Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Final Build Using Redsn0w 0.9.9b9

If you are one of those iOS users who like to use their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch jailbroken, then redsn0w is a name you must be familiar with. The jailbreaking tool has been around for quite a while, and the Dev Team is always quick to add support for newer versions of iOS. As iOS 5.0.1 got bumped to its final build a few weeks back, the Dev Team has done it again, and now it is possible to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 using the latest version of redsn0w. Redsn0w 0.9.9b9 not only jailbreaks the latest iOS 5 update, but also comes with a bunch of new features and bug fixes. Read More

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection: Remotely Access Windows PC On Mac

Those of you who use Microsoft office on Mac are well aware of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection app that comes bundled with the package. Those of you who don’t use MS Office suite for Mac, but would like to remotely access a Windows PC, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection is available as a free, standalone download from Microsoft. Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (MRDC) allows you to remotely access a windows system on your network. You can access multiple systems at once, along with password protection. Once a remote connection has been established, the app automatically locks the other system down, so that it cannot be accessed. The app is meant only for one way access on the same network. Read More

PageArchiver: Archive Websites And Access Them Offline [Chrome]

Often, we come across interesting websites but don’t have time to read them. PageArchiver is a Chrome extension that lets you archive web pages, so that you can later read them offline. It saves archives for offline reading, and allows you to export webpages as ZIP files. You can also edit these archives and add notes to them with a WYSIWYG editor. In addition to that, tags may be added for sorting, and search function is available that combs through your archives. PageArchiver needs a SingleFile Core extension to work, which can easily be installed by clicking the PageArchiver button. Read More

Advanced Onion Router: A Client For TOR Network To Enable Proxy

Onion routing is an anonymous communication technique, where message are encrypted and sent through several network nodes called onion routers. The idea behind onion routing is to protect the privacy of the sender and recipient of a message, as well as securing messages across a network. Advanced Onion Router is a portable client for the onion routing network, which is able to force applications and plugins to use the TOR proxy, even if the network is using a separate proxy. It is meant to be an alternative to TOR, Vidalia and Privoxy bundle. Before reading the functionality of the Advanced Onion Router, you can also check out information about TOR and onion routing, in our guide here. Read More

UnloadTab: Unload Inactive Tabs & Reduce Resource Usage [Firefox]

Do you usually forget to close inactive tabs? A large number of opened tabs does not only increase the memory usage, but it can also be a pain to work with them by making it harder to find the right and relevant ones. UnloadTabs, a Firefox add-on, unloads tabs that you haven't visited for a while, thus saving system resources. Tabs may also be unloaded manually using the right-click context menu. Any unloaded tab is restored back to its original state when you need it again. All settings are configurable from the add-on's options. Read More

Tappin Allows Secure Remote Access To View & Share Large Files

These days, we usually have our digital content stored in multiple locations at once. With so many electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, it's hard to keep a copy of everything in each device you own. To make the content available on every device, services like DropBox require you to upload files to access them from configured devices. Tappin is a cloud service that lets you access any file stored on your hard drive without the need to upload or sync your files to central server; the files stay safe and secure on your computer. It allows you to remotely access documents and media files from browsers, mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7) and tablets. The application forces no size limits on the files, and you can access your data on another computer as well as share the files with others. Tappin not only provides secure and private remote access to you files, but also compresses and encrypts that content before making it accessible from other devices. Read More

Windows Service Monitor: Lightweight Windows Process Monitoring Tool

System administrators need to constantly monitor some services on their machines in order to perform the defined tasks without any glitches. These services need to kept running at all times, so that their respective applications can work flawlessly. For instance, a service that automatically restarts itself after every few minutes might sometimes fail to do so, and important information might be lost because of its unavailability. If you need to monitor a service, or frequently start/stop certain Windows or third party services, Windows Service Monitor is exactly what you need. It is an open source application that lets you monitor, start and stop user-specified services from the system tray. Read more about this utility after the break. Read More

How To Encrypt Ubuntu Home Folder From Command Line Using eCryptfs

Drive encryption is meant to secure your hard drive in case your computer is stolen or compromised with critical information in it, such as bank account credentials, credit card or social security number. During the installation of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, an option is provided to encrypt the Home folder to secure your files and folders. In case you haven’t selected this option during installation, you can easily do it using the ecryptfs-utils command line. eCryptfs is a cryptographic stacked Linux file system, which stores cryptographic metadata in the header of written files, to allow encrypted files to be copied between hosts. The file is then decrypted using the proper key in the Linux kernel keyring. Read More

SketchBook: Image Editor With Layer, Lasso, Crop Tools & Brushes [Mac]

Of the many image editors for Mac we’ve reviewed in the past, most were simple with a few noteworthy features. The fact that they were free generally implies that you can’t expect the app to do much, but there are still free apps out there that offer you more than the average image editor does. SketchBook Copic Edition is one such Mac app that is free, allows you to edit images, has a variety of brushes, supports 6 layers and the lasso tool, which makes it perhaps one of the best free image editors. The app itself has a gorgeous color palette, and although it doesn’t support a lot of shades, the color range is amazing and borders more on softer colors. Read More

Add Filters And Automate Firefox Downloads With Automatic Save Folder

Firefox automatically saves downloaded files to a single Downloads folder, and doesn’t allow you organize the downloaded material through automatic sorting. If you want to filter out your downloaded files and organize them for faster access, then a handy Firefox add-on, Automatic Save Folder, can be of help. This add-on allows you to specify different folders by adding filters based on file name and domain. Your selected folders are then automatically used to save the downloaded files, or proposed by the file explorer to prevent spending your time while looking for it. Moreover, you can enable options such as dynamic folders, to add additional information (e.g., dates) to your folders. Read More

SyncTwoFolders: Sync Content Between Any Two Folders On Your Mac

Syncing files and folders between different systems, and across different platforms, is no big deal these days, as there are various services that allow you to sync data through an online server, or apps that let you sync files over WiFi or Ethernet. What is rarely seen is an app that allows you to set up syncing between two folders on the same or different drives. SyncTwoFolders is a Mac app that lets you set up file syncing between any two folders, which may reside in the same drive or on different drives. You can sync folders either by syncing all content, or by selectively choosing what to sync from the source folder. Syncing can be reciprocal (two way), additional (new files are synced), or replacing (all files are replaced with new ones). Read More