refDot: Automatically Generate References For Books On Amazon [Chrome]

Referencing books and other sources in proper format can be one of the most difficult tasks when writing a research paper. reftDot is a Chrome extension that makes citation an easy task for researchers and students by allowing them to automatically generate references for books on Amazon. The extension can also be used on websites, journals and news articles. All your references are stored in a list, which can then be edited, arranged in an alphabetical, exported and more.Read More

Orange: Bomb Anyone With Multiple SMS Using Your iPhone (Cydia)

SMS bombing implies sending a text message multiple times to the same person. There is a prankster in all of us, and if you really want to bug someone, SMS bombing is a pretty slick idea. I am sure people can come up with some positive excuse for SMS bombing, but mainly, people use it just as an annoyance tool. Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of SMS bombers available for iOS. However, now, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can use SMSBomber (Orange), which is a free Cydia tweak allowing users to send as many as 20 copies of the same text with a single tap.Read More

GoGet: Manage Scattered Data By Copying Format-Specific Files

As time goes by, our photos, songs, movies, documents and other data gets cluttered up, and scattered in our computer. Resultantly, it often happens that when we are looking for a particular file, we can't find it, because we don’t know its exact location. You can use the search function to look for your files, but that requires you to have the files properly named and tagged. If the files are stored with random names, the only way for you to find them is by knowing their exact location. Well, now you don’t need to remember where each file is placed in your computer because of a very helpful tool called GoGet. It is an application for Windows that lets you manage the content in your hard disk by allowing you to copy specific type of files from a folder, containing files of multiple formats, to another location of your choice. It does not report where the files are placed; it just copies them to a user-specified location. Learn more about GoGet after the break.Read More

Schedule System Shutdown, Reboot & Hibernate In Ubuntu With qshutdown

qshutdown is an open source application for scheduling shutdown, reboot, suspension and hibernation of Linux computers. It not only provides the option to schedule system shutdown, reboot etc, according to a specified time frame within the current date, but also provides a calendar for selecting the exact date and time to schedule such a system task for a future date. This program is handy for users who might require running automatic system tasks, after which they might wish to shutdown their computer to conserve power. qshutdown is quite similar in functionality to Easy Shutdown; however, it provides more advanced options, such as custom date selection for executing system shutdown. The program is compatible with Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based operating systems like Kubuntu and Xubuntu. According to the developer, this application might also work on UNIX and FreeBSD, but it has not been tested by him.Read More

Page Speed Test: Track Navigation & Load Time For Websites [Chrome]

There are many tools out there that let you test the load time and performance of your websites, but most of them are quite advanced and complex to use. Page Speed Test, a simple Chrome extension, tracks the loading speed of websites over a period time. The extension displays a timeline of navigation and page load events for the current page, and a historical chart of page load time for all visits to a particular website. Page Speed Test gives accurate and detailed navigation and page load time results. It offers users with graphical representations of the Page load time, and Network Latency as well as the total time taken to load the website, which can be quite useful for web developers who might want to check the performance of their website and compare it with other popular ones.Read More

SBStickyNotes: Pin Notes To Your iPhone Springboard [Cydia Tweak]

If you happen to be a bit forgetful, you must find the use of sticky notes a pretty useful idea. As they prove to be such productive tools in real life, why not bring them to your iOS device as well. Windows 7 has a pretty neat implementation of the concept, and now you can do the same in your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, with the freshly launched Cydia tweak, named SBStickyNotes. The tweak will let you customize and pin any note to your iPhone’s Springboard. The notes pinned to your Home screen can have any color of your choice, and the formatting options available are pretty nice as well.Read More

Create Email Templates & Easily Send Repetitive Emails [Chrome]

If you regularly send loads of emails which consist of the same kind of information, then you need to check out ToutApp Extension for Chrome. This extension allows you to access different templates, and you can even create new ones for emails that you send regularly. In addition to that, it also scans every webpage you visit for e-mail links, making e-mail outreach super easy and fast. When you need to send similar emails, you can quickly use templates with the text, attached files and CC contacts. The free version allows for 25 emails per day, using 10 email templates. To start off, you have to sign up for Tout, and integrate your Gmail account.Read More

NppExport For Notepad++: Export Highlighted Code In HTML/RTF Format

Notepad++ is becoming more and more versatile and useful text editor with every new plugin added to its arsenal. Each new plugin brings something different to the application allowing users to perform more and more functions and edit documents with ease using Notepad++. The default Notepad++ does not allow users to export the edited text or code in HTML or RTF format. So, if you want to generate an HTML report of a piece of code you have just written, you will have to use another tool for that. Today, we bring you another plugin called NppExport that allows you to generate reports of your source code in HTML and RTF format. You can also copy the source code to Windows clipboard in specified format (HTML or RTF), and paste it in your default Word Processor to get highlighted syntax of code. It may come helpful in situations where you need to share the code with those who don’t have the required software IDE to view the code with highlighted syntax. Using NppExport, instead of making the other person install the same tool on his system, or letting him view the code with the wrong syntax, you can easily generate an HTML report that will retain the complete syntax of your code in the generated report.Read More

Windows Service Monitor: Audit Running Services Of Upto 3 Servers

Free Windows Service Monitor is an application for monitoring and managing Windows Services from remote location. While it provides the option to monitor Windows services that are running on a particular system on a network, you can also use it to manage and keep a tab on Exchange Server, SharePoint, MySQL, MS SQL and DHCP services.  Unlike other remote service monitoring application, it lets you add upto 3 servers, so you can collectively monitor their services under one hood.Read More

Page Snooze: Hide Tabs & Schedule Them To Open Later [Chrome]

Often, while working with a large number of open tabs, we want to save some links to view later, but we don’t want to bookmark these random links either. Page Snooze is a Chrome extension that can help manage tab overload by allowing you to snooze tabs for up to two weeks. These snoozed tabs will then pop back in your browser once the time is up. You can view and manage your snoozed tabs from the Page Snooze options page.Read More

Stop YouTube Videos From Automatically Buffering & Playing [Chrome]

Active users of YouTube have the tendency to open multiple links simultaneously, causing all the videos to be buffered and played at the same time which can be extremely annoying since it drags s down your internet speed and all videos start to buffer, even the one you’re watching. Unfortunately, there is no option in YouTube to prevent this from happening. In playlist mode, the next video auto-plays once the current video ends. Youtube Autoplay Disabled, a Chrome extension, can be of great help, as it disables the YouTube autoplay feature and prevents the next video from being played. The extension works automatically once installed, preventing the video from getting played and buffered. Once the autoplay is disabled for a video, you will have to click inside the video frame to get it to start the buffering. The extension conveniently allows you to save up on bandwidth by preventing pre-buffering.Read More

Fotowall Is Easy-To-Use Application For Creating Photo Collages

Collage is a technique used in art that involves creating an image by using a number of other images, or forms. A collage is not only confined to creating an image using other images; you can use newspaper cuttings, images, text, photographs, parts of other artwork, and basically anything you can find to create a collage. For instance, if you have a collection of, say, a thousand images, using a collage making application, you can align them in any form offered by the application in order to create a beautiful looking collage out of them. Previously, we have covered some very powerful collage making applications like CollageIt, Shape Collage and Cas, that let you create a collage of all specified images in different shapes and sizes. Fotowall is an open source collage making tool that lets you make collage arrangements with your pictures, add text, add images directly from internet, adjust stacking, and apply looks and different types of effects to the image both individually and to the whole collage. It allows you to rotate and resize images, as well as apply presets for CD Covers, DVD Covers, Apply Decorations, Set Titles, Add Background and apply Random placement of images in the collage.Read More

TinyWall Makes It Easy To Control Windows Firewall Settings

Using the Firewall can help secure a system by blocking unwanted (and potentially malicious) incoming connections. Many users turn off the default Windows firewall due to the number of annoying pop-ups and confusion in configuration that they have to deal with. This is particularly true for the Advanced Firewall in Windows Vista and Windows 7. TinyWall is an easy to use tool that makes it possible for common users to use Windows firewall, without having to deal with any annoying pop-ups, and provides users with the option to whitelist or unblock programs easily. For example, you can initiate connection white listing using a hotkey, select an application from the list of running processes, and allows completely enabling/disabling all connections in a click.Read More

Data Detective: Monitor Data Usage & Cost In Local Currency [Android]

Although there are plenty of data monitoring & tracking apps on the Android Market such as Onavo, My Data Manager and Stats etc., not all provide you with estimates of how much money you will be charged for the amount of data that you’ve consumed over a period of time, and that too, in your local currency. This is where Data Detective steps in. Featuring numerous useful data monitoring, controlling and usage tips, graphical analysis of total mobile and Wi-Fi data usage, and detailed breakdown of data usage and cost incurred by individual apps, Data Detective ensures that you know how much you're spending on mobile internet.Read More

Chrome Daltonize: Web Page Color Correction For The Color Blind

Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) has a great impact on people’s daily lives, and if you are suffering from it, then you may not be able to see the contrast others see in images when browsing the web. Daltonization is a process performed by a computer that allows people with CVD to distinguish a range of colors they otherwise would have missed. A very useful extension, Chrome Daltonize, helps color blind people to view images. This chrome extension comes with two distinct filter types; Simulate shows how images appear through the eyes of a color blind person, and Daltonize converts the image so that the details are visible to color blind computer users. The extension supports three types of deficiencies, Protanope, Deuteranope and Tritanope. Chrome Daltonize can be enabled manually on desired pages, or can be set to automatically convert web pages upon load. Another option labelled 'Show speed results' allows users to see the amount of time it took to process the results is displayed.Read More

Appkik Is A User-Friendly App Manager & System Optimizer For Android

Fresh to the Android Market, and boasting quite a few handy application and task management features, Appkik ensures that you do not have to resort to multiple managers to keep a tab on all the various apps installed on your device. Be it system apps or third-party apps, using the neatly designed and easy to use interface of Appkik, you can instantly search for, access and manage all with sheer convenience.In addition, the app lets you backup, uninstall and share apps in batch, move installed apps to SD card, and kill any apps running in the background to optimize the performance of your device. Apart from providing you quick access to all the apps via various categories/filters, Appkik also maintains history of all uninstalled apps, and lets you retrieve them from the Market. To help you access some of its key features right from the homescreen, Appkik also provides you with a nifty widget.Read More

PDF+PDF Lite: Read & Annotate Two PDF Documents Side By Side [iPad]

There are quite a few PDF readers on the App Store, but this is the first time we've come across an app for iOS that lets you read and annotate multiple PDF documents simultaneously. The app is called PDF+PDF Lite and it is designed specifically for the iPad. The app is designed to relieve you of the headache of consulting and annotating books, journals and documents when the time is scarce and you have ample studying to do. With PDF+PDF Lite, you can crop pages in a PDF doc, change background color, annotate important sections and copy text from one PDF document to the other all within the app.Read More

Music Cloud For WP7: Search, Stream & Download Songs From SoundCloud

We have all used SoundCloud  at one point or another, either the web service itself, through browser extensions, or on our Android or iOS devices. Windows Phone 7 users, however, have been missing out on the fun. Not any more, though. Released this holiday season for you and your family to dance and groove on the songs showcased by the music sharing giant, Music Cloud for WP7 is a third-party SoundCloud client that lets you search for, play and download music on the go along with making playlists of your favorite songs. The app has both a free trial and a paid version, where the only difference between the two is that the free variant is ad-supported.Read More

Take Screenshots & Share Them Across The Network Using Kidsnapper

There are many famous screenshot taking tools like GreenShot and Shotty, which enable grabbing and editing screenshots. However, sometimes one requires capturing screenshots from not just the current system, but also from remote computers (e.g., servers) to check whether required processes are running or not. Moreover, it can also be necessary to share your screen with other users across a network which may have various operating system like Windows, Mac or Linux. Kidsnapper is a portable screenshot taking and sharing tool that not only allows grabbing screenshots from your current desktop, but also makes it possible to share screenshots with remote computers via local web server.  This can help people using various operating system platforms to get screenshots from Windows-based computers. For example, a system administrator using a Linux operating system can get screenshots from Windows-based clients' PCs on the network by simply entering their IP address and port (2000 by default) in a browser.Read More

Asana For iPhone Lets You Add Tasks & Comment On Projects On The Go

Popular project-management web service Asana needs no introduction since its list of users is growing by the day owing to the simple yet productive interface it offers. For all those who had been maintaining a track of their ongoing projects on Asana and collaborating with their colleagues on it, we have some good news; the iOS client for this web service is now available. Now you can add tasks and comments pertaining to your ongoing projects in Asana from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to stay on top of things on the go.Read More