Instapad Is A Good-Looking Unofficial Instagram Browser For iPad

There is no point denying that photo galleries can best be enjoyed on the iPad, especially when it comes to photos from the popular (and still iOS-exclusive) Instagram network. For all those photo enthusiasts who love to marvel at the precious moments captured by the camera lens, we have another Instagram browser for iPad called Instapad. The app offers a well-crafted interface that is easy to navigate through. You can mark photos as favorite or comment on them from within the app. To find out more about Instagram, keep reading past the break.Read More

Forevid Lets You Analyze And Render Surveillance Videos With Ease

When analyzing surveillance videos, one often lacks the knowledge to use professional software for editing and rendering the footages. For example, lets say you have setup a camera in your office as a surveillance tool, or would like to analyze the feed of a forensic camera installed in your office. In such a case, it might be hard for you to use a video editing application as advanced as Premiere Pro. Furthermore, such applications are often paid. Forevid is an open source software for the forensic analysis of surveillance videos. It has been specifically designed to offer a free and easy-to-use mechanism for common users to analyze surveillance videos with benefits similar to a commercial software.Read More

Slow MP3: Control Speed, Transpose, Transcribe & Play Karaoke Of Songs

Seldom we find an application with flat fleeting fun, but it looks as if today is our lucky day. If you are someone who loves to play an instrument, but has difficulty in figuring out the chords, notes of fast solo’s or learning new songs, check out this cool application that might pump in some serious music adrenaline in you. Labelled as Slow MP3, it is a java-based music player that lets you to do a lot more than just listening  to your favorite songs. As promoted by the developer, it is a music player for musicians. The application is packed up with some awesome functionalities such as it allows you to play MP3 and Wave files, transpose songs, slow down the playback speed, play the song in karaoke mode and transcribe it to view the chords - what more could you want? In addition, it allows you to generate loops, that said you can play a selected part of any song over and over again at user-specified speed to make it easier for you to listen and figure out its chords and notes. Read more about Slow MP3 after the break.Read More

Manage Global & Application Wise Mouse Gestures With StrokesPlus

Whenever you are working, time is one of the most precious commodity, and anything that allows you to save time is the need of every person dealing with deadlines. Here at AddictiveTipsm we are constantly trying to bring you newer tools that help you in performing the designated tasks. Working on a computer requires you to constantly switch between application, open and close windows and other repetitive tasks. Performing the same lengthy set of actions again and again just to do a simple action wastes a lot of the users' time. Previously, we covered StrokeIt, a feature rich mouse gesture application that lets you perform different functions, such as open, close, minimize, and maximize applications only using recorded mouse gestures. It makes your work easier by allowing you to save time wasted in performing redundant operations, like opening and closing applications. Today, we have an alternative to StrokeIt, which lets you create mouse gestures. StrokesPlus is another powerful and more flexible mouse gesture application for Windows, that lets you specify actions based on mouse gestures to automate common tasks. The lightweight application allows you to set and modify global actions.Read More

MediaHuman Audio Converter: Convert Music Files via Drag & Drop

With the huge number of music files with different extensions available on the internet, the issue of compatibly often arises. With so many different types of devices and applications available out there, it is a problem that we all have faced at one point or another. While almost all mobile platforms including Android and iOS, support every kind of audio format, but some formats are still left unsupported, for proprietary reasons. There are a lot of audio converters available that can convert audio file from one format to the other, but the process involve in changing the extension of music files is usually very complicated, especially for newbies. MediaHuman Audio Converter is here to resolve the issue. It is an audio converter that makes the process of converting your music from one format to another very lucid and easy. It allows you to convert your music in WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, OCG, AIFF and Apple Lossless format in just three simple steps. The intuitive interface is both user-friendly and good-looking. Complete review of the application after the jump.Read More

Hypotheticals For iPhone: A Collection Of Conversation Starters

Often at  dinner parties, we end up siting next to complete strangers and find ourselves struggling to make pleasant small talk, so that we can get through the evening without feeling awkward. At such times, we wish we had a small diary tucked somewhere in our pockets filled with one-liners that will spark up lively conversation with our dinner partner. Hypotheticals is an app for iOS that arms you with countless "would you rather" conversation starters, or 'hypotheticals' for just such occasions.Read More

CoverCanvas: Create A Custom Cover Photo For Facebook Timeline Profile

If you’re looking for some stunning Facebook cover photos that can fit perfectly into the new space on Timeline, then CoverCanvas is just what you need. This web application allows you to fully customize Facebook cover photos by letting you create gorgeous collages and templates from your existing photo albums. CoverCanvas sorts these beautiful cover photos into two main categories, which are, Custom Covers and Static Covers. Both categories have further sub categories that you can use to create collages. You can either remix photos using different templates, or simply use the static covers. Covers can be personalized by adding your name in different styles and fonts to your photos. CoverCanvas gives you the power to create a unique timeline that stands out from the rest of the crowd.Read More

Spreaker Radio For Android: Listen To & Broadcast Live & Recorded Podcasts

Spreaker is an interactive online radio broadcasting service with a touch of social networking. The web service lets you record, personalize and air your audio recordings, and share them on your favorite social media. You can also listen to podcasts by other users, and start following your favorite ones. To let you broadcast on the go, Spereaker released a smartphone client for iOS by the name of Spreaker Radio about a month ago. The client is now also available on the Android Market. Using the mobile client, you can start broadcast or listen to live/recorded podcasts right from your mobile device. The app lets you save recordings as individual episodes that can be broadcast later.Read More

MyTextTwister For WP7: Decorate Your Text Messages With ASCII Art

Are you a fan of ASCII art? We are too! In the olden times, people used to hire calligraphers to create beautiful illustrations of text for various purposes like sending invitations, special messages, or as decorations. Nowadays, it just takes a Windows Phone 7  to create ornamental messages for your loved ones with MyTextTwister, an app that offers an interesting set of styles to decorate your text messages (SMS, emails etc), and is ideal for sending greetings to friends and family.Read More

How To Get Other Manufacturer’s Marketplace On Your Windows Phone 7

Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 devices have been termed as the last hope for the Mango platform. This is for the reason that Nokia has been granted the permission by Microsoft to tinker with the operating system, and there are some exclusive Nokia apps available in the Nokia Store section of the Marketplace (like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and the CNN app). Some of these apps have been in great demand by users, and it’s a shame seeing them unavailable for other devices. However, if your device is developer unlocked (a piece of cake now for Samsung devices, due to the latest WindowsBreak tool), you can exchange your OEM app store with any other OEM Marketplace of your choice. Read on to learn all about the homebrew which will let you do that.Read More

rsrdp: Establish Multiple Remote Desktop Connections In Same Window

rsrdp is a portable remote desktop connection management application, which enables establishing multiple remote desktop connections by switching between them within the same application (window). You can create and connect between pre-defined hosts, and provides options to extend or contract the interface for making it easy to view remote desktop windows. What makes rsrdp different from the default Windows Remote Desktop is, that it provides a unified interface for all remote connections, with the utility to connect and disconnect all pre-defined hosts simultaneously.Read More

Add Notes & Reminders To Application Windows With Stick A Note

Sometimes, random thoughts cross our mind during the most absurd moments. For instance, while working on a project, you will suddenly remember that you had to make a phone call. Note-taking applications like Sticker (a portable and light-weight application for taking notes on desktop) and Stickies (a clone of Mac's popular tool for note taking) allow you place sticky notes anywhere on your desktop, but what if for some reason you cannot afford to minimize the application? Stick A Note is portable application that enables you to stick notes to windows of active applications using hot keys. You can add relevant information particular to each application, such as project completion time, outline of an article you are writing, an important email address, etc. The application allows you to add the sticky notes in four different colors, and change the hot key to enable the sticky note.Read More

College Bowl Guide Brings Everything About Football To Your iPad

Football is one of the sports which has a huge fan-following all over the world, and especially in the US. We have covered a few football-related apps in the past as well, like NFL Pro 12 and Fantasy Football 2011. However, if you have an iPad, you can have the perfect box of college football information right in your hands. College Bowl Guide is a comprehensive source for this season’s college football. With this app, you can get full details about fixtures, players, match day analysis, and even photos or information regarding cheerleaders!Read More

Maintain Your To Do List In Ubuntu Terminal With Devtodo

devtodo is a program aimed to help developers manager their to do lists from the Ubuntu Terminal. It maintains a list of items that are yet to be completed, allowing programmers to track outstanding bugs or items by adding them to a to do list. You can prioritize items according to importance (e.g., low, medium, high etc), and display them in a hierarchy within the Terminal window. With the use of some small shell scripts (scripts.* in the doc directory of the source distribution), Devtodo can also display the outstanding items in a directory as you make changes to it. For example, if you use the cd command into the source directory for todo itself, you can see a list of outstanding items (if any).Read More

goHow Airport For Android Vows To Put An End To Your Travelling Woes

Developed by Sapient Corporation, goHow Airport is for Android, iOS and BlackBerry helps you track your flights, and explore the world’s top airports in a very comprehensive and convenient manner. Although there are quite a few other flight tracking and travel-based apps such as SkyScanner, Kayak, Momondo and Hipmunk etc available across various mobile platforms, goHow Airport is special because it fetches all its data from directly from major airports around the world. Whether you wish to receive push notifications for the status of your flight, or want to get view airport maps, information on gates, locations to claim lost baggage, security wait times, live weather forecast and parking/transportation facilities, this app has you covered. In addition, goHow Airport has a built-in flight tracking feature that lets you track flights by route and flight number.Read More

Microsoft’s WPDev Feedback Gathers Improvement Suggestions From Devs

Microsoft was smart to start their WP7 feedback page alongside the release of Mango. The feedback hub provides a place for users to voice their opinions about features missing from the metro platform. Not only that, users have extensively used the forum as a place to report known issues and bugs plaguing WP7, and now, Microsoft has decided to take things one step further with the launch of the WPDev Feedback app, which focuses exclusively on developers. The app is all about gathering new suggestions from developers, and providing a discussion platform for the dev community.Read More

Color Splurge: Edit Photos & Post Them As Real Greeting Cards [iPhone]

Color Splurge is the perfect iOS app for the holiday season. There are many apps for creating greetings cards, and they might come with many default templates, but most of them just allow users to add a photo to the card before they can post it. Color Splurge, however, allows iPhone users to make a few changes to their photos before they post them. This app links up with many other services, so that you can post your cards online, or if you choose to do so, also allows users to post the cards in real life. Read on past the break for details and download link.Read More

Official App For Sports News Network SB Nation Available For Android

How many online sports based services can you recall that effectively amalgamate high quality, updated sports news with a fair share of perspective of die hard sports enthusiasts? Whatever options pop up to your mind, one thing is for sure that SB Nation ranks right up there with the very best on the list of the most authentic sports sources available. Perhaps, SB Nation enjoys integration with numerous sports-based apps and aggregators. If you've been hitherto relying on the SB Nation website to get your daily dose of sports news, editorials and exclusive content, we have a great news for you. Featuring all the latest and breaking news and updates from the sports world, the official SB Nation client for Android ensures that all the on-field as well as off-field action from your favorite games is always a tap away. The app provides you with a chance to support and promote your favorite sport, and participate in discussions with other fans. Initially available only for iOS, the app is now available in the Android Market as well.Read More

Top 6 Tips To Resolve System Issues Of Your Family Members & Friends In Holidays

The holiday season has once more arrived and it's time to visit your loved ones, to spend some quality time with them. Having said that, a lot of this quality time can end up being spent on troubleshooting your nieces' laptops, or your uncle’s old computer, i.e., if you are a geek, or even an intermediate computer user. Updating applications, troubleshooting issues, and re-installing the operating system are all those tedious tasks that can eat up a lot of your “quality time,” but all that can be prevented if you can take some simple measures to ensure that you do not have to start from scratch each time your family members or friends end up messing their computer.In this post, we will provide you with some simple guidelines to help you reduce the time and effort that you may spend resolving technical issues of your near and dear ones.Read More

Bring Holiday Joys To Your Windows 7 Desktop With Christmas Themes

Christmas has arrived once again, and all the houses, streets and cities are lit up with the Christmas spirit. While your house is filled with Christmas pleasure and goodies beneath the Christmas tree and you probably have been looking forward to the arrival of Santa Clause, it’s also time to brighten up your Windows 7 desktop with sparkling images of holiday celebration and Christmas wonder, as we have four beautiful Christmas themes for your, including a complete Christmas transformation pack to give your PC the snowy, festive look. Read past the break for more.Read More