet to enjoy high-performance hardware-accelerated gaming on your device, but having a hard time finding games optimized for the Tegra platform? Your game finding worries should now be over, as NVIDIA’s Android game-discovery app, the NVIDIA Tegra Zone has been officially launched and is available for download from the Android Market for free. The app is a one stop shop for the best Android games out there – “The Destination for Mobile Games”, as claimed by the folks at NVIDIA – and a place where you can share your favorite games with your friends. More information after the jump. Read More

Auto Reply To Text Messages & Incoming Calls On Your Android Phone

At times, especially while driving, when one is just too busy to be taking calls or replying to text messages, there are several Android apps on the market that can cover for you. However, not all apps from said category autoreply to both text messages and calls and not all of them add, edit and delete custom auto-texts. More importantly, not all of them are free. Can’t Text... (Free Version) is a new free Android app that provides a smart and simple User Interface with all the essential features needed to make autoreplying to text messages and missed calls easier. Read on after the break for more info. Read More

BigPhone Is Google Voice Menu Bar Application For Mac [Giveaway]

From all the Google Voice desktop utilities for Mac, you are going to love BigPhone. The developer, Mike Enriquez, has kept everything minimalistic while offering all nifty features in menu bar that you can think of, such as, accessing inbox, composing new text messages, monitoring voice mail, and viewing latest inbox items. Since it works from menu bar, you can keep Google Voice account at your fingertips. There isn’t much to configure or to tinker around. Just launch the app, log in with Google Voice account, and you are all set up. With Big Phone, you can send new messages in a snap, as it comes with pre-defined hotkey combination to instantly compose and send messages from your desktop.
Note: BigPhone for Google Voice is a paid application, which costs $3.99.  We are giving away 5 licenses to our readers. More information regarding taking part in giveaway contest is provided at the end of post.
Read More

Quickly Split Off Tabs In A New Window With Tab Split [Chrome]

When dealing with too many tabs, we often group them up into separate windows. Tab Split an extension for Google Chrome which polishes this very idea of organizing tabs. It splits a set of tabs and open all of them in a new window, so you can easily organize them in any required sequence. For instance, lets say you’re researching to gather some information for your project and alongside research related tabs, you have opened some social media network websites. Now if you want to split all those tabs which have no relevance with your project work, you should try Tab Split. It will split all the tabs which you want to open in a new window with a single click. Read More

Sync Android SD Card Files & Folders With Dropbox Using Dropspace

The official Dropbox application for Android allows you to pick files from your phone’s SD card to be uploaded to your remote Dropbox directory and vice versa. However, the files you select aren’t synced to their transferred (uploaded or downloaded) counterparts. That is, if you upload a file or directory from your SD card to Dropbox, any changes you make to that file after the upload will not be reflected in the remote Dropbox directory. Wouldn’t it be great if your phone would automatically back up an SD card directory of your choice (your photo gallery, for instance) every time changes were made to it? Well, now there is an app on the Android Market that does just that. Read More

How To Get Mac Style ALT+Tab Preview In Windows

ALT+Tab is a common hotkey combination for previewing active windows on the desktop. Windows and Mac both display their default icons when this hotkey is used on either of the operating systems. If you are a Mac user who recently switched to Windows or would simply like to give a more stylish look to the ALT+Tab preview, then you must try MacSwitch. It is a simple application that replaces the default Windows Alt-Tab style with the Mac OS X style. Read More

Free IP Switcher Can Switch Networks Settings Easily

For all computers that have a network adapter, Windows detects networks in range for that system and provides a list of all detected network(s) when it is connected to a wireless or wired network. Whenever users switch to different wireless networks, they require changing particular IP address, gateway, subnet mask, proxy server configurations, etc. This creates the problem of remembering TCP/IP settings of every network. With Free IP Switcher you can automatically change all network settings of your system, including, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS, Wins server, proxy settings and more. Read More

Upload Photos To Facebook From Ubuntu Desktop With Starry Hope Uploader

Windows has many interactive cloud based desktop apps both from Microsoft and third party developers. A very common example is the Windows Live Mesh. Unfortunately, Linux lacks such dynamic applications and has also suffered from recent changes in cloud based website environments such as Facebook that has caused conflicts with Linux based operating systems. For example,Facebook native photo uploader often fails to upload images with Ubuntu. Moreover, Facebook’s ever-changing API often leads to Ubuntu based uploading tools becoming obsolete and dysfunctional. Starry Hope Uploader is one tool that resolves this problem. It can quickly upload photos to Facebook by selecting or creating an album and dragging them onto the uploader. With the introduction of Facebook’s Graph API, this app is likely to stay functional for a very long time. Read More

Close Tabs By Category From Chrome Context Menu

A while back we reviewed Close Other Tabs From The Same Site which is a Chrome extension that allows closing all tabs from the same website at once. Recently we found Close Tabs, which is a more advanced Chrome extension, that adds numerous extra options for closing tabs in the right-click context menu. These include, closing the tabs to the right of current tab, closing all tabs except current tab, closing current tab only, closing all tabs from the current domain (website), closing tabs from all domains (websites) except the current one, closing the current window and disabling context menu feature (from Options). Read More

How To Save And Restore Your Panel In Ubuntu Linux

If you are a new Ubuntu user, then it is quite possible that you have either messed up or accidentally deleted your Ubuntu panel. Unfortunately, the Gnome desktop is not as generous as Windows when it comes to providing options for retaining the desktop panel. A simple context menu click can end up deleting the panel and a Linux user may find it frustratingly hard to get it back. In this post we will teach you how to restore your Gnome panel to the default settings via the Terminal and explain the utility of Gnome Panel - Save / Restore, which is an application that saves the state of your Ubuntu Panel, which can restored later to the previously saved state. Read More

Manage Windows 7 Jump List Items In Taskbar With Jump List Manager

Back in 2009, we featured a brilliant Jumplist tool called, Jumplist Launcher, which can tailor jump list items in the Windows 7 taskbar with ease. Today we have yet another jump list tool called, Jump List Mange. It can quickly collect items and tasks of most frequently used applications in customizable Jumplist. Compared with Jumplist Launcher, it is not feature-rich in terms of options to tailor Jump List items but offers a quick way to create and manage Jumplist items. Read More

How To Install ClockworkMod Recovery On HTC myTouch 4G

ClockworkMod recovery is now available for the HTC myTouch 4G aka HTC Glacier. The ClockworkMod Recovery simply outclasses the Stock Android recovery in terms of functionality and features such as the Nandroid Backup, custom ROMs & USB mass storage mode, etc. The special features of the recovery that we are covering is that it not only allows you to switch between the stock recovery and the ClockworkMod recovery when required, it also allows you to flash custom ROM’s based on both the ext2 and ext3 file system, so if you have an HTC myTouch4G and are willing to slip down the extremely slippery slope of heavy customization and upgradations through custom ROMs, read on. Read More

How To Install CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread ROM on Advent Vega

CyanogenMod is undoubtedly one of the most popular custom Android ROMs that's available for a lot of devices and amongst the newest devices to have the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread based version 7 of the ROM is  is the Advent Vega tablet. If you want to get this ROM up and running on your tablet, read on for our complete guide. Read More