MediaHuman Video Converter: Convert Video Files via Drag & Drop

With the huge number of video-supported devices in the market right now, video converters are considered rather important tools, since almost each device only supports its own, particular video format. Although, newer devices are being incorporated with as much media support as possible, still you come to a point when you find to need to have a media converter at your disposal. To make this job easier on you, we have covered some of the very good video converters from time to time, such as Hamster Free Video Converter and Oxelon Media Converter, that are highly customizable, and support a huge list of media format support. From the developers of MediaHuman Audio Converter, MediaHuman Video Converter is yet another new entry to the media converters jargon. The application lets you convert videos to a number of formats, and provides you with a lost list of presets to choose from. The application contains presets for different quality videos for multiple devices and services, such as Apple iPhone, PS3, XBOX, Wii, YouTube Video, Creative Zune, Windows Media Video, Xvid etc.Read More

Amarok 2.5 For Ubuntu, Now With Synchronization

Amarok is a famous cross-platform music player, which provides many options to organize a library of music into folders according to genre, artist and album, and allows editing tags, associating album art, attaching lyrics to audio files, and automatically scores music by keeping a play count record of played music files. Recently, a new version for Amarok (i.e. version 2.5) has been released, and is now available in the Ubuntu PPA for Oneiric Ocelot. Amarok  2.5 comes with many improvements, including podcast synchronization, iPod plugin fixes, auto save feature for playlists, Amazon MP3 store and more.Read More

Have A Few Laughs On The Go With Official FML App For WP Mango is one of the most visited websites in the world. As the service itself proudly boasts, it is among the best time-killers and productivity inhibitors around today. People can spend hours each week, going through the funny mishaps and anecdotes shared by users of FML. So, what can be better than having an official app from your favorite website. FML has had a Windows Phone 7 app for quite a long time, but now the app has gone Mango, and a few performance issues have been addressed as well, making the FML app just about perfect.Read More

AppAware For Android: A Comprehensive Social Network For Apps & Games

With apps such as AppLovin and Hooked, we’ve already seen some fun ways of discovering and sharing the best Android apps and games with your buddies. Fresh to the Android Market, AppAware is a free app that merges the concept of both apps, providing a much better blend of social networking and app discovery. The concept of AppAware is simple; it fetches recommended apps and games from the Android Market as well as friends from various social networks, and lets you try, share, bookmark and comment on those apps.In short, it is a comprehensive social networking platform for Android apps and games where you get to know the preferences of others, and share yours in return. A neatly designed UI with various app categories, support for launching apps and games from within the app itself, location-based app suggestions, and a handy little homescreen widget carrying new app recommendations are among other highlighting aspects of AppAware.Read More

AppTweeter: Tweet Any App From iOS App Store Client [Cydia]

With over half a million apps crowding the iOS App Store, it can be difficult to distinguish between trash and something really useful. Each time you come across an app which can prove to be beneficial for people you know, your first response is to tell your friends about it. This can be done using the Tell a Friend button on the app’s official description page in the App Store. However, that sharing button is pretty limited in functionality, and you can just send an email through it by default. AppTweeter is a Cydia tweak that allows users to share an app over Twitter, using the same Tell a Friend button.Read More

Let Microsoft Know What You Want In WP7 Using The Suggestion Box App

Looks like Microsoft has really stared to take the improvement of Windows Phone 7 pretty seriously. A few days ago, WPDev Feedback was released, which was an app focused on gathering suggestions from developers of the Mango OS, so that WP7 can get features which can prove helpful in making it more attractive as a development platform. As mentioned in our review of that app, a similar service of Microsoft already exists, which is for non-dev WP7 users. So, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that, now, the WP7 user Suggestion Box has got an app, too. Read on to find out what the app is all about.Read More

Ice Cream Sandwich ROM For Kindle Fire [Download & Install]

Kindle Fire gets ICS! Quiet a while back XDA-Developers g1011999 started his work on porting Android 4.0 ICS onto the Kindle Fire and while that development is still in the works – not being released till it comes out of the highly experimental stage that it might be in – XDA-Developers forum member JackpotClavin has recently released a very experimental build of the ICS that is basically a pre-release ROM. Do not be surprised if things don’t work because the release of the ROM is like a field test. You want to join in? Sure, just read ahead after the break to find out more about it.Read More

Official CM9 ROM For Galaxy S II [Experimental] [Download]

The Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 gets CyanogenMod 9 based on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS for the Galaxy S II seems quiet far away, and by that we mean, a stable ROM, be it custom or official. After a lot of ICS based ROMs surfaced for the SGS II, all which are buggy and incomplete (by no means do we undermine the efforts put into the releases by developers), it is good to see something coming in straight from CyanogenMod itself. The recent CM9 release, like the many custom ROMs before it, is a highly experimental build, that is in no way recommended to be used as a daily driver. According to the forum thread, we’re looking at a functional build of CM9 in either January or February, but heck, Android enthusiasts are never up for waiting.Read More

MIUI ICS 4.0.3 ROM For Galaxy Nexus [Download & Install]

Galaxy Nexus gets MIUI! Earlier we covered a post on the ICS based MIUI ROM for the Nexus S and Nexus S fans scrambled to get their hands on that ROM. Guess what, it’s the Galaxy Nexus’ turn to enjoy some MIUI goodness while retaining the ICS functions. Named ViciousMIUI, the ROM is an unofficial MIUI build for the Galaxy Nexus but is in fact quiet stable with a lot of functions working quite nicely. For more on the ROM and how you can instal it on your device, read on!Read More

Unofficial CM9 / ICS ROM For Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi [Download & Install]

Ice Cream Sandwich hits the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi model. This comes in from XDA-Developers forum member DaAwesome1 and ericj83'a for releasing what is a KANG for CM9. Please bear in mind that this is not the official CM9 ROM. The ROM is based on Android 4.0 and said to have a broken Camera as the only non functional feature right now. However, there might be glitches and bugs in the ROM that you can encounter if you give this ROM a go on your device.Read More

Overclock Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE To 1.9Ghz [How To]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE gets a 1.9Ghz overclock! This comes in straight after the device was rooted by XDA-Developers forum member Da_G who is also responsible for this OC kernel as well. 1.9Ghz is huge, but before you get excited, you need to be aware that this is meant for the 8.9 LTE SGH-i957 model and not the 73XX Tegra 2 powered 8.9 models.

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Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE [How To]

The LTE Version of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 has finally been rooted. This breakthrough comes in from XDA-Developers forum member Da_G who has made rooting the device as easy as flashing a kernel a via ODIN. Once the kernel is flashed, you will have complete root access on the LTE enabled tablet.Read More

Ice Cream Sandwich ROM For HTC Desire S [Download & Install]

HTC Desire S gets ICS ROM. Thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member superkid, the first ICS based custom ROM has made its way onto the Desire S. The project started of from a Beta1 and has no reached the Beta 7 stage where the ROM actually has a lot of functions working. If you have a Desire S and it is already rooted with a custom recovery installed, advanced users should definitely give this ROM a try.

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CM9 / Ice Cream Sandwich For Nook Color [Download]

Nook Color Gets ICS! Seems like progress has been made in bringing the ICS based CM9 ROM to the Nook Color and we’re actually looking at at a ROM that now has quite a lot of things working in it thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member dalingrin and fattire . However, the ROM is still a work in progress and not fit for use as a daily driver. More so, novice users should not even try being adventurous with this ROM to try and install it.Read More

Root Motorola Flipout In One Click [How To]

Do you have a Motorola Flipout lying around? The device is sure a peculiar one, with a full QWERTY keypad and a  pivoting point in the lower right corner, around which the screen and keyboard half rotate. The device was launched with Android 2.1 Éclair and never really saw an update coming it’s way. If you still haven’t rooted this flashy looking phone, we can tell you, doing so is as easy as installing an app on your phone. Actually that is what you’ll be doing.Read More

Smart Folders For Windows [AddictiveTips Apps]

Do you want to get iOS and Android folder creation functionality in Windows, where folders can be created using simple drag & drop of one app over another? Although Windows 7 has a ton of highly interactive and user-friendly features, the method of creating a folder remains the same to what we saw back in Windows 98, requiring you to create a separate folder, and then put files into that folder by hand. Today, AddictiveTips brings you Smart Folders to save you not only the time, but also the effort, involved in organizing files into folders. It’s a free application for Windows that lets you create folders via simple drag & drop of file(s) over another.Read More

Play WAV Files In Gmail Attachments Without Downloading Them [Chrome]

Chrome may seem like a simple web browser with a clean interface and something under the hood that makes it superfast but it is actually a whole lot more. Chrome is more than just a web browser; it is also a file viewer that you can use to open local files including audio and video files. There are some format constraints but if you take an MP3 file and drop it on to a Chrome window, you will see a media player appear and play your file. What this means is that your browser has the ability to open files and you don’t always have to install a separate file viewer. This ability of Chrome’s can be extended to web pages as well provided you have the right extension installed. WAV Player for Gmail is a Chrome extension that allows you to play WAV audio files in Gmail attachments without having to download the actual file. It adds an embedded player within Gmail messages that contain audio files in WAV format. It can particularly come in handy if your voicemail messages are in WAV format or when you don’t want to download a WAV file you received. In case the WAV player doesn’t show up or doesn’t seem to work, close your Gmail tab in Chrome, and reopen in a new tab, and your problem should be solved. The question is how does Chrome do it? The short answer is HTML 5. The extension uses Chrome’s native ability to render HTML 5 and inserts the <audio> tag in emails pages that contain WAV files in order to play it.Read More

LiveMinutes: Live Sharing & Collaboration Tool With Skype Integration [Web]

LiveMinutes, a web application, integrates multiple collaborative tools into a single, slick interface. It allows you to hold live meetings with other members by letting you share and edit documents collaboratively. Minutes are automatically generated for each meeting you host, and are stored in your account. You can also share these minutes with others without requiring them to sign up for the service. Users can communicate with other members by with audio/video chat through LiveMinutes or Skype. Once you’ve generated and closed a meeting, PDFs are automatically created, which can also be downloaded, so participants can always keep track of meetings.Read More

Tablet Remote: Control One Android Device With Another via Bluetooth

Tablet Remote is a handy little Android app that lets you remotely control one Android device, be it a smartphone or tablet, with another over Bluetooth. Imagine the facility of remotely controlling media functions of your Honeycomb tablet, or troubleshooting a problematic Android device through another without the involvement of cables, an internet connection or a desktop client. With an extremely simple configuration process yet a comprehensive set of remote control options, Tablet Remote is inarguably one the most feature-rich and easy-to-use apps of its kind that we've come across so far.What could the app possibly be used for, you ask? The image above is an excellent example of its practicality. If you have an Android tablet or phone with an HDMI output port (Motorola Xoom, HTC EVO 4G), you can connect it to your TV, and control the output from the comfort of your couch.Read More

5F5ize: Analyze The File Size Of Special System Folders In Windows

When analyzing low disk space issues, one can often overlook unwanted files in system directories. This is because many system default folders are ignored by most users to avoid facing system issues. Even system cleaners also ignore many junk files within system directories (e.g., program file directories left by uninstalled applications), to avoid destabilizing installed applications and the system on the whole. Low disk space in the primary partition can end up causing an number of system issues, including making the system inaccessible (using a normal login session). 5F5ize is a portable application that scans and displays the size of selected system folders. This makes it possible to single out and analyze the size of Windows default folders, in order to identify heavy directories, e.g., start menu, programs, startup, app data, print hood and other system folders.Read More