YouTube Android App Updated, Adds Playlists & Editing Video Uploads

The official YouTube client for Android is among those few apps that are almost irreplaceable, courtesy of the amazingly rich set of features that it possesses. Addition of more and more goodies and stern focus on performance stability along with each subsequent update has helped the app maintain its repute as being the best YouTube video streaming app for Android. Now, for Android users who wanted to gain better control over their uploaded videos on YouTube, here’s good news. The official YouTube app for Android has recently been updated (to v 2.2.14) and now not only allows users to set privacy controls over their uploaded videos but also lets them edit titles, descriptions and tags of previously uploaded videos. Apart from this, updated YouTube app also sports fresh video uploading user interface and lets you create, edit and delete video playlists from within the app. Moreover, there have been other minor bug fixes and performance improvements from the previous version. Read More

GeoTagImages – Tag Photos Using GPS Tracking Devices

Many people like adding geographical information to their photos. This includes, precise coordinates including the latitude and longitude of the tagged location (saved as the EXIF data). Several camera manufacturers have started concentrating on providing GPS support. If your camera does not support it or have a bunch of old photos lying around which you would like to manually geotag, then you have come to the right place. GeoTagImages is a portable application which allows you to quickly and easily add GPS tags to multiple pictures using a connected GPS tracking device. Read More

Google+ Now Available For iPad And iPod Touch

Google released Google+ with just one aim in their mind, to take over Facebook. In this age of social networking it does make a lot of sense to target a field as widely used and appreciated as social media. But it was very unlike Google when the service was announced to be invite-only at first. That could have been because it was still in beta testing phase and maybe the folks over at Mountain View wanted everything to be perfect for the actual launch. Another major shocker came when the Google+ app was only released for iPhone, ignoring all other iDevices (iPad and iPod Touch). Thankfully this situation has now been rectified with the app becoming available for all iOS devices yesterday. Read More

Monitor Network Bandwidth And Port-Occupying System Processes

We have reviewed many network traffic monitoring applications. While some of them provide details about bandwidth usage, such as, BitMeter OS, others like SmartSniff inspect network traffic which passes through a network adapter. When monitoring the network, one may need more information than merely just the bandwidth usage, or number of associated connections. Free Process Traffic Monitor is a network application for PCs, servers, and individual interfaces, which monitors the traffic of all the port-occupying processes. Not does it only display incoming and outgoing traffic usage (of a client, server computer or network interface) but also lists and displays performance metrics of the concerned processes. It calculates traffic generated by each process by mapping the traffic of the ports being used by them.  The tool provides traffic usage and process details by logically grouping relevant information. The primary information of Process Traffic Monitor is displayed in two separate tabs, namely, Interface Traffic and Process Traffic tabs. Read More

How To Change The Language Of Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta [Hack]

The whole Windows Phone 7 community is looking forward to the release of Mango, with the latest update to the OS expected to be publicly released soon. The beta is already out for developers and manufacturers (and even for a non-dev user if he follows our guide to getting Mango on any device). The excitement is incited by Mango in anticipation to all the new features promised to be coming to this update. Some have termed Mango to be everything WP7 should have been all along, as it fixes almost every known issue pertaining to the OS, and throws in a bunch of really awesome features while it’s at it. One such feature is the addition of many new languages to the update. However, if you are using the beta, the languages have been kept locked for now and can’t be accessed. There is a way however which lets you get a taste of this Mango goodness, and it involves a registry tweak. If you have a developer unlocked Windows Phone  device, along with Mango beta, you can change your phone's language from English to Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Russian, Japanese and Dutch! Read More

Enable Back Light Notifications On Galaxy S II With BLN [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S II [ S2] is one of the hottest dual core Android phones available in the Market. Although the phone has what it takes to be called the “best” phone around, but with no LED notification light, it seems to be a bit awkward to Androiders. But as we all know that where there is a will, there’s a way; BLN hack can be the perfect LED light replacement. BLN stands for BackLight Notification and allows the back and menu onscreen icons to light up whenever there is a new notification such as Text Message, Email or missed Call. Read More

Black Themed GMail 2.3.5 App For Android Now Available [Download]

There are many reasons that have played a vital role in unprecedented success of Android as a Smartphone OS. One of these reasons is perhaps the customization to the core concept that allows users to change anything to everything on their Android devices. You must have come across a number of themes, icon packs, custom boot and splash screens and Live wallpapers if you have used Android for some time and have dared rooting. Android’s flexible nature and adaptability is perhaps more than any other Smartphone OS available in the market today. Read More

Fix Audio Stuttering Problem On Xperia X10 Updated To 2.3.3 Gingerbread [Guide]

Sony Ericsson started rolling out official Android Gingerbread update for Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 couple of days back. The development community was quick to react and rooted the build with other essentials within 24 hours of release. However, there are some folks who have managed to root their Xperias updates to Gingerbread but are now facing a pretty annoying sound stuttering when playing songs, videos and during calls.

Read More

Equalify Adds Audio Equalizer To Spotify

Spotify, despite being one of the most popular online music streaming service, doesn’t provide advanced options to enhance music listening experience. One feature which I feel is missing and must be integrated into Spotify desktop client is the audio equalizer. Spotify has a nice interface but when it comes to player related options, it only caters to basic features, like playback controls, track navigation controls, etc. Equalify is an audio equalizer for Spotify developed by a third-party developer. Instead of tweaking your sound card’s native audio settings, you can launch Equalify from within the Spotify UI to amplify and enhance the sound quality. It is a preset-based equalizer supporting as many presets as you can save. Read More

ChimpFeedr – Mix your Favorite RSS Feeds Into One

Do you selectively follow RSS feeds for a particular site? Filter out the irrelevant ones by only adding the news feed that you find most interesting or relevant to your interests? If you do, it’s likely that you have multiple feeds from the same site added to your feed reader. ChimpFeedr is a web service that aggregates these feeds in to one and provides you a single feed link to add to your RSS reader. Read More

PicYou – Add Effects To Photos & Upload To Facebook Instagram Style

Pout as much as you want or call it useless and no fun; Instagram is still just an iPhone owners club and it isn’t likely to get a web interface any time soon. Though there have been several services that let you connect your Instagram account and view the photos online, the bottom line is you still need an Instagram account to do that. PicYou is a web service that touts itself as the Instagram for the web, it allows you to upload photos either from your hard drive or from a URL, add effects to them and share them on Facebook.  Read More

Bring Back ‘Open Frame In New Tab’ Option In Chrome

No one updates and upgrades quite like Chrome and while many features and changes are for the better, not all are suited to everyone’s needs especially if they’ve fallen with a feature or just gotten used to it. Chrome 10 is long gone and with it, went the option to open frames in a new tab; now frames open in new windows. Open Frame in New Tab is a Chrome extension that brings back the option to open a frame in a new tab to the right-click context menu. Read More

Get Google Music Manager For Linux; We Test It On Ubuntu

Google launched a new web service called Google Music which allows users to upload up to 20,000 songs from personal music collections. After releasing a Windows and Android version, Google has now come up with a Google Music Manager application for Linux. It is similar to the Windows music manager and is available for multiple Linux distributions. In this post we will provide you with an overview and how you can upload your music collections to Google Music (via the Google Music Manager) in Linux. Read More

Favorite Documents – Bookmark Visual Studio Code Files & Organize Them

If you’re working on multiple Visual Studio projects, you must be looking for a way to quickly access most frequently used code files of each project without having to close current project. Since Visual Studio  2010 doesn’t offer an option to keep a list of frequently used code files handy, you have to manually open code files to quickly switch between them. How about an add-in which lets you open selected code files and other Visual Studio documents on the fly without having to switch between projects manually? Favorite Documents is an add-in for Visual Studio 2010 which is written to quickly open individual Visual Studio documents and also to access specified files in groups. Read More

Graph Made Easy Goes Free; Now Make Beautiful And Attractive Graphs

Graph presents one of the best way to summarize and analyze huge data sets, but sometimes it’s not as easy to plot data on the graphs as doing data entries. Since creating graph of each data set present in data sheet often requires mapping all the related data fields and then choosing the best graph type to represent the extracted data values in a way that can be easily understood by the target audience, many of us choose to depict relationships among data in tabular form instead of plotting them on graphs. Read More

Run Java / J2ME / MIDP Applications & Games On Android With JBed

The desire to port famous games from one platform and play them on another one is something that most hardcore gamers have had for quite some time. Quite obligingly, the developers, modders and hackers have also been smart enough to achieve said purpose with some degree of success.  Apparently an app, JBed is a Java emulator for Android that lets you run Java files on your device. Developed by XDA Developers member mohammadN, JBed comes in the form of a flash-able ZIP package and according to developer’s claims, it should run on most Android devices. The app adds new dimensions to the possibilities that can be achieved through Android as users can now run almost any Java MIDlet on their device. Read More

Emulate Windows 7 On Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch With iWindows

Don’t be too fooled by the title. Yes you can get the basic look and feel of the Windows OS on your iDevice, and a pretty realistic one at that, but still the functionality that iWindows provides is quite limited for now, rendering it a mere toy app. However, there is potential and promise there for something pretty amazing. So what exactly is iWindows? iWindows is an iOS app, available at the Cydia store for jailbroken users, which simulates Windows 7 on your device. It would have been really cool had this been a complete theme based on Windows 7, but even as a standalone app, iWindows isn't too bad an option to have on your jailbroken iPhone if you are looking to wow your friends. The app just offers Google Chrome and Notepad for now, but expect more fireworks in the future. Read More

Perfect Keyboard – Multiple Layouts, Customizable Keys [Android]

If you prefer customized keypad layout with advanced input settings on your Android device, then Perfect Keyboard should be the perfect choice for you. With Perfect Keyboard, you can easily and quickly switch between multiple keypad layouts while typing, adjust key attributes/spacing and access other keyboard settings as per convenience so that typing long texts and making extensive notes does not prove to be a tedious task for you. Perfect Keyboard is the ideal replacement for your Android’s stock keypad as it brings fully customizable features that can be accessed directly from the keypad anytime you prefer. Read More