Customize Google+ Bar In Google Plus With GTools+

While many of you may be thoroughly impressed with Google+ you may, at the same time, be somewhat disappointed at the lack of functionality that the new Google navigation bar gives. So, while you’re going crazy adding people to your circles and trying just about everything you can to migrate you entire existence to Google+, you might want to try GTools+. While it doesn’t let you open a portal into the Facebook realm and pull stuff in from it, it adds some functionality to Google+ itself. GTools+ is a Chrome extension that appends the Google bar to the top and keeps it there when you scroll a page, it lets you move the chat feature to the Google bar and translate posts to any language you want.

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Install CyanogenMod 7 Test ROM On Samsung Mesmerize i500 [How To]

CyanogenMod 7 has reached the Samsung Mesmerize! Although we wish this was an official release, this CyanogenMod 7 for the Mesmerize is a port and is far from perfect right now. That goes without saying that the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member jt1134 who has brought us this release, will encourage more development towards making an official CyanogenMod ROM happen. As for the ROM at hand right now, it is not all that bad and quite a few features seem to be working. Read More

Install TouchWiz UX Based ROM On Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi [How To]

If you own the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and follow up on the latest updates for the device as they happen, you would know that Samsung is preparing an update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that is the new TouchWiz UX custom interface. While most wait for the update, looks like the Italians are getting their 10.1 Tabs with the TouchWiz UX pre-installed! This is where XDA-Developers forum member LevitateJay came to the rescue and extracted the Italian version of the TouchWiz UX as it is and released it for download. Read More

Find Out Who Is Stealing Your Wireless Internet Connection [WiFi]

Wireless Network Connections are often at risk of being accessed by unauthorized personnel at office or home, when not properly secured. This is not just the case with unsecure networks but also a problem relating to the negligent sharing of network security keys. It can be hard to identify intruders on networks which may have a lot of devices or users. However, identification can be possible if you have the precise details regarding the connected devices. Read More

Block Unwanted Facebook Features With Workbook For Chrome

Facebook isn’t all useless and the truly purposeful users will find a utility for the site. Whether your work is exciting enough that it requires you have unrestricted access to the site or because you just find some of its features annoying, Workbook is a Chrome extension that lets you hide the Newsfeed, new notification counts in the left panel, notifications in the top navigation bar, chat messages and the right panel on your home page to keep things looking more the way you like them. Read More

Get The Latest Android Market App (v3.0.26) Before Official Update

After announcing it's revamped Android Market mobile client a little less than a day ago, it seems Google has begun to distribute the update among selective Android users. An APK of the app has already been leaked to the web and is up for grabs for those of who don't want to wait until the official update reaches your regional variant of the Market. Apart from the much sought after support for books and movie rentals, the latest Android Market app packs a completely new user interface. Join us after the break for an overview of the client and download link to the aforementioned APK. Read More

Advanced Power Menu For HTC EVO 4G On 4.24 OTA Based ROMs

If you have recently updated your HTC EVO 4G to a stock 4.24 OTA based ROM and are missing the advanced reboot options, XDA-Developers forum member ca1ne has come up with a sweet little mod that would give you those much needed options back. However if you’re thinking you can get this up and running on a completely stock, non rooted, non deodexed firmware, you cannot.

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Install Official Honeycomb 3.2 Rooted ROM On Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi

Rumors have been going around the internet for a while, of a Honeycomb 3.2 update in the works for the Motorola Xoom Honeycomb tablet and that Xoom owners might be seeing it sooner then expected as an OTA. While the update may not have rolled out on massive scale, XDA-Developers forum member stachre has managed to release the 3.2 update for the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi and put it up for download. According to him, the update has only been tested on a US Xoom Wi-Fi (MZ604) model running Honeycomb 3.1 stock, and he believes that if you try this update on a Xoom Wi-Fi based outside the US, or a model other then the US one, you may brick your phone. Similarly, trying this update on your Xoom 3G may brick it as well, so be very particular about this. Read More

Install ClockworkMod Recovery On T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G by Samsung is the successor to the original Sidekick and it has the specs to prove it, not just the timeline. Sporting the same Hummingbird chipset as found in most of the Samsung Galaxy S series of devices, the Sidekick 4G has a lot of potential that is left to be unleashed, and that of course comes with root access and a custom recovery installed. If you have your device already rooted, you should consider installing the ClockworkMod recovery that has just been released for this device and if you haven't been living under a rock all this time, you would have heard the praise going around for the famous ClockworkMod Recovery. Read More

DocsPal Is Online Audio, Video, Image And Document Format Converter

File format converters aren’t hard to find, whether you want to convert images, documents or media files, you’ll find a long list of free online converters and DocsPal is one such online format converter. So if the internet is already fraught with file converters, what makes DocsPal stand out from all the others? The fact that it isn’t specifically for any one kind of file; it can convert Documents, video, audio, image, ebooks, and archive file formats. On the whole, it can convert 60 different file formats. The interface isn’t something you’ll fall in love with but it gets the job done. Read More

Copygram – Search & Download Instagram Images Without An Account

Instagram; that world of pure image sharing bliss that requires you have an iPhone to get in isn’t just about picture sharing or laughing at the daily funnies. Instagram is a great resource for original images and what's more is the images are classified (tagged) by real people and not by search engines so you know you can expect highly relevant images if you were to search them. While Instagram is great, it isn’t available to people without an iPhone, Copygram is a web service that changes all that. The site lets you search for users or images by entering names or tags respectively on Instagram without needing an iPhone or an account con the popular image sharing site. Read More

Smart Converter Encodes Video & Audio, Sends Converted Audio To iTunes

Don’t want the fuss of having to set audio/video parameters prior to convert video files into required format? Smart Converter is an robust and an elegant video conversion utility that supports drag & drop behavior without requiring any sort of settings and A/V options to be configured in order to convert video files between different formats. It’s a feature-rich preset-based media converter that can encode videos to Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Tablets and phones, Sony PSP, PlayStation 3, Sony Bavaria TV, Google TV, and Microsoft Xbox 360. In addition to widely known devices, it can also convert videos into ACC and MP3 format and send them directly to iTunes to automatically synchronize newly added music files with your iDevices. Read More

Access Facebook, Twitter And Gmail From Mac Menu Bar With Social Lite

Instead of installing previously featured Mailbox, Facebox, and Twitter Desktop separately on your Mac to access Gmail, Facebook and Twitter from system menu bar, you can use recently released Social Lite for Mac. The application has a smart tab-based UI, allowing you to check and compose mails, view Facebook wall, and interact with your peeps on Twitter, all from the menu bar. Unlike previously covered tools, Social Lite is a lot more dynamic application in terms of the way it interacts with users. A small notification system has also been incorporated to keep users updated about new incoming mails, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter timeline. Read More

Set Different Screen Resolution For Each Windows User With Carroll

Windows doesn’t provide an option to set different screen resolutions for each user account. Thus, whenever a PC user changes the display resolution, Windows permanently applies it for all configured users account, leaving other users with no choice than to manually restore previously applied screen resolution. Since changing screen resolution each time you logon to Windows is quite a wearisome task, you need a tool like Carroll, which sets individual screen resolution for every user. Read More

Find All Open Ports Or Common Ports On Your Network With PortScan

A while back we covered a brilliant open port scanning utility called, CloseTheDoor, which is developed to find out network-specific security loopholes and, importantly, close the backdoors to stave off security risks and vulnerabilities. However, the network administrators also need a tool to check which sharing ports are being currently opened on the network along with nodes related information, such as, Host name, MAC address, location, etc. PortScan is a small network utility which provides you with just that. As name hints, it attempts to scan all the nodes connected on the network to list down sharing / opened ports and other HTTP information. Read More

STDU Explorer Brings Windows 8 Ribbon Based Explorer To Windows 7

From all the Windows 8 UI enhancements, the ribbon-based Windows Explorer is the most significant improvement that you will notice. It is going to bring the much needed tabbed interface to let users easily search the basic file management tools and to switch between multiple locations under one unified interface. If you’re an avid Windows user and can’t wait to use ribbon-based Windows Explorer in Windows 7, have a look at STDU Explorer. Read More

Get Windows 8 Metro Clock And Image Slideshow On Windows 7 Logon Screen

Metro Clock 2 is a logon screen tweak which bring the Windows 8 style clock and time display to Windows 7 with a slideshow of panoramic images. The Metro font and refreshing imagery makes Metro Clock 2 a much better application than the previously reviewed 8 Clock And Date for Windows 7. Metro Clock 2 is meant to add an expected Windows 8 functionality (i.e. date and time display on logon screen) to Windows 7. To install Metro Clock 2, copy MetroClock.scr file and MetroClock folder to C:\Windows\System32. Once done, run metro.reg to apply the changes. You can also run the MetroClock.scr file directly to lock your computer with the Windows 8 style Metro clock and image slideshow display. Read More

TubeCast Uploads YouTube Videos From Desktop, No Flash Required

TubeCast is a portable application which enables uploading multiple videos simultaneously to YouTube from desktop, without the need of a Flash based uploader. Using this open source application you can eliminate the need of having to visit YouTube. Before videos are uplaoded, you are provided with detailed options to set the category, title, tags, etc for the video and sharing options. The uploading process merely includes logging in with a YouTube account and selecting respective files for uploading them with your custom settings. Read More

SubsHub Downloads English Subtitles For Movies And TV Shows

SubsHub is an open source application which instantly downloads English subtitles for your Movies and TV Shows. In order to download a single or multiple SRT (Subtitle) files, all you have to do is to specify an input video with the right name of the movie or TV show. If you would like to see how to add subtitles to your videos, see our guide here. Read More

Troubleshoot Windows Drivers And Services With ServiWin

ServiWin is a portable utility from Nirsoft, which displays the list of installed drivers and services with indepth information which can help you identify and troubleshoot driver issues. The available information includes,  file description, version, product name, manufacturer’s name, driver status, boot configurations and error control information. Additionally, you can stop, start, restart, pause, and continue Windows services and installed drivers, change the startup configurations for them and save the list of services/drivers to a file. Read More