Share Screenshots via FTP, Flickr And Edit Them With Evernote’s Skitch

Unlike Windows where you can easily take screenshots using PrintScreen key, Mac OS X offers a relatively exhausting way to capture screen area. Many of us who need to take screenshots hate using control-shift-3 and control-shift-4 hotkey combinations to capture full and selected part of screen area, respectively. The process becomes even more tiring when you also need to share the screenshots with others or upload to FTP servers. Skitch is free application for Mac which provides one-stop solution for capturing, uploading to online servers, and sharing screenshots. It was formerly a paid application (shareware) but recently Evernote acquired it and announced it as freeware with full-feature support. Like previously covered TinyGrab, it lets you configure FTP server to directly send screenshots to defined FTP server remote path. Moreover, Skitch allows uploading screenshots to its native server and, so you can share them with a single click. Read More

View And Share Visual Studio 2010 Snippets With SnippetDoc

Code Snippets containing code to perform a certain function help developers in application development process. Visual Studio includes an option to insert snippets in current code file via right-click context menu but doesn’t provide convenience of viewing the saved snippets. Although the previously reviewed add-in for Visual Studio 2010 namely, Snippet Designer offers a handy manager to view, design and organize new snipptets, it doesn’t have a convenient snippet viewer, plus there is no option to share snippets across your team members connected in LAN network. SnippetDoc is a standalone, open source application which lets your team members view and access your Visual Studio code snippets from a nicely designed web UI. The application generates a HTML page to view and navigate through snippets saved in specified directory. Read More

FireGestures – Use Mouse Gestures To Navigate & Switch Tabs In Firefox

About a month back, we reviewed an extension that allowed you to navigate Chrome using Mouse Gestures. FireGestures is an extension for Firefox that does all that and more. The extension lets you customize mouse gesture for any predefined function. It allows you to change how a mouse gesture appears (the line color, thickness, idle time etc.) and define specific functions using a combination of the Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys with mouse movements. Read More

OVERVI3W – Remotely Secure & Trace Your Android, Get Call/SMS Logs

New to the market, Overvi3ew is a free mobile security and tracking app for your Android that, with the help of the web interface of Unfairware (app developer), lets you remotely protect, manage and trace your device along with providing you with an array of extremely useful mobile management features. You can remotely check your call logs, texts, contacts, bookmarks, web history, manage block list and check detailed device info. In terms of usability, Overvi3w falls very much in the same genre as TekTrakAndroidLost and other such solutions. However, its ability to keep running silently on your device along with remotely sending commands from the web interface and exporting phone logs to downloadable files makes Overvi3w a standout candidate. Read More

Boat Browser: Chrome & Mobile Safari-Inspired Browser For Android

While going through the (prolonged) list of web browsers for Android, you might be left wondering as to which one would best live up to your expectations. Well, if you’re looking for a good all-round package, then Boat Browser might be the one you’re after! With sleek looks (and some features too) that match those of the iOS stock browser and the famous multi-tab browsing feature that we are (or rather ‘were’) so used to associate with Google Chrome, Boat Browser combines some of the best elements from the most popular mobile browsers out there. These include an advanced bookmarks manager, smart address/search bar, integration of most visited pages on homepage, the option to take screenshots, full-screen support, built-in download manager, the option to find text on page, advanced privacy features, support for Adobe Flash player, instant link sharing over multiple platforms, app-to-SD, cache-to-SD function and smooth transition effects. Read More

Alphacon – The Invisibility Cloak For Your iPhone’s Icons & Icon Labels

You can probably cite a hundred reasons for getting an iPhone or iPad, but the reason that usually goes unspoken is the Wow factor. We all like to make others go “Wow!” when they see our latest gadgets. There was a time when simply owning an iDevice was enough to impress your friends, but times have changed and Apple’s huge success all around the world means that seeing an iPod Touch in someone’s hand has become a common occurrence rather than a rarity. So how can you get that extra edge over other similar devices? By showing off the awesome new looks you’ve got on your iPhone! It always boosts your pride a bit to hear people say, “How did you do that!”. Alphacon does just that by reducing the opacity of your icons (making them transparent) and/or hiding their labels completely. Read More

Enable 4G In Custom ROMs On Motorola Photon 4G [Guide]

So if you own a Photon 4G and were quick to install a custom ROM to it, chances are that the phone has lost the 4G capability along with that. The problem has so far been seen using the Alien ROM that we covered a few days back, but is not limited to it according to XDA-Developers forum member Lokifish Marz who has also devised an alternate installation method for the Alien ROM that could be done for any other ROM in the future as well. Using this method you can kick the phone’s 4G capability back into action.

Read More

Gameplay Time Tracker – Record Game Stats for Offline And Online Games

Gameplay Time Tracker (as the name suggests) is an application for tracking the amount of time a user spends on a particular game and displays the achievements acquired during the gameplay (e.g. the user’s score). The developer has mentioned that he has developed this application for people who may be willing to track the amount of time they are spending on a particular game. Gameplay Time Tracker gathers game play data by recording the mouse usage and keyboard key strokes. A log of your achievements is recorded over a period of time in the form of graphs and histograms. It also helps hardcore gamers to compare their gameplay completion time for improving their score, parents who may be willing to monitor their children's gaming activity, as well as Raptr and Xfire users who want to track their game stats offline. Read More

Access DVD & Book Cover Scanning In Bing Vision Outside US [WP Mango]

Despite the latest update to Windows Phone 7 being a mere beta so far, we have been talking about Mango and it’s cool, new features for quite a while now (like connecting to hidden Wi-Fi networks, media sharing from messages and graphical emoticons). One thing we haven’t discussed yet, however, is Bing vision. Frankly speaking, the capacitive search button in WP7 can get a bit annoying (especially while within an app when you hit it accidentally). But Microsoft put it there for a purpose, and now that purpose just got one huge face-lift. Gone are the days when hitting the search button just took you to the Bing homepage, and in Mango Microsoft has decided to add a lot of new and cool features to the Search menu in WP7. Among the changes coming to the search area in Mango is Bing Vision. In the next update of WP7 you will be able to use your mobile's camera to scan book covers and QR codes, in order to learn more about these products. Read More

Hi Task Is A Task, Project & Event Manager That Generates Reports

There is no one size fits all solution to project and task management which is why new methods and techniques continue to evolve, and why you will always find a new task and project management service to help get your work on track. Hi Task is a web service that is a task manager at the core but has features that make it a viable project management tool. It lets you create projects, add tasks and generate reports based on time or productivity. Read More

Split And Join Audio Files With Different Output Format Using Helium Audio Splitter And Joiner

To perform basic audio editing and sound split and join operations, advanced audio editing programs are no more required. Such tasks can now be performed by small audio manipulation utilities with precision. In this post, we will take a look at two robust tools for splitting and joining audio files, called Helium Audio Splitter and Helium Audio Joiner. These applications are meant to provide users with a simple mechanism to easily split and merge audio files with minimum effort and within an easy to use interface which can benefit both advanced and novice users. Both of these programs have been developed by Helium, which is famous for developing audio editing tools such as the  previously reviewed Helium Audio Converter. Read More

Cloud Fox Syncs Firefox Bookmarks, History & Tabs With Windows Phone 7

The whole concept of a smartphone is to allow the user to carry everything they need, no matter where they are. In essence, you don’t just have a phone, you are walking around with your PC in your pocket. Want to browse the net? It’s there. Feel like listening to music? It’s there. File access, editing and reading docs - a smartphone offers you everything. Well, almost. What it does not offer, third-party apps strive to achieve. Web browsing is one of the major aspects of modern computing. The gateway to the vast world of internet is your web browser. And the supporting columns of this gateway are your bookmarks, history, etc. which make the browsing experience even better. If you are a Firefox user currently on Windows Phone 7, chances are that you might be missing your carefully collected bookmarks. WP7’s Internet Explorer is pretty cool, but you know what’s cooler? Syncing Firefox data with it. Cloud Fox can do that for you. Read More

Follow The Latest Stock Market Trends / News With Finance360 [Android]

Amid all the hubbub that surrounds the recent dip in stock markets of some of the world’s major economies, it is only befitting that one keeps a very close check on the ever-evolving financial scenario, business news and market trend forecasts. Finance360 is a free Android app that has been aimed at providing business stakeholders, enterprises as well as general public with the latest ongoing market trends and stock market updates. With in-depth information pertaining to the top business stories from around the world, ably supported by graphical stock trend analyses, personalized finance news and comprehensive economical surveys, Finance360 offers a wide array of features that would surely comply with your daily quest for financial news. Read More

How To Enable MMS On Dell Venue Pro (AT&T) [Guide]

Dell Venue Pro is one of the rare Windows Phone 7 devices which come with a hard keypad. You might not be a big fan of sliders, but this really is a refreshing change admittedly. To have such a unique device and still have some features lacking can be a deal breaker as you expect your new purchase to be perfect in every respect. The use of MMS might be becoming a rarity (what with all the photo sharing services becoming popular), but there certainly are considerable number of people who still like using MMS. Doing this on WP7 can be problematic, as discussed earlier along with the MMS fix for LG devices. Venue Pro users can counter this issue too now. Read on to find out how. Read More

Motorola Cliq 2 Gets Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread [Download & Install]

There have been news circulating across the Internet about a Gingerbread leak for the Motorola Cliq 2 for quite a while now, including a screenshot. While we could only speculate, if and when that would actually hit the device for mass users, guess what? It is here. Yes, the Gingerbread leak has been released on the Internet and is up for download and installation. Credit for making all of this happen, goes to the Eccentric Vision Development Team which consists of XDA-Developers forum member tattedman and dlamber7. Please do note, that right now there is no root access available for this firmware, so if that matters to you, you would be better off if you waited out till root access is achieved. Otherwise, the ROM seems to be functioning as it should. Read More

WinMend File Copy – Copy Files Faster Than Windows Default Copy Engine

WinMend File Copy is a file copying application having a unique duplication engine which works 300% faster than the Windows default copy engine. File copying can be performed in three different modes which can be selected to directly overwrite, match and overwrite, or skip files with the same name. It also provides a list of files which may fail to copy during the copying process and allows you to r-copy them again. This functionality is useful as it can help you identify and rectify file copying errors. Another good feature of WinMend File Copy is that the copying process can be paused anytime and resumed at your convenience without damaging the files in queue. Apart from being fast and reliable, WinMend File Copy also comes with an attractive skinable interface which can be switched in a single click. Read More