Root T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart [How To Guide]

Samsung Gravity Smart is a mid-tier T-mobile specific Android phone that comes with Android 2.2 Froyo on board. The phone wasn’t able to score a huge user base, but still it is one of the most recommended Android device for text savvy users. Like other Android phones, root privileges on Samsung Gravity Smart can be gained via many single click rooting tools available today. We did a little research on this and the easiest method to root this phone is through the famous Super One Click root utility. For those who don’t know, rooting your device enables you to gain complete admin access of your phone and is essentially required to remove bloatware, install ROMs and flash custom kernels. You can refer to this post to get a better understanding of rooting pros and cons.

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Show Invisible Files, Change File Permissions And Visibility In Mac

Unlike Windows Explorer, you cannot view meta tag information of a file, change access privileges and visibility in Mac OS X Finder. To change sharing and access permission and view meta information of items in Finder, Mac OS X users need to open Get Info dialog separately which makes it quite tiresome when multiple files properties are to be dealt with. Kilometre (formerly known as Kilometre Browser) is a small yet nifty file manager for Mac OS X to provide those options which are not present in Finder, such as, show and rename invisible files, switch between file visibility & lock and stationary attributes, change type and creator meta information and UNIX permissions, owner and group. Read More

Freemake Audio Converter Extracts Audio From Video, Exports To iTunes

Freemake Audio Converter is an all-in-one audio manipulation and conversion utility which includes support for wide range of audio formats, including, MP3, WMV, WAV, FLAC,MP4, OGG, AMR, AC3, AAC, AIFF, M4R, DTS, MPC, MP2, while all less commonly used audio extensions can also be handled without requiring any specific codecs. Like previously covered Freemake products, Freemake Video Downloader and Freemake Video Converter, Freemake Audio Converter is a preset-based converter having all popular audio formats lined up on the main interface. Each supported format comes packed with a list of related presets, which saves non-technical users from the hassle of setting up audio sample rate, channels, bitrate, and other configurations manually. Read More

Search Mac App Store And iTunes From Mac Menu Bar With Tunesque

Are you looking for a way to find movies, books, and apps from iTunes and Mac App Store without having to open online stores from respective applications? Although both iTunes and Mac App Store (available for Mac 10.6.6 and higher) provide convenient interface to initiate application search, users have to launch them separately to find and download apps for iOS devices and Mac OS X. Tunesque is small app for Mac which brings the convenience of finding applications, music, movies, and books available on iTunes and Mac App Store from system menu bar. Read More

ReloadIt Alerts You On Finding Changes In Web Pages Of Your Choice

One annoyance which many web developers face while viewing changes from application development IDEs is that development platforms only open or refresh the local webserver (localhost) link without providing any option to automatically update the web document. Since there is no direct way to monitor changes in HTML, PHP, ASPX, CSS document to view the updates and changes as they happen, therefore they have to either refresh the web page manually by hitting F5 to view the changes or use a third-party script to automatically update the page after defined amount of time. Read More

Automatically Update Android Market With Market Updater Utility

Android Market updates are usually rolled out to US Android users first and then to any other geographic location. At times some non-US Android phone users need to side load Android Market in order to upgrade. Scumpinato, XDA Member and Android developer, has managed to brew a script that let’s you update to the latest Market version even if you don’t reside in US. The script is deployable on any Android device with root and is a simple one click solution to update your Market. Read More

Install RAM Optimization Script To Manage Memory And Save Battery [Android]

Android is the fastest growing mobile OS that has registered multitude of success within a short span of time. Although Android is quickly becoming the most relied-upon mobile / tab OS, but still there are issues that need to be addressed. The major issue that any Android phone faces is battery drain and poor memory management. All the techies must be knowing the exact complications that cause this, but for novice users; it is definitely a challenge. One reason why Android is growing leaps and bounds is perhaps the huge support and development circle that supports this OS. Juwe11, XDA recognized developer, has recently released a RAM management script for Android that promises best balance between Free Memory, Multitasking and System Speed. The home-brewed script basically optimizes memory in order to gain enhanced, smooth and speedy user experience.

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PlexyDesk Transforms Your Desktop Background With Useful Widgets

PlexyDesk is an open source desktop extension for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems which transforms the look of the desktop and allows adding QML based widgets. It is not to be mistaken for a desktop environment like KDE or Gnome. Instead, it renders the desktop workspace and allows you to organize it. Currently, it provides a clock widget, photo frame, and file browser on the main sand allows adding extra widgets via drag and drop, which can further change the look and feel of your desktop. Read More

Screenshoter – Fast And Simplified Screen Capturing Tool For Firefox

Not every person needs to take a screenshot but for those that do, finding a good software to take it is important. The decision to use one software over the other can be based on the quality of the screenshot it takes, the ease of use and what features it has. Screenshoter is a Firefox extension that lets you take screenshots of complete web pages or a custom defined area of the web page. The extension saves the screenshots in either PNG or JPEG format. The extension is easy to use and the quality is fairly good. Read More

AlertBox Tracks Changes In Individual Elements On A Web Page [Firefox]

Tracking a website for updates isn’t hard, it might prove a bit tricky should the site lack an RSS feed but it is nevertheless possible. NotiPage, reviewed just yesterday, is one way of monitoring individual pages that lack RSS Feeds but if your needs take you further down to monitoring individual elements, AlertBox is the answer. AlertBox is a Firefox extension that lets you pick individual elements on any web page and monitor them for changes. Changes can be anything from ratings, number of comments or number of posts in a particular category. Read More

HTC Sense 3.5 ROM Now Available For Evo 4G [Download]

Sense 3.5, the successor to Sense 3.0, is currently the hottest phenomenon among androiders. The development community is keeping up with expectations and this all new Sense 3.5 UI has been ported on majority of HTC Devices. HTC’s Sense 3.5 was “leaked” after some industrious hackers were able to post-mortem the ROM dump allegedly coming from HTC Bliss. HTC Bliss might be the first official handset carrying the awesomeness of HTC Sense 3.5 aboard and is scheduled to be released in 4th quarter this year. Sense 3.5 takes a lot from it’s 3.0 predecessor and comes integrated with Lock Ring feature. Apart from this, the UI will also allow users to display a range of homescreen notifications backed by one-tap re-sizeable widgets. Sense 3.5 also supports landscape orientation for homescreen and app drawer.

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G+7 Displays Google+ Messages Feed On Your Windows 7 Desktop

G+7 is a Windows 7 gadget to provide constant updates from your  Google+ Stream. It allows enlarging a particular story from a Google Plus feed in order to view it in a large pop-up window for better visibility. G+7 can be a useful gadget for Google Plus users who may wish to keep track of their stream updates to identify and open only important stories, without having to periodically visit Google Plus by using a browser. Read More

WPV App Data Backup – Save WP7 App Data & Restore It After Flashing

Windows Phone 7 has just started to come of age and custom ROMs have started to roll out recently. The biggest reason which keeps people from flashing a ROM they really like is the fear of losing all their data during the process. Even if your pictures, music and messages are safe after updating, you will still lose all that progress you made on Angry Birds or all the map data you had cached to your device. Now you don’t need to worry about all that. WPV App Data Backup allows you to save the data of all applications on your device to your computer and restore it later with only a few clicks. Of course it is extremely easy to restore your purchases and other Zune data, but in-app data is the thing that gets affected the most each time your Windows Phone is wiped. This data is what the Homebrew aims to save. Read More

LiveSorter Automatically Groups Android Apps By Market Categories

Whether you’re an avid Android gamer or a typical smartphone user, you’re bound to have multiple apps installed on your device at any given instant. And you’re always craving for more. How good it would be if you could get all your apps automatically organized and placed into folders according to their relevant categories so that you don’t have to face problems locating them on your device? To ease your woes, LiveSorter is here. LiveSorter automatically sorts out your apps and categories them into folders. Read More

Awesemulator Brings Screen Capture & Hardware Buttons To WP7 Emulator

An operating system’s emulator is helpful for a variety of users and for a number of reasons. Developers use emulators for testing out their apps, whereas users can get a taste of the OS before actually buying a product. But when using the emulator, you do miss the real feel of the device, its hard buttons and several other features that just aren’t there. To fill in all these voids for the Windows Phone 7 emulator , WireBear Awesemulator is here. Awesemulator is meant to complement WP7 emulator and both these utilities have to be run side-by-side. Awesemulator gives you a host of new options for your Windows Phone 7 emulator, and the most important features it offers are screen capture buttons, and all the hardware buttons you will find in a normal WP7 device. Read More

GO Launcher EX Gets Its Own Switch (Power Control) Widget [Android]

As expected, the GO Launcher Dev Team is back again – barely a couple of weeks after their last endeavor – with yet another handy addition to their acclaimed home screen replacement app. GO Launcher EX now has a downloadable switch (power control) widget. And it’s not one of those run-of-the-mill toggle widgets. Switch GOWidget sports a total of 12 toggles, out of which it allows you to select 4 toggles to appear on the home screen. The widget takes after Tencent Switcher and QQLauncher’s native Quick switch widget in the way it looks and works but it does have a greater number of toggles and additional sliders for adjusting ringer and media volume levels. More after the break. Read More Performs Data Analysis Using Numpy And Scipy is an open source application which is a measurement data visualization and treatment framework. It provides the option to include new data types easily for array based data analysis and data plotting. The data analysis that provides is primarily based on python standards Numpy and Scipy. The data model is derived from a Numpy ndarray class which provides automatic error propagation, to make user specified data treatment easy. The data visualization which provides is made using the gnuplot software which gives users full control to create custom designs for their data plots. has versions available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based distributions. Read More

Install Unofficial CyanogenMod 7 On Motorola Triumph [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for all Motorola Triumph users looking to install / flash CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3 Gingerbread custom ROM on their device. An unofficial CM 7 port, in alpha stages, is now available for download. The credit for cooking this delicious bacon for Triumph goes to Genesis3 at XDA forums. Like all initial ROM ports, there are certain aspects that don’t work after you install this ROM on your phone.

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SportCaster – Sports News, Scores, Live Tweets & More [Android]

If you are an avid sports fan like me who always wants to stay as close to the gaming action as possible, then SportCaster could be your perfect companion. Scores, stats and rankings are just for the news. Hardcore sports fans love to ‘live’ their games, players and teams. They always want to ‘be in the game’ and know what’s going through the minds of the players, coaches and fans before, during and after each game. For Android users, SportCaster app combines the best of both worlds: conventional sports coverage complemented with live tweets from players and sports personalities. With SportCaster, you can stay in touch with updated news, scores and standings of your favorite sports (NFL, NCAA Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball) and also get an insight of your favorite sports stars in real-time via live tweets. Read More Provides A Quick Multi User Chat Platform Sans Logins

If you’ve ever found yourself working on a public computer or just one that wasn’t yours, then you might know how it feels; like you’re sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. Apart from not having everything where you’re used to finding it, there is also the fact that you won’t have all your frequently used programs installed on the system. Ignoring the possibility that a public computer might be host to a lot of malware and viruses, you might find yourself lacking your preferred chat program. Should such or any similar situation arise where you need to urgently chat with a friend, try It is a web application for chatting with multiple people at the same time, it requires no logins whatsoever and connects users with the aid of a four digit code. There is no limit to the number of users who can join a chat, you can share files one at a time and request a chat log to be emailed to you at the end. Read More