Tile Windows In Three kinds Of Layouts & Virtual Desktops With bug.n

The advantage of tiling windows is that you do not have to move and resize windows manually as opposed to the standard stacking window management which requires using the mouse to adjust active windows. bug.n is a portable tiling window manager for Windows developed using the AutoHotkey script. Once launched, it automatically tiles windows and increases the available screen area by removing the Windows taskbar, as well as the title bar for each active window. It provides a slim status bar on top instead of the Windows taskbar which displays time, date, CPU usage, battery level, buttons to switch between nine different virtual desktops and provides several window management options. Read More

Custom ClockworkMod Recovery For Motorola Xoom [Included New Features]

RootzWiki forum member Steady Hawkin has come up with his custom version of the ClockworkMod recovery for the Motorola Xoom which brings along quite a few useful features. If you have a rooted Xoom with no custom recovery installed, you should definitely give this recovery a go. Totally clueless about what a custom recovery can do for you? You should see our guide on what is ClockworkMod recovery for Android and how to use it.

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G-calize – Color Code Days Of The Week In Google Calendar [Chrome]

Google Calendar is one the most frequently used web apps for keeping track of daily appointments and events but the interface does break away from what you’re used with normal wall or tabletop calendars i.e. weekends are usually coded in Red as are other important days. G-calize is a Chrome extension that not only lets you set a font and background color for weekends, but for weekdays in general. The extension lets you specify a font and background color for the Today, Sunday, Saturday and Ordinary (weekday) cells. Read More

Squarespace For Android – Manage & Post To Your Blog On The Go

Squarespace users who own an Android device can now rejoice as their favorite blogging platform has just recently released an official client for said smartphone OS. Initially launched as an iOS-only app, Squarespace blogging tools and features are now available to Android users as well. With Squarespace installed on your Android device, you can easily manage your entire blog, keep a close check on blog statistics and receive push notifications for new comments. Apart from supporting multiple Squarespace accounts, the app provides ample customization for each account. Read More

Post To Multiple Social Networks With SocialBlast For Android

Hooked to multiple social networks? Looking for a simple method to post status updates to all of them at once? While you may find plenty of solutions in the Android Market that help you with achieving said purpose effectively, few would come across as simple and effective as SocialBlast - a free Android app that lets you quickly post status updates, share images and check-in to various social networking services in one go. No need to login to separate services to update your status. The app supports adding multiple accounts from a particular service and lets you sync your account(s) manually. Read More

GChat Is A Google Talk Client For Windows Phone Mango

No matter what people might say, instant messengers haven’t really gone out of fashion. Despite the advent of in-app chat services (Facebook being the biggest example) and convenient texting rates, there is still a nice slice of the market where messengers are in demand. Skype has a clear lead among such apps, but it’s a bit too much for routine, day-to-day use when all you want to do is send a few written messages back and forth. A vast majority of people (especially in offices and working environments) use GTalk for interpersonal communications. Gmail has a lot of subscribers, and this ensures the success of GTalk. Windows Phone 7 isn’t really a Google-friendly platform (being a competitor of Android) but that doesn't mean you shouldn't interact with your friends on GTalk. That’s what GChat is for. Read More

Install Gingerbread Custom ROM With Sense 3.5 On HTC Incredible S

Since we caught wind of a Sense 3.5 in existence on the HTC Bliss, the UI has been leaked and ported over to a number of HTC devices. The Incredible S is one of those devices and has received an Android 2.3.4 ROM sporting the latest Sense 3.5 UI. The ROM is actually a port of the mySense 3.5 UI, that is T-Mobiles variant of the Sense UI, and credit goes to XDA-Developers forum member newtoroot who also ported this very same ROM over to the Droid Incredible 2. Named HTC Bliss, the ROM is in its beta stage and is being worked on for further improvements.

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Apple Magic Trackpad Control Panel Adds Trackpad Properties In Windows 7

Editor’s Note: Apple Magic Trackpad is a wonderful device that is only restricted to Mac OS X. If you plan on using it on Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), you will have to follow the long hectic process of downloading and extracting Bootcamp patch, finding and renaming Trackpad Bin file to .exe format and finally installing the driver. Rather than following this difficult process, we have hosted the Trackpad Windows drivers for you at the bottom of the post. Now that you have Apple Magic Trackpad running on Windows 7, you will be disappointed to know that the default Mouse properties is almost useless. In short, you cannot customize the speed or gestures of trackpad in Windows. This is where Magic Trackpad Control Panel comes in. It is a brilliant tool that allows you to set the tracking speed, double-click speed, and scrolling speed of the trackpad, and can be used to change both one finger and two finger gestures. Read More

Install Android 3.2.2 Honeycomb 4G Enabled ROM On Xoom [Guide]

Android 3.2.2 Honeycomb for Motorola Xoom 4G started rolling out couple of days ago. Senior XDA member and developer, Solarnz, has released a custom ROM based on this new 3.2.2 rollout. Everything in this ROM is stock and pre-rooted. The ROM can be flashed on any Motorola XOOM variant, but 3G/4G will work only on 4G Xoom’s. As the update is still very new so we aren’t sure what’s added or subtracted from this build. This ROM will definitely make life easier for folks who didn’t update to stock Android 3.2.2 due to root on their devices. Read More

Install Custom ROM With Sense 3.5 On HTC Droid Incredible 2

Since the rumors and videos of Sense 3.5 being leaked on the Internet, HTC’s latest Sense UI has begun finding its way onto HTC Android devices through way of custom ROMs. The Droid Incredible 2 has just recently received an Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread custom ROM with Sense 3.5 thanks to XDA-Developers forum member newtoroot. Named HTC Bliss Beta, the ROM in fact is a port of T-Mobiles version of the Sense 3.5, hence called mySense 3.5. Read More

Watch Latest Videos From Subscribed YouTube Channels With YTWatcher

YTWatcher is a portable desktop application which allows you to view and sort your subscribed, favorite and liked YouTube videos. It keeps track of unwatched videos from your subscriptions and plays them back to back. You can also manage the order in which these videos are played and instantly share them across Facebook and Twitter . When a video is played, YTWatcher records its duration and if the application is accidentally exited, the video is played from the exact point from where you left (the next time YTWatcher is launched). Read More

NotiPage – Monitor Web Pages For Changes Or Updates Without Using RSS

RSS is a simple way of monitoring a website for changes but would you add just about any site to your feed? For sites that don’t have RSS or any other way to keep up with updates, you have to manually check for new content. To monitor single pages or to monitor a page for a particular update, NotiPage is a better solution. Instead of cluttering your feed reader, this desktop application lets you create alerts for a particular page. You can monitor a page for updates or for new content related to a particular topic by entering keywords. Read More

Dolphin Browser Brings Webzines & Chrome-Like Tabbed Browsing To iPhone [Review]

Just when we began wondering when one of the smartest, fastest and most elegant third-party browsers on the Android Market would make a (much-requested) transition to Android’s rival platform, the developers delivered. MoboTap released the smartphone variant of Dolphin Browser to the iTunes App Store (for iPhone & iPod Touch) roughly five days ago. From the looks of it, the browser is rapidly growing in popularity. No surprises there. Dolphin Browser is a comprehensive package of functionality, looks and perks and deserves all the acclaim it has received so far across both platforms. It’s not just the Chrome-inspired tabbed browsing, that impresses users. Dolphin Browser comes with a smart URL bar, gesture-based control and navigation, a Speed Dial home page and a Webzine feature with impressive social network (Facebook and Twitter) integration. Read More

How To Root Motorola Droid Bionic

Droid Bionic is one of those Android phones that has gathered a massive fan base prior to it’s release. The leaked pictures, videos, ROM dumps and boot animations of this phone have been reported massively across the web sphere. Apparently now the Droid Bionic has root and all credit goes to BBCrackman’s “Source” who actually gained and confirmed root access. This might be great news for some as they will be able to gain root access on their devices as soon as they receive them. The method deployed to root Motorola Droid Bionic is same as the one used for rooting Droid 3.

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Pleeq – Bookmark Images You Like And Share Them Easily

Bookmarking, to date, has been something primarily reserved for links. Important links, web pages and/or websites get bookmarked but to keep from losing a good image, you have to either save it on your system or maybe share it on Facebook (only to lose it deep within the news feed). Pleeq is a free web service that lets you bookmark images from any web page. The service does not save the image itself but rather links to the original source of the picture. The service has a bookmarklet that lets you save images in any browser to your Pleeq account. Read More

Record Smoother Screencasts On Android With ScreenCast & Recorder

When talking of popular and easy-to-use screen grabbing apps for Android, ShootMe is one such name that emerges as a standout contender. Initially launched with an intention to capture mere static snapshots of your Android's screen, ShootMe was later updated with the feature of screencasting and video capturing too. Sadly, the end product offered by ShootMe's screencast recorder isn't as good in quality as one would expect. ScreenCast & Recorder on the other hand, offers the same screencasting and video capturing functionality but with better output and greater customizability. ScreenCast & Recorder captures your device’s on-screen activities and saves them in MPEG-4 file format. You can find, play, share, rename and delete all your ‘screencasts’ from within the app’s built-in gallery. Read More

BoxCryptor For Android: Access Encrypted Dropbox Data On The Go

Dropbox, or any other cloud storage service for that matter, presents a brilliant concept of storing your vital data on a remote drive and accessing it from anywhere. You own valid login credentials for your specific account that can be used to access, view and modify your Dropbox content. Authorized access to individual accounts means added security to your data that is lying on cloud storage. However, if you want to enhance the security of your Dropbox conten, then BoxCryptor could prove to be effective. BoxCryptor is a cross-platform cryptographic freeware that secures your cloud data synced from various cloud storage services (such as Dropbox) using AES-256 encryption through its desktop client. Just recently, said service has launched its Android client that can be used to access Dropbox data encrypted with BoxCryptor. Read More

Onavo Lite – Monitor & Control 3G / Mobile Data Usage On Your Android

Bothered by your habit of consistently going overboard with your monthly data plans? To ease your mobile data and 3G data usage concerns, Onavo is here! Onavo is a free data plan controlling and notifying app for iOS and Android that certainly comes second to none of its competitors. With an easy-to-set-up interface, customizable data plans (mobile data and roaming data) and a wide array of notification options, Onavo monitors and displays your data usage, predicts the usage estimates based on your previous data usage, displays data usage by various apps, restricts specific apps to just Wi-Fi and blocks your data usage completely once you’ve exceeded your data cap. Read More

Fotolr Is A Powerful Photo Editing Android App With Face Retouching

Love tweaking your images? How about trying a brand new hair makeover on your older snaps or perhaps, framing your grandpa’s picture and sending it to him as a gift? Even if you like to crop, annotate or apply simple effects to your most cherished images, then you’ll find it hard to overlook Fotolr Photo Studio. Fotolr is certainly one of the most option-packed image processing/ photo editing apps (first for the iPhone and iPad and now)  for Android smartphones, combining as many as five different features such as picture editing, portrait processing , photo effects, album management and photo sharing via mail into a single comprehensive solution. Read More

Install RCMix3d Bliss Sense 3.5 ROM On HTC Desire HD

The RCTeam continues to bring us the best of ROMs for our Android devices, and those who don’t know about them, they have been here from the days of the HTC Hero. This time around they bring us a custom ROM sporting the much hyped about, Sense 3.5 for the Desire HD. The ROM is based on the Bliss WWE RUU 1.10.401.0 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. Read More