Create Cross-Stitch Image Designs From Your Photos With CStitch

Cross-stitch is a tiled, raster-like pattern which is used to give images a counted-thread embroidery look. Such patterns can be hard to create using common image editing applications and require cross-stitch design image editors for easy transformation of common photos to a cross-stitch format. CStitch is an open source tool like Scheme Maker, which can creates cross stitch patterns from images and provide the option to select the number of colors and stranded thread to edit virtually any part of the image squares. It allows creating embroidery based designs to and from many image formats, such as BMP, GIF, PBM, PGM, PNG, TIFF, XBM and XPM, as well as a PDF file. when creating a cross stitch desgin for a selected image, you are provided with a side by side comparison of the two images, showing you the before and after effect of the picture that is to be tweaked. Read More

Fix Color And Display Issues Caused By Windows Phone 7 Nodo Update [How To]

Even though Windows Phone 7 has now come up with the beta version of its latest release Mango, that update is currently available for developers only (officially at least, as you can hack your way to Mango as well). So this means that most of the WP7 users are still on Nodo. However there has been an issue that has been spotted that relates to updating to Nodo. Nodo update might degrade the display quality of your phone. Specifically speaking, this update might result in reduced color depth and gradient display for some users. As most smartphone owners are really picky about their phone’s display, this might be a big deal for some. And this is the reason a bug fix for this issue is available now. Read More

Add More Items To Windows Send To Menu With sendtosendto

The Windows Send To option in right-click context menu makes it easy to send a file to a specific location, to create a compressed zip folder, or to open files with selected applications. sentosendto is a shell extension which lets users easily add new entries to the Windows Send To option in the right-click context menu. You can now add more applications and folders to the Windows Sent to menu to make it easy to open and send files using Windows right-click menu. For example, one can add Dropbox to the Windows Send To context menu, in order to quickly send files and folders to Dropbox for synchronization. Read More

Devpad Is Multi-Tab Source Code Editor Supporting C#, C++, VB.Net, Php, Html And More

Notepad++ is one of the most widely used applications by software and web developers all around the world. Should you have been looking for some alternative solution, try Devpad - an open source developers’ Notepad which supports C++, JavaScript, Html, PHP, XML, HTML and plain text files. It is a tabbed notepad which can be used either to create new documents or to import text and development based files for viewing and editing. Using Devpad, you can work on a number of files from the same or different development platforms within convenient tabs. For example, you can view and edit an HTML and PHP code file simultaneously within DevPad, using tabs. It is a similar application to VB.Net Multi-tab Source Code Editor and can be used to edit codes from multiple development platforms. Read More

Clusterer – Analyze Network Cluster With Graphical Visualization

Computers are usually invented as single machines, but we can also network them together to create a computer cluster. A computer cluster is a chain of computers working together to perform like a single computer. Clusters are usually used to improve performance of a network or service. It is different from load balancing, as clustering is the use of multiple computers to provide a single service, whereas, load balancing is a technique to use multiple computers in a cluster. If you have formed a cluster, it can be difficult to analyze it’s ability and to obtain data. Clusterer is a Java-based portable application which provides analysis and visualized network graphs to analyze network clusters using various algorithms. Read More

Overclock SE Xperia Arc To 1.86Ghz With Custom Kernel [How To]

The Xperia Arc doesn’t seem to be getting much far in terms of development. Custom ROM’s and kernel are a rarity but there might still be hope thanks to XDA-Developers forum member if2, who has just released an OC kernel for the Xperia Arc, taking it up to 1.86Ghz. This kernel is strictly meant for the 3.0.1.A.0.145, 146 or 147 firmware and should not be tried on a firmware other then the three listed. Why overclock? Because we get a higher benchmark score and well, we said it before, we say it again; because we can! Read More

GO Book Is One Smart Text And ePub Reader For Android

The GO Dev Team is already a popular name in the Android Market when it comes to visually apt and extremely useful Android apps. The company seems to be hellbent to offer Android users with solutions to almost all the various facets of mobile usage. Be it the homescreen replacement apps, messaging replacement apps, caller replacement apps, lock screen replacement apps, or the gorgeous weather app, you know that you're going to get some quality alternatives from each and every category.  This time,  they have come up with a fantastic little .txt and ePub reader that would delight hardcore book readers. GO Book is an extremely handy and eye-catching reader which presents multiple book reading features in such a wonderful way that you would be forced to keep it as your default text reader. Read More

Install CyanogenMod 7 Official Nightly ROM On Galaxy S II [How To Guide]

Finally there is some great news for Samsung Galaxy S II owners as CyanogenMod team will start pushing CM 7.1.x Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread nightly ROMs soon. The announcement was highly appreciated as soon as it was made on twitter and some other portals by a vast majority of SGS II users. However, as Nightly builds are auto compiled and pushed to a specific web location, so it might take some time for this ROM to show up on your ROM Manager Premium.

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AccuWeather – A Must-Have Weather App For Your Windows Phone 7

If you are a Windows Phone 7 user then you have to learn to live with somewhat limited options when it comes to the choice of available apps. Although there is still a long way to go for WP7, the Marketplace has finally started to catch up with other platforms like iOS and Android. Major popular smartphone apps are now available for WP7. In recent months there has been a flurry of official WP7 app releases. AccuWeather is not a new name both in weather forecasting and in the world of smartphones. They have a worldwide network and have been around in the weather world for decades. That’s proof enough that they know their business pretty well. The good news is that the official app for AccuWeather is now available for WP7, and it’s free! Read More

Open PDF, PPT & Word Files In Google Docs From Firefox Context Menu

Opening files in browsers is something that Chrome handles a little better than Firefox but the great thing about Firefox is that there will always be an extension that will replicate the best features in just about any browser and make it available for Firefox users. Open Document in Google Docs Viewer is an extension for Firefox that lets you open PDF, PPT and MS Word files in Google Docs from the right-click context menu. Read More

Status Via – Share Facebook Status Updates Under Disguise! [Android]

Did you share the news of your brand new BlackBerry with your Facebook friends? Or did you let them know that you’ve silently switched to an iPhone? Even if you’ve got none of these, you can still fool your friends into thinking you do! Status Via is a smart little Android app that actually lets you play all these tricks on your Facebook friends by pretending that you are logged into your account from many of the aforementioned services/devices. With Status Via you can update your Facebook status under the guise of as many as 50 different services and/or devices. Status Via is basically a fun app meant for self-satisfaction and playing mind games with others; albeit just momentarily! Read More

How To Fix Evernote’s White Screen Of Death For Windows Phone 7

Evernote is a pretty useful app and comes with a handful of awesome features. We covered the Windows Phone 7 app for the Evernote service a short while back, but there is a major issue with the app experienced by some users. The bug completely capsizes the app by getting the user stuck on the login screen. The error occurs when a user tries to sign in from the app’s home page. For some, doing this renders the screen completely white, with no way to continue using it. If you are among the unlucky few who have been hit by this white-washing bug, then rejoice, as there is a workaround for this! Read More

Install Sense 3.0 Based ROM On Nexus One With 720p Video Recording

The Nexus One, was Google’s first flagship Android phone manufactured by HTC. The phone came with a stock looking Android 2.1 Éclair firmware and was one of the hottest phones of its time. If you’re familiar with HTC, you must be familiar with their custom Sense UI for Android. Even being manufactured by HTC, HTC could not launch the phone with its Sense UI but that doesn’t mean XDA-Developers forum member abhi0n0nakul cannot release a ROM for the Nexus One based on the latest Sense 3.0 UI. So if you own a Nexus One and are a fan of the Sense UI, this ROM is worth looking at. Read More

Visually Compare Code & Text With Online File Comparison App ‘DiffNow’

Comparing text or code isn’t something that the average person has to do but for developers or programmers who are often plagued with this task, it’s nothing short of a nightmare especially if you don’t have an effective tool to help you do the job. DiffNow is an online app that lets you compare text, code (HTML, Python Unicode), PDF documents, binary files and Zip archives. The app interface is divided in to two panels that scroll simultaneously as you scroll up or down making it easier to compare code line by line. The app also detects the differences in text/ code and highlights it accordingly. Read More

Overclock Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi To 1.6Ghz With Voodoo Sound [How To]

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has recently received a an OC kernel with Voodoo Sound 07182011. Even better, the overclock is massive, at 1.6Ghz  and goes on to allow you to control the voltage as well. So you have, an overclock at 1.6Ghz, voltage control and the famous Voodoo sound mod which should make any Galaxy Tab 10.1 owner excited. However, it should be noted, that this is meant for the Wi-Fi model only.

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Download And Install Google Videos App On Any Android Phone / Tab

Google Video app for Android is the new sensation for movie and video buffs as this application allows you to rent and watch movies right from the comfort of your Android device. Although many Android users have installed the app normally through Android Market, there are many unable to find the app. Even using Market Enabler wasn't useful in our case, so we decided to grab the ripped copy available at XDA to do the deed. Read More

Access Websites Restricted In Your Country With Ricco VPN

Some websites are blocked outside a specific country or region due to copyright issues and political reasons. The latter has been recently seen in many countries around the world due to anti-government protests and the drive to control information. This is a common annoyance that leaves many users stranded and deprived of access to quality content. To bypass such limitations, many users use proxies, however, they are often detected by servers which are meant to block content for users from specific lcoations. A better alternative is to us a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Unlike a proxy, a VPN is a secure mechanism of connecting to a private LAN at a remote location. This can be done either using the Internet or any public network to transport the network data packets. Large corporations often provide VPN access to their employees to allow them o obtain data from their office computer in case of an emergency or to remote execute task. This process has been converted into a proxy mechanism in recent years to allow users to access location restricted websites and to provide them with secure browsing. Read More

RAM Optimization Script Makes Android Fast, Smooth And Stable

The Best RAM Optimization Script comes from XDA member Juwe11 and claims, like it’s name, to be the best to opt for at the moment. RAM hacking scripts are largely deployed in Android devices in order to achieve a smooth system sailing where every aspect of memory management is optimized for enhanced user experience. Read More

Temporary Root HTC Flyer With Fre3Vo [How To Guide]

Finally there is some great news for HTC flyer owners looking to get root privileges on this tablet. Because of the fact that HTC Flyer comes factory locked, but still you can get a temporary root that will allow you to hack away the bloatware and get rid of some unwanted crap on board. Fre3vo, the exploit responsible for rooting devices like Sensation and EVO 3D, is the main character in this rooting as well. It is important to understand that you will only gain temporary root rights after running the exploit and tinkering with /system directory can brick your flyer forever. Read More

MIUI 1.7.15 ROM Ported To Samsung Mesmerize i500

Earlier we covered a guide on an MIUI port for the Samsung Mesmerize but that was v1.7.1.3. It was a project started by ChromWolf at RootzWiki and if you weren’t familiar with that before, the ROM has now been updated to v1.7.15. This should give Mesmerize owners some hope when it comes to continuous development and making the port for the Mesmerize as perfect as possible. Incase you found yourself here while being completely clueless about the previous version, or are not in anyway familiar with MIUI ROMs, you should see our guide on what is MIUI ROM for Android. Read More